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  1. Drummer's NFL TECMO SUPER BOWL 2K13

    It looks like Drummer did a good job with the Tebow simulation. A 28% completion rate for 117 yards with 2 picks is just about the prototypical Tebow game.
  2. Drummer's NFL TECMO SUPER BOWL 2K13

    Weird bug on end of half stats screen: It looks like it might have something to do with your new clock border.
  3. 4Play Studios presents: Tecmo Bowl 2012

    There's plenty of love for both original and Tecmo Super Bowl around here!
  4. Drummer's NFL TECMO SUPER BOWL 2K12

    I would. He's out for at least 2 months, possibly the whole season. Or at the very least, make him 2nd string.
  5. Drummer's NFL TECMO SUPER BOWL 2K12

    A couple things I noticed about the Bears. 1: Johnny Knox is African-American, not white. 2: Matt Forte is the primary RB, not Barber and should have more plays in the default playbook. 3: You might want to have Kahlil Bell ready since Chester Taylor is going to get cut.
  6. Babe Laufenberg on Tim Tebow

    I liked this play from Tebow Thursday night:
  7. Drummer's NFL TECMO SUPER BOWL 2K12

    Let's hope this lockout is over soon so rosters can be adjusted.
  8. Drummer's NFL TECMO SUPER BOWL 2K11

    Just saw that Peppers on the Bears had jersey #72. He actually wears 90.
  9. Drummer's NFL TECMO SUPER BOWL 2K10

    Just make sure you put Favre on the Vikings. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  10. Nestopia nsv files

    It looks like Nestopia is freezing, but it's actually doing the conversion. If you check your CPU load, you'll see that it's using about 50% of processing power. You have to give it a pretty long time to fully convert. A twelve minute game will take about 20-25 minutes to encode to AVI depending on your computer.
  11. Drummer's NFL TECMO SUPER BOWL 2K9

    A couple of things I've noticed: Since both Culpepper and Kitna didn't play for awhile for the Lions, the QBs should be Orlovsky and Stanton. Fitzpatrick should start for the Bengals instead of Palmer. Benson should be starting RB for the Bengals. Wallace should start for the Seahawks instead of Hasselbeck.
  12. Drummer's NFL TECMO SUPER BOWL 2K9

    Thanks Drummer. I'm using your ROM to simulate the "Bizarro Bowl" which is a playoff to determine the worst team in the NFL. Unfortunately, your Browns are in it.