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  1. Being that all the action is centered around Pokemon in game, I wanted the same experience for this game. I guess you would consider the trainers as their coaches then? Each team is themed after a Pokemon type, with an added rule from Pokemon Stadium 2 R2 mode...each trainer has Pokemon that break the normal rule for their theme. For example, Brock, the Rock user, has a Victreebel, a Grass type. This, along with a salary cap rule, kept rosters balanced (so no one can win over and over with Lance's Dragon team)
  2. Hey guys! I'm starting up a new hack of TSB to change the players to pokemon. I have most of the things set up already, except I need ideas on getting logos and helmets changed. Just seeing if anyone has suggestions on editing the artwork in the SNES TSB (I'll probably be using 1 for this hack). Or if anyone would like to take on the duty of changing everything around, I'd be happy to email the ideas of logos I have! Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!
  3. Yeah, Elder HS in Ohio broke the wins streak. Richmond County HS n NC broke the state championship streak.
  4. Can't believe I forgot Independence HS they won something like 47 in a row 78 in a row actually. 7 straight state championships.
  5. Basically would just like a quick run down on how to create teams and create leagues.
  6. Now...I may need help with doing the mascot logos. I feel that if I were to use the tile editing program after a while I would definitely get the hang of it and get used to it. That's not the issue. The problem lies with TIME. I'm apparently working a lot more due to a lot of management changes at my job and those hours needing to be covered. I'm not exactly sure when I'll be able to work on the ROM If I were to upload what I have so far on here, could you work on the logos for me? It would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Oh yea! I'll definitely try to edit as much as I can. There is a definite difference in speed for some players, making it feel arcadey. I'll definitely check out the HP hack after working on the mascot logos.
  8. The Nintendo Bowl is a hack I'm working on (banking it off of a hacked SNES TSB rom for NCAA 2001) where all the players are characters from various Nintendo games. Teams list: AFC (Heroes side) Mario Strikers Luigi Gentlemen Daisy Sassyfingers Yoshi Islanders Little Mac Punchers Hyrule Triforce Olimar Day Enders Kirby Warp Stars Samus Hunters Eagleland Saints McCloud Great Foxes Ash Catchers Game & Watch Timekeepers Magvel Tyrants NFC (Baddies side) Bowser Madness Waluigi Demons Wario Devils DK Barrellrollers King K Roll Monarchs Halberd Meta Knights King Dedede Penguins Ganondorf Beasts F Zero Speedemons Custom Robos Giygas Wonders O Donnel Star Wolves Indigo Elite Blue Legends
  9. Thanks a lot! I almost have The Nintendo Bowl finished. I ask about the tile editing programs so I can get custom logos and such. All team colors are done, although since I ported everything from the NES version, I have to find 2 extra DBs for every team...but that shouldn't take too long. I'm guessing that tile editing is also used to edit the endzone and midfield logos too?
  10. What program would you most recommend for tile editing?
  11. What addresses can I start finding the uniform color data for the teams?
  12. I'm working on one where all the players are Nintendo characters. Current teams list: AFC (Or the heroes side) Mario Strikers Luigi Gentlemen Daisy Sassyfingers Yoshi Islanders Little Mac Punchers Hyrule Triforce Olimar Day Enders Kirby Warp Stars Samus Hunters Ash Catchers Eagleland Saints McCloud Great Foxes Game & Watch Timekeepers Magvel Tyrants NFC (Or baddies side) Bowser Madness Donkey Kong Barrellrollers Wario Devils Waluigi Demons King K Rool Monarchs Custom Robos F Zero Speedemons Ganondorf Beasts King Dedede Penguins Halberd Meta Knights Giygas Wonders O Donnel Star Wolves Indigo Elite Blue Legends
  13. I'm sure it's something dumb that I'm not doing, but whenever I try to Apply to ROM, it says "ERROR with line..." and pretty much lists every single player in the game.
  14. Ok thanks! I greatly appreciate it!
  15. Hey folks, anyone know a solution to this? I've been using TSB Manager for a while and just noticed that I'm unable to change the color of any team in the Kansas City Chief's location. Well, I should specify only the sprites on the field. During any cutscenes, the uniform colors are the ones that I selected, but on the field the players still wear the white and red like the Chiefs. Any solutions?