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  1. Download today and having a blast running on Wii.
  2. So any update on this??
  3. Never thought about this but it would be kinda cool.But probably would have to be like TSB 3 with only QB for QB etc.
  4. We got Neo Turf masters this week a good golf game.However this is what has got me really excited.
  5. Will we ever see a dominant back to the basket center again ?
  6. That WWF cover shows old school being phased out for the New Generation.I'm very excited for this i have heard that twitch uplink is also a possibility.
  7. I think there was a old SNES college rom,still had Peppers playing.
  8. Its been hacked now to hold a full rom set.
  9. Works fine with snes emulator on wii.
  10. It's the same way on the FC Ultra GX on the wii.
  11. That's a toploader,i have one and its great once you mod it for compsite video.The RF on it is very bad.
  12. Whoa whoa Online??As in you in 1 state me in another online??How hard to set up a online game??
  13. Is there anyway you can hack Bill Walsh College football 95 so none of the players get tired?
  14. Cleveland actually pretty good.