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  1. Ivanka's office. White House. Government devices. Access to classified information. Game of Thrones of America.
  2. That's true. Also, hybrid cars are economic in part because of their fuel efficiency.
  3. Guys, I'm really sorry for all of your teams that the Patriots have won the offseason. Must be real tough on you all.
  4. The Cooks trade is exciting. I'm just sorry for Danny Amendola that his time with the Pats is likely over with unless they roll back on expectations out of Gronk and wind up playing 1TE 3WR sets significantly more than they do now. Amendola has restructured his contract the past few years taking less money, outright saying that playing on a winning team means more to him than money. We'll see how far that goes. Honestly, all the FA moves have been exciting for the Patriots. Jabaal Sheard leaving hurts a little, but Trey Flowers started to outplay him last year anyway. Chris Long leaving doesn't bother me much, and his DE trade replacement in Ealy is likely to produce at the same (or greater) capacity. Gilmore is an upgrade on Logan Ryan. If the Pats are able to sign Hightower and Butler, then what will already be talk about the Patriots heading back to the Super Bowl in 2017 is going to turn into shouts from the mountain top. Either way, 2017 is shaping up to be a 2007-ish 'Go big or go home season' for TB12's 40th birthday. I'm not saying undefeated, but I am saying that it's going to be a fuck of a fun season to watch if you're a Patriots fan. All this while you could argue the rest of the NFC East teams continue to degrade. It's almost as if they're all planning to build toward the day when Tom Brady retires, because that's how long it looks like they're going to need to come close to relevancy again.
  5. Too many trades to note them all, but there are some crazy ones, both in quality and economy. There's talk of Malcom Butler heading out shortly because of the CB trades. As a Patriots fan, it's Butler's legacy to be tarnished. It wouldn't bother me if Butler left. I expect it. It's the NFL; it's a free market system, and perceived value at times counts as much as true value. Butler is a good CB. Is he elite? No. He'll probably be a good CB somewhere else. But he is and only will ever be a player with legacy-based cache in New England. That's $$$ status. New England will always love him for 'the play,' but they'd enshrine him across the region, and by proxy the world really, if he was a 1-team player. But do you know whose departure really gets at me? Logan Ryan going to Tennessee. #1. Because fuck Tennessee. #2. Logan Ryan is a DECENT player. The Patriots defense makes this guy a star at this position. Good job, Logan Ryan's agent for getting that deal, but fuck Logan Ryan if he thinks he's going to be half the player he is without the Patriots defense putting him in a good position to succeed. This situation has Patrick Chung written all over it.
  6. Tim Ubick's tap is so fast that they've replaced the turbo button on remakes of the NES advantage controller with a picture of his head and a word bubble that reads, "You need more practice."
  7. Upon release, and recognizing that the device didn't fit into the docking station comfortably, about a dozen device peripheral companies started to design screen protectors. Brutal. I expect more out of Nintendo creating a 'new console' than to not account for screen protection within the included docking station. Fucking brutal. Screen protection because it's a handheld on the go? Totally. Screen protection because it doesn't fit into the console's own docking station without issue? No sir.
  8. The Tecmo Rabbit tore off one of his own feet as a gift to Tim Ubick.
  9. I have no idea who Tim Ubick is, but I enjoy what this thread is. The reason why the jumping Tecmo cheerleader shows off her underwear is to impress Tim Ubick.
  10. Yeeesh. Read a write-up by Digital Foundry that the Wii U and Switch versions of Zelda are just about the same experience. Yeesh is the only word for it.
  11. All of those companies are developing for the Switch, yes. But don't expect the same titles that they make for PS4 Pro, Xbox One S (or the upcoming 'Scorpion' for that matter). There's no two ways about it that the Switch, while super powerful for a tablet, is way under-powered to play even the current triple-A games. There's a reason why Bethesda was asked to port over Skyrim to Switch--a five year old game, because that's about what the Switch can handle. Unless every developer chooses to go the route of a small framework architecture for their Switch games (think Rocket League), or by using Nintendo's cartoony style (which helps on polygon count processing), or release versions of the games made specifically for the lower powered Switch console, you're never going to see contemporary titles on the same systems. It's just physically not possible. That being said, Nintendo hasn't relied on true 3rd party support since the early 90s. I don't think they give a fuck, TBH, because their own IPs can sellout console inventories if done right. All they need is a good Pokemon game and people will buy an entire console just for that--not so different than Zelda or Mario in that way.
  12. Whoops. I forgot that I also picked up the new Doom. Played it for a bit. The campaign seems fun. It's gruesome in that wholesome Doom kind of way. I enjoy the little winks to the player that the developers put in there to reference that the Doom "story" is completely ridiculous and for the player to not think too hard about it. The game plays smooth, the character graphics are great. The background textures are really bad, IMO. The static dead bodies laying around, the floors, walls, various static computer equipment and textures looks like something out of the last gen of consoles. Not impressed. I think the thing that most profoundly jumped out at me regarding the game on the whole is the pacing. This is, possibly, the fastest FPS I've ever played. The standard speed at which the player runs around each map is VERY fast. The fact that I don't have the ability to slow down my character's top speed, other than a subtle push on the analogue stick is brutal. Frankly, I think it's too fast to be enjoyed. This game was clearly made for the person who binges on Mountain Dew. Fun game, otherwise. Solid campaign. Good 'inside' jokes to the player. Multiplayer is pretty basic. Recommended if you enjoy the overall speed of the game. 3 yaks out of 5.
  13. UPDATE: Tried a bunch of games. Currently I'm playing The Division. I'm kind of in love with this game. Very tactical gameplay for a duck & cover shooter. I dig mostly everything about it. The NPC enemies can be something of bullet sponges, but I don't mind that. The constant need to change out old gear for better new gear can get a little tedious. The types of missions can get a little repetitive, but the core of the game relies on the duck & cover game play within the missions themselves, which I think is the best part of the game. Do I think I'll play this game for months and months on end? No. Is the story great? No (and, honestly, who cares?) But I DO think that when an urge comes up to play a 3rd-person shooter, this is definitely my go-to experience. Highly recommended. 4 yaks out of 5. Tried the re-release for Resident Evil 4, having never played it originally when it debuted in the mid-2000s. I'm sure the game COULD be fun, but the controls are absolutely BRUTAL. Re-releasing this game without upgrading the controls/camera was a terrible, terrible choice by Capcom. If you can get beyond how absolutely BRUTALLY TERRIBLE the controls are, I'm sure you'll have fun. Not recommended. 1.5 yaks out of 5. Gave Batman - Arkham Knight a whirl. Fun. The atmosphere is amazing. The scale of the city and the technology of the game engine to render such a beautiful city is pretty amazing. Technologically, this game is pretty astounding in ways. It also appears to me to be a faithful interpretation of Batman's world in Gotham city. Typical open-world gameplay format, which works for a Batman, IMO. The voicing acting for Batman is terrible, though. Seriously, what a stupid mistake to make in a game that's ABOUT BATMAN. I'm not a huge Batman fan in general, so I'm not overly interested to push this game higher on my list of games to play. If I was more of a Batman fanboy, I'd be in heaven. Recommended. 3.5 yaks out of 5. I finally bit the bullet and picked up Rocket League. Fun as hell. The depth of the game engine is brilliant. Each match I have is fantastic. The only thing I don't like about the game is that there aren't more complicated multi-player match styles, like a tournament mode, or season mode, or something that simply wasn't one-off matches with a different number of players involved. They try to work around this by having your account 'level up' and whatnot, but I simply don't see the point of that. Overall, highly recommended. I just wish there was more to do with the multiplayer. 4 yaks out of 5. Grand Theft Auto 5 for the Xbox One finally was super discounted a couple of weeks ago, so I picked that up. Amazing how far Rockstar has taken this series, technologically-speaking. It's impressive in so many ways. The physics engine in GTA 5 is actually a little phased back from GTA 4, in terms of dynamics in car crashes and on foot. I was a little disappointed by that. The story/characters are typical Rockstar GTA nuttiness. I don't mind that the game doesn't take itself seriously at all, but I'm still waiting for Rockstar to truly flesh out how in-depth the player can interact with the various wandering NPCs. Although the world is so beautifully fleshed out and full of visual life, the actual interactive life of the world is still just as 2-dimensional as the early versions of this game on older consoles. NPCs in the GTA games just serve as providers of missions, or the general public NPCs serve as barriers to get in your way, either as bullet fodder for your guns, and blood splatters on the hood of your car. They really don't have much more depth than that, which is disappointing to me at this stage in GTA's life. I want more. Recommended. 3 yaks out of 5.
  14. I've definitely been on a gaming kick for the last year. I've really enjoyed it. To supplement that experience, I'd have to have the kind of lifestyle necessary to provide me the time. To wit: No kids; don't want any. Little TV watching; don't care. No theatre; not currently interested. No projects; started a new job recently and my 10-6 time spent in my working brain is enough. That being said, I need to make more time for working out. I recently turned 37, and my body has long since forgot about what a natural metabolism is. All of this adds up to having the kind of time to play some video games, and I fucken love it. I've been playing The Division lately, and the game is fun as fuck.
  15. The new Zelda game is getting its dick sucked across all reviewers. The metacritic score is unbelievably high. I'm happy, because I love Zelda. The original Zelda might be to sole reason why I love video games as much as I do. This new release game looks astonishing, no doubt, but to also back that up with what people are calling the greatest game in a generation, console defining, and genre breaking is a hell of a follow up series of statements. I'm so saddened by the fact that it is unlikely I play this game for a very long time. There is absolutely no way I will be investing in Nintendo hardware ever again. They haven't proven an ability to acquire serious 3rd party developer support since the Super Nintendo, and it's only gone downhill from there (despite the original Wii's "popularity" because of its peripherals). I don't expect much from the Switch support, either. Some day, when a Switch is laying in a bargain bin somewhere for $100 (sooner than you might think), then I'll pick it up purely to play this latest Zelda game.