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  1. Goodell reacts to the Patriots advancing to Super Bowl 51.
  2. My favorite kind of boring: PATRIOTS BLOWOUT.
  3. OH NO. Somebody call the waaaaambulence!
  4. I know Aaron Rodgers can spell R-E-L-A-X, so I assume too that he can just as easily spell B-L-O-W-O-U-T.
  5. Green Bay DB's are fucking clueless.
  6. ATL looks incredible. They can pass to the flats with ease, they can go long down the middle with Julio and underneath with Sanu, they can run hard to the middle, fast to the outside. GB has their hands full. GB fumble in the second in the red zone might wind up being the biggest play of this game.
  7. Ryan Grigson out of GM spot in Indy after 5 years. 2 years too late. Dude was one of the worst GMs in the NFL. His only positive influence on that team was trading up to get T.Y. Hilton.
  8. Have you seen the Sea Bass School of German with Tom Brady? It's good. There are two parts.
  9. So much talk about Aaron Rogers lately that I kind of feel like Atlanta is going to stomp Green Bay. I'll take Atlanta. Patriots have owned the Steelers for years in the regular season and post-season at Gilette. Eventually the Steelers will get their due. Honestly, it could be this Sunday. But I'm a Patriots fan so of course I'm going with the Patriots. Can't wait for Sunday. While the divisional round in the playoffs may be the best weekend of football, this Sunday's conference championships are certainly the single best day of football. SUNDAY.
  10. 21-3 = FUCK YOU, COWBOYS.
  11. God, I hate the Cowboys so much.
  12. The Green Bay Packers are going to try to force Dak Prescott to win this game. I cannot wait to see if Prescott can pull it off. I.E., I don't think he can. This is the game where the rookie finally is shown to be a rookie.
  13. Joe Buck's fanboy favor of the Cowboys makes me fucking sick. I loathe Joe Buck.
  14. Good for Atlanta. I'm not convinced that they can dominate the Cowboys at Jerry World like this, though. If Green Bay pulls off the win, the Falcons have a real shot at the Super Bowl. NEXT UP: The GOAT, TB12.
  15. I've been reading about the Switch tech, launch titles, price of accessories, and online models, and I am severely underwhelmed. This could be the end of Nintendo in the hardware space.