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  1. back willing to move wherever im needed
  2. season 1 - tecmoaddict season 2 - tecmodell season 3 - tecmodell season 4 - diaz - season 5 - bigmv season 6 - vogt season 7 - 8bit season 8 - vogt season 9 - vikingmo season 10 - joeygats season 11 - gio season 12 - bgboud season 13 - kamphuna season 14 - clark season 15 - ziur season 16 - warmachine season 17 - clark season 18 - coconuts season 19 - joeygats season 20 - joeygats season 21 - joeygats season 22 - joeygats
  3. jp wins toss and calls mia vs kc i take mia. i win 38-10 but it was 17-10 and jp was driving for the tie and fumbles and i score 24-10 his next drive another fumble and it got more silly from there.. gg man thunderdomegroupjp.nsv
  4. Psycho had the worst luck i ever seen 2 games straight wow
  5. gats vs casual.. i win toss and call dal vs phx and win 28-7 gg man (i was phx) tunderdome2017r1causul.nsv
  6. cant wait to see the groups
  7. Yes cant wait.. i need to get in contact with louis
  8. Hey bo asked me bout this. Any ball park figure on how much 1st place pays out?
  9. I'm here to say played a hell of a game congrats and Glrw With that said only reason i lost cause at time we played this i just lost 200 and had 200 in play that was losing and pending on Derek anderson over 1.5 tds prop bet so right away i wasnt in a tecmo mindstate... shouldn't of played but after him no showing 3 times prior knew was only chance to
  10. Any games besides daboy vs lovesme been played?
  11. I been playing extra lazy with minimum effort at times in all my leagues and had my worst season to date in ttl going 6-3-1 and for my first time ever in the league wont have a bye. Playoffs are coming and i will be giving it my all and going for my 3 in a row as league champion but it wont be easy but i look forward to getting back to playing some good tecmo
  12. Format. I have carefully selected 84 of the best/most commonly called original rom matchups, and have made a six game schedule for each team. 14 owners select two teams each to play a 12 game season. The picking order is based on previous season finish. The second round of team picks will be in the reverse order of the first. It really shouldn't matter though. The better the teams you pick, the harder your schedule will be. For Playoffs we switch to a called matchup league where the higher seed is always the winner of the "coin toss". Winner can either call the matchup and take P1 or defer calling the matchup and then take choice of the two teams called by the opponent but then plays with P2. These are the current madison rules. This is a Tournament Training League so we adopt the current rules of madison. your second pick, you cannot chose anybody on the schedule of your first pick. Nobody can play themselves. If there is a conflict at the end, somebody please trade with him. Again, you will have an equal shot with any team, because all teams strength of schedule are about equal. Pace. 5 weeks to play between 10-12 games Playoff seeding tiebreaker. Head to head is the tie breaker, then owner point differential. In a multi- owner tie where head to head sends us around in circles, owner point differential will be the tie breaker. If that is tied, we go back to head to head for the two guys left standing. If that doesn't work, or all else fails the commissioner can choose to have an additional game played to determine final playoff spot.Rules will be Madison Rules (nobody but RBs running the ball, LB1 allowed for PAT and FGs, 1 trip to change screen per quarter), and the use of condition checkers is prohibited. The Tecmo Gods and your own conscious will enforce that. Obviously, I cannot. If you want to use one anyways, well it's you that has to sleep with yourself at night. And you'd really be doing yourself more of a misjustice than anybody else. You're supposed to be here either because you are a purist and/or to practice for live tournaments, where they didn't/don't exist. You also cannot edit your defensive positions nor your offensive line. Don't even try. It wont let you.Getting roms and uploading stats. We play all games on tap tester rom and in preseason mode. There are no injuries at live tournaments. Don't play a matchup however until it appears on your Dynastyphile page. At that point, the winner then uploads the save state by clicking on "SAV" under the applicable matchup.
  13. This is a Tournament Training League. Game play rules are the same as Madison. That being said. No condition checkers. You can't use a condition checker at a tournament and you can not use one here either. Changing playbooks is allowed before the game WR and TE are not allowed to run the ball except on reverses designed for WR’s Using the 4th man down on FG and XP is Allowed Onside kicks are allowed Skipping the coin toss is NOT allowed Do your best to say GL and GG. Those stand for Good Luck and Good Game. Using the Defensive Linemen is allowed but - Lurching: Lurching is prohibited. If you want to rush with a DL, you must either go outside the offensive tackle or bump/grapple someone on the offensive line. Please note that this rule does not apply to LBs. If you want to rush with a DL, when crossing over the line of scrimmage within the restricted circle with a DL and before making a play on the QB, you must first bump or grapple with an opposing player who is not the QB. However, there are no restrictions on DL when the offense is in the shotgun or when crossing over the line of scrimmage outside the restricted circle. Please allow the team on defense to pick their defender before the ball is snapped You can only go to the do substitutuions or check conditions TWICE a half The winner is responsible for getting the save state file. The loser must confirm the winner got the save state file. At minimum, allow him time to get the file.