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  1. Team matchup sheet for new players

    just quoting this for the page 2. Great breakdown Bru
  2. Team matchup sheet for new players

    That's awesome was playing with it for a while, now just make it into an iphone app
  3. Team matchup sheet for new players

    great job!
  4. Team matchup sheet for new players

    nothing worse than getting snuffed out by Garth Jax....
  5. Team matchup sheet for new players

    Totally. Taking some of the fear out of match up calling for noobs is a good thing. Another idea (that may be too much work) that is similar to an old NCAA PS2 game where you could see exploited match ups. Like the DB/WR matchup of Leroy Irvin on DET vs Anthony Carter on MIN Popcorn OL/DL battle between PHI and RAIDERS Basically we need to make a robot Mort program...
  6. Team matchup sheet for new players

    Need to run spell check before you post. spelled pumpkin wrong...
  7. Team matchup sheet for new players

    Would putting it in a line graph by beneficial? It may look cool showing the peaks and valleys. For instance seeing the SEA Peak at QB and GB DB Valley may be a good matchup to exploit?
  8. Team matchup sheet for new players

    I like it, different from other lists I've seen interesting to see a few teams that went a bit higher or lower than normal.
  9. TSB trivia game

    Yup had that happen to me a lot finishing last in the AFC bEast in HSTL
  10. New Seeding System Idea for Tournaments

    Good read fellas love the brainstorming. Most guys like me on this forum have drank the tecmo Kool-Aid and love how deep you can go with strategy. We love this game and we want to get our buds that loved the game back in the day to drink the Kool-Aid as well but when we start talking tecmo advanced stuff like PC/INT ratio, domain of valid match ups etc. our buds eyes glaze over and check out. Our buds want to pick up and play with Bo and put in a flee flicker because that is what they remember. I think the Major Tourneys need to stay pretty close to what they are doing as those are the ones Vets travel to and competition is high and a chunk of money is on the line. I think the Minor tourneys need to focus on Fun and comradery with the game. So xfactor thing is a good idea,, and having vets that are there to help out others. Especially in group play. Maybe even pre-seed a few vets beforehand in these minor tournies so they don’t have to worry about playing another vet early in Playoffs.
  11. Would love too but my gravel road internet connection may not work
  12. Kyrie Irving / Isaiah Thomas trade

    Kyrie's handles though...
  13. Qbs

    Never heard that about Young. I'd still go with the High PC of Joe Cool
  14. NHL 95

    Over at NHL94.com they are working on expanding NHL 95 to 32+ teams. Lots of work ahead but if you have any info to share on editing NHL 95 please do. http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/18130-nhl95-expanded-rom-project/
  15. Tournament Abundance

    That stinks some people didn't feel welcomed at Madison. I have not had that experience and thought Tecmo might have the lowest douche bag ratio in the world. I could see this happening though if somene comes in Saturday right before kickoff, lots of tecmo butterflies could be interpreted as people being jerkstores. I think going to the Friday night before helps a ton. People are a little more laid back then and ready to mingle.
  16. We all need a woman like this.

    The tecmo gods should bestow many an opponent fumble for this sacrifice.
  17. Tournament Abundance

    Kidding! Idiocracy Movie should be required viewing for everyone.
  18. Des Moines, IA - 11/11/2017 - Iowa Tecmo 4

    Working on getting down there, but won't know till November if I can swing it.
  19. Tournament Abundance

    Yeah I hate the "point diff" killings of noobs to get a higher 3-0 seed when it's bracket seeding time.
  20. Tournament Abundance

    It's a good problem to have. And it would be better to coordinate your date with tecmobowl.org, especially if you are trying to make it a big one. But I don't think we want to discourage people posting tournies/tecmo meet ups if 75% of the guys going are just mutual friends anyways. Heard this story on news and I think it applies. Nashville Hot Chicken got huge recently from a reginal dish to KFC selling it. One would think it may hurt the orginal Nashville Chicken places but it actually increased demand as people had the KFC version and want to get authentic dish. Lots going on in the world is crazy but I can get behind a world that has more spicy chicken and tecmo...
  21. Great job @SammieSmith33 Tourney had it all - Great Venue - lots of other stuff to do with free arcade, indie games and magic card players that make a nerdy looking guy like myself resemble a prom king. - Tons of people with 2dcon going on - (I saw Chris Kluwe, Batman, chicks in spandex and portly guys wrapped in hotel pillows) - Great group of guys between Sammies 38 brothers, the rest of the Wisconsin Dells crew, the large Iowa contingent with @noonan energy (I think 5 hour energy drinks are just Noonans sweat) - all the tecmo swag for raffels. wish I was first out and got this shirt And some great finishes. This one was right after the Pass block Saftey Glitch Happened And of course the Championship game mele at the end. Glad @RetroNathan caught it on camera. I was trying to as well. (that's my elbow that keeps getting in the way) but I didn't press record. Mark Carrier is Unstoppable.
  22. Going through the controllers last night and found the one from Tecmo Madison 2 years ago that Jock bled all over. Not sure if I should clean it or leave it at a crime scene... Also going to bring some Sega NBA jam 4 way for later when the tecmo tourney is winding down.