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  1. Joelcsuh, these were versions good folks here on the forum made, specifically for NES emulation.
  2. Years ago, I remember downloading some pretty cool TSB versions that had defenses listed, such that you could play 3-4, 4-3, Nickel and Dime, depending on down and distance. There was also a version, IIRC, that had defenses listed as "Short Run", "Short Pass", "Medium Pass", etc. Would really like to find these and download again. They're likely on my old XP machine, but since I can't remember what the names of these ROMs are, I don't know what to look for, or if they're even still available here. I know I downloaded these from this website, so any help or ideas of where to look would be great. Have not seen them recently in the forums or the downloads section.
  3. Sorry, bruddog, am I missing something? I thought Nestopia was the emulator of choice around here, and thought it was the one I mentioned that was the one most folks use. Which emulator are most Tecmo Bowlers like yourself using?
  4. Was not sure where to post this, but having issues with Nestopia UE v 1.46 (is that the latest?) and playing Tecmo Convergence 2.0. Wasn't having any audio issues, but now am about midway through a season. Just seems like the audio is "dropping frames" out of nowhere. Doesn't seem to affect gameplay, but occasionally, button/joypad action seems a bit "delayed" from the actual moment of button-mashing. Here's my setup: Win 7 64 Pro Nestopia UE v 1.46 Microsoft Xbox PC controller HP Compaq 8100 Elite Convertible Minitower (actually a good-sized tower) Samsung 840 Evo Pro SSD 16GB RAM i7 Proc C Media PCI Audio card Nvidia GeForce GT610 vid card I've also wondered whether the "polling" by the Xbox PC controller could be causing the issue. For example, if I have the joypad plugged in during bootup and attempt to play "Bases Loaded", I get horrific stuttering, which goes away if I unplug controller, reboot, then plug in controller and use. Doing so with "Convergence 2.0" has not fixed the audio issue, although with it, the audio stutter isn't near as bad. Appreciate everyone's thoughts!
  5. (NES) Tecmo Convergence 2

    Baron, I am certainly digging the Convergence 2.0! I was wondering if you could ask the Emperor Jerry Jones if it was possible to have the stats posted after every quarter and have the minutes adjustable for a season in the next version (I have it set at 6 in the opening screen, but still defaults to 5 for a season). Awesome version! Appreciate the hard work. Hope the Emperor will approve my suggestions above.
  6. Tecmonster's TSB 2014, final version available

    I am enjoying this version, Tecmonster! Only two games played, one was a shootout, the other a 13-12 finish with a game-winning FG at the end. Has nice feel to it; you are rewarded (and sometimes thwarted) for taking risks defensively. Keep up the good work!
  7. TecmoBowl.org Presents: Tecmo Super Bowl 2014

    Tried it, plays pretty good! Used xpadder as my joypad emulator, and likely will from now on in brudtopia as well. MUCH better able to move in circles to avoid tackles this way. xpadder is kind of a pain to setup at first, but seems to work. The latest version is available for download at the link below. There's also a free, older version out there, but I'll let you search the web for that. http://xpadder.com/ And, if you can see through my screenshot (couldn't take one without the Flash game pausing), well...as a Stiller fan, too bad last week didn't turn out the way my Flash game did! One other note; felt like the button presses and the sound were just a little bit off (aka late). I'm guessing that's due to internet lag.
  8. Bases Loaded (Original)---Anyone Ever Edit This?

    Hokey smokes, GRG! Just saw this post today! DL'ed that version; awesome! Plays pretty good to me. Hit me up with a PM if wanna tell me the details of editing. Nice job with that one!
  9. TSB 2014...Stat Extractor to use???

    Kinda thought that might be the case average. Pretty sure I have a SkyDrive account (gotta find my login creds!), which will allow me to look at those properly with the online version of MS Office. Thank you, sir! And thanks for that info as well, Knobbe; didn't realize I could do so, and will remember that for future reference.
  10. TSB 2014...Stat Extractor to use???

    Sure, average. I posted this nst file as a txt file, because the forum wouldn't allow me to post it otherwise. Just change the extension back to nst and you should have a file you can look at. 2014pitaftergame4.txt
  11. Enjoying the new game immensely; thanks all! Say...when attempting to use Brudtopia, I can't seem to get much done with the Tecmo Madison State Extractor (or Save State Exporter). It "sort of" works, with the compression turned off on save states in Brudtopia, but the columns appear "off". Specifically, the rushing and defensive stats appear to be off. I have included a screenshot of what I am referring to. Seems to me, a shift of 3 columns would fix this. I've tried saving in Nestopia 1.36, 1.39 and 1.40 with the same results. I also have a suspicion that it may have to do with the player names not properly appearing in the csv file, or perhaps due to my using Libre Office. Thoughts or solutions welcome. I'm sure it's fixable (on my end more than anything).
  12. Will second the color adjustments...made a HUGE difference for me; danke!
  13. Tecmo 2014 beta

    Realize this release, when finished, is supposed to be nearest to original 1991 gameplay as possible, but I'm all for the "stats by quarter". I don't think it detracts from the original at all.
  14. Tecmo 2014 beta

    Fantastic job everyone on the new 2014 beta! Here's what I noticed, starting a season with the Stillers: ---(Played with 7 min quarters, as I find that setting to be the most "realistc" stat-wise---total yardage, # of runs, etc., weather off, on FCE Ultra 0.98.12) 1. Tennessee's unis looked a little "off" to me. The colors were more like the new Miami colors than Tennessee's. Messed with the color and video settings on FCE Ultra, but didn't make a diff. 2. Appreciate the accuracy of Pittsburgh's roster, offensively, as it appears you used the depth chart directly from the Steeler website, but that chart is either not up-to-date or misleading. Spaeth is listed as #1 (but he's hurt), Johnson #2, Paulson #3 and Palmer #4. Pretty sure Paulson is the current #1, with Palmer #2, at least, as you folks are using the TEs. Johnson is already at FB, so he can't be #2 in Tecmo, and Miller is currently injured (for now). Tough call on this, I know. (Latest Madden '08 roster I played with had the same situation; I set up Paulson as the starter, with Johnson the second TE.) 3. Gameplay was pretty good, although I thrashed the Titans 49-3. I'm sure the AI will have something to say about that later in the season. On offense, gameplay felt very much like the original. Either I'm better at it now, or I just got lucky in game 1! D-wise, I did NOT see that crap "juice" play where the RB popcorns the defender, then flies past the rest of the D for 6, and then spends the rest of the game in Superback mode. That used to piss me off more than anything playing this game!!! I got burnt a few times in the passing game, but not enough to harm me obviously. 4. Player rating-wise, a few tweaks, perhaps. Cortez Allen is a slug in the beta (he has more speed than that!); Troy is prob. too fast (was all over the field!---don't think Father Time will allow him that in real life this year), and the only lineman worth a hoot was Hood (this may be right). I actually dropped him back in coverage a few times. On O, Johnson is a Super FB, and really shouldn't be (Bo Jackson?---umm, no), and perhaps Redman is a little too "good" (fast, tackle-breaking???). Please don't take any of my comments as criticisms; merely observations! Do with them what you will. Otherwise, love the new graphics, endzones and other great tweaks. It's close, folks; REALLY close to non-beta form!
  15. Wondering where things stand on the non-hacked version; guessing you fine folks are waiting to make your final roster tweaks, then VIOLA! TSB 2013 goodness... Waiting for the "Authentic NFL Experience" hacked version myself. PS Madden '08 PC player? Updated (and much-argued about) rosters available at the forum below: http://www.footballidiot.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=12