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  1. Yeah, Mort let me know you had a copy. Glad you like it.
  2. Winner of the Coin Flip is Player 1 and gets choice of Tier Loser of Coin Flip is Player 2 and choses team first from the Tier Player 1 chose or a lower Tier Player 1 chooses team from Tier originally chosen or a lower tier We are proposing to use this Tier List during any events or tournament we run in the future. It aims to do a few things: - Educate newer players on what teams match up well against each other - Educate newer players on the best offensive and defensive player on each team as well as their most desirable attribute - Creates greater matchup flexibility - Allows players to focus on using favorite teams in each tier - Allows players to practice using a minimum of 10 teams (2 from each tier) to prepare for a tournament. - Gives a quick guide for Field Goal Kicking Range for each team for experienced and newer players alike If you would like me to send you the Tier List file in the original size as a PDF or JPG, please email me at
  3. We had a great turnout yesterday for our first Chicago meet up at Michael Anthony's. We had over 30 people coming in and out throughout the course of the night. We had 6 guys there that have played in Tecmo Tournaments, and a lot of local friends who came to check it out either by personal invite or hearing about it on facebook. We ended up with 7 TV's hooked up with games. 3 Nintendos with Tecmo Super Bowl, 2 Super Nintendos (one with 4 player NBA Hangtime and one with NBA Jam TE 2K17), 1 Sega Genesis with 4 player NBA Jam TE, and 1 NES mini for people that weren't as interested in sports games. Mort ended up going 7-1 in the $50 challenge taken down by Flo and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Congrats to Flo! It was really a great time. We played from 6:30pm to 11:30pm on a TUESDAY. If anyone is interested in meet ups like this in Chicago let us know as we will have more in the future. Thank you to everyone who came out and Special Thanks to Mort, Joseph, and my brother Matt for bringing their TVs and equipment. If you want to check out the live stream from the event, here it is:
  4. We are all set for Tuesday! I just got back from Michael Anthony's and they have outlets galore in the back room. Between Mort and I, we have 5 TVs and 3 Nintendo Systems with Tecmo Super Bowl. I will set up one TV with 4 player NBA Jam on the Sega Genesis. Joseph, if you want to bring your TV with NBA Hangtime there is definitely room for it. For anyone else if we could get one more Nintendo there with Tecmo Super Bowl, that would be great (So we can have 4 TVs set up with TSB). I plan on streaming Mort attempting to run the gauntlet during the $50 challenge on my YouTube Channel: The Retro Sports Gamer. I am inviting quite a few locals to come out to see if we can get them interested in playing in Tecmo Super Bowl tournaments. I am going to give 3-4 inexperienced locals a crack at Mort before having Joseph, Rico, Flo play him. I will put you guys in order to play him based on who shows up to the event first. We will be using our new tier list for the games and will reveal the nice visual we created at the event. I will print out some additional tier lists for whoever wants to take one with them. I'll see you all there. Invite whoever you'd like. Let me know if you have any questions.
  5. I just took a look at the Tomczak Bowl's Tier List. It is similar without the intersecting teams and allows for more matchup flexibility. I want reveal the visual at the meet up. Mort and I will most likely do a video this next week explaining the tier list in more detail. I will post it in this thread.
  6. Hey guys, I'm doing a video podcast series of the WHOLE Tecmo Bowl series and I am in need of the 2004 Tecmo Bowl Mobile release and the Tecmo Bowl Iphone release. I am willing to buy the old cell phones off you if you have them installed. If you are not willing to sell, I will pay a small amount to borrow them as well as shipping costs. Please let me know. Thanks! Here are the podcasts that have been completed already if you want to check them out: Tecmo Bowl (NES): Tecmo Super Bowl (NES): Tecmo Super Bowl SNES:
  7. We are recording the Sega version this Saturday. It will be up soon.
  8. If it is in Chicago. I am definitely in. Just have to knock off a little rust.
  9. Allamerican1569 = Zoltan37 [ Post made on a Tecmo Super Mobile Device!]
  10. You got it. Xbox Gamerztag = AOL Instant Messenger
  11. I've been ecstatic about the release of this game ever since I found out what this game was going to be all about. The last couple days I've been counting down it's release telling my girlfriend at Midnight, "only 6 more days." She was pissed saying, "I'm gonna lose my boyfriend." HA HA! Anyway, ROD I think we should have a gamerztag thread for Throwback in the event that players on here (TPC, Leagues, etc.) have different user names then on their Xbox.
  12. "Ditto what Brud said...I don't have his server info...although if I asked, I'm sure he'd give it to time I talk with him I'll find out..." I would greatly appreciate that. Just let me know. [ Post made on a Tecmo Super Mobile Device!]
  13. I joined the tourney so I'm ready. Bruddog and Tecmoturd you guys both said you have admin rights TPC. Would either of you be able to provide a link on the TPC home page? and a belt icon for a champion? Just let me know. Thanks guys. This is the site I've been working on:
  14. With all I have absorbed about online Tecmo the last few months, I believe there is an obvious need for a prestigious Tecmo League. I think TPC is the ultimate online tool of accomplishing that. Let me go into the main concept before I analyze the idea: -Top 15 TPCers of a given month make up the league. (Monthly Champion) -Original Rom will be used -There is no draft, the teams used are based off X-factor ratings from CIN .03 - JET .04 = 15 teams = Top 15. I think we can all agree that any of the teams in this range can compete with each other. *TPCers would be able to choose their season team lower than the Jets if they choose to. -Top TPCer would be able to choose their team first. (Ex. Top TPCer Tecmodell42 can select any team from Cin .03 down for his season team, then Bgboud2 would select next). Theory: You gotta beat the best with the best if you want to be champion. You also get rewarded for being on top. -Season games will be uploaded twice. Once on TPC and a once on Dynastyphile (given access). *Uploading on TPC just helps your chances or hurts your chances for being in this league for next month. -No need for weekly roms, all games will be played in preaseaon mode. *This will make it extremely easy to set up the game with your opponent. -No need for a set schedule. 14 games will make up the season. You play each opponent from the top 15 once. Top 6 make the playoffs. Top 2 get byes. *Players can play at their own pace, but have to get the season in within a month. This should be easy to accomplish because your Top 15 TPCers are usually your most active Tecmoers. -TPC rules will be used for play. Who would the commissioners be? I'm thinking a committee of three. The TPC creator Sois? ROD? Mr. TecmoSuperBowl? Bgboud2? maybe even myself? The best would have to run this league. Why did I come up with this? Because of my own issues with all the leagues. Don't get me wrong, I think the leagues are awesome, but these are the issues I am having with leagues: -Can't find opponents -Overwhelmed with leagues and don't know who I play next in what league. -Inability to gameplan against a opponent. *This is due to my free time issues and I would expect this to be a problem with most everybody. I go into most league games not knowing who the players are on the team I'm playing against. I would love to research the opponents team and find out, but I just don't have the time. -Downloading weekly roms is annoying. Don't see much benefit besides controlling league speed and changing players at given positions, which I believe we can do without all that. -Speed of leagues is too fast for some players and just based off when the commissioner feel like making deadlines. Won't be a problem in this league because your most active players make up the league. -Lack of reasoning why certain guys get in certain leagues. All they have to do is sign up. -Lack of knowing what league is most important or the best. -Feeling of Obligation. You want to complete what you started, but a bunch of guys are holding up the league you are in, but you would really like to take some time off from Tecmo. So you have either resign or just be stuck in Tecmo 365 24/7 to complete all your leagues. I think this is why there are so many burnouts. Pretty simple concept? I think so. The more I think about it, the more I love this idea. You have all Tecmoers competing on the most common ground for games for a chance to be in the most prestigious league out there. This would most certainly give TPC the jump start it needs. One thing I know has to happen is someone would have to police TPC games a little more to filter out the cheaters. I know some of you have expressed interest to help Sois. Ideas to add to the thrill: -Add a Tecmo Champion page on TPC. (Monthly Champion) -Bring back the belt or a crown and display this next to the champions name for the month they win. -I would do a Tecmo/TPC Inside Stuff youtube video every month like Ahmad Rashad, giving incite, props to players and cracking jokes on every month of Tecmo. The goal to start this league would be May 1st. Giving all the Great Tecmo players a chance to take their run at the first ever title! I could go more in logistics, but I would like everyone to discuss. So lets begin.................
  15. I do like the idea of a yearly tournament. It could be kind of like putting together a March Madness bracket. Certain League Champions would qualify, tournament winners, maybe even certain TPC rankings/reigns. It would be pretty sweet to configure that and decide who will make it in. I say let's set a date for it and make it happen. Yeah, I had him look at the site and I believe he is going to do something for me. Thanks for the advice. I pretty much got the core of the league set up. I would just like to have Sois or whoever can edit the TPC home page to provide a link to like to the TPC Champions site; maybe just a subforum will do. I would also like the champion to be recognized on the TPC home page with a little belt icon. I don't think that's too much to ask. I got the rest down.
  16. Give me Bears first, Colts second. Thanks.
  17. Ok, I have been working on a forum layout for the TPC Champions League. Here it is: The primary focus so far has been the layout of how you "MEET THE CHAMPIONS". If I'm going to recognize a Tecmo Champion every month, I just want to make sure to do it right. So check it out and let me know what you think. (Keep in mind that I never have messed around with making forums before).
  18. That's Beautiful!!!
  19. Thanks for the info. Ultimately I'm excited about this game. I'm still confused by what the producer is referring to by the 1991 rosters; is it the NES rosters? or the SNES rosters? Because the SNES version is based off the 1993 rosters. So which versions' rosters does the game have?
  20. That's cool BG. I was more asking you if you would consider having NTL league members upload games to TPC as well as the league? Maybe for next season? [ Post made on a Tecmo Super Mobile Device!]
  21. PuntReturnTD_Metcalf, shinybehiny2477, ODell42, slim_jimmy7, Tecmo Turd, thanks for the support. O'Dell, I knew you would like this one buddy. I would appreciate your help and I already have something for you. See if you can get the league owners to buy into this idea and then ask them if they would like to be a "TPC Champions League affliate". The only requirement would be that the league owner would have all the members of the league upload their .sta file to TPC as well as the league. At the very least have the league owners tell their league members that your opponent has the right to upload their league game to TPC. Especially target the Tecmo Super League and see if AuntSam would be in. I'm kind of putting this out there right now, so your support would be great. ROD? MR TSB? BGBOUD2? Other league owners? Would this be of any interest you? I figure we can worry about adjusting the X-factor on TPC for "all other roms uploaded" to even teams later.
  22. TDO, I appreciate the feedback. You brought up some valid points. First off, I'm not saying this League WOULD be the Ultimate League. What I am saying more than anything is it has the POTENTIAL to be. I agree with this, but at one time all the top players played on TPC. Hopefully the concept of the league would bring them back. ***This is probably true for a lot of players, but if I'm not mistaken you can upload "other nes rom" to TPC. This would mean you could upload other league games and league scrimmage games to TPC, increasing your chances at being in the TOP 15. So really you can upload any Tecmo game you play to TPC as long as you and your opponent agree upon it. This would give the games you play in other leagues even more purpose and give you even more of a reason to play in multiple leagues. Wouldn't that be something if everyone loaded any game they played to TPC?*** Well if it is a TPC Champions League you kind of have to use the TPC rules. At one time or another everyone has used them and I don't believe they have ever been frowned upon. Well if you are on the Top 15 of TPC, history has told us it usually means 2 things: You are pretty good and you play a lot. Plus, TPC has the easiest layout to find opponents; you can see the active player list, scores and users of games played and it has a leader board. With all this going for it, I just think it will be much much easier to find your opponent for the TPC Champion league games. Never is not a very optimistic thought process. I would have to disagree. Let's go back to what I suggested earlier in a little more detail and we can decide if it is a valid theory: -Everyone who plays Online Tecmo games loads to TPC, including league games (you upload once to the league and once on TPC). -If possible Sois removes any kind of X-factor rating for uploaded games besides Original Rom. So any other rom would just calculate your X-factor as even teams. -This would make any league game matter not only for that league, but gives you a chance at making the TPC Champions League which has the POTENTIAL to be ultimate. -(About uploading all games to TPC) I know some might say, "I don't want to be on the active players list and have neubs annoying me about TPC games." Well, with all the ways to communicate these days, I would hope that most of us just go on AIM to play Tecmo and I think most of us do now and if not just put your away message on and most players won't bother you. Does this theory have a chance to unite all Tecmoers and all leagues to actually provide us with an Ultimate League with an Ultimate Champion????????