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  1. 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs Eastern Conference Quarterfinals #1 Washington #8 NY Rangers #4 Pittsburgh #5 Tampa Bay #3 Boston #6 Montreal #2 Philadelphia #7 Buffalo Western Conference Quarterfinals #1 Vancouver #8 Chicago #4 Anaheim #5 Nashville #3 Detroit #6 Phoenix #2 San Jose #7 Los Angeles Note: The Stanley Cup Playoffs do not follow a true bracket system. The teams are re-seeded after the conference quarterfinals. Please post your favorite team, quarter picks, two Finals teams, Cup Winner, and anything else. I may run another simulation of the whole tourney like I did with the Coach K for the March Madness Tournament. Lastly, my signature has the link to the NHL Playoff Schedule for every game in the quarterfinals and I'll update it each round.
  2. go
  3. I feel like I see tv shows on all the time that focus on a variety of topics with our favorite and classic players from Tecmo Super Bowl. So, I thought I'd start a thread for it. If you see something, please feel free to post it here so others can enjoy it. I think anything that promotes a good football debate is also good to add. "Top Ten Power Backs" on NFL Network, 5-6pm, Saturday 4/17 (tonight!) The show blurb says it includes Bo Jackson and John Riggins. I'm guessing Earl Campbell and Christian Okoye may make the list as well.
  4. Goodell totally did! Dbag. Move over Browns there is a new rock bottom team!
  5. Bodom, you better pull for MY CAPS when your Bruins get eliminated! I don't care how much you like Smashville now that they swept the Blackhawks. Go Wild!! 3-3 now. I like Budreau. Leafs and Oilers are here to stay. I don't like seeing so much referee TV time when I watch my hockey. That's one of the main reasons I have soured on the NFL. Lastly, ..!.. the Penguins. Caps go to Game 7 with the Leafs and the Pens have almost a week off to rest and prep. Ugh.
  6. Cliff Branch Instead of insanely random posts, do a NE COA Season and post your results in weekly screenshots. Jack the timing up to 240. No reseting or doing anything weak. Go now.
  7. Lets Go Caps!
  8. If the Switch does allow for NES/SNES game play, why couldn't Nintendo just release Tecmo Super Bowl with generic teams and rosters and go around the NFL issue. This is just my lame attempt to get the game we love on the new systems. Tecmo Bowl Kickoff comes to mind so I should stop typing now.
  9. I'm just curious if anyone out there made fantasy values or salaries for either the players or team position groupings for this 2017 rom. My group usually plays with the original rom and use bruddog's position values spreadsheet for our draft. Now, my group wants to play with the new rosters rom and I was going to do it myself but figured I'd use one someone else made if it's available and save me the work. I know Tecmonster has a pdf for his rom.
  10. Immediately my gut said take the Falcons +3 last Sunday night. Then, I thought about Bill and Tom and how dreamy cool they are then I flipped to Patriots win by 3. Now, today is the day, I'm feeling like the Falcons thump them and blow them out. I hope I'm wrong. Go Patriots. Best Coach and QB ever. BUT when the #1 scoring defense makes it to the Superbowl they win 13 of last 17. When the #1 scoring defense runs into the #1 scoring offense in the Superbowl the defensive team has won 5 of 6. So, Patriots should win. Jason "Clap Happy" Garrett winning coach of the year is a travesty. 13-3, 0-1, says it all. Princeton IDIOT. Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, repeat.
  11. There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter. --Ernest Hemingway HUNTED on CBS - trailer There is a new tv show called HUNTED on CBS and I was so excited about the idea but now I'm on the fence after watching the first episode. My wife and I were both meh about it. I want to vent and possibly have people talk about what they would do to hide and go "off the grid" with the understanding that you're being tracked by the best of the best team of human trackers. The rules of the game are simple. Basically, you are confined to a defined area covering parts of 4 states and if you don't get found after 28 days you win $250,000. The show aired last night for episode one and the regular night will be Wednesday night with episode two airing then. I'll stop here. I'm curious if anyone else saw it?
  12. I had the same thoughts as most of you. I have little to no patience for tv let alone reality tv and basically watch only hockey and football when it's not a flag fest oh wait that's all it is anymore. My wife got excited about it and I figured I'd give it a shot. I love Jason Bourne so thought maybe it would be fun. It's not Bourne. In week two my wife blurted out, "What about the camera crews?" Nothing gets past her (well after an episode or two). Not to mention, the trackers could just follow the cell phones of any of the camera crews and you're busted. You gotta ditch them. Buck, I had the same thought as you and immediately told my wife, "I'd go John J. on them!" Sadly, my jokes fall on deaf ears. Rambo still holds up. Jstout, you had my exact thought too in that don't touch an ATM as that pummels your chances of escape. I'd give the ATM card to a friend and have him drive two states over and use it in a non-camera area. Also, none of the contestants seemed prepared for being called into action. I'd have a pile of burner phones ready, bag packed, sleeping bag, tent, MRE's ready to go, borrow an old car without GPS or modern electronics from a friend, and a plan to either move constantly or hide out away from everyone. The contestants insane need to contact loved ones, coworkers and friends is so mind boggling to me. I'm surprised none of them didn't post a selfie on facebook with street signs in the background. Knobbe, I loved the Surviving The Game reference and what a great cast of action B-movie guys. We played a game like that with bb guns when I was young. If you were told to stop and did they couldn't shoot you but if you decided to run they could. I doubt I will share that memory with my kids and if they ask about the scare on my knee I will lie. The Daisy multi-pump can leave a mark! All this being said, I may still watch episode three on Wednesday. Throw my wife a bone...
  13. I'm so happy that it's ATL-NE. F aa-ron, he's a pecker. The steelers looking baffled playing the Patriots never gets old to me. All Hail the Goat, Tom Brady, kneel before him you lowly peasants. That being said, the line comes out at NE-3. My gut (huge that it is) said immediately to go with ATL+3... but... Tom and Bill... hmmm. Right now, I say ATL+3. Stat of the Weekend: Julio Jones, ATL, 9 rec, 180 yards, 2 tds Chris Hogan, NE, 9 rec, 180 yards, 2 tds* *Way to go MIA and BUF, both cut Hogan, well done assclowns. For the record, the NYJ weren't even smart enough to sign him in the first place. And, we wonder how Tom and Bill have been so dominant in the AFC East. I live outside DC and enjoy the misery that is Redskins radio during my daily commute. The Patriots have had 10 AFC Championship appearances and in the same time frame the Skins have made just 4 playoff appearances and went 0-4. Love it.
  14. Bodom went 2-2 "NFL is rigged, Goodell wants PIT-GB finals, jets suck, Roll Damn Tide, NHL rules, Trump won lol and STEEL PANTHER should play at the inauguration." --Bodom
  15. ATL PIT GB NE win I want ATL KC (more than life itself) DAL (my team unfortunately) and NE. I bet DAL and Jason "Clap Happy" Garrett will out think himself and that Princeton education and will go back to pass happy instead of giving Zeke the ball 30 times. Bodom would probably say... SEA by 3 PATS by 13 (or 31) DAL by 3 PIT by 3 Pats will choke and Goodell has it rigged.
  16. I'm so excited about college football being back! I didn't start out so great tonight though. I bet some cash on Baylor-49 to cover over Northwestern State and the final was BAY 55-7! I hope my Gators and Dukes have great years. I'm pretty confident that JMU will be Top 20 and in the FCS Tournament at season's end. I hope the Gators beat teams they should and knock off LSU, BAMA or FSU but don't know if they can yet. I may make some early season predictions. I don't know how you can't bet on BAMA every year as it's such a safe bet. Eyeroll. For fun, I used my TSB NCAA 2016 game (download at the link in my signature) and simmed the big games of Week One. Here are the results...
  17. View File TSB NCAA 2016 My TSB NCAA 2016 is for this upcoming year. EA always being a year ahead is dumb. This rom is complete and I don't see me making any updated versions in the near future. My teams were ranked according to Phil Steele's Annual Magazine Pre-Season Poll. I used bruddog's thread ranking the teams for MAN games and Phil Steele's Unit Rankings to compare and determine which NCAA team should get which Original TSB offense and defense. I did all the names for every player and the depth charts (from early July) according to Ourlads site and for the gaps I used Phil Steele's Magazine again. RANK - NCAA (TSB OFF/DEF) 1. Florida State (BUF/MIN) 2. Alabama (RAM/CHI) 3. Oklahoma (PHI/RAI) 4. LSU (RAI/PIT) 5. Clemson (SF/RAM) 6. Ohio State (DEN/TB) 7. Tennessee (DET/WAS) 8. Washington (GB/NYG) 9. Notre Dame (DEN/DAL) 10. Stanford (SD/SF) 11. Texas Christian (DAL/MIA) 12. Michigan (CHI/KC) 13. Michigan State (PIT/NYJ) 14. Iowa (IND/DEN) 15. UCLA (MIA/CIN) 16. Boise State (WAS/SEA) 17. Ole Miss (TB/HOU) 18. Baylor (CIN/IND) 19. Miami (KC/DAL) 20. Houston (SEA/NE) 21. Louisville (NYJ/ATL) 22. Nebraska (TB/NO) 23. Georgia (NYG/DET) 24. Texas (CLE/RAM) 25. Southern Cal (HOU/PHI) 26. UNC (DAL/CLE) 27. Auburn (MIN/PHX) 28. Texas A&M (ATL/KC) 29. Penn State (NO/GB) 30. Florida (NE/SD) 31. Wisconsin (PHX/BUF) 32. Northwestern (WORST) Schedule: Week 1 Last year's Bowl Games Week 2 Last year's National Championship (ALA-CLM) Week 3 Biggest Non-Conference games of 2016 (Basically, Week 1 of this season.) Week 4-6 Other Non-Conference games Week 7-12 Same Conference, Other Divisions Week 13-15 Divisional Games Week 16 Rival Week Week 17 Conference Championships - based on Phil Steele's Predictions (I added a Big12 Title Game because they should have one.) Other Features: NCAA Graphics Phil Steele's Pre-Season Rankings are on each teams mini helmet (Thanks to Proads26) Worst Possible TSB Roster - Northwestern Wildcats (Thanks to Bodom) Pro Bowl = Army vs. Navy - Theme and Colors (Even Teams - TB Offense & KC Defense) Notes: I don't have the time or really care about skin color or faces, other than some of the starting QB/RB/WR/TE and a few star DEF players, so other players faces and skin color may be off. The OL starting five is right for each team but are out of position as I forgot Ourlads order was different than TSB's. Oh well. Sorry to fans of Army, Navy, Oregon, Oklahoma State, South Florida, Pittsburgh, Air Force, Mississippi State, Cincinnati, Utah, Arizona State, Arkansas, Virginia Tech, Western Michigan and BYU as they didn't make the cut. Oregon seems to be the only team that you could argue should be in the game but Phil Steele projects that UCLA, USC, Washington and Stanford will all have better years this season and the PAC12 only gets 4 teams in my game. Sorry ducks - maybe pick 1 uniform and stick with it. Thank you for all you've done for me and the TSB community: Knobbe, bodom, davefmurray, Maynard_G_Krebs, Jstout, Cxrom, BAD_AL, buck, bruddog, xplozv, Elway, TecmoTurd, drummer4god, Proads26, Brinky274, drunken_honkey, Hurricane55, Tecmo Psycho, philleyOphish, mort237, QBEagles, slim_jimmy7, Bad Moon Rison, BO FB Offtackle Left, MRTECMOSUPERBOWL, averagetsbplayer, TDO, meat, rewhawl, and everyone that lives in Wisconsin. ZIPPED: 2 Versions: TSB NCAA 2016 Vanilla - Original TSB style TSB NCAA 2016 Juiced - 16-0 Every Week Read Me Submitter fatcheerleader Submitted 08/12/2016 Category Partial Hacks  
  18. Aww shucks you're making me blush! Maybe I will do that next year. I do watch way too much college football and do actually try to watch every team in FBS throughout the year. I even posted a hit list on my fridge every year and way back in the before time I even recorded every team on vcr tapes. Then I would be able to watch all the players my NFL team drafted. What the hell was I doing?! Freaking psycho. haha That being said, I have 6 games scheduled on the dvr right now. Idiot.
  19. I may get a black one and put big gray 34's on both side doors.
  20. I thought he broke his sternum at first. Then, figured it was a concussion as instant tears, brought on by confusion and disorientation, is a common occurrence. I teach PE and right now have 8 kids on concussion protocol. I am on the fence with this issue. I do think it's over diagnosed by also think in the past we didn't address the issue properly. Former Redskins TE Chris Cooley has a DC am radio and his thought was that Luke knew it was a concussion and that the tears and drama that unfolded were his instant realization that his career may be in jeopardy. I agree. On a side note, hey trainers, throw a damn towel over his head already and cover that up asap.
  21. I love the cover! He's the 2016 QB Eagles. I remember an old thread somewhere when you were pushing for Cuse to be added and got laughed at. I'm glad you got them in and on the cover of your NCAA TB rom! And, I'm happy I'm not the only NCAA fan on the site. ;-]
  22. Bolt, glad you enjoyed it. I laugh at the fact that I used Phil Steele's Preseason rankings and he brags about how accurate he is every year. Wow, even if he was the best this year he was still way off! By my count, about 9 teams made the game that shouldn't have. I think next year I may do it by units instead of matching offenses and defenses to make it a little more accurate. I just downloaded Baron's new college game and am excited to give it some time this weekend.
  23. I'm glad to see your Syracuse finally made a college rom! haha Do you have a release date for this? I'm excited. You need to get the option added to TB and then this game would be the game to play.
  24. Your Huskers proved my point why Oregon shouldn't be included! I guess Steele having FSUx #1 may have been off a bit. I couldn't take my eyes off the Louisville show yesterday. I dream of my Florida Gators beating up on FSUx like that. Wow. Next season, Jackson will be QB Eagles. Hell, he should be Vick from Madden95 -- maybe more dominating than BO (sorry Tecmo Gods, please forgive me!).
  25. Exactly! 400 passing 200 rushing is insane for the LOU QB and 16 tds already. You may have to play 7 min qtrs to pull that off!