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  1. yea this is not something you expect watching any video game tournament being streamed from the announcers
  2. as of now we got 2 inferior divisions in the league (afc west) (nfc east) and we have to superior divisions (afc central) (nfc central) so lets swap out and ad more balance trade bart for ptitterli and trade bowler for discdolo
  3. The Usual Suspects

    ill update this soon. cause ziur and joeygats went on a hot streak and other gone cold
  4. bighock

  5. NGTL Waiting List

    since this is basically hstl im def interested in coming back Discord: joeygats Nickname (if applicable): gats Email: Availability: no clue but ill get games in Can you host?: yes List 4 Team Preferences: dal, ind, eagles, min What's your location/timezone?: est Why do you want to join NGTL?: its like hstl
  6. The Usual Suspects

    who are the people in the league that make the playoffs year in and year out and are always a lock to make it you ask? (BASED ON LAST 3 SEASONS PLAYED IN THE LEAGUE) meet the usual suspects Stalltalk - made it last 3 seasons Nos - made it 2 out of the last 3 seasons gats - made it 2 of the last 3 seasons luckytool - came back 2 seasons ago and made it both times jesusluvs - made it 2 out of the last 3 seasons rockman - made it 2 out of last 3 seasons discdolo - made it 2 out of 3 last seasons ziur - made it 3 out of 3 last seasons hoff - made it 2 out of 3 last seasons rico - made it 2 out of 3 last seasons suspects at the most risk of missing s41 playoffs joeygats 3-3 and a tough schedule ahead. its either gonna be him or ziur to make it not both. ziur is 1-0 so far vs gats so he has a big edge ziur 3-2 and a tough schedule ahead. read above hoff 4-3 but he has alot of action left and its not gonna be easy discdolo 1-3 with alot of games to change it around or dig his grave deeper
  7. 22 tds in 8 games is quite impressing
  8. Round 0 Vote

    polls really 7-7
  9. HSTL S42 Draft Format

    looks good
  10. Round 0 Vote

    no cause theres no point to it
  11. lol i guess but theres always next year! jan 1 is when it starts
  12. gotta make some edits to how many points gtfo and ntgl are worth since the owner changes are way dif then last time i looked nos told me to put ttl above ntgl and gtfo so i did just that
  13. i just had a great conversation with dave and suggested that the top online tecmoer for the year should get a free entry into madison, he agreed that it makes sense so said yes how do we decide whos the online tecmoer of the year? simple - whoever has the most league titles, online tournament wins, and championship game appearances each league or tournament win isnt gonna be as much as the next. for example - a hstl title is worth the most reward points, it all just depends HOPEFULLY BY ADDING A LITTLE INCENTIVE THIS WILL BRING MORE ATTENTION TO ONLINE TECMO GTFO - champion = 5 reward points, runner up = 2 reward points WTF - champion = 8 reward points , runner up = 5 reward points TTL - champion = 6 reward points, runner up = 3 reward points HSTL - champion = 10 reward points, runner up = 7 reward points NTGL - champion = 5 reward points, runner up = 2 reward points tournament reward points - will be based on how many competitors and level of the competition. example - last year thunderdome - champion = 10 reward points, runner up = 7 reward points Any questions or things that need to be changed like the amount of points each league is worth please let me know this year is kind of a moot point though since NOS is the winner and can not be caught up to but there is always next year
  14. i cant take that much pressure lol seriously dont wanna have to do any serious tournies besides madison but will see. and yes reg is the king