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  1. ninjachessmaster is challonge name.. i'm down
  2. what's up ladies.. ninja. can host at certain times
  3. Wednesday 30th starts at 8 registration and startup at 9 pm. https://www.facebook.com/16BitBar/?hc_ref=SEARCH&fref=nf
  4. Trick em Dick em Playbook: Using fleaflickers
  5. I won't be able to attend this year.. just not in the cards @suicideking81 I keep missing ya! We'll meet someday buddy.. I'll be in Madtown this year for sure..
  6. Looks like an awesome time! Wish i lived closer to it!
  7. i can help if need be.. i can't host at the moment at my new house though
  8. Wish I could go! I already have plans that weekend. Love going to West Virginia.
  9. This is the same weekend as that retro gaming event... is this held in same spot?
  10. I am generally home around 9:30 Eastern every evening. I'll stay up till about midnight if I have to. I can also play early morning games before 10 am. Weekends kinda hit or miss but always around sunday evening.
  11. Wild Overtime Game between the heavily favored Chargers (+21 according to Lacy) QB Eagles ran all over Pittsburgh's Steel Curtain. QB Eagles did turnover the ball 2x with an INT and a fumble in the redzone though. Couple of JJ's from Vlasic to Mark Jackson in 4th Quarter helped tie the game with seconds left in game. Vlasic in GOOD condition all game helped a bit. Game footage included. GG Matt! We have what we call a "winning streak" in Pitt now with 2 in a row! hstl week 7 gamehigh.nsv
  12. Funding project... I could make a small donation