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  1. MAME Issue Using RetroPie

    I got wrestlefest working on SDL mame on wii.
  2. Tecmo Super Bowl I SNES

    There's a sega genesis one.
  3. College Football Chat Room

  4. DC back online

    Yes you an get your DC back online with this kit.There's already a few games back online and there working on world series baseball 2k2.Hopefully nfl 2k2 and nba 2k2 are next.My next paycheck I'm getting the kit. http://www.dreamcastlive.net/mobile/shop.html
  5. Mike and Mike

    Today is Mike and Mike last show any thoughts?
  6. Tecmo Bowl game footage with commentary

    No japan vs usa ?
  7. Snes classic patch

    Could also mod a wii.
  8. Snes mini

    No clue couldn't find nes classic.
  9. Snes mini

    Stalltalk have you installed the retroarch emulator?I'm going to try it this afternoon.
  10. Snes mini

    I downloaded the hack installer and it was a breeze.Unfortunately not ever game is working,Super street fighter2 and i tired one of the bs satellite both gave me a black screen.
  11. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Did the raiders throw last week game ?Because carr didn't neither did the coaching staff sit during anthem.
  12. Snes mini

    I managed to get one at Wal-Mart.They probably had about 20 left the controller feels so crisp its kinda weird.
  13. Snes mini

    Anybody attempting to get one tomorrow?I seen one cool looking hori fight pad that I'm going to order and hope it works with the Wii.
  14. Who's Gone Over to Dark Side? (Madden)

    Nope still playing NFL 2k5 with update rosters,and now ncaa 06 (ps2) with update rosters.