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  1. you are totally correct, though. just caught the bit about a biopic on malcom butler. crazy.
  2. Super Bowl 51 movie, I meant. I guess it starts with Deflategate and goes to the game is Houston is what I'm reading.
  3. In case you haven't heard by now, they're making a Patriots Super Bowl run movie. Even I think this is a bad idea.
  4. Happy Valentine's Day, Falcons fans!
  5. I wish I had the graphic for it, but one of my favorite useless stats coming out of the Super Bowl is pass attempts by Super Bowl QBs. No surprise for a variety of reason including the pass-happy NFL these days, and number of Super Bowl appearances combined, but Brady is beating all other Super Bowl QBs in total cumulative pass attempts by far more than double. Can't remember who is second, either Joe Montana or Jim Kelly, but the differential is ridiculous. On an individual game basis, Brady passed 62 times in Super Bowl 51. Joe Montana passed 29 times in one of his Super Bowl wins. Crazy difference. Terry Bradshaw and Russel Wilson are only beaten in least passing attempts by a winning QB in a Super Bowl (21) by Jim McMahon (20).
  6. ^ I would agree with you that comeback typically doesn't happen in Super Bowls, but for the ugly reason that 31 of 51 Super Bowls have been decided by a lead of 10 points or more, and 25 of 51 Super Bowls decided on 14 points or more. The history of close games in the Super Bowl is not a long one. Fans have been very fortunate in the past several years, minus a few embarrassing blowouts sprinkled in. I'll add historic comeback victory in OT over a blowout any day.
  7. You guys are selling swamp land and it's obvious. The Pats' offensive line wasn't containing squat until the Falcons pass rush and DBs got gassed for being on the field for 90+ plays. Dudes should join the Pats and run some of those hills in Foxborough to keep their stamina up. Patriots don't have Falcons' running backs, or Julio Jones. Brady won under intense pressure, a near-perfect 20+ minutes of game time, with a worse supporting crew. Did the Falcons coaches blow opportunities? You bet. Did their players not execute/Patriots D make plays? You bet. Poor Matty Ice melted in the 4th. But Matty Ice doesn't melt unless the Pats D brings the heat. Anyway you look at it, Patriots won more than the Falcons lost in that 60 minutes. I'm really sorry that you Pats haters have to live with this for the rest of your lives. It'll be hard, but you've got a good support system here, and we'll be sure to hold your hands throughout your 5 stages of grief.
  8. The greatest individual QB and coach in NFL history. We all will have to live with that for the rest of our lives. It will never happen again, at least in our lifetimes. Beautiful, ain't it? Now I'm just waiting for Montana to give Brady his props via a printable quote. It'll happen. Just a matter of when.
  9. Woulda, shoulda, coulda is the anthem of losers.
  10. That's that's what I mean be reverse Singletary. I feel like Shanahan is going to build an offense that's competitive, and eventually get replaced by a defense-minded coach who will use Shanahan's created offense to get the team over the hump. Brutal. In terms of player talent only, I don't know what franchise has it worst for next year--Browns or 49ers. Though, I still would bet any day of the year on the 49ers getting their act together long before he Browns ever do.
  11. LOL to Kyle Shanahan being HC and OC in his first year as a HC for the 49ers. Sorry, Bruddog, but your 49ers are screwed for years to come. This is like the reverse Mike Singeltary years all over again. Good news: Mike Singeltary made the team that Jim Harbough took to the super Bowl. Maybe that happens again? Regardless, 49ers are looking at 3+ years before they find relevance again.
  12. I'm still waiting for the entire New York market to realize that Phil Jackson is trolling them and the Knicks.
  13. Patriots proganda! Rejoice!
  14. This thread is for all of your NFL 2017-2018 season discussion. There is no other way to start this thread. Everything else for Tom Brady is just gravy.
  15. Feel free to lock the thread down on this: 1. Not only does Brady leave him hanging for a split second... 2. Brady doesn't let go until HE wants to. Go Pats. NFL 2016-17 is complete.