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  1. Figured. Thanks. On a similar but related note: i see lots of spreadsheets posted here and elsewhere. I love spreadsheets. Is there one that has multiple TSB season player attribute data? I'm thinking of an XLS file where each tab has a TSB year. I could get an editor past my anti-virus, and find the ROMS and dump them all myself, but not going to go to the trouble if this already exists. Why am i doing it? Dunno. Just love TSB, and sometimes I like to just look at the data. I'm weird like that <grin>. Thanks for the response though, appreciated.
  2. Trying to use TSBToolSupreme for ROM editing. Anti-virus (Panda) kicks in each time with a virus warning, forces reboot. Is this a known problem with TSBTool, or is it a false-positive with Panda? Weird, it's the only thing Panda has coughed at. Is there a different ROM editor I could use? Windows 10, etc....