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  1. JBI Hacks

    I actually rewrote the hack I posted here because it didn't affect the JJ Ints/deflections with a cutscene. I will post the updated code as soon as I get a chance to and explain the thresholds. After testing you'll be able to fine tune them to your liking.
  2. Single Defender Control for NES Player 1: x2540F = A9 XX 85 88 A9 XX 85 84 A9 XX 85 85 x2549E = EA EA x254A7 = A9 XX 85 45 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E, 4F, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55 (RE - SS) 9F 03, BF 03, DF 03, FF 03, 1F 04, 3F 04, 5F 04, 7F 04, 9F 04, BF 04, DF 04 (RE - SS) 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 0A (RE - SS) Player 2: x254D3 = A9 XX 85 89 A9 XX 85 86 A9 XX 85 87 x25562 = EA EA x2556B = A9 XX A5 45 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E, 4F, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55 (RE - SS) FF 04, 1F 05, 3F 05, 5F 05, 7F 05, 9F 05, BF 05, DF 05, FF 05, 1F 06, 3F 06 (RE - SS) 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 8A (RE - SS) All credit for this hack goes to jstout. I just ported it over the snes rom.
  3. NCAA 2015-16

    These are some of the hacks and commands that I have completed in a rom I was set to release soon: 2 return men deep for punts & kickoffs (kickoffs=normal KR and RCB, 50/50 on who returns it when kickoff is down the middle, RCB if aimed to the top, normal KR if aimed to the bottom, forcing you to try to kick away from either one; punts=normal PR and LCB, same scenario as the kickoff using my directional punt hack) New stance animations for RB/WR/TEs based on which side of the field they're on and their depth behind the LOS. Same goes for LB/DBs(These are actually in the video I posted) Man controlled offensive and defensive formation shifts. For example, move ILBs presnap to show blitz but run their normal role, or actually blitz, however, the offense won't know which one, but you will. Ball Carrier Vision=Runner reads selected defender to decide whether to break off path or take an alternate path at a given spot such as a cutback lane, or even just give player control to COM/MAN player. A Zone M2M command=Sets player to zone or pause at a specific spot while randomly reading the offensive skill players or reading a specific one. If that player(s) come in the zone area, defender will play man on him, otherwise defender will sit in the zone waiting. (Great way to fool offense into thinking a WR/RB/TE is open when you're sending a blitz. These are just to name a few of the many i have up and running.
  4. NCAA 2015-16

    I just set it for a 1 WR route to test my added logic. It's different from the old beta rom. The old beta rom had random logic that jstout coded to either handoff or not handoff. The QB didn't read anything, however, the new logic I wrote does. Now when creating plays I can set the defensive player for the QB to read for the option and can read the downfield coverage. In this example, the QB reads the NT (moving, not moving, RB side, QB side, etc.) to determine keep or give. Then if he keeps, while running he reads the SS & LC (their depth down the field, side of field they're on, etc.) to determine if he takes a chance throwing the deep ball or runs it. I have much more for the college game besides just this though.
  5. NCAA 2015-16

    I'm not good at picking teams, however, I would love to help out once you guys finally have the teams set in stone. >https://youtu.be/VmWVH19HhqQ
  6. JBI OG-Style 1.2 Update w/New Hacks

    It's success is currently tied to a random scale. I'm considering basing it off of the qb APB rating. I left some filler bytes in so that I do a check for a reaction from the DBs. I haven't decided on how i want the DBs to react just yet-pause, slow down like you mentioned, or pause briefly and then slow down. I would like to give them maybe two different possible reactions if space allows me to. I think I would tie the success of getting a reactions from the DBs to their QK rating.
  7. JBI OG-Style 1.2 Update w/New Hacks

    In the meantime, check out the QB pump fake which is fully working >https://youtu.be/2puzfKNQjxU
  8. JBI OG-Style 1.2 Update w/New Hacks

    I can adjust the length of the spin and how the defense reaction lasts. I'll have that adjusted for the next update. I also made the spin move to be similar to TSB3 for all players just to see if it could be done. After I got it working, I didn't disable it for the MAN player, that's why the randoms happen. I got a fix for that too. I may actually take that out entirely.
  9. JBI OG-Style 1.2 Update w/New Hacks

    The screen won't change. The list is just a reminder of which formation you can choose. On defense you pick your play and then pick your formation to run your defensive play from. If pick the Dime formation, the 2 backup DBs automatically sub for 2 of the LBs, etc. The COM has its own logic of when it will choose a different formation personnel. Each offensive set works the same as well. You pick your play and then choose your offensive set. On offense the formation adjusts to your personnel. If you pick a play like FB Off tackle L, which is from the onebackset, and then choose power set, you will have 2TEs on the field lined up tight at the LOS. If you pick 4-WR set, you have 4wrs on the field spread out like the run & shoot. So you can keep your opponents off guard by giving different looks for the same play. Every offensive formation has 5 different looks: a base look and 4 variations according to the set you choose. The COM has this ability too. So don't ever think that because it's 3rd and 1 & the COM in the power set, that they will run the ball. You may get burned by the pass if you didn't pick their play!!! Big changes coming with 1.3!!! A lot of work left to do.
  10. JBI OG-Style 1.2 Update w/New Hacks

    I figured out how to get the extra defensive players on the DF starters page. So here is finished DF starters page.
  11. JBI OG-Style 1.2 Update w/New Hacks

    It's possible with some creative adjustments. However, it will come at the expense of having to manually hex edit all the rosters and ratings in the rom from there on out.
  12. JBI OG-Style 1.2 Update w/New Hacks

    Offense is getting an upgrade too!!!
  13. JBI OG-Style 1.2 Update w/New Hacks

    Here's a taste of what's coming in 1.3 update. I have a lot of roster work left to do and a bunch of defensive play writing left as well. I'm completely pushing TSB's limits to change forever how defense is played on the NES version.
  14. JBI OG-Style 1.2 Update w/New Hacks

    I second that. That is only way right now. Using TSBToolSupreme with overwrite and scramble up the ratings. I can give you the new locations for each team if want to do them manually.
  15. JBI OG-Style 1.2 Update w/New Hacks

    No it won't work because team rating pointers and length of player attributes have been changed. The thing that happened with Montana happened to me a couple of times while testing. I should have that ironed by next update. Thanks for pointing out that one set back play. I did some really quick play adjustments to get the update out. My next update will have an entirely new offensive and defensive playback. The COM and COA touch passing is totally random in this release. I hope to have the necessary logic in place for the next release.