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  1. Round of 20. Bo vs. Bax Bax wins toss Matchup called by coin toss winner: Rams/ Det Team that coin toss loser chose: Bo took Detroit I completely demolished Bo. Actually it was close. Shoot out and I got the break by getting ball to start the 3rd. Final: Rams 34, Lions 24. GG.
  2. Your Group G zuir won Toss MIA/KC I take KC Final KC (bax) 14, MIA (zuir) 13 I get ball first and deberg to paige puts me up 7-0 in a hurry. Lots of back and forth ensues with zuir taking the upper hand 10-7 into the 4th where he has a first and goal at the 5. My KC defense holds to 4th down and MIA takes the FG to push their lead to 13-7. Still a few minutes left though. I receive the kickoff and can only set up shop at the 10. After 3 incompletions I'm facing 4th and 10 on my own 10 with a couple minutes left. Okoye gets his shit together, racks up 90 of his 111 yards on game winning drive, and I'm able to hold on for the final 30 seconds for the win. GG zuir.
  3. too taxing? i must have caught some tax breaks. i'll keep both if i can. otherwise pats are #1
  4. Your Group G Fightdogs won Toss ATL/NO ATL Final ATL (bax) 21, Saints (fightdogs) 3 Fightdogs gets ball first and gets a fg. 3-0. Then I got 21 points before the 4th qtr ended. I threw a ton of crap up to rison including timed jj's and deep bombs that got caught. better talent on offense (rison) and defense (sanders) made the difference. fdogs usually has my number. gg man.
  5. baxter yes!
  6. many reasons. life's getting busy. sorry for the midseason bail. gotta go. thanks.
  7. The funny thing about that is, while I've never used the strategy, after chasing Bo around twice a season in 2.0 I decided after our last game that I was gonna go all in with that idea. Checked the game play rules on the phile and everything. Thanks for ruining that...can't pull some cheeseball stuff in what could be our final dance. Fuck it, I probably will anyway.
  8. Shake and Bake man...Shake and Bake.
  9. wait...you guys are using strategy? huh...thinking back over all the games I've played that really explains a lot.
  10. ham-burgler. great vid man! i feel so knowledgeable now. thanks!
  11. Good? No, no, patriots are "excellent".
  12. WT Billy Masters "of the Universe"
  13. Wt John hilton.
  14. My list... #1 choice WR Al Denson #2 choice WR Harold Jackson #3 choice WR Clifton Mcneil #4 choice WR Gene Washington #5 choice WR some other retro player thanks.
  15. I'll take OLB pals from MIN Ralph Ma Baker & Wally Hilgenber. I attempted to draft on phile...not sure how that worked out.