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  1. John Dorsey got dismissed by the Hunts. Pretty sure they weren't too happy with how Dorsey cut J-Mac.
  2. Speaking of Baron Von Lector, i've been meaning to get in touch and see if he needs a hand working on some of the other years for RBI or whatnot. Or even collab on some TSB Genesis stuff.
  3. Just simulated the 1959 Chicago Cardinals vs the 2008 Detroit Lions. Was a pretty close game but the Lions lost still lmao. 27-24 lol
  4. i've goofed around with it for amusement. Pitted the 1945 Cleveland Rams up against the 1964 Browns with the score being 42-0 in favor of the Rams.
  5. yeah, that's the one.
  6. So i recently came across an interesting NFL simulator that lets you pit teams of different eras up against each other. Didn't know it existed until i saw someone post about it in the sports group on facebook i'm a member of. Pretty interesting to see random matchups.
  7. 1. Tiki Barber 2. Tampa Bay Rays [formerly Tampa Bay Devil Rays] 3. Tony Boselli 4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5. Tom Brady 6. Tony Bennett
  8. http://barongaming.weebly.com/snes-roms.html try here for the legends rom.
  9. Former Seahawk DL and NFL Hall of Famer Cortez Kennedy passed away at 48. http://sea.247sports.com/Bolt/Report-Seattle-Seahawks-legend-Cortez-Kennedy-passes-away-52867217
  10. Gotta have some Ringo in my life.
  11. Former Browns WR Michael Jackson, 48, was killed in a motorcycle accident in Louisiana. He was going at a high speed when someone backed out and blocked traffic, causing him to crash into the driver's side door and killed him and the woman both.
  12. So for the most part i got it set up. Just waiting on some of the other jersey numbers to be announced so i can plug those in.
  13. Bills owners Terry and Kim Pegula have gone on a firing spree, firing the GM and the entire scouting department. Only the coaches are safe.
  14. I feel a little bit better than having a Clemson QB.