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  1. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Nah, no salt. The Eagles beat the Patriots fair and square. And I'm happy for Philadelphia, in that having gone throughout history without a SB win for that town, specifically, is almost unfathomable. If I have any salt in me, it is for the Hoodie, to be honest. Sitting Butler was a huge mistake. Eric Rowe did fine in his place, but an early touchdown is attributed to Rowe not being prepared to start. That touchdown could have been the difference maker. There's no excuse to sit a player who played 97.8% of regular season snaps. None. Patricia gets a bunch of the blame, too. He was out-coached by Philadelphia. He was being too gimmicky for his own good, taking Gilmore off Ashlon to start the game. If it's true that Belichick sat Butler without a significant cause, then he was his own undoing. Frankly, it's not the first time, either. He's still the G.O.A.T. of coaching, but the reality is that his legacy is going to be marred by what many perceive to be his inability to suppress his ego.
  2. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    This is such trash. 1. 18 Patriots players were on IR for the Super Bowl, with notable depth at defense being chief among them, including Defensive Team Captain, Hightower. Philadelphia had 12 on IR, and most of them were trash, excluding Wentz and (maybe) Sproles. 2. Tom Brady takes better care of himself as a Quarterback than any QB in league history. He'll make 41 seem like 38. That's a 'pubes bet. 3. I LOOOOOOVE that you give the Eagles a line about shoulda-coula-woulda had Wentz been around, but don't do the same for key Patriots players on IR. 4. There is no reason to believe that Nick Foles wasn't the reincarnation of Matt Flynn. Literally, very little difference between the two leading up to the Super Bowl. That you're using hindsight to give Foles credit as a "good QB" is pathetic. Your analysis is trash, as it has been all year long. That you spend the time to write it all doesn't make it is any less trash.
  3. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    All of this is solid. My only devil's advocate position is that the kid is 24 years-old. He's got a lot to learn, as physically talented as he is. He's also cut from the same uber competitive cloth as the best who play the game. First dude at practice, last dude gone kind of kid. I really like Cooks, and I hope the Patriots find a way to keep him around. That being said, again, your analysis is right on. I'm hoping getting his clock rung while he was running around in a circle like he was trying to avoid Tecmo Super Bowl diving tackles is enough to make him reconsider a few elements in how he plays the game.
  4. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    I won't go so far as to say "Screw Belichick," but I agree with the overall sentiment. Let's be clear here, though, if there was no good reason to bench Butler, and considering he played 97% of snaps during the regular season, then the Hoodie royally f*cked up. Did he not think that benching a starting lineup member would cause a distraction to the rest of the defense/team? I am so curious as to why Butler was benched. He's had the flu in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, so maybe he wasn't practicing hard? Maybe Belichick threw Eric Rowe in there because Rowe will most likely be playing in Butler's starting role next year once he leaves New England in FA? I don't know, but I think no matter what, sitting him the whole game was a mistake. And the absolute only way it wasn't going to be perceived as a mistake is if the Patriots won, and Eric Rowe played a standout game.
  5. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    He missed several short to mid range balls that could have changed the game, a seeming result from him getting pushed around some in the pocket. He played a hell of a game, don’t get me wrong. But A+ to me is making those most important throws, which he did not. Not all his fault, but he’s got to take the blame.
  6. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Great game. Pats Defense played terribly. Tom Brady strip sack sucked big time. Losing Cooks sucked big time. Tom Brady played an B+/A- game throwing 500+ yards. Questionable offensive and defensive calls on big plays by the Pats coordinators. The calls very much felt like a swan song for McDaniels and Patricia. The Eagles played a complete game. Congrats, Philly fans. In all likelihood, one way or another, the 2018/2019 Patriots team will be this Patriots’ team’s final ride. If they win the Super Bowl, if they don’t; doesn’t matter. The Patriots as we know them now all skill members taken into account will play one last year together. And this has nothing to do with anybody’s contract status. Enjoy it while we can, New England fans.
  7. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    I just wanted to login real quick to let all of the Patriots haters/doubters/snowflakes know that you can all go f*ck yourselves. That's it. Oh, and that you haters/doubters/terrible prognosticators can all eat sh*t. Really, that's it. I know that is a lot of information to digest, so let me write it again in list form, if that would be helpful... 1.) F*ck yourselves 2.) Eat sh*t Really, truly, that's all I have to say. But then again, as I'm thinking about it more--while you may fall into the hater/doubter/terrible prognosticator bucket; you might not know it. So, please let me help you with that as well with these four simple questions... - Did you at one point this season suggest that Tom Brady is falling off a cliff? - Did you consistently rank the Patriots out of the #1 spot in your fake power rankings? - Did you consistently suggest that clearly inferior teams were on par with, if not better than the Patriots? - Did you at some point believe that [insert the mediocre quarterback of your chosen team] would outplay Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr.? If you fall in the above line of questions, then you may A.) F*ck yourselves and B.) Eat sh*t. I leave the order in which you fulfill these responsibilities to your own discretion. You can either eat your own sh*t, and follow that by penetrating yourselves. Or, you can get right to penetrating yourselves, and cap that afternoon delight off by eating a good piece of sh*t -- almost like an after-coitus cigarette. Really, the choice is yours, and believe me when I say it: you've earned every bit.
  8. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    No. Those quarterbacks enter the conversation because fans outside of New England need something to cling to when desperately trying to avoid the blunt reality that Tom Brady is easily the GOAT, and it's not close. Tom Brady and the Hoodie have essentially broken the NFL, and fans outside of New England can't wrap their biased little brains around it, so they search for any detail to create arguments that say otherwise. It's pathetic, actually. Or they do what you just did, in part, and create their own version of history to reflect the desire to debate who the GOAT is. This analysis is terrible. Truly. Peyton Manning/Aaron Rogers have nearly always had better receivers than Tom Brady. Troy Aikman had great receivers during his SB runs, and let's not forget a little known name in Emmitt Smith giving him room to throw. Elway was basically sitting next to Dan Marino until Terrell Davis got him to two Super Bowls. I mean, I could go on and on, really. Your view on Dan Marino is the only one that is accurate, by my estimation. Dude, I appreciate your posts, because the rest of the meatheads on this forum are typically best served by keeping to the sexy girls threads, but sometimes your analysis is cringe-worthy biased and self-serving. When I post about Tom Brady, I at least make it clear that I am total homer, but also incredibly correct. ( ) That you try to veil this dreck in objectivity is almost Trumpian.
  9. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    I never thought the Chiefs had a legitimate chance at anything, despite a Week 1 win against the Patriots. Alex Smith is a meager step up from Ryan Fitzpatrick as a starting quarterback. And he always has been.
  10. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    This isn’t outside the norm for the Patriots in Miami. It’s pretty well documented. New England fans all know Brady often plays average-to-poor down south. I’m enjoying watching the Patriots play their usual hit-or-miss game in Miami. Gronk being out is an issue, sure, but the Patriots have played poorly all game. Top-down. Bad scheming, bad play by Brady. Soft defense.
  11. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Tom Brady being casually listed on the injury report is something that has been happening for many years.
  12. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    I don't think that hit was dirty at all. Could he have blocked Burflict with less impact? Sure. But both players were practically running chest forward at each other. It's not JuJu's fault that Burflict kept his eyes entirely on the ball-carrier. Now, the Gronk hit? THAT was dirty. And I loved it.
  13. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Peace out, Ben McADon't. Literally, no one is going to miss you. Related-but-unrelated: Marvin Lewis has to be the luckiest motherf*cker on the planet to still have his job.
  14. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    I think they do that anytime they're in Seattle, 'cause clearly they're hip to the Seattle grunge scene of the 90s. Yo, Philly is a good team, but they're also somewhat pretenders. They've played mostly inferior teams, and if not out-and-out inferior; the teams have been inferior at positions specific to PHI's talents. I said this a week ago or so, but Wentz is going to have no idea what to do with complicated NFL blitz packages. He's been able to get away from 3 or 4 man rushes at the line, but more complicated LB / CB blitz packages are over that dude's head. And I don't blame him: dude is a second-year player, after all. Last night's game is going to serve as a model for all other teams to pick apart PHI moving forward. Seattle's defense being somewhat in shambles right now doesn't help the narrative that PHI is going to be able to stand up against proven NFL commodities. We shall soon see! So far, I have reason to believe that if Seattle and New Orleans make it to the playoffs, that they're the teams in the NFC to beat. I am not getting on the PHI and MIN hype trains. I have no reason to believe either team is ready to handle the spotlight pressure.