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  1. It's been 4 days & I can't for the life of me stop repeating "Colt-sies vs Pats-ies in Mort-zies Car-Zie" !
  2. After this past weekend I finally am able to settle a lingering family dispute... that is when I'm cremated afyer pass away my ashes will now be spread out at the Burning Mort site right where Mort's car was parked (Also where Josh was standing on the roof urinating on the windshield). This is my final request & please accompany the spreading of the ashes w the playing of conjurer's magic flute !
  3. Warren Moon is your MVP on offense. 2 more days w/ LT leading 8 to 6 over DB Albert Lewis & LB Chip Banks still w/ a slim chance w/ 5 votes. 3 remaining votes are still out there as of Friday 6/30/17 @ 6pm est deadline is midnight Sunday.
  5. Congrats to Miami Dolphins rookies John Taylor & Tim Harris on taking home 1986 Rookie of Year honors!
  6. IF ANYONE CAN MAKE A CASE FOR ANYONE ELSE WILL PUT UP VOTING - I DIDN'T SEE ANYONE ELSE WORTHY (I could've overlooked someone though) Offense: WR John Taylor (Miami Dolphins) pick 1.16 46 receptions 1,764 yards 13 TDs led league in yards, 3rd in receptions, tied for 4th for TDs. Defense: LB Tim Harris (Miami Dolphins) pick 1.14 13 sacks w/ 1int tied for 2nd in league in sacks 3rd in league in points w/ 29 (3 points ea int, 2 points ea sack)
  7. 1986 All-Pro Team QB: Warren Moon (OAK) QB: Jim Kelly (PIT) RB: Ottis Anderson (PHI) RB: Ernest Byner (DAL) RB: Darrin Nelson (NYG) RB: Herschel Walker (SF) WR: John Taylor (MIA) WR: Steve Watson (NO) WR: Freddie Solomon (PIT) WR: Mike Quick (OAK) TE: Kellen Winslow (HOU) TE: Hoby Brenner (NE) OL: Mark May (PIT) most total yards OL: Keith Horne (PHI) most rushing yards OL: Bruce Kozerski (MIA) most passing yards OL: Brad Edleman (SF) fewest sacks OL: Brian Holloway (OAK) OL5 from best KR DL: Fred Smerlas (BUF) DL: Bruce Smith (CHI) DL: Howie Long (NE) LB: Chip Banks (PIT) LB: Lawrence Taylor (NYJ) LB: Tim Harris (MIA) LB: Rickey Jackson (PHI) DB: Albert Lewis (OAK) DB: Eric Wright (DAL) DB: Roland James (KC) DB: Vann McElroy (HOU) K: Norm Johnson (GB) P: John Kidd (NYJ)
  8. AFC QB1 - Jim Kelly (PIT) QB2 - Joe Montana (NO) RB1 - Ernest Byner (DAL) RB2 - Darrin Nelson (NYG) RB3 - Mark Van Eeghen (PIT) RB4 - Tony Dorsett (SEA) WR1 - John Taylor (MIA) WR2 - Steve Watson (NO) WR3 - Freddie Solomon (PIT) WR4 - Andre Reed (CLE) TE1 - Kellen Winslow (HOU) TE2 - Mark Bavaro (MIA) OL1 - Mark May (PIT) most total yards OL2 - Mike Kenn (NYG) most rushing yards OL3 - Bruce Kozerski (MIA) most passing yards OL4 - Joe Jacoby (DAL) fewest sacks OL5 - Chris Hinton (KC) OL5 from best KR DL1 - Art Still (DAL) DL2 - Keith Millard (MIN) DL3 - Mark Gastineau (KC) LB1 - Chip Banks (PIT) LB2 - Lawrence Taylor (NYJ) LB3 - Tim Harris (MIA) LB4 - Kevin Greene (SEA) DB1 - Eric Wright (DAL) DB2 - Roland James (KC) DB3 - Vann McElroy (HOU) DB4 - Leroy Irvin (NO) K - Mike Lansford (NYJ) P - John Kidd (NYJ) NFC QB1 - Warren Moon (OAK) QB2 - Doug Flutie (CIN) RB1 - Ottis Anderson (PHI) RB2 - Herschel Walker (SF) RB3 - Hokie Gajan (BUF) RB4 - Curt Warner (WAS) WR1 - Mike Quick (OAK) WR2 - Ernest Givins (WAS) WR3 - Lam Jones (CIN) WR4 - Steve Largent (BUF) TE1 - Hoby Brenner (NE) TE2 - Mike House (OAK) OL1 - Joel Hilgenberg (NE) most total yards OL2 - Keith Horne (PHI) most rushing yards OL3 - Brian Holloway (OAK) most passing yards OL4 - Brad Edleman (SF) fewest sacks OL5 - Jay Hilgenberg (OAK) OL5 from best KR DL1 - Howie Long (NE) DL2 - Fred Smerlas (BUF) DL3 - Bruce Smith (CHI) LB1 - Wilbur Marshall (BUF) LB2 - Duane Bickett (WAS) LB3 - Rickey Jackson (PHI) LB4 - Andre Tippett (CIN) DB1 - Albert Lewis (OAK) DB2 - Ronnie Lott (CHI) DB3 - Everson Walls (BUF) DB4 - Eugene Robinson (RAM) K - Norm Johnson (GB) P - Rich Camarillo (OAK)
  9. its official- I lied for 3 weeks straight to my wife about where I'm going that weekend & she finally believed me that there's a work conference in Fargo Friday to Sunday. I'll be at Burning Mort in ND for the festivities !
  10. Congrats: RB Herschel Walker - San Francisco 49ers DB Eugene Robinson - Los Angeles Rams
  11. Congrats: QB Steve Fuller - Oakland Raiders (MVP traded to Miami during offseason) DB Eric Wright - Dallas Cowboys
  12. The venue's commercial: Blackstone Those that have attended past 5 years have all been impressed w Blackstone's food / menu, atmosphere, the VIP room w balcony used for the tournament & the tournament play / as well as pickup games before & after. If you haven't been to this tourney it's definitely one to hit if live on the East Coast or to travel to! Hit me up if like more info: ARNCOEM@AOL.COM
  13. doesnt look like going to get the votes to amend the rules but it's great to see the interest is there in offseason voting & owners sharing their insight into the strategies of RB/WR & TE moving from their natural position.
  14. got 9 votes in so far, keep the voting going hommies. Like to see all 24 vote this season
  15. got 9 votes in so far, keep the voting going hommies. Like to see all 24 vote this season