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  1. Over/Under on TB12 becoming a coach after he hangs it up? I'd say the odds are good.
  2. I accept your nomination!
  3. I've never actually drawn body hair on images of figures before, so that was a new experience for me. I figured no better situation to apply it than with an image of JC.
  4. I've been keeping my ear to the railroad tracks for trends in the videogame industry, and I don't like what I see as an inevitability at this point. I'm happy that I picked up a console in this generation, because future games are literally being delayed just so that developers can add various free-to-play mechanics in them to maximize their profits. This will be the last console generation to feature mostly non-F2P mechanics like random loot boxes, gameplay enhancements, and etc. features that you essentially have to pay to unlock with in-game currency (which equates to real currency, ultimately), and are the bane of my existence. They used to be mostly relegated to mobile games, but the trend is sweeping across console game development. Sooner than later, F2P mechanics will be in the majority of games, which is when I'll eventually duck back out of gaming as a whole. Dark, capitalist clouds are on the horizon for the console gamers. Be afraid.
  5. Cheaper; definitely not used.
  6. Yo! I'm trying to be a good son and buy my Dad a Tom Brady jersey because of our fondness for the GOAT. sells those things for around $100, which is fucking crazy. Anybody know where I can buy jerseys online from reputable sources for cheaper? (I.e., not eBay or individual re-sellers)
  7. And lastly, I've had a real revelation recently about 'white people' the racial classification term. The history behind why racial classifications exist is as depressing as you can imagine. 'People of white skin' is a concept that predates this more modern racial classifier, and by 'modern' in this instance, I mean 1700s. But this more modern classifier of white, black, yellow, was created because of transactional purposes, to distinguish the classes involved in these transactions, and the roles they played. The history is pretty humbling. People are terrible, and stupid, and terribly stupid.
  8. Unrelated to my post above, I'm having a hard time not seeing how this country becomes substantially more of a police state (than it already is) in the next 3-8 years. I walk around New York every day to go to work, and literally see police patrolling the streets with automatic weapons pointed at the ground every day. Granted, I'm close to the financial district, but I never thought I'd see patrolling officers, decked out in body armor and the whole nine yards as an expected part of my every day. Some people I know casually shrug it off and say, 'that's the world we live in...' and I'm like... 'it's that easy for you, huh?' The great American experiment slowly desolves, piece by piece. We could be trying to mute these extremist voices, and instead, we're pandering to them, energizing them, antagonizing them, and giving them platform after platform to spew their thought vomit to an already antagonized base. And when the storm troopers come to assert order (I.e., protect the wealthy individuals and institutions), it'll be under the premise to 'protect us from ourselves.' People much smarter than all of us have been predicting this shit for generations, and it looks to be finally coming true. All the pieces are in place. An authoritarian-minded leader, surrounding himself with an administration built with military leaders, during a time when foreigners are vilified, and a nation becoming further divided by loud extremist voices who are shouting at you what you should believe. The Church of Social Justice is alive and well on both sides, and the silent moderates sitting on their hands are the ones who are going to get caught in the crossfire, literally and figuratively, when they could be telling both groups to chill the fuck out, and bring everyone to the table.
  9. A person being annoyed that a statue exists that is potentially seen by that person on a daily basis, which commemorates a movement that tried to keep what they considered to be the right to own people as commodities--or the classic 'the South fought to defend states rights against what they considered to be an overreaching federal government' argument--seems pretty rational to me. The defense of the confederacy's 'states rights' perspective, as was the popular deflection for 100 years, without adding that this position was built around a state's right to classify human beings as property, is moral equivocation at it's finest. It's not about 'protecting history.' The majority of those statues were erected by the direct first generation descendants of the confederate soilders who fought and died during the civil war. They wanted to commemorate their fallen fathers and brothers. There wasn't going to be an unbiased ethical discussion about this in the late 18th-early 19th century, not as these states continued to pass segregation laws, and laws keeping many black people from taking political office. Or worst, the statues that were created as a direct response by white southern sympathizers to the civil rights movement of the 60s. The 'preserving history' argument is as phony as all the reasons why no one wants any symbols in history to exist in public that represent violent oppression to a people within their own nation. I'm not saying confederacy statues shouldn't exist. But they should be in museums where context can be made about the history of the people represented, who funded the statues creation, and why. The 'history' will always live in texts, or digitally, or by spoken word--and not as glorified statues in public parks and squares forcing all to see. And for all of the red-herring, 1984, big brother responses to rewriting those mediums, spare me; preserving a statue is not going to offset revisionist histories, which are always written by the victor/people in power, as was the basis for the confederate statues creation to begin with--in that the white relatives may have lost the war, but they retained the majority of their local community power. The statues shouldn't live where little Timmy the passerby is conditioned to believe that statues represent figures that we should look up to, who stood up for something of value to a nation's people. If it was an argument to preserve history, then the same would apply to Nazi flags in Germany, Saddam statues in Iraq, and on, and on. Statues are for praising high-minded ideals and the figures who championed them, not for reminding us of our sins, or attempts to justify them. This all being said, I don't like mob-like crowds pulling statues down. I think that sends the wrong message and sets a dangerous precedent. I'm glad people are being charged for the recent statue defacing. Many elected officials, at the behest of the constituency that elected them, are opting the make that decision for themselves as a community, which is as much or more of an example of our democratic process than how most of those statues were originally erected in the first place.
  10. Yeah, politics aside, shit is about to get much worse.
  11. I decided for my first iPad artwork that I would make something that my mom always wanted. So, this is for her: my first ever illustration of Jesus Christ, complete with Holy Spirit blaster power!
  12. Hey my dudes. Long story short, my fiance's maid of honor is leaving to go to grad school in the U.K. in 3 weeks and just made an unannounced visit last night and is staying for the weekend. I've been strong armed into a weekend of not my own choosing. Not gonna be able to get to the tournament today, which bums me out big time. Apologies. BUT, I do want to thank Brian for setting this shit up. When I went to this past October tournament at the RavensHouse or whatever that place is called, it was amazing. Brian was a consummate pro about managing the event with the other dudes involved. Good guy all. Have fun dudes. I'll be there in spirit!
  13. Awesome. So maybe it gets reduced to 5 or 4 games. Good luck with that! As it is now, 6 games + 1 bye week = No Zeke until Week 8. At this point, considering this Zeke problem, other suspensions or bumbled releases (Whitehead), and potential sophomore slump for Dak Prescott as the pressure on him gets amplified... I'll be impressed if the Cowboys even make it to the post-season. I also think Jerry Jones pulls a Donald Trump, and if Jason Garrett doesn't make this team win, he'll be blamed for all of this dysfunction and shown the door.
  14. How 'bout them Cowboys?! I'm looking forward to seeing if Jerry Jones brings a legal force against the NFL. Dudes, it doesn't pay to beat your ladies.