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  1. Tell me what license plates you seen

    I wanted to get the Capitals Hockey custom plate and was going to get "0 CUPS" and it was available. I dragged my feet, went back to the site and of course it's gone now. I wish I could get F PENS but the site won't allow F with whatever you put in.
  2. Wii shop channel

    It always makes me sad when a system comes to it's end and I'm not a Wii fan really. My girls play Just Dance on it. That's it. Meat, haven't you hacked your Wii to add whatever you want?
  3. (NES) SBlueman's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    Everyone appreciates that. Thanks! You should make your last version after the draft and this crazy free agency period.
  4. (NES) SBlueman's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    I live outside DC and have a ton of Redskins fans as friends. Poor bastards. Anyway, I took your rom and put Alex Smith as WAS QB1 and Kirk "Kurt" Cousins as MIN QB1 and recorded a game just to see what would happen. Then, today the Vikings sign Cousins and "Kurt" cashed in. Anyway, I may do this more as the player moments keep happening. Enjoy. Redskins (Alex Smith) vs Vikings (Kirk Cousins)
  5. (NES) SBlueman's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    I am going through this last update and will play some games later on. So far, I like what I see. I'm curious what your Andrew Luck ratings would be. I get that Brissett and Tolzien get the nod over Luck though.
  6. Did you decide on making/releasing and end of the year 2018 NCAA rom?  I considered doing one but was waiting to see if you were.  I'd love one of yours and would buy a cart too if that's an option. :wink: 

    1. Baron von Lector

      Baron von Lector

      I started working on an end-of-year NCAA ROM for the original Tecmo Bowl.  I set all 32 teams and rosters.  I'm about 80% done setting all the cut-scene names correctly.  I completely forgot how much of a beast this ROM is going to be.  Because I didn't use all of last year's teams in the order that they were, I have to re-set all the team uniforms and "draw" all the scoreboard names for all 32 teams.  Once this is complete, all that remains is to rate all the players and input all their 2017 statistics (the reason I prefer vanilla TB over TSB).  Ratings are easier to do in TB than TSB because since you can't see a player's ratings on a player data screen, I don't have to worry about nit-pickers and I can be a little more general with the player ratings.  I've been shifting between this and TB52.  If I were to guess, I'm looking at around a mid-March release for these.

  7. College Football Chat Room

    #1 James Madison University Dukes (11-0) aiming to defend our title as 2017 FCS National Champions.
  8. College Football Chat Room

    Maryland at #23 Texas is on now and a fun game, Terps up 44-34! Shocking. #11 Michigan vs #17 Florida, 330pm on ABC JMU at ECU, 6pm on Espn3 #3 Florida State vs #1 Alabama, 8pm on ABC Top Ten Heisman Candidates in No Particular Order: Penn State RB Saquon Barkley Florida State QB Deondre Francois LSU RB Derrius Guice Ohio State QB JT Barrett Alabama RB Bo Scarbrough Alabama QB Jalen Hurts Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield Washington QB Jake Browning Louisville QB Lamar Jackson USC QB Sam Darnold Other: Derwin James, S, Florida State (He has no chance as a defender but he's a scary talent so if you get a chance watch him play.) I predict Alabama gets to the National Championship and wins another one. Roll Damn Tide. Not that risky of a pick but they're just doing everything right. I'm a Florida Gators fan and with all their suspensions this summer they could take a short bus to the game today. Ludicrous. By the way, Chris Warren's son is RB at Texas. His dad was the RB at my high school back in the day. I'm so old.
  9. Handheld Consoles

    $26 is insane. What do you mean that the emulation leads a lot to be desired? I have a PSP I have always wanted to hack and make an emulator.
  10. NCAA 2018

    You may not know this but I always have the Army-Navy game as an option in my NCAA roms as I make them the Pro Bowl and call it the Military Bowl. I even make them even teams so the game is fair even though Navy has had the upper hand in recent years. I love that rivalry. Some people disrespect it because they're not the top caliber players but there isn't a game where teams want to win more in my opinion. I also love their run-happy offenses and think it's refreshing. A buddy of mine comes over and we play Army-Navy and only call run plays, no passing and no field goals. We love it. Ground and pound. I have played your NCAA Tecmo Bowl and loved that you added Army, Navy and Air Force. Cool.
  11. NCAA 2018

    Jeff Sagarin's Final 2016 Rankings of both FCS (A) and FBS (AA) levels rates 253 teams. #62 Boston College #83 Syracuse #125 Kansas #142 UMass For what it's worth, James Madison University was ranked #33 and ahead of 96 FCS or A-level teams. National Champs 2016! Maybe they should be #32 in the NCAA rom?
  12. NCAA 2018

    Ok, fine, they're better than Kansas. 26 wins in last 5 years. They just need Jim Brown, Larry Csonka, Dwight Freeney, Art Monk and Donovan McNadd back.
  13. NCAA 2018

    If I were to make mine this year... SEC West - ALA, AUB, LSU, TXAM SEC East - UF, TEN, GA, KY (Gave Cats the nod over Cocks. FU MuschUmp.) ACC - CLM, FSU, LOU, MIA (VT got 5th spot so moved them to INDEP with WVU. WVU in BIG12 is asinine so I fix that. Worse than MD in BIG10.) IND - VT, WVU, ND, BSE (BSE will win 9 or 10 again but who cares? VT-WVU, bring back the Black Diamond Trophy!) BIG10 East - OSU, PSU, MICH, MSU (Hoosiers maybe over Spartans but no MSU seems off to me. My buddy went there too.) BIG10 West - WIS, NW, NEB, MIN BIG12 - OKL, OKS, TCU, TEX (I dropped KST over TCU and TEX even though they will probably do better. Bill Snyder, so underrated.) PAC12 - USC, WAS, STAN, UCLA (Oregon or Wash St could have made it but I gotta have U$C-UCLA.) Pro Bowl Teams - Army vs Navy Worst Team Possible - Hmm, maybe the Gophers or maybe I add Hoosiers in their place and make them The Worst. I was thinking about making WVU the worst with Will Grier Jr. #7, UF Transfer and now QB1 for WVU. He'd be Jeff George. Sorry - no Purdue, Boston College or Syracuse By the way, Kansas is 9-51 in last 5 years. You'd be hard pressed to find a team that's done worse. Kansas State went 43-22 in last 5. Kansas has lost to Kansas State in all 5 of those years by the score of 217-72. They streak is at 8 losses. And for a fun comparison, Alabama is 64-7 in those 5 years, with 4 SEC Titles and 2 National Titles. ..l.. Tide
  14. NCAA 2018

    I'm curious if anyone is going to make a TSB NCAA 2018 rom for this upcoming season. Dave? Baron? Buck? Xplozv? I usually do but don't see it happening right now.
  15. Tecmonster's TSB 2018 cover art

    You can knock that out in 2 days?!? You are good sir.