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  1. HSTL S42 Draft

    tb. db MARK ROBINSON pitt. qb bubby brister
  2. HSTL S41 Draft

    gerald mcniel hou te1
  3. Des Moines, IA - 11/11/2017 - Iowa Tecmo 4

    anyone willing to car pool from milwaukee
  4. Detroit, MI - 03/04/17 - Detroit Tecmo Kumite V

    What a great tournament.. slightly different then most tournaments.. Witch is really nice.. Group Play pins people of equal Talent against each other.. I think it's awesome for all levels.. I highly suggest this tournament to it anyone and everyone.. the five and a half hour drive really did suck but it was well worth it and I will be returning next year
  5. Thunderdome IX: Bracket Pool Madness (Cash Prize!)

    ricor33 created account
  6. purple haze won coin toss, he selected Phx. vs. Dal. I took dallas I kicked off he drove down field easily thanks to a nice timed jj.. my first drive ended at mid field on 4th down. but Phx. missed a fg. to give Dallas back the ball. finally I drove down the field but fumbled.. phx then had there best drive of the game marching down and scoring before half to take a 14-0 lead at half.. more of the same to start second half Dallas marched down the field and again fumbled. luckily for me I was able to get a quick int. and run one in with Emmit. 7-14 to start the 4th. a quick 3 and out allowed Dallas plenty of time to march down and tie it up with 45 seconds left... phx. won the O.T. coin toss and was moving the ball but a deep pass to Roy Green was pick off.. cowboys marched down the field and kicked a fg. with 1 second left... cowboys 17 cardnals 14 http://tecmoworld.com/twpc/?page_id=180&game=75712
  7. Rico Dallas VS. Big Hock Phoenix I won the toss picked Cowboys vs Cardinals Hock went with Cardinals.. Dallas dominated the first half controlling the ball but only managed to put up seven points 7 - 0 at halftime.. more of the same in the third quarter Dallas going up 14-0.. going into the 4th. But the fourth quarter belong to Roy green and the Cardinals.. Roy Green catching two deep bombs, along with a great stop on Downs. Cardinals tied it up with a last minute 80 yard Bomb. Cowboys win the toss in OT but go three-and-out and forced a punt. On the following Drive Phoenix was driving at about Midfield but an interception over the middle to Manny Hendrix gave the ball back to Dallas. who moved the ball 20 yards and kicked a field goal with five seconds left on the clock in ot.. Dallas wins 17-14... http://tecmoworld.com/twpc/?page_id=180&game=75712
  8. Thunderdome IX: Sign Up Thread

    in yes i can host rico33 discord
  9. What is your projected field?? What where you numbers in the past??
  10. Milwaukee, WI - 11/05/2016 - Dead Man Walking

    Coco 1st Troy h. 2nd J. Stazio 3rd Rico 4th
  11. Milwaukee, WI - 11/05/2016 - Dead Man Walking

    Great tournament.. thanks for running it John. And thanks for those who showed up..
  12. Milwaukee, WI - 11/05/2016 - Dead Man Walking

    Easy way to turn $40 into thousands of dollars.. Step one win Milwaukee tournament take home $800.. that earns you a free entry to Tundra Bowl. Step to win Tundra bowl close to $1,000 that earns you access to Madison for free. Step 3 when Madison take home $6,000.. just quesssing on the prize money
  13. Milwaukee, WI - 11/05/2016 - Dead Man Walking

    Well that's not good... glad you can still come matt... Ryan you have some big shoes to fill..
  14. Milwaukee, WI - 11/05/2016 - Dead Man Walking

    Leaves are falling, which means Tecmo tournament season is beginning in Wisconsin.. fall is Milwaukee, winter Tundra bowl, spring Madison.. almost makes you forget about the god-awful winter this state gives us...