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  1. meat

    Does Madden Have a Monopoly on NFL License?

    Over at operation sports there's a rosters update for NFL 2k5.
  2. meat

    A Cord-Cutter's Guide to the 2017 NFL Season

    I highly recommend a outdoor OTA antenna,and sling tv.There's also the channel master OTA DVR its kinda pricey but it has no monthly fees.
  3. meat

    Tecmo Bowl podcast

    How you like podbean,i was thinking of starting a podcast there.
  4. meat

    Tecmo Basketball 2018

    Pm Baron von lector he can point you in the right direction.
  5. Again thanks for another year.Works fine on wii nes emulator
  6. meat

    College Football Chat Room

    Note Drame looked impressive but next week a game is a true test.
  7. meat

    Tecmo Super Bowl Cartridge My Rom?

  8. meat

    Hyperkin RetroN 1 HD

    Isn't this still NOAC ??
  9. meat

    (SNES) Ken Griffey's Winning Run 2016

    Download today and having a blast running on Wii.
  10. meat

    Raspberry pii

    So any update on this??
  11. Never thought about this but it would be kinda cool.But probably would have to be like TSB 3 with only QB for QB etc.
  12. meat

    PS4 Players in the house?

    We got Neo Turf masters this week a good golf game.However this is what has got me really excited.
  13. meat

    All Time NBA top 5 at Each Position

    Will we ever see a dominant back to the basket center again ?
  14. meat

    Retroblox - Hybrid Emulation System

    That WWF cover shows old school being phased out for the New Generation.I'm very excited for this i have heard that twitch uplink is also a possibility.
  15. meat

    Old NCAA football Tecmo roms?

    I think there was a old SNES college rom,still had Peppers playing.
  16. meat

    NES Classic hacked to add ROMs..

    Its been hacked now to hold a full rom set.
  17. meat


    Works fine with snes emulator on wii.
  18. meat

    BS Golf snes

    I just discovered this amazing game.So naturally anybody want to try it online with the snes emulator.
  19. It's the same way on the FC Ultra GX on the wii.
  20. meat

    Which console do you use today?

    That's a toploader,i have one and its great once you mod it for compsite video.The RF on it is very bad.
  21. meat

    Raspberry pii

    Whoa whoa Online??As in you in 1 state me in another online??How hard to set up a online game??
  22. meat

    Genesis ROM editing

    Is there anyway you can hack Bill Walsh College football 95 so none of the players get tired?
  23. meat

    Tecmo Bowl being re-released by Nintendo

    Cleveland actually pretty good.
  24. meat

    BS Golf snes

    The only NES golf any good is Open tournament Golf.Only mod really needed is something to make the swing meter go slow.