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  1. WEEK 6 Predictions

    I had a hard time picking between Kansas City and Pittsburgh, myself. On one hand Alex Smith and the D are both firing on cylinders, but the main question is can the receivers we have as backups pick up the tab for a injured Conley? Pittsburgh will probably find any way to win themselves, and to knock the Chiefs down a peg.
  2. WEEK 5 Predictions

    i'm here! I think the Houston/Kansas City matchup may be the toughest one yet with DeShaun Watson facing off against a Kansas City defense missing their leader in #29. As well as #27 facing a defense led by Cushing and Watt.
  3. NHL General Discussion Mega Thread

    well yeah, no one expects expansion teams to start on a good note, Not many have their first year in any league
  4. (GEN) Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    i'm not all that great on graphics editing either but i'm sure we could find a way to change the schedules.
  5. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Admittedly i was utterly surprised at how good he really was. The preseason didn't give me much in terms of impressive plays, but once season started he certainly put on the afterburners. Hopefully he can stay healthy his whole career. [wishful thinking, but it would be nice]
  6. NHL General Discussion Mega Thread

    Sounds good to me. It should be interesting to see how decent Vegas does in their first season.
  7. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Sorry Tailback, but i think this could be a rather interesting year for running backs as a whole. Yes, Gurley's an established star with plenty of years ahead of him but I think Kareem Hunt may end up with almost as many yards, if not more than Gurley this year. he's already at 400 yards in three games.
  8. (GEN) Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    just wanted to say you did a good job on this! i'd have had a roster update ready but i lost my work haha. Perhaps some time we could collab on an update?
  9. WEEK 2 Predictions

    well i mean is it self sabotage if i made my picks knowing i had to watch my nephew for a week and couldn't change them? XD
  10. WEEK 1 Predictions

    damn xD most of those i actually guessed. I thought Houston was gonna win but Jacksonville surprised me.
  11. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Also, someone else where brought it up but over the third and fourth quarter of the Chiefs-Patriots game they went on a 28-3 run. those numbers just won't go away, it seems
  12. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Chiefs resigned CJ Spiller. Guess they were gonna make a run for Jones but the Colts beat them to him.
  13. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    huh... I wonder what Reid's got planned that requires that we only have two running backs on the roster?