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  1. Patriots picked up WR Andrew Hawkins (whether or not he makes the team is secondary), but this cements the fact that we're going to see far more 4 WR sets out of New England this year. Tom Brady is going to be gunning for every year-long QB record possible.
  2. Chris Cornell used to tour yearly to one of the theatres that I used to work at. Never met him, but the guy always sold out. Like clockwork. Never failed. Last time he came through was on an acoustic tour. Every post show report I read from House Management, whose job it is to act as liaison to a booking, always said Cornell was the nicest dude. Too bad, man. Deep depression is a nightmare.
  3. ESPN is doubling down on its programming of "TV personalities" to replace sports highlight shows, solidifying their strategic opinion that what moderate fans want is more cable news-type drama and bickering, and less actual sports. In related news, America is dying.
  4. Was there really any other option?
  5. To give you an idea of the differential in popularity with the NFL in America versus other sports, ESPN's category tag for content by league type has the NFL (currently in its off-season) as being more popular than the NHL (currently in its playoffs post-season). Ouch.
  6. Like, @Bodom, my easy answer is too easy. So let's drill down further... Dante Scarnecchia - Current OL coach of the New England Patriots. You want proof of how important a good OL coach is? See Patriots seasons with and without Dante Scarnecchia. Marvin Lewis - He's the mediocre coach that I love to hate. Guy should have been fired years ago, but still has his job. He constantly takes chances on players who clearly have off-field issues that are carried over into the season and often cause major distractions for the team. Frankly, guy kind of deserves what he gets considering his approach. Pete Carrol - I like his approach. He let's his players be themselves, but still emphasizes the 'team' standard. He's molded an environment that is inclusive and forward-thinking. He hit lightning in a bottle with the players who originally made the Legion of Boom a household name, but I'm uncertain if he can recreate the kind of defense that is required to make his offense flourish. Mike Tomlin - Like Carrol, Tomlin is a players coach. I appreciate his interview style and his unabashed approach. I'm a little skeptical of how deep his x's and o's knowledge base goes when it comes to helping design contemporary schemes. Okay, now let's get serious... Bill Belichick - Greatest coach of all-time. My favorite interview style (surly). There is not a fan of the NFL that exists who wouldn't want Bill Belichick to be their team's head coach. Even the Browns and Jets, who Belichick walked away from, would get on their knees to welcome him back. And if you think you wouldn't praise the lord above if Belichick became your team's head coach, you're lying to yourself. He's not only a mastermind coach, but a GM as well. We are blessed to witness a living legend while he works in real-time.
  7. Ticket to Ride is legit. Get it.
  8. The decline in coverage revenue forcing the layoffs is in direct correlation to the stunted growth in US pro sports casual fans. Worst yet, is that I agree with opinions on this forum that the hardcore fan is being turned off by the tactics put in place to capture more moderate fans. Moderate fan conversion into hardcore fan, clearly, is not processing as quickly as the coverage expansion itself on the multiple sports networks. I think this is a sign that US sports coverage, for this generation, has nearly maxed out for the available audiences (casual and hardcore). Coverage segmentation is further inhibiting growth because no single network has taken a vastly different approach to coverage. All of the Networks basically run the same programming, but with different production budgets. Part of me truly believes "sports coverage" has nearly reached as far as it can in the context of the current US market, as all growth is dependent on ad revenue. If not this year, by next year, I expect the % of growth in the asking price on Super Bowl commercial spots to decline, if they continue with the same amount of commercials as they have recently. ^ This is part of the reason why I think Goodell and his stooges are talking about decreasing the amount of commercials during a game. 1. They appease the casual (and hardcore, but mainly casual) fans who are tired of 20 minutes of commercials every hour. 2. They can continue raising the costs of buying a commercial for their programming at a steady percentage, so they can report on a growth number that will appease the leadership, but hide the fact that viewership is down, and advertisers beginning to grumble about the return value of buying ad space for NFL programming. Either way, in the next 5 - 10 years, I project the slow but steady decline in the growth of sports popularity in this country. Sports will always be popular, but the NFL for instance, has been banking on a percentage level of dynamic growth in their year-end ad revenue. That dynamic growth is about to take a significant hit, in my estimation.
  9. 100 on-air personalities were just released from ESPN as a result of their audience for skewing over digital media platforms and ESPN not knowing how to properly monetize on those channels.
  10. My imagined super villain is a moderate thinker who is driven mad by the righteous fallacies of his contentious left and right extremist counterparts, forcing him to reluctantly pursue a nihilistic and destructive path. The tragedy is in this villain having shared more in common with the average person than the ones who drove him mad.
  11. It's being reported that Malcolm Butler looks like he's going to stay with the Patriots this year. I would never go so far as to say that the Patriots are a lock to win another Super Bowl. Injuries, the 'any given Sunday' model of the NFL... there's a lot of reason why it might not happen. That being said, I cannot remember a time since 2007 when a Patriots roster was as stacked as it is now. The rest of the NFL looks like a Triple-A league compared to the Patriots.
  12. Aaron Hernandez apparently killed himself.
  13. Derek Carr says that Oakland Raiders fans that don't stay loyal to the Raiders when the team departs for Las Vegas, aren't true Raiders fans. In related news, Derek Carr thinks that when your wife leaves you for a richer dude, you should still be loyal to her.
  14. Turns out that delusional projections of grandeur aren't just for Miami Dolphins fans, but the players as well! Dolphins WR Jarvis Landry thinks Miami will sweep Patriots
  15. It is the off-season, after all.