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  1. 930pm - midnight (est) 7 nights a week can get avail most Weekdays 4pm - 5pm text is is always best way to line up game for me though: 203.537.0254 thansk. ARNCO
  2. Caps for prosperity

    I think there's defin a move towards this in the future - a great idea would be once get it all setup for 2 seasons run it right along w/ this WTF we are in & see how it works out instead of turning this into that. There might be some hurdles that come up that want to go back to the drawing board & start again, or it could be the missing ingredient that takes online leagues to the next level. When the very first WTF started the initial plan was to go for anywhere from 1 to 3 seasons & then go right back and start fresh so the issues we ran into along the way could be fixed & start fresh w/ a couple of seasons knowledge what needs to be done so it works smooth & everyone enjoyed it. To everyone involved surprise after only a couple of tweaks after the first season we pretty much got it all nailed down & never had to restart. Nothing like WTF had happened before & most ppl opening talked about how it would fail & how it was just too much works w/ rookies coming in & the rolling at end of seasons, rookie rolling etc.. They were almost right as it was a lot of man hours at first bc rolling was done in a chat room w everyone there every season - had to get random numbers and associate them w/ players and then edit players etc. anyway it ended up working out & the amount of time to do it brookston solved by creating the wtfphile site / and used dynastyphile first. SO enough of a trip down memory lane.. since we planned on doing a season or 2 then starting fresh I think that would be a great idea for the salary league. Try it for a season to run along side w/ this WTF then after that can workout what need to & have a well oiled / thought out machine that's been tested & works. I would be extremely happy to be a part of it! (not admin lol)
  3. Caps for prosperity

    My take on it is that it's a great idea for fresh start league - implementing after 11 seasons in is too drastic of a change. How your team is setup right now to switch throws your roster moves out and your trades made too. For instance if traded for a guy this season that is a 10million player & have to cut him when cap is put in place, sure would be nice to get the 1st round pick traded for him right? Of course you can't though. There's a lot of behind the scenes work involved in database that aren't first thought about too - brooks would have to spend a lot of time on the DB making it perfectly aligned. Some players hsow up w/ no salary- I've seen It a lot, not sure why they aren't there but nobody cares bc the salary isn't used. That would have to be perfected too. What rookies get for their salary is just a number now associated w/ their best stat line. IT would have to be more in depth to determine as it isn't a perfected formula how the salary number is set. We just glance at it and that's it - the exacts behind it have to be a set formula. Determine age along w/ their numbers, not just for example 63MS RB is 10 mill a year. What if that 63MS RB has 94HP as opposed to 63HP- what if they are 33 years old and going to retire as opposed to 25 & doens't have the retiring chance? Gotta make a younger player have a higher salary bc they are worth more. It's not setup to take age into account now. For a new league it's a great idea as WTF brand has never used it - switching now is too drastic but if the kinks are worked out it solves a lot of issues some ppl are bringing up. Bottom line is though if your team isn't as strong as others you can build a winner - this would be more of an issue if we had the same 1 team win the championship 5 straight seasons. We've had a different champion every single season so there are lots of teams w/ a chance to win. ( except seasons 1 and 2. That was Brookston who won then & he left the league) Someone wants to take on starting "WTF Salary" league can use this one w/ the salary data we have as a template & the rookies from each draft info is there- I will be happy to have a team in it & be part of it. Would be great ot see after 10 seasons the pros & cons compared to our first 10 seasons here.
  4. 1989 Rookie of year voting

    Congratulations 1989 Rookie of the Year winners! Offense QB Rodney Peete Defense DB Maurice Hurst
  5. 1989 MVP Voting

    Congrats Boomer & Eric Wright 1989 MVPs!
  6. 1989 MVP Voting

    Offense has 5 votes not submitted & would take all 5 for Van Eeghan to jump over Boomer. Voting ends midnight tonight 3/5 D MVP is Dallas DB Eric Wright
  7. Vote for 1990 draft tiers

    The voters have spoken though and glad that the system that’s been in place is going to continue. W/ 17 total votes in, even if all 7 went to other options “keep as is” would still have most. Thansk for being part of the vote!
  8. Vote for 1990 draft tiers

    I think tanking plays a part in wtf as if you lose a few close games and then lose your QB for say 3 games w injury and sitting at 2-10 then w 4 games left it makes sense to chalk that season up as not making it to post season and focus on getting your gains and look forward to the Draft - hard to penalize someone that goes for it on 4th and 10 in 1st q that’s sitting at 2-13 On season and their QB needs 20 attempts to get to 150 for the season. Just saying that a small percentage of tanking is going to exist no matter what - I don’t think it’s ever been out of control- like 4 teams all losing every game on purpose. This is also why the tiers are there so if a team does tank they don’t automatically get 1.1 - but they will have a chance at getting it along w other teams w/ similar records.
  9. Whats up??!!


    This is Chad or CCTC34!!!   My email is chadwickclemons@gmail.com. lets chat, my man!!



  10. Vote for 1990 draft tiers

    Whatever is voted is set. We can’t change it for each season bc of how teams end w their records - tiers are setup to stop a team from tanking and guranteeing them 1.1 pick. But if a team does tank they will be in tier w teams that deserve to be in tier all w same % random number rolled.
  11. With the complaints last draft w the tiers here’s a vote to keep it or change. Voting ends w majority vote or end of offseason.
  12. Hall of Fame *inagural class

    Hall of fame bios on WTFphile http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/hof.php
  13. Hall of Fame *inagural class

    1) Brazile - yes 2) Muncie - yes 3) White - no (Never got to 10 sacks in season) 4) Franco Harris - No (he played exact same amount of years as Muncie & behind him by 3 thousand yards rushing & 40+ tds)
  14. Hall of Fame *inagural class

    Brazile is in but his insane sack numbers are in some part inflated thanks to swamp’s Lag issues which resulted in much easier sacks up the middle for the LB. Like to compare it to the steroid era in MLB. Everyone was doing juice at the same time not just bonds, Mcgwire Sosa etx & nobody else hit more than them. Same thing in pitt playing w the lag. Not Just Brazile but if that’s the case why didn’t anyone else get those insane sack totals after. Think those totals per season and for career will never be touched! Even w the lag issues he set the mark so high for everyone after Him & gets my vote! Muncie was a beast for me in SF going insane for those 5 years, starting at 50ms then up to 56ms his 2nd season and getting to 63ms couple seasons later. Muncie’s 2,833 yards in the 1984 season still stands & is over 200 yards more than 2nd most in a season (Walter Payton) The 1 blemish is that he went to Miami right after his 2,833 yard season to get a bigger paycheck waving his no trade clause- In trade for a 1st round pick at 31 years old Miami didn’t use him as they chose to Go to the air attack w/ Warren moon & use Muncie as a decoy. His final season he rushed for under 500 yards (470) & being 63ms & it took its toll on Muncie mentally frustrating him & then retiring after that 1 season in miami. Had he stayed in SF he probably had another 2-3 years and 5k more rushing yards in his tank & might be the current career leader. That 1 season in miami really took its toll on the workhorse as he wasn’t used to being a decoy instead of the offense’s feature. Randy white & Franco Harris to me are on outside looking in for the inagural class - Franco Harris probably gets in next year bc of the difference between he and Chuck Muncie. Let Muncie stand alone as best RB of their era and Harris to follow as #2 next year
  15. Inaugural class of the WTF hall of Fame..... coming soon!