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  1. finally figured out streaming again so decided to bring back a fan favorite games will be streamed here i will look at the schedule and decide based on anticipation of a match up people would wanna see.
  2. Great topic.. i def wanna win the coin toss vs regulator and a few others but yes i definitely rather lose the coin toss 85% under the old laws. But with the new laws i wanna win it 100% lol... Vs reg if i lose the toss my chances to win are very low but if i win it then i say i have a 45% chance..
  3. @lou where we staying?
  4. back willing to move wherever im needed
  5. season 1 - tecmoaddict season 2 - tecmodell season 3 - tecmodell season 4 - diaz - season 5 - bigmv season 6 - vogt season 7 - 8bit season 8 - vogt season 9 - vikingmo season 10 - joeygats season 11 - gio season 12 - bgboud season 13 - kamphuna season 14 - clark season 15 - ziur season 16 - warmachine season 17 - clark season 18 - coconuts season 19 - joeygats season 20 - joeygats season 21 - joeygats season 22 - joeygats
  6. jp wins toss and calls mia vs kc i take mia. i win 38-10 but it was 17-10 and jp was driving for the tie and fumbles and i score 24-10 his next drive another fumble and it got more silly from there.. gg man thunderdomegroupjp.nsv
  7. Psycho had the worst luck i ever seen 2 games straight wow
  8. gats vs casual.. i win toss and call dal vs phx and win 28-7 gg man (i was phx) tunderdome2017r1causul.nsv
  9. cant wait to see the groups
  10. Yes cant wait.. i need to get in contact with louis
  11. Hey bo asked me bout this. Any ball park figure on how much 1st place pays out?
  12. I'm here to say played a hell of a game congrats and Glrw With that said only reason i lost cause at time we played this i just lost 200 and had 200 in play that was losing and pending on Derek anderson over 1.5 tds prop bet so right away i wasnt in a tecmo mindstate... shouldn't of played but after him no showing 3 times prior knew was only chance to