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  1. I am not sure i like all this talk of the Chiefs drafting DeShaun Watson. 1, he's not guaranteed to fall to the Chiefs, 2. As much as i love Andy Reid, none of the QBs he's drafted these past couple of drafts have panned out. 3. The last time the Chiefs drafted a QB in the first round, they went 6-10 that year [1983]. I think they'd be better off passing on him and going towards D-line or Linebacker to replace aging Derrick Johnson.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    An old hack i did over at the Retro gaming community Retro Uprising. Made a few teams, left one or two alone.
  3. RUHL 95 View File An old hack i did over at the Retro gaming community Retro Uprising. Made a few teams, left one or two alone. Submitter TecmoSuperFan Submitted 04/22/2017 Category Genesis  
  4. Ah, i found it after all. Couldn't do some of the player cards since they tied into the all star teams, so they're regular NHL players. lemme upload it
  5. Awesome! I got the predraft rosters done for this. Had to redo New England, New Orleans and both the Jets and Giants after a mishap with the editor. Wasn't aware anyone was able to fix the schedule on the Genesis version o-o
  6. i remember i did one a long while back for a retro gaming site that had a bunch of off the wall characters involved. I might take a look and see if i can't locate it again.
  7. Thought i'd at least get started on this, with full blown efforts being made after the draft. Focusing mainly on the FA/Trades that happened after the SB.
  8. I suppose i am a bit delusional that BJ will even get a shot with anyone considering quite a few legacy players never pan out. At least he could always go to Canada and hone his skills or something. Can't wait to see Moss' son Thaddeus if/when he comes up for the Draft
  9. Well i mean it'd always be worth a shot to try and coach him up on a practice squad or something. Even undrafted has pulled a few gems.
  10. about 12 days away from the Draft. Looking through some of the prospects, i noticed Barry's son is among those that are destined to end up not being drafted. Think anyone'll take a look at him as a undrafted free agent?
  11. Then again it's not too hard to be aware of Cunningham when he's pretty much a UNLV legend lol
  12. kinda hard to say, considering growing up in Vegas we barely got any NFL games... but the first one i became aware of was this guy:
  13. Also: Breaking news from Oakland as the Raiders got the go ahead to move to Las Vegas 31-1. Miami is the only one to vote no.
  14. Dude, get off the Johnny Johnson Kool-Aid xD it's poison.