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  1. Former Seahawk DL and NFL Hall of Famer Cortez Kennedy passed away at 48. http://sea.247sports.com/Bolt/Report-Seattle-Seahawks-legend-Cortez-Kennedy-passes-away-52867217
  2. Gotta have some Ringo in my life.
  3. Former Browns WR Michael Jackson, 48, was killed in a motorcycle accident in Louisiana. He was going at a high speed when someone backed out and blocked traffic, causing him to crash into the driver's side door and killed him and the woman both.
  4. So for the most part i got it set up. Just waiting on some of the other jersey numbers to be announced so i can plug those in.
  5. Bills owners Terry and Kim Pegula have gone on a firing spree, firing the GM and the entire scouting department. Only the coaches are safe.
  6. I feel a little bit better than having a Clemson QB.
  7. I was pretty surprised that the Chiefs made the jump to grab Patrick Mahomes II. I hope he can do well for us.
  8. Also, as expected Marshawn Lynch has joined the Raiders after his rights were traded from Seattle
  9. I am not sure i like all this talk of the Chiefs drafting DeShaun Watson. 1, he's not guaranteed to fall to the Chiefs, 2. As much as i love Andy Reid, none of the QBs he's drafted these past couple of drafts have panned out. 3. The last time the Chiefs drafted a QB in the first round, they went 6-10 that year [1983]. I think they'd be better off passing on him and going towards D-line or Linebacker to replace aging Derrick Johnson.
  10. RUHL 95 View File An old hack i did over at the Retro gaming community Retro Uprising. Made a few teams, left one or two alone. Submitter TecmoSuperFan Submitted 04/22/2017 Category Genesis  
  11. Version 1.0.0


    An old hack i did over at the Retro gaming community Retro Uprising. Made a few teams, left one or two alone.
  12. Ah, i found it after all. Couldn't do some of the player cards since they tied into the all star teams, so they're regular NHL players. lemme upload it
  13. Awesome! I got the predraft rosters done for this. Had to redo New England, New Orleans and both the Jets and Giants after a mishap with the editor. Wasn't aware anyone was able to fix the schedule on the Genesis version o-o
  14. i remember i did one a long while back for a retro gaming site that had a bunch of off the wall characters involved. I might take a look and see if i can't locate it again.
  15. Thought i'd at least get started on this, with full blown efforts being made after the draft. Focusing mainly on the FA/Trades that happened after the SB.