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  1. @Beef Juice know's where to be when a camera is around.... Great pic!
  2. i love this format.
  3. The Tecmo Gods made this happen. The Tecmo God of Love.... Who we all know took human form in the game as
  4. Yeah you a run 3 WR reverse with Rice in HSTL effectivly. I think if that play could be in run 4 spot it would get used more.
  5. Did you get in a fight with someone over Australia? That was does me in....beside me yelling at all my opponents/potential allies that I am much smarter than them.
  6. Pencil me in barring any family vacations.
  7. Yup, Work Deadlines Sega just got the crap kicked out of him by Tecmo Sega, Fatherood Sega saw the beatdown and has locked himself away. Once in Madtown, Drunk Sega's gonna sucker punch Tecmo Sega pretty quick me thinks. But all lose to Hungover Sega and his unlimited power.
  8. I'm in the front right with the $2 haircut. My moles dropped an inch or so since this pic due to fatigue from chasing 3 kids...
  9. The numbers of people I thought would be in Friday Night Retro according to Phil Simms The actual numbers
  10. Nick (segathon) And if you have a screenname I knew before your real name, that is what my buzzed brain will call you during the tourney....
  11. Like the guy even more now.
  12. Time to liven this forum up. express my love for the upcoming tourny in childhood posters Don't give me the Jets as Kenny O is.... NBA Jam if you see Dave & I pick the Hornets. Grandmama is going to make you cry NHL 95, just take note that.....
  13. I'm more disturbed about Spud Webb out rebounding Derrick Colman and pushing him around like a b*tch!
  14. Were there certain teams that recovered more?
  15. Tend to lean Jets in all low tier match ups. Like the 3 guys on D. And if you are drunk Kenny O feels like QB Bills since they have same MS and PS
  16. awesome
  17. Tim Ubick Jump Picks Montana with Andre Waters....
  18. I'm interested in the SWITCH. haven't bought a console since ps2 since I can't really sit down and play games anymore with kids/life. Would love if switch got some sports games though.
  19. For Friday Retro Night NHL 95 Tourny- Top 4 ways to Score
  20. And don't try to go back to the hotel for a power nap with hopes to go back out later. Those Hotel Beds are Sarlacc's and you won't be up until check out time the next day.
  21. I consider myself a Top Tier WWF 80's Jobber on the Tecmo Circuit. Think wrestlers like "The Genius" not tough but end up wrestling against the stars on occasion So if you are coming to Madison for the 1st time and don't have the next month off to train 24/7 or attention span to read all of Morts Blog here are 3 Tips to lose gracefully. (I love Mort's blog btw) 1. PLAYBOOK: Stick to those few plays that everyone uses, don't get cute. You may not know it, but there are so many run plays that can be blown up by even the worst linebacker. 2. MATCH UPS: Have 3 match ups you love - you don't need 10, you won't need them. You need a basic fundamental knowledge of all teams in the game but if your opponent calls the match up it's probably going to be pretty even. 3. QB BSD: Get a high Pass Control QB and grind it out with scrambles for a few yards and chuck some Bombs.
  22. I would like to open a Cascadia Fucking Tecmo League in MN. What are the Franchise Fees?