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  1. Yeah, Mort let me know you had a copy. Glad you like it.
  2. Winner of the Coin Flip is Player 1 and gets choice of Tier Loser of Coin Flip is Player 2 and choses team first from the Tier Player 1 chose or a lower Tier Player 1 chooses team from Tier originally chosen or a lower tier We are proposing to use this Tier List during any events or tournament we run in the future. It aims to do a few things: - Educate newer players on what teams match up well against each other - Educate newer players on the best offensive and defensive player on each team as well as their most desirable attribute - Creates greater matchup flexibility - Allows players to focus on using favorite teams in each tier - Allows players to practice using a minimum of 10 teams (2 from each tier) to prepare for a tournament. - Gives a quick guide for Field Goal Kicking Range for each team for experienced and newer players alike If you would like me to send you the Tier List file in the original size as a PDF or JPG, please email me at
  3. We had a great turnout yesterday for our first Chicago meet up at Michael Anthony's. We had over 30 people coming in and out throughout the course of the night. We had 6 guys there that have played in Tecmo Tournaments, and a lot of local friends who came to check it out either by personal invite or hearing about it on facebook. We ended up with 7 TV's hooked up with games. 3 Nintendos with Tecmo Super Bowl, 2 Super Nintendos (one with 4 player NBA Hangtime and one with NBA Jam TE 2K17), 1 Sega Genesis with 4 player NBA Jam TE, and 1 NES mini for people that weren't as interested in sports games. Mort ended up going 7-1 in the $50 challenge taken down by Flo and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Congrats to Flo! It was really a great time. We played from 6:30pm to 11:30pm on a TUESDAY. If anyone is interested in meet ups like this in Chicago let us know as we will have more in the future. Thank you to everyone who came out and Special Thanks to Mort, Joseph, and my brother Matt for bringing their TVs and equipment. If you want to check out the live stream from the event, here it is:
  4. We are all set for Tuesday! I just got back from Michael Anthony's and they have outlets galore in the back room. Between Mort and I, we have 5 TVs and 3 Nintendo Systems with Tecmo Super Bowl. I will set up one TV with 4 player NBA Jam on the Sega Genesis. Joseph, if you want to bring your TV with NBA Hangtime there is definitely room for it. For anyone else if we could get one more Nintendo there with Tecmo Super Bowl, that would be great (So we can have 4 TVs set up with TSB). I plan on streaming Mort attempting to run the gauntlet during the $50 challenge on my YouTube Channel: The Retro Sports Gamer. I am inviting quite a few locals to come out to see if we can get them interested in playing in Tecmo Super Bowl tournaments. I am going to give 3-4 inexperienced locals a crack at Mort before having Joseph, Rico, Flo play him. I will put you guys in order to play him based on who shows up to the event first. We will be using our new tier list for the games and will reveal the nice visual we created at the event. I will print out some additional tier lists for whoever wants to take one with them. I'll see you all there. Invite whoever you'd like. Let me know if you have any questions.
  5. I just took a look at the Tomczak Bowl's Tier List. It is similar without the intersecting teams and allows for more matchup flexibility. I want reveal the visual at the meet up. Mort and I will most likely do a video this next week explaining the tier list in more detail. I will post it in this thread.
  6. We are recording the Sega version this Saturday. It will be up soon.
  7. Hey guys, I'm doing a video podcast series of the WHOLE Tecmo Bowl series and I am in need of the 2004 Tecmo Bowl Mobile release and the Tecmo Bowl Iphone release. I am willing to buy the old cell phones off you if you have them installed. If you are not willing to sell, I will pay a small amount to borrow them as well as shipping costs. Please let me know. Thanks! Here are the podcasts that have been completed already if you want to check them out: Tecmo Bowl (NES): Tecmo Super Bowl (NES): Tecmo Super Bowl SNES:
  8. If it is in Chicago. I am definitely in. Just have to knock off a little rust.
  9. Allamerican1569 = Zoltan37 [ Post made on a Tecmo Super Mobile Device!]
  10. You got it. Xbox Gamerztag = AOL Instant Messenger
  11. I've been ecstatic about the release of this game ever since I found out what this game was going to be all about. The last couple days I've been counting down it's release telling my girlfriend at Midnight, "only 6 more days." She was pissed saying, "I'm gonna lose my boyfriend." HA HA! Anyway, ROD I think we should have a gamerztag thread for Throwback in the event that players on here (TPC, Leagues, etc.) have different user names then on their Xbox.
  12. "Ditto what Brud said...I don't have his server info...although if I asked, I'm sure he'd give it to time I talk with him I'll find out..." I would greatly appreciate that. Just let me know. [ Post made on a Tecmo Super Mobile Device!]