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  1. Ha! I am the Venn of Nerdiness. Ok I have an idea, just need to find a body double that can pose as me that weekend with the family, once he (or she) is secured I'll sneak on the next SPAM shipment by train car to the Portland. I'll get writing the Craigslist ad for a body double post haste
  2. I need to figure out a way to smuggle myself to the pacific northwest for this...
  3. These Bucs / Bengals type match ups are great, doesn't seem fair at first but then after the tale of the tape they are close. I think @regulator088 brought up once Bucs /Bears as a closer than you think match up a while ago too.
  4. You guys should follow the rules for Segathon.
  5. So going of @Dotdon post you'd put them below SF, NYG, HOU, BUF but above everyone else?
  6. Check this site out for mor DD stuff
  7. #2 by a nose. But 1 is great. Tried # 3 not too long ago. Feels very different from 1 & 2.
  8. Bo Jackson Trap Games What match ups would you call so the other guy picks Bo and the Raiders? I have been surprised how well the Bears D in the right hands can shut down the Raiders. About every Pass from a Raider QB is susceptible to an INT.
  9. I'm coming Bud, that's all you need to know!
  10. Just pulled off a reversal. The wife almost bought tickets for our family vacation over Tecmo Madison Weekend....
  11. I like the OG hardware. Have bought the dual units and wasn't impressed. Didn't play all the games correctly and controllers broke.
  12. You are probably right but Montana to Rice could beat any team if the Tecmo Gods will it. Just show's how bad IND defense is that it puts them out of the top ten. HOU NYG BUF RAIDERS Bengals Chicago KC MIA MIN DET Rams or 49Olts?
  13. Good point, I can see taking on Mossi at RB vs an optimal position colts scrub then Bentley and Blockers running over Lippett. IND receivers aren't bad either, always thought I got a "steal" when I drafted Hester or Brooks in the later rnds of the HSTL draft. Bizzaro World match up. San Fran Offense and IND Colts Defense as a team. Would that team still rank in top ten of tecmo teams?
  14. Sign me up. I can be like one of those retired wrestlers that comes back and gets tossed in the Royal Rumble right away segathonsov No - Hamachi
  15. SEA vs NE - Seahawks. Lippett can't jump pick the Moonball maker. Jacob Green and Agnew is a push. and Nesby Glasgow plays above his stats.....
  16. Raiders vs Rams Do the Rams have enough O show to keep it close?
  17. I have a few papers from College you can borrow, just need to find a floppy drive. Let me know which one you want. "Myspace will take over the world" "Pagers the future of communication" and my personal favorite. "Bill Cosby Americas Greatest Treasure"
  18. Sorry bout that Champ, President of the United States called and made me go on another top secret mission and had to cancel. Tell you what, I'll come next time and we can take my sweet dune buggy to Dairy Queen. How's Linda... er I mean your Mom?
  19. This is some good reading as well
  20. Had to do it, if I can't post memes and gifs part of me dies. Anywho don't know anybody in Sac, but you have the smartest tecmo guy on the planet in San Diego (Bruddog) totally worth the 8 hour drive. #yourstateisbig
  21. Beefjuice's wit needs to be on twitter. With the sponsorship by you should hire an intern to live tweet whatever you are saying.
  22. Yeah I didn't manage my Kitchen Pass time well this fall/winter. Plus Turkey day through Xmas always seems to get filled up with stuff. I'll miss #theshannon the most.