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  1. Congrats: RB Herschel Walker - San Francisco 49ers DB Eugene Robinson - Los Angeles Rams
  2. Congrats: QB Steve Fuller - Oakland Raiders (MVP traded to Miami during offseason) DB Eric Wright - Dallas Cowboys
  3. The venue's commercial: Blackstone Those that have attended past 5 years have all been impressed w Blackstone's food / menu, atmosphere, the VIP room w balcony used for the tournament & the tournament play / as well as pickup games before & after. If you haven't been to this tourney it's definitely one to hit if live on the East Coast or to travel to! Hit me up if like more info: ARNCOEM@AOL.COM
  4. doesnt look like going to get the votes to amend the rules but it's great to see the interest is there in offseason voting & owners sharing their insight into the strategies of RB/WR & TE moving from their natural position.
  5. got 9 votes in so far, keep the voting going hommies. Like to see all 24 vote this season
  6. got 9 votes in so far, keep the voting going hommies. Like to see all 24 vote this season
  7. 1984 All-Pro Team QB: Steve Fuller (OAK) QB: John Elway (GB) RB: Herschel Walker (SF) RB: Mark Van Eeghen (PIT) RB: Hokie Gajan (MIN) RB: Ottis Anderson (PHI) WR: Drew Hill (WAS) WR: Jerry Rice (GB) WR: Freddie Solomon (PIT) WR: Mark Nichols (OAK) TE: Kellen Winslow (HOU) TE: Hoby Brenner (NE) OL: Dean Miraldi (PIT) most total yards OL: Dave Rimington (SF) most rushing yards OL: Joe Jacoby (MIA) most passing yards OL: Brad Edleman (SF) fewest sacks OL: Kent Hill (SEA) OL5 from best KR DL: Howie Long (NE) DL: Mark Gastineau (KC) DL: Randy White (MIN) LB: Andre Tippett (CIN) LB: Wilbur Marshall (MIN) LB: Lawrence Taylor (NYJ) LB: Mike Merriweather (PIT) DB: Eric Wright (DAL) DB: Dave Waymer (NO) DB: Albert Lewis (OAK) DB: Vann McElroy (HOU) K: Nick Lowery (PHI) P: Dave Jennings (CHI)
  8. AFC QB1 - Joe Montana (PIT) QB2 - David Woodley (NO) RB1 - Mark Van Eeghen (PIT) RB2 - Tony Dorsett (SEA) RB3 - Ernest Byner (DAL) RB4 - Darrin Nelson (NYG) WR1 - Drew Hill (MIA) WR2 - Freddie Solomon (PIT) WR3 - Carlos Carson (HOU) WR4 - Irving Fryar (NYJ) TE1 - Kellen Winslow (HOU) TE2 - Mark Bavaro (MIA) OL1 - Dean Miraldi (PIT) most total yards OL2 - Max Montoya (DAL) most rushing yards OL3 - Joe Jacoby (MIA) most passing yards OL4 - Mike Munchak (ATL) fewest sacks OL5 - Kent Hill (SEA) OL5 from best KR DL1 - Mark Gastineau (KC) DL2 - Sam Clancy (DAL) DL3 - Art Still (DAL) LB1 - Lawrence Taylor (NYJ) LB2 - Mike Merriweather (PIT) LB3 - Fred Young (HOU) LB4 - E.J. Junior (CLE) DB1 - Eric Wright (DAL) DB2 - Dave Waymer (NO) DB3 - Vann McElroy (HOU) DB4 - Felix Wright (MIA) K - Mike Lansford (NYJ) P - John Kidd (NYJ) NFC QB1 - John Elway (GB) QB2 - Steve Fuller (OAK) RB1 - Herschel Walker (SF) RB2 - Hokie Gajan (MIN) RB3 - Ottis Anderson (PHI) RB4 - Curt Warner (WAS) WR1 - Jerry Rice (GB) WR2 - Mark Nichols (OAK) WR3 - Steve Largent (MIN) WR4 - Gary Clark (TB) TE1 - Hoby Brenner (NE) TE2 - Mike House (OAK) OL1 - Nate Newton (MIN) most total yards OL2 - Dave Rimington (SF) most rushing yards OL3 - Luis Sharpe (OAK) most passing yards OL4 - Brad Edleman (SF) fewest sacks OL5 - Bruce Matthews (TB) OL5 from best KR DL1 - Howie Long (NE) DL2 - Fred Smerlas (MIN) DL3 - Randy White (MIN) LB1 - Andre Tippett (CIN) LB2 - Wilbur Marshall (MIN) LB3 - Duane Bickett (WAS) LB4 - Simon Fletcher (DET) DB1 - Albert Lewis (OAK) DB2 - Tom Pridemore (GB) DB3 - Eugene Robinson (RAM) DB4 - Dwight Hicks (TB) K - Nick Lowery (PHI) P - Dave Jennings (CHI)
  9. Vote for your 1985 Offense & Defensive ROYs!
  11. shit he scammed me for $20 to sign my Tecmo Cart at the NYC tourney- want a $10 Leif Powers gift card to use at a later date to make up the difference!
  12. Tim Ubick's Social Security # is the Contra Code!
  13. At the same moment Mort did his infamous "lick the cartridge" a tongue magically appeared in the air & licked Tim Ubick's nose
  14. we refer to Christian Okoye as "the Nigerian Nightmare" .... Christian Okoye refers to Tim Ubick's penis as his Nigerian Nightmare!
  15. Team name: "The Female Canine Backhand Servers" or FCBS for short