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  1. Great job @SammieSmith33 Tourney had it all - Great Venue - lots of other stuff to do with free arcade, indie games and magic card players that make a nerdy looking guy like myself resemble a prom king. - Tons of people with 2dcon going on - (I saw Chris Kluwe, Batman, chicks in spandex and portly guys wrapped in hotel pillows) - Great group of guys between Sammies 38 brothers, the rest of the Wisconsin Dells crew, the large Iowa contingent with @noonan energy (I think 5 hour energy drinks are just Noonans sweat) - all the tecmo swag for raffels. wish I was first out and got this shirt And some great finishes. This one was right after the Pass block Saftey Glitch Happened And of course the Championship game mele at the end. Glad @RetroNathan caught it on camera. I was trying to as well. (that's my elbow that keeps getting in the way) but I didn't press record. Mark Carrier is Unstoppable.
  2. Going through the controllers last night and found the one from Tecmo Madison 2 years ago that Jock bled all over. Not sure if I should clean it or leave it at a crime scene... Also going to bring some Sega NBA jam 4 way for later when the tecmo tourney is winding down.
  3. I think Taco Bell just got their new tag line
  4. Awesome, can I still drink out of your beer helmet while you play?
  5. of course I looked it up on the google as soon as I saw yours!
  6. Got to love the kindergarten style of peeing.
  7. Dammit @davefmurray , I come in to work, just wanted to check tecmo quick and then get sucked in to watching the whole zelda speedrun video
  8. great post @Leonardite I think @DrFrolf is the Elon Musk of Tecmo. I am still not fully in this plane of existence yet. The Conjurer's gift of ROY has put enough magic around me that I have walked between worlds this week. Spaced out on a meeting yesterday at work and was driving through my neighborhood this morning see all the garabage cans out and thought to myself "wonder while they are putting out the garbage a day early" BUT the weirdest thing is this picture of me and my siblings is starting to fade out
  9. Mother Mort Sustains me. Pro Tip: Drink two beers through a straw in 1 qrt of tecmo is a good way to puke.
  10. As destined in the pre tourny picture this ROY kneels behind to the right hand of The Conjurer Have not laughed that much in ages. Things my pickled brain can recall..but there is so much I am missing. It was like a Wes Anderson movie where every little detail was thought out..truly amazing. -opening cerimony drum beats in distance The Conjurer Chariot arrives, he calls in with his flute carved from the femur bone of Ironhead Hewyard a magical flying object and releases a duck into the holy brown conjurer's lagoon - custom map of grounds - Custom Tear Away Burning Mort Pants! - Suckling on Mother Morts Beer Helmet - Mirror mode matches on custom welded stands, - The Mutation Custom Roms with players from event, - Doubles Glitch Mode - the grill always filled with meat and - a live fucking band playing to the 16 of us. It couldn't get any better. Thanks to all that put this together and hope the Govenor of ND will declare Burnign Mort a sacred site
  11. Not to sound like a lush, but is there beer at this thing?
  12. Done: Sabre, Saltpeter and a Case of Paln Breeze
  13. I need info 1. How long of a knife should I bring? 2. What vaccines do I need to get into Burning Mort? 3. What gifts / animals to sacrifice gains the Conjurer's favor? Does the Conjurer have any weaknesses I can exploit? 4. When I type "Burning Mort" into Trivago nothing comes up? Am I spelling Burning Mort correctly?