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  1. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Of the current teams showing a clear path to the playoffs, I have no reason to believe that the Patriots cannot beat them all.
  2. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    God damn, I love watching the GOAT play football.
  3. MGK's Videogames Thread

    Some really great deals on digital downloads at Microsoft for their online Black Friday discounts, which are now live. Even though they have recent releases marked down to $40.00, the real value is in last year's games and other misc. game bundles. My picks: Rise of the Tomb Raider - $10 BioShock 1, 2, and 3 remastered - $20 Dishonored 1, 2, and the recent 2.5 game stand-alone - $32 Basically $10 a game. I love me some Black Friday digital download sales.
  4. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    This has saved me frequently. I'm in a shitty New York football market now, forced to watch their shitty football teams. https://www.reddit.com/r/nflstreams/
  5. Mike and Mike

    Apparently they hated each other at this point, but kept it very professional for the past several years. Good show at times. Good on them for a long run. I don't see Golic having greater success post-Mike & Mike.
  6. MGK's Videogames Thread

    Anyone following the "loot box" conversation in games knows what kind of shitshow EA is currently up against with the soon-to-be-released Star Wars Battlefront 2. A recent reddit thread response from an EA community manager in regard to fan hesitation about SWBF2 loot boxes is now the most down-voted comment in reddit history. Major media stations have even gotten in on the topic. Here's a fun continuation on Eurogamer: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-11-16-star-wars-battlefront-2-loot-boxes-investigated-by-belgian-gaming-commission And from CNBC: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/15/wall-street-is-getting-worried-social-media-outrage-over-eas-star-wars-game-may-hurt-sales.html
  7. Firefox Quantum

    Thoughts? Feelings? Browser data comparisons? Good articles written about significant tech changes?
  8. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Totally, they seem to be the cream of the crop in the NFC. When it comes to the playoffs/Super Bowl, it's easy for me to assume teams that haven't been there before will struggle at some point. Experience goes a long way in the postseason. The Eagles could be the new generation version of the Patriots/Rams from Brady's first Super Bowl victory. Could be, but I doubt it.
  9. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    At this point, I would be very surprised if the Patriots didn't lock up homefield advantage through the playoffs. I'm not saying it can't happen; just that I'll be surprised if it doesn't happen. Typically, I'd say that there's not a snowballs chance in hell of the Patriots losing to the Steelers, but in this case, at the end of the 4-week away trip, it's possible. The Patriots' greatest opponents are in the AFC in terms of matchups. The NFC has nothing to offer. They have so little to offer, that a couple of sophomore QBs are running wild on the whole conference. You're smoking crack if you're buying into the Eagles/Rams hype as legitimate threats to the Patriots this year. The NFC is playing triple-A ball right now. That the Vikings, Saints, and Rams are at 7 - 2 should tell you that. The Eagles are legit, and if they play their cards right, could be legit for some time in the future, too. But I have a hard time swallowing the hype train that they have the wherewithal and poise to even get to the Super Bowl, let alone potentially beat the Pats there. The Seahawks are always a sneaky team to keep on eye on; their ability to go from out of the playoff picture entirely to serious threat is entirely possible.
  10. WEEK 10, Pickem!

    I thought Sam Bradford was your MVP?
  11. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    I gotta say, the remaining schedules for the league leading teams (W/L ratio) are pretty soft heading into the second half of the season. Unless something really significant happens on the injury front, I don't envision very much changing heading into the playoffs.
  12. Random Thoughts

    I have a new working theory that part of what may make many baby boomers the worst is that they suffer from a kind of macro generational messiah complex. WW2 defining an era, being fought for 'the future' against a terrible evil, with baby boomers being most visibly 'the future' that was fought for. A large portion of an entire generation walks away from that with a misconstrued and inflated sense of self worth. How does a generation reconcile with the pressures associated with living up to 'the greatest generation's' sacrifice?
  13. Random Thoughts

    Just so we're keeping score: the guy who wouldn't release his tax returns wants you to believe the tax policy that his party is creating is going to adversely affect him is absolutely precious. This isn't a party politics line, this is just common sense. Like an old-timey elixir salesman who doesn't drink his own magic potion but is willing to try convincing you of its miraculous benefits. Anyone that's willing to buy into this fraud salesman gimmick: I got some swamp land in Florida that I'd love to introduce you to.
  14. MGK's Videogames Thread

    As predicted earlier: Where the leader goes, all will follow. Videogames (as we've known them from the 8-bit age) are about to die. http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/11/08/gta-publisher-plans-to-have-microtransactions-in-all-future-games
  15. Random Thoughts

    Yo, the majority this country has no morals or ethics. Small towns still, maybe. The death of morals and ethics picked up the pace a generation ago with the disenfranchisement of the baby boomers failing to live up to the hype of the previous 'greatest generation.' Everything then became so cynical as they shoved cocoa puffs down their kids' throats and let the television be the babysitter. I truly think the baby boomers are one of the worst, most misguided generations of all-time.