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  1. Need a season 2 thread of this
  2. Qb1 Cody Carlson Qb2 Steve De Burg Rb1 Terry Allen Rb2 Steve Smith Rb3 Gary Brown Rb4 Damon Mays Wr1 Ernest Givens Wr2 Vance Johnson Wr3 Tommy Kane Wr4 Leonard Harris Te1 Shannon Sharpe Te2 Gary Wellman C Chuck Johnson Lg Brian Habib Rg Don Maggs Lt Doug Widell Rt Keith Kartz Re Jeff Cross Nt Mike Golic Le Marco Coleman Rolb Brian Cox Rilb William Thomas Lilb Bryan Evans Lolb David Griggs Rcb Darryl Henly Lcb Clifford Hicks Fs Pat Terrell Ss B. Washington K Pete Stoyanovich P Reggie Roby
  3. Freddy Kruger has nightmares about Tim Ubick
  4. Bud Lights Real Men of Genius was inspired by Tim Ubick Tim Ubick taps 18 with his left and right hand Tim Ubick in his past life was Bruce Wayne Tim doesnt lose but when he does its to himself. Tim doesnt trash talk to his opponents he lets them trashtalk to themselves
  5. Doubles? Feel like more people won't kno who theyre partners w until madison lol Tag team belts or nah?
  6. Knobbe has some vids of the championship game on his Twitter just fyi
  7. For those who missed it!
  8. I will look for you, i will find you, and i will killl you .
  9. http://tecmomadison.com/player-profile-regulator/
  10. Down like james brown
  11. If anyones hosting tapping classes sign me up!
  12. http://tecmomadison.com/player-profile-sonofpatbeach/
  13. http://tecmomadison.com/player-profile-holzy11/