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  1. Book another portapotty because I'm in!
  2. great job, lots of thought put in. Miss this league so much.
  3. It is a great game, could be a great side tourney game at tecmo events. Have all the Nintendos already set up and ice hockey is relitivly cheap for an NES game. Simple game but can be very intense, especialy when defending trying to control goalie and defense all at the same time.
  4. My Mode of transportation
  5. I Bought one of ths everdrives where I can put a billion games on it. Anybody know of a good place to download a pack that has every game known to mankind?
  6. I don't think you can in Ice Hockey.
  7. Say that to Bubby's Face
  8. @Beef Juice know's where to be when a camera is around.... Great pic!
  9. i love this format.
  10. The Tecmo Gods made this happen. The Tecmo God of Love.... Who we all know took human form in the game as
  11. Yeah you a run 3 WR reverse with Rice in HSTL effectivly. I think if that play could be in run 4 spot it would get used more.
  12. Did you get in a fight with someone over Australia? That was does me in....beside me yelling at all my opponents/potential allies that I am much smarter than them.
  13. Pencil me in barring any family vacations.
  14. Yup, Work Deadlines Sega just got the crap kicked out of him by Tecmo Sega, Fatherood Sega saw the beatdown and has locked himself away. Once in Madtown, Drunk Sega's gonna sucker punch Tecmo Sega pretty quick me thinks. But all lose to Hungover Sega and his unlimited power.
  15. I'm in the front right with the $2 haircut. My moles dropped an inch or so since this pic due to fatigue from chasing 3 kids...