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  1. why is this a vote is crazy to me lol
  2. yea the bridge toll I still don't know how that happen. its my fault no one elses. I should of researched the area better.
  3. I did complain bout the pay out cause I thought it was gonna be around 140 for winner. but no one actually said anything official.. but changing pay out cause of a no show is understandable. far as splitting the bracket and refreshing, that was definitely a little frustrating .. honestly I was just upset over that $42 dollar toll... that ruined my day. I mean its a house tourney and I really never asked any questions and only assumed how things were gonna be.. my fault and ill be sure to clarify the rules of the tourney and payouts beforehand next time.. definitely meant a lot of cool people there and hopefully some of them decide to play online
  4. yea ill come why not i need to play on console again. and hopefully i can convert a few guys to join online,, far as a 4 dig
  5. week 7 matty d vs joeygats
  6. @Hirsch i may be interested depending location best way to reach me is on discord https://discordapp.com/invite/0bTEaH3dmy3Dzsgq
  7. week 6 arcoem vs tecmobo
  8. stalltalk vs joeygats - week 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bu5BRQwlKz0
  9. daboy vs jesusluvsme - week 3
  10. nos vs prime - week 2
  11. finally figured out streaming again so decided to bring back a fan favorite games will be streamed here https://www.twitch.tv/gatstecmoboys i will look at the schedule and decide based on anticipation of a match up people would wanna see.
  12. Great topic.. i def wanna win the coin toss vs regulator and a few others but yes i definitely rather lose the coin toss 85% under the old laws. But with the new laws i wanna win it 100% lol... Vs reg if i lose the toss my chances to win are very low but if i win it then i say i have a 45% chance..
  13. @lou where we staying?