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  1. Dude, get off the Johnny Johnson Kool-Aid xD it's poison.
  2. My Chiefs signed Bennie Logan, but yeah it's been pretty crappy for an offseason.
  3. So Foles is gone, Poe might be out as well... and what do us Chiefs fans have to show for it? retaining Daniel effing Sorensen. Definitely not the move i'd wanted. But then again, KC is too much of a small market like the Royals in MLB it's no surprise no big Free Agents ever come here except for J-Mac, but only because of Andy Reid.
  4. This free agency's really been a bummer in terms of action for the Chiefs. Yes i suppose the fact they resigned Berry doesn't help their cap space, but if you're going to let Charles, Foles, and Poe go at least make some sort of movement instead of waiting for the Draft to fill all those holes.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1e7-iY0JwNf29WFt1Py3xg going to probably delete my old series since i lost that hack and work on the All Time series instead, starting with Arizona.
  6. Looks pretty good! I was contemplating redoing my Tecmo series on my channel
  7. WR Brandon Marshall is staying in New York, as he and the Giants have worked out on a 2 year, $12 million deal
  8. Eric Berry's staying in KC with a 6 year, $78 million deal. Jamaal Charles on the other hand is being released.
  9. Congratulations to the 2017 Pro Football Hall of Famers! Terrell Davis Jason Taylor Kenny Easley Jerry Jones Kurt Warner Morten Andersen LaDainian Tomlinson
  10. Way to go Cleveland for once again being inept with talent. There are more former Browns in this Super Bowl than in the past few.
  11. Gonna do a Sim Test on my Genesis 2016 rom and see who wins.
  12. This pleases me seeing Green Bay get wrecked.
  13. EA is not exactly DMCA happy over it's old IPs like Nintendo is. Tecmo probably knows we exist but doesn't really care either, so feel free to keep at it!