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  1. just a headset w/mic. xsplit gamecaster records both the game play and the mic input as you play. I need to put the mic farther from my mouth next time so me breathing like a moron doesn't come through on the vids lol
  2. Group L I won toss PHX vs DAL jebigred took DAL tadaos (PHX) vs jebigred (DAL) PHX 25 DAL 7 thunderdomeX_poolplay_game1.nsv TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns1
  3. Group L I won toss NO vs JETS bighock took JETS tadaos (N.O.) vs bighock (JETS) NO 20 JETS 17 TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns2 thunderdomeX_poolplay_game2.nsv
  4. tadaos Can NOT host EST available weeknights after 8:30pm EST and most weekends
  5. I'm going to make a serious effort to attend this as well so pencil me in!
  6. Thank you Brian for yet another great job with this tournament!
  7. HSTL Waiting List

    Discord: tadaos Nickname (if applicable): tadaos Email: kevin.smith306@frontier.com Availability: most nights and weekends Can you host?: no but can use kaillera servers or hamachi List 4 Team Preferences: bills, eagles, anyone that's available then move to buffalo as soon as it's available What's your location/timezone?: eastern Why do you want to join HSTL?: former member who loves the original rom draft
  8. Long Island, NY - 08/13/16 - LI Retro Tecmo Tourney

    Great job guys as always it was a lot of fun and it was great seeing everyone again! I hadn't touched a nintendo controller since the last CT tournament back in December but I think I played pretty well despite being rusty. Unfortunately I had the fumble bug the entire tournament, fumbling 2-3 times seemingly every game. I had to play Matty D the very first match and he knocked me into the loser's brackett with a solid 14-10 win PHX vs PIT. After that it was a long trek to the loser's finals, I think I had to win 4 games in a row to get there including a couple of blowout wins along the way. All of my games were even matchups including SD vs DEN, NE vs IND, MIN vs WSH and CLE vs GB. Loser's semis I had to take on Scott in a close game until I pulled away in the 4th quarter. Loser's final vs Matty he won the toss and chose CLE/GB matchup. I took GB and started with the ball and watched Woodside fumble it away on my side of the field. Easy 7 for Matty. Next possession I'm driving and again Woodside fumbles it away on a catch and run. Down 14-0 in the 1st quarter I thought it was over. Fought back to score 14-7 and I was able to stall Matt and a force a FG attempt. Harris flys in and gets the BLOCK. Kicker picks it up but my drones catch him before he can run for a first. End of he 2nd quarter I bomb it to tie it up 14-14. Matty comes out 2nd half and we trade scores. 4th quarter he scores again 28-21 leaving me 1:30 after the kickoff. Drive to midfield and attempt a couple of bomb jjs to Sterling but come up empty. Last play of the game I heave it to Sterling who makes the CC at the 3 yard line but is grappled down in triple coverage. Came up just short. Finals were 2 epic games from Brian and Matt. I would have recorded the matches but my digital camera ran out of batteries during the loser's semis. Great games guys looking forward to seeing most of you again for the NY tourney in October!
  9. Long Island, NY - 08/13/16 - LI Retro Tecmo Tourney

    I'm in! So excited I can make it! Kevin Smith tadaos1@optonline.net 203-521-8786
  10. Hi friends I hope you are all well! Sowa butt dialed me tonight and I realized I haven't checked in here in ages! What's the latest and greatest in the tecmo universe?
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  15. Ultimate General: Gettysburg

    searched for ya didn't come up with anything = [