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  1. Bloomington, IL - 01/27/2018 - Bloomington Tecmo XV

    Where’s the MD 20/20????? Just playing. Looks like a good time. Did you get Coors Light because the grocery store was out of bottled water?
  2. Ahh..I’m hoping you’ll be too drunk to win.
  3. Detroit, MI - 03/03/2018 - Detroit Tecmo Kumite VI

    I had your tournament on my radar last year, but could not find anyone to go with from Chicago. This year I'm planning / hoping to be there. I'm really intrigued by the swiss rounds in a Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament. I already let Mort know I'm intrested in a car pool to Detroit if he is going.
  4. 6th annual tecmo TurkeyBowl aka squah madness

    Cool! Do you have a link to the playback of this? Or was it just live? Looks like you guys had a good time.
  5. Thunderdome X: Bounty Details!

    That was a work of art! Incredible musical choices.
  6. Berwyn, IL - 10/14/17 - The Equalizer - Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament

    Here are the complete results: http://challonge.com/theequalizer Better late than never.
  7. Team Tiers for Default Settings Tournament

    I think MIN would fair better against the RAM, WAS, and DET. Minnesota's speed on D makes is easier to stop Barry Sanders. The Joey Browner interception factor helps increase picks against DET and WAS as well as combat covered catches of the RAMS passing game. Minnesota is one of those teams where the defense can win some games for you. Since the defense is always static in any format, MIN's D would be greater than a locked in Broncos default playbook.
  8. Team Tiers for Default Settings Tournament

    I see! I was wondering about lurching as if it was allowed it would change the team rankings a bit some too. With playbook changes allowed, DEN, DET, and WAS all match up pretty well against each other. Although in your format I would say DET > WAS > DEN. Detroit has the best playbook of the 3 and an elite running back. Washington's motion playbook can be a bit confusing to defend and if the player controlling the skins is a good tapper, it is actually a solid playbook given the running plays. If I remember correctly DEN has that crappy run 2 and flea flicker, that would hurt them quite a bit as those plays are auto blow ups.
  9. Please fill us in on how this goes. I'm interested to see who places where in each game you play. Good luck!
  10. Team Tiers for Default Settings Tournament

    Do you guys ban lurching (nose tackle dive)? Given their default playbooks, I think ATL and DEN match up fairly well.
  11. Team Tiers for Default Settings Tournament

    Looks like a pretty interesting system of tiering the teams. I can't say I have all the default playbooks and starters memorized, but I can see why a team like the Lions would be higher on your tier list. They have a pretty standard run and shoot playbook minus a couple plays that would give you an advantage versus other teams that would usually be considered in their tier, but have a lesser playbook. The other thing to consider though, is Mel Gray can't be utilized in this format, and that would bring their value down a tad. Given your format I don't see anything that jumps out at me as totally out of place. Usually the Falcons are lower and Bengals higher, but I'm pretty sure the Bengals have a default flea flicker and reverse in their playbook. It looks legit. I think it is pretty cool that everyone has their own unique way of playing the same game. Anyway you play it, it's still a blast.
  12. Bloomington, IL - 01/27/2018 - Bloomington Tecmo XV

    I will definitely let you know. Not opposed to multiple cars if I can rally the troops. I don't know bro, people were saying @ShallahBey put on a better performance then a drunk ass Flo probably would of. I don't know, that's just what I heard.
  13. Bloomington, IL - 01/27/2018 - Bloomington Tecmo XV

    I've seen pictures of this belt online for a few years already and have heavily coveted it. I can't pass up an opportunity to try and take that puppy home. @tecmobo May be the Chicago Tecmo Super Bowl Champion, but the Illinois State Championship is still up for grabs.
  14. Based off my experience at Tundra Bowl 4, Nathan runs a top notch tournament, but I'm sure most of you already know that. I really got kick out of the locals playing blind volleyball in Halloween costumes with a DJ playing at 9:30am on a Saturday in January at the Watering Hole. Green Bay is a much different place than Chicago. I'm bummed I'll be missing out on Tundra Bowl V, but I have to attempt to go get that Tecmo Bowl Illinois State Championship Belt in Bloomington, IL.
  15. Berwyn, IL - 10/14/17 - The Equalizer - Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament

    It was definitely a fun stream, but the initial shock value of the commentators swearing lead to the chat letting them hear about it (during the first game). Then that devolved into a back and forth between the one commentator and the chat. It was all in good fun, but the combination of the commentators not knowing the people in the chat and what was being said was not a good mix. The humor and energy had the Tecmo crowd going at the bar, but the feedback from the people watching the stream was mixed. I'll still go through the footage and upload some of his zingers. As for me, I'm personally one that doesn't like to swear on the internet too much, but I'm also not in the business of filtering it either. I mean come on! I have Nick The Commish as a co-host on Retro Sports Gaming Monthly.