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  1. WEEK 15 Pickem

    Thursday, 12/14 8:25pmE.T. Denver @ Indianapolis - I really hope I don't look back on this pick but IDK if Brisset's ready for a defense this fast. -------------------------------------------- Saturday, 12/16 4:30pmE.T. Chicago @ Detroit - Let me run with the upset! 8:25pmE.T LAChargers @ Kansas City Sunday, 12/17 1:00pmE.T. Philadelphia @ NYGiants - Let's not forget that Nick was a starter at one point. I think he'll take the cake here. Cincinnati @ Minnesota Baltimore @ Cleveland - I think Cleveland's ONLY remaining shot is next week vs. Chicago. Could we have ANOTHER Christmas Miracle like last year against the Bolts!? Arizona @ Washington Green Bay @ Carolina NYJets @ New Orleans Miami @ Buffalo - I'm thinking hard on this one but really think with that pass rush that they can strike again. Houston @ Jacksonville 4:05pmE.T. LARams @ Seattle - Oof...I don't like this pick either but TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS! 4:25pmE.T. Tennessee @ San Francisco New England @ Pittsburgh 8:30pmE.T. Dallas @ Oakland - I've lost track of who got suspended where and for how long so I feel like this one will haunt me as well. -------------------------------------------- Monday, 12/18 8:30pmE.T. Atlanta @ Tampa Bay - Something tells me that the Falcons are going to Falcons again...
  2. WEEK 14 Picks

    And I REALLY thought about picking the Fins....which would have made the record look even SWEETER
  3. WEEK 14 Picks

    Thursday, 12/7 8:25pmE.T. New Orleans @ Atlanta -------------------------------------------- Sunday, 12/10 1:00pmE.T. Indianapolis @ Buffalo Minnesota @ Carolina Chicago @ Cincinnati Green Bay @ Cleveland San Francisco @ Houston Oakland @ Kansas City - Where in the world did my AFC West go!? Detroit @ Tampa Bay Dallas @ NYGiants 4:05pmE.T. Tennessee @ Arizona NYJets @ Denver - Let's face it, Vance Joseph needs to close up shop and go home. Washington @ LAChargers - Too bad no one will be in the stadium to enjoy the game as the Rams play at home at the same time. 4:25pmE.T. Seattle @ Jacksonville Philadelphia @ LARams 8:30pmE.T. Baltimore @ Pittsburgh -------------------------------------------- Monday, 12/11 8:30pmE.T. New England @ Miami
  4. WEEK 12 Pluckem

    Thursday, 11/23 12:30pmE.T. Minnesota @ Detroit - I want to have hope for the Lions but let's be real...Keenum has been eating his Wheaties recently. 4:30pmE.T. LAChargers @ Dallas - Interesting turn that the Cowboys have on schedule...starting here they can make a very good playoff run. 8:30pmE.T. NYGiants @ Washington - The Giants are just AWFUL. Period. End of statement. Their offense has scored a combined 25 points in their wins (they had to be spotted 10 points to beat Denver!) -------------------------------------------- Sunday, 11/26 1:00pmE.T. Cleveland @ Cincinnati - I really can't think of a reason to pick the Browns. Carolina @ NYJets Tennessee @ Indianapolis Tampa Bay @ Atlanta - Falcons are going to pull a Falcons in this one. Just like they did against Seattle on MNF. But Tampa is so undisciplined, I feel like Atlanta will still pull this one out. Miami @ New England - Dolphins lose Ray Maualuga (because he got into a fight at a nightclub over his bar tab) and....really I can't name another defensive starter besides Suh. Spells trouble going up against the defending champs. Chicago @ Philadelphia - The Bears are pretty lousy too. Buffalo @ Kansas City - The Bills defense is pretty scrappy but not knowing who's starting at QB is a MAJOR issue. In 30 mins of football Pederman already has more INTs than some QBs in the league. 4:05pmE.T. Seattle @ San Francisco 4:25pmE.T. Denver @ Oakland - I get it...last time I picked Denver I was TERRIBLY wrong, Beast Mode is playing in his hometown in front of thousands of fans...and I'm STILL picking my boys! #BroncoUp! New Orleans @ LARams - I had trouble with this pick, but I think the loss to the Vikings brought the Rams back down to Earth. Jacksonville @ Arizona 8:30pmE.T. Green Bay @ Pittsburgh -------------------------------------------- Monday, 11/27 8:30pmE.T. Houston @ Baltimore - Tom Savage? Eh, sticking with Baltimore here.
  5. WEEK 9 Picks!

    I realize that I'm too late to pick on Jets and Bills. Here are my remaining ones: Sunday, 11/5 1:00pmE.T. Tampa Bay @ New Orleans Atlanta @ Carolina LARams @ NYGiants Baltimore @ Tennessee Cincinnati @ Jacksonville - Gutsy pick here, I know...but I'm not fully sold on the inconsistency of Jax. Denver @ Philadelphia - Giving my boys one last chance to put points up on the board and actually show off their #1 defense. Indianapolis @ Houston 4:05pmE.T. Washington @ Seattle Arizona @ San Francisco - Yes, San Fran got a QB, but they can't start him yet. The transaction didn't go through in time. (Then again, is Drew Stanton any better? I may be looking back on this pick...) 4:25pmE.T. Kansas City @ Dallas - KC's defense has been solid all year, will Dallas have what it takes to deal with Justin Houston? 8:30pmE.T. Oakland @ Miami - I realize that I picked all of the AFC West to win...I may be looking back at this pick too. However, the Dolphins have a Chemistry of like -16 sooo... -------------------------------------------- Monday, 11/6 8:30pmE.T. Detroit @ Green Bay - Let's face it, No A-Rod, no show.
  6. Many Various ROM Locations

    Does this apply for NES or SNES?
  7. Art/Helmet Editing SNES

    Another question I have on the SNES TSB...how many teams have 3 uniforms? If all of them, is it possible to set the first game of every week to make both teams wear uniform #3? My thought is to have scheduled Color Rush games.
  8. Art/Helmet Editing SNES

    Another thing I wanted to ask was about the play in the SNES ROM when you just press the X-Button. The play where your back just jumps over the line for a gain of 2 if it's successful or a loss of 2 if it's unsuccessful. What factors play into that? Like, what player gets the ball generally and what player stats factor into it?
  9. Art/Helmet Editing SNES

    I see, I'll have to give that a look pretty soon. I do have the main backbone of this done, just have to do this and I'll probably post in here once completed. Another question: I saw something in here about moving grapples. Does this apply for NES or the SNES ROM? And is there coding for the SNES ROM? I thought it would be a cool feature to have in the game.
  10. Art/Helmet Editing SNES

    Question on the editing part, now that I'm just about ready to start this section of the edit. Of course, as said before, I'm editing the SNES version of TSB. I noticed that in the intro each team name has specific art style. Once I edit that, will the end zones change as well? Also, how would I change end zone colors, helmet colors (for the intro screens and the team data screens) and the city names in the intro?
  11. Art/Helmet Editing SNES

    Being that all the action is centered around Pokemon in game, I wanted the same experience for this game. I guess you would consider the trainers as their coaches then? Each team is themed after a Pokemon type, with an added rule from Pokemon Stadium 2 R2 mode...each trainer has Pokemon that break the normal rule for their theme. For example, Brock, the Rock user, has a Victreebel, a Grass type. This, along with a salary cap rule, kept rosters balanced (so no one can win over and over with Lance's Dragon team)
  12. Art/Helmet Editing SNES

    Hey guys! I'm starting up a new hack of TSB to change the players to pokemon. I have most of the things set up already, except I need ideas on getting logos and helmets changed. Just seeing if anyone has suggestions on editing the artwork in the SNES TSB (I'll probably be using 1 for this hack). Or if anyone would like to take on the duty of changing everything around, I'd be happy to email the ideas of logos I have! Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!
  13. TSB High School Rom Tryouts

    Yeah, Elder HS in Ohio broke the wins streak. Richmond County HS n NC broke the state championship streak.
  14. TSB High School Rom Tryouts

    Can't believe I forgot Independence HS they won something like 47 in a row 78 in a row actually. 7 straight state championships.
  15. How to use TSB Ultra?

    Basically would just like a quick run down on how to create teams and create leagues.