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  1. You may not know this but I always have the Army-Navy game as an option in my NCAA roms as I make them the Pro Bowl and call it the Military Bowl. I even make them even teams so the game is fair even though Navy has had the upper hand in recent years. I love that rivalry. Some people disrespect it because they're not the top caliber players but there isn't a game where teams want to win more in my opinion. I also love their run-happy offenses and think it's refreshing. A buddy of mine comes over and we play Army-Navy and only call run plays, no passing and no field goals. We love it. Ground and pound. I have played your NCAA Tecmo Bowl and loved that you added Army, Navy and Air Force. Cool.
  2. Jeff Sagarin's Final 2016 Rankings of both FCS (A) and FBS (AA) levels rates 253 teams. #62 Boston College #83 Syracuse #125 Kansas #142 UMass For what it's worth, James Madison University was ranked #33 and ahead of 96 FCS or A-level teams. National Champs 2016! Maybe they should be #32 in the NCAA rom?
  3. Ok, fine, they're better than Kansas. 26 wins in last 5 years. They just need Jim Brown, Larry Csonka, Dwight Freeney, Art Monk and Donovan McNadd back.
  4. If I were to make mine this year... SEC West - ALA, AUB, LSU, TXAM SEC East - UF, TEN, GA, KY (Gave Cats the nod over Cocks. FU MuschUmp.) ACC - CLM, FSU, LOU, MIA (VT got 5th spot so moved them to INDEP with WVU. WVU in BIG12 is asinine so I fix that. Worse than MD in BIG10.) IND - VT, WVU, ND, BSE (BSE will win 9 or 10 again but who cares? VT-WVU, bring back the Black Diamond Trophy!) BIG10 East - OSU, PSU, MICH, MSU (Hoosiers maybe over Spartans but no MSU seems off to me. My buddy went there too.) BIG10 West - WIS, NW, NEB, MIN BIG12 - OKL, OKS, TCU, TEX (I dropped KST over TCU and TEX even though they will probably do better. Bill Snyder, so underrated.) PAC12 - USC, WAS, STAN, UCLA (Oregon or Wash St could have made it but I gotta have U$C-UCLA.) Pro Bowl Teams - Army vs Navy Worst Team Possible - Hmm, maybe the Gophers or maybe I add Hoosiers in their place and make them The Worst. I was thinking about making WVU the worst with Will Grier Jr. #7, UF Transfer and now QB1 for WVU. He'd be Jeff George. Sorry - no Purdue, Boston College or Syracuse By the way, Kansas is 9-51 in last 5 years. You'd be hard pressed to find a team that's done worse. Kansas State went 43-22 in last 5. Kansas has lost to Kansas State in all 5 of those years by the score of 217-72. They streak is at 8 losses. And for a fun comparison, Alabama is 64-7 in those 5 years, with 4 SEC Titles and 2 National Titles. ..l.. Tide
  5. I'm curious if anyone is going to make a TSB NCAA 2018 rom for this upcoming season. Dave? Baron? Buck? Xplozv? I usually do but don't see it happening right now.
  6. You can knock that out in 2 days?!? You are good sir.
  7. Certainly not Kirk (Kurt) Cousins! I put that as Monster's release date is all. Summer is here and I have Tecmo fever.
  8. August 19 is too far away.
  9. I second Dave and Bodom's thoughts and picks. I want Tebow beating the Steelers! I like Mack and Wentz too. Beckham's is great but he's such a dbag. Jameis' just makes me hate those unis even more. Awful they are. Bring back creamsicle! I think I will print out the Joe Thomas cover and make it my official one. The dude needs to win something. A+ work. I will test out your rom later today. Although, Uncle Rico is flawless.
  10. Goodell totally did! Dbag. Move over Browns there is a new rock bottom team!
  11. Bodom, you better pull for MY CAPS when your Bruins get eliminated! I don't care how much you like Smashville now that they swept the Blackhawks. Go Wild!! 3-3 now. I like Budreau. Leafs and Oilers are here to stay. I don't like seeing so much referee TV time when I watch my hockey. That's one of the main reasons I have soured on the NFL. Lastly, ..!.. the Penguins. Caps go to Game 7 with the Leafs and the Pens have almost a week off to rest and prep. Ugh.
  12. Cliff Branch Instead of insanely random posts, do a NE COA Season and post your results in weekly screenshots. Jack the timing up to 240. No reseting or doing anything weak. Go now.
  13. Lets Go Caps!
  14. If the Switch does allow for NES/SNES game play, why couldn't Nintendo just release Tecmo Super Bowl with generic teams and rosters and go around the NFL issue. This is just my lame attempt to get the game we love on the new systems. Tecmo Bowl Kickoff comes to mind so I should stop typing now.
  15. I'm just curious if anyone out there made fantasy values or salaries for either the players or team position groupings for this 2017 rom. My group usually plays with the original rom and use bruddog's position values spreadsheet for our draft. Now, my group wants to play with the new rosters rom and I was going to do it myself but figured I'd use one someone else made if it's available and save me the work. I know Tecmonster has a pdf for his rom.