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  1. I would never slander the Mayor of Tecmo, but your views are Radical.
  2. You are right, thinking RBI. But you can jump and climb outfield walls in baseball stars. Plus some of the players are girls and have booobies. Probably ex Tecmo cheerleaders
  3. How many bathrooms at Redzone, or do I need to bring a lamp?
  4. Nice group of games, I better stop what I am doing and do a quick ranking. YOU HAVE TO LOVE THESE GAMES TO BE MY FRIEND TIER 1. TSB (of course) 2. MTPO - Almost beats tecmo. Finally beat this game in College and consider it my greatest College accomplishment and I was a virgin entering college 3. Baseball Stars - paid $63 for this game at Funcoland in the early 90s. Best Baseball game on NES don't @ me 4. Ice Hockey - Skinny - Medium - Fat - Fat Poland team I will beat you with finese and not Meathead Tapping speed 5. Arch Rival - Best Basketball game on NES hands down. Lewis from Natural High > then Mohawk guy of hated Brawl State. Pantsing then punching the guy in the face to steal the ball was no higher form of Comedy in 5th grade 6. Bad News Baseball – never owned the game but controls are great, wish you could dive though 7. Tecmo World Wrestling – Dr Guido or as we called in Dr Dildo, had the Giant Swing finishing move that was great. Game still holds up and my kids like playing it but I don’t tell them Dr’s Nickname 8. RBI Baseball – jocknerds are foaming at the month that it’s this low, great game but it’s like a 49ers vs Seahawks match up when comparing to Baseball Stars 9. Golf – KISS keep it simple stupid. Great game. Want to have 5 drinks and challenge somone right now. I could work a slice like no other. 10. Hoops – even surprised me making top ten. But give me Face and Legs, make it take it, you won’t get to 5 11. Double Dribble – Pissed it didn’t make top ten, but the 3 pt glitch too much to overcome hoops 12. Blades of Steal – Great game, loved the minigame during end of period and fighting but I didn’t like the arrow shooting mechanism 13. Tecmo Bowl – TSB orgin story. Great game but overshadowed by it’s brother. Kind of like Spring Break Vet over @SammieSmith33 MENDOZA LINE TIER 14. NES Playaction Football – game isn’t that great now, but I played it a ton back in the day. Just tried to be a little too realistic with 8 bit hardware. 15.Baseball – 1st baseball game I played on NES and you always remember your first... 16. Bases Loaded – Hitting mechanism too hard. I think you could chage the mound though. Think I have never finished a game 17. Volleyball – rented this game from a gas station as a kid. Fond memories but I don’t think I want to play again and see it’s withered face like the hot teacher in highschool now has depends on 18.Tecmo Baseketball – so close to being good, but just not there. Hoops and Arch Rivals dance with Tecmo Basketball’s dates and Tecmo won’t say a peep NEVER PLAYED TIER 19. Tennis – maybe I played it but can’t remember. Probably not that great 20. Roger Clemons Baseball – never played, sorry Rocket…. 21. Bowling game – never played it, all I can think of is that golden tee bowling game I played at bar so I won’t put it last 22. Game with what looks like Kirby Pucket on – Love puck but don’t know the game. Remember the Puck Pack at McDonalds? 23. Shredding – never played it probably a gateway drug to other shitty games SHIT JUST SHIT TIER 24. Kings of Beach – should be called we can’t even hold Super Spike Vball’s jock 25. 10 Yard Fight – 1st time I saw my friends older brothers playing it I was salivating, but after playing it for 5 minutes we went back to Table Top Football as the vibrating board was more appealing 26. Track and Field II – dogshit, just do the same games as last time and add taekwondo and you are in top ten. 27 Tecmo Baseball – How could they fuck up baseball so badly? 28. Pebble Beach Challenge – I think I tried playing for 2 minutes then put in Ghost n Goblins 29. John Elway Quarerback – 10 yard Fight with really complicated plays that don’t work. Bonus dermits sticking with 10 yard fight look HOT GARBAGE 30. NFL – Never Fun Letdown
  5. Offense Fundamentals Help

    Play vs coach mode. Have defense pick your play and practice hot routes. Check out Mort's blog on the forum as well.
  6. SEGATHON this Satuday

    Yeah It’s like nhl 95, there are no Joe Montana to Rice connections. I’d say the gammet would be like Raiders to Colts match up wise. In genesis version of 94 there is a weight bug for checking (kinda like HP math in Tecmo that adds another layer) that 94 tourney will have a high level of play where a few guys will be a reg/Gats level. Would loved to go to that tourney plus Vancouver is like the Miami of Canada
  7. SEGATHON this Satuday

    We had 15 this time. NHL 95 teams are pretty close compared to Tecmo's ridged caste system. I'd say only 1 team of the 26 is unplayable (Ducks) all the others have a punchers chance.
  8. Get these defunct 90's hip hop performers and inject it into my veins
  9. Detroit, MI - 03/03/2018 - Detroit Tecmo Kumite VI

    Like this draft format for a mix up after reg season. Think I'll do this for a segathon at some point.
  10. This is my 2nd favorite part of Tecmo Madison. The giddiness that sets in that in a few weeks beforehand as the anticipation builds.
  11. We need to put "Oh Hoard" into the Tecmo Lexicon
  12. Yeah I've always stopped short of full bar kicks fearing an onsides. But may change to try to hit that full bar more because if you miss late and empty bar gives you a nice shot at recovery. Especially for a player like me that needs some tecmo god intervention to win.
  13. Need to change this menu offering to QB BSD
  14. Initially thought it was the Grand Conjurer's dark yellow magic, but now I think it's @ImFlo soul trying to ascend to heaven but due to all the urine on his grave he never made it. @Leonardite go harvest Flo's Frozen soul and we can use it as holy water next Burning Mort....