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  1. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Fear of brain injury has produced a major decline in student participation in high school football in Northern states; in Michigan, for example, participation has dropped 21.3 percent since 2006. But in 12 states, mostly in the South, there are more boys playing football today than a decade ago. - The Wall Street Journal
  2. Madden is the greatest football franchise ever.

    I read something the other day where a developer of Madden (or a project manager) accidentally fessed up to Madden auto-balancing online games when the game plays lopsided. I definitely buy it considering some games I have where Tom Brady will throw perfectly every time, and then go on some terrible streak until my opponent evens it up. Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. That video was fkn amazing, though.
  3. Random Thoughts

    Yeah. I think if population control was the endgame (and in some respect, I imagine there are elements of this in dark corner conversations), there are much easier ways to go about this. I'd be down with finding out that increased detection of cancers are somehow related to this grim conspiracy theory about population control. The fact that 50% of Americans (and not other nations) will be diagnosed with a form of cancer in their lifetime, and yet, discovery of why this is the case is not being scrutinized like it's the black plague is as baffling to me as anybody. One guess of why not (and as is usually the case with all worldly matters) is it has to do with $$$$$$$$$ lost from the analysis, and $$$$$$$$$$ lost from the treatment industries.
  4. Random Thoughts

    Census data on total population equating to representation, which hovers around 6%. I should have been more specific in my statement, though. I was not referencing education of that approximate 6%. If I remember correctly, census data shows that Asian Americans are among the highest educated in the country by population percentage, but due to their overall population totals, among the least represented across industries (which was my specific point). Though, they're also one of the fastest growing ethnic populations.
  5. Random Thoughts

    I'm not sure Asians and Indians transcend most assumed racism. Asians and Indians (not native Americans) are among the least of ethnic backgrounds that have representation across all industries. I think it's only because they haven't raised their voices as loudly as other ethnic groups that we perceive their inequity issues as less. Now that I live in New York, I'm truly in the melting pot of cultures here. Every culture is represented by city-funded initiatives and marketing collateral, and from 1st generation immigrants to 3rd generation. I will say that in my experience being back in New York (lived here prior from 1999-2000), I can vouch that little old Asian ladies are the toughest, most cutthroat motherf*ckers I've ever seen when it comes to subway etiquette, and positioning themselves for optimum standing space or seating. Little old Asian ladies will chopblock the sh*t out of you to get a seat.
  6. Random Thoughts

    People used to be united by common causes. Nazis as a rallying point during WW2? Easy. Even Iraq in the early-2000s was a slam dunk, because of what "intelligence" deduced. More difficult is continental rallying cries. There's always been a large group of traditionalists fighting against shared equity. The right to vote, own property, taxation laws, limited institutional growth--there's always been fractures in growth policies dedicated to balancing out equity in this country. Rich using the middle class to fight the poor while the rich get richer off everyone's backs. Literally, a tale as old as time. What's different about this more recent civil rights clash, is that the goal isn't so two dimensional. It's not about a group fighting for the right to do/have "X" that they hadn't had before while others have. It's more esoteric than that, which leaves anyone whose day job isn't centered around social work left to their own devices to educate themselves about the issues people unlike them face in this country on a daily basis. And in the age of outrage (by everyone), people are largely flocking to opinion sources that only enhance their biases, and not identify them for personal growth. I honestly have no idea how this country resolves these issues. What I'm anxious about is how everything I've read about international opinion when America was founded is that the specifics of these issues (social, economic, governmental) were the throughlines of why outsiders described America as 'the great experiment destined to fail.'
  7. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    By Week #2, no big surprises. Every team is pretty much playing as non-homers would anticipate. Honorable mentions going to Detroit and Baltimore. Neither will last down the stretch. The real excitement is Marvin Lewis Watch. If the Bengals start their season 1-5, with either the Browns or Bills able to pull out a win. If they go into their bye week and then get stomped by the Steelers in Week 7, after two weeks for Mediocre Marvin to prepare, I'm going to say that Marvin Lewis get shown the door after the potential Steelers loss. If the Bengals start 1-5, Marvin's gone.
  8. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Another couple of games like that for the Bungles and I expect management to blow up the team. Mediocre Marvin could be headed to an early retirement.
  9. Random Thoughts

    Clay Travis keepin' it real, yo. Let's just grab'em all by the p*ssy. https://mobile.twitter.com/sluggahjells/status/908775683257708546
  10. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    I think this could be Big Ben's last year. If the Steelers management doesn't continue investing obvious dollars to make the team clearly better in each offseason, that's when I'll expect Big Ben to hang it up, which could even be in this upcoming offseason. Dude's body has taken a beating throughout his career.
  11. A Cord-Cutter's Guide to the 2017 NFL Season

    Great post, Blueman. I love when people post useful information. I live in New York, so a digital antenna works great for me. As a whole, if you're in decent radius of a digital antenna signal (which you can check online) the quality is amazing. I wouldn't even know it wasn't cable. I highly recommend this route for those not obsessed to see every possible game. Also, if you 'go in with someone else' on cable, activating Roku channels is a breeze, and the stream is solid. I haven't had cable proper in years and years, and I don't miss a second of it. There are so many access points to content now.
  12. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Marvin Lewis' playoff meltdown at the hands of Vontaze Burfict and Adam Jones was his swan song, he just didn't know it yet. (Or maybe he does?)
  13. Random Thoughts

    Unrelated-but-related: the days following her posting those tweets, and after the backlash she received, I watched a couple of the shows she airs on. She seemed unlike her usual self. She didn't physically look great (loss of sleep / stress?), and she was clearly more than a little out of it. I think she forgot for a second when she tweeted how she represents an international organization, that the show she's been given with Michael what's-his-face was an incredible, life-changing opportunity and platform for her, and that she thought her tweets would go largely unpublicized because of her relatively nominal public stature. She was wrong, bigly. I imagine the multiple death threats that have been sent her way since this all blew up will give her pause for consideration next time when using an unfiltered public platform to disseminate her personal opinions.
  14. Random Thoughts

  15. Random Thoughts

    Here's a good foundational documentary about the historical and contemporary life in America of lower/middle class black people for everyone's viewing interest. http://www.pbs.org/wnet/chasing-the-dream/films/against-all-odds/