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  1. Blowing a 3-1 lead is child's play!
  2. This is a pretty good watch for anyone who even remotely likes Brady.
  3. I mean... I can do this all year. I was MIA for a bit so I need to make up for lost time. Pats haters can keep feeling however they want and I will continue laughing about it. Here's how to accept a loss like a man and not make up fake scenarios to make yourself feel better.
  4. No thanks. But how about this. You Pats haters can keep telling yourselves whatever makes you feel better. Spygate, deflategate, Brady sucks, Atlanta should have intercepted 32% of Tom's passes, Pats could be 0-7, yada yada. And us Pats fans can enjoy what was the most epic season and Super Bowl comeback in history, where Brady gets ultimate redemption for being wrongly suspended, while becoming the 1st QB to win 5 Super Bowls. Personally, for a dynasty that has spanned 17 years and counting, I think the rest of the league should be happy the Pats only have 5.
  5. Well then I guess Brady and the Pats are lucky they played the full 60 minutes and didn't call the game after 45. Nothing hurts right now. You can go to any sports site right now and find out the truth. Pats won.
  6. Rodgers had his chance to do the same thing literally 2 weeks earlier. Sure, the argument could be made that the Packers defense was swiss cheese on that day (PUN INTENDED)... but it's an argument I don't care about. If Rodgers wants a better team around him (which he should already have in looking at the salaries and cap hits for both teams), then maybe he should take a peek at Brady's salary. Tom is superior once again. Turd sandwich? LOL... wow! I do recall after both Pats/Giants Super Bowls, I came on this very site and praised the Giants. I even said some nice things about Eli being clutch, despite him only putting up 17 and 21 points... and really getting lucky AF. I can dig up those threads if needed. Now Tom (Mr. GOAT) plays out of his mind and wins his 5th Super Bowl - and he gets turd sandwich? That's a new level of Pats hate.
  7. We are definitely used to it. There was a period of time from 2007 - 2011 when it stung a bit. But after the Pats winning their 5th - and the way it happened... fuck. We're just sitting here listening to the haters like
  8. Agree. The Falcons collapsed. But on the other side of every collapse is a team who kicked their ass and caused them to collapse. Jersey Joe Walcott didn't just fall down. Rocky Marciano was there to knock him onto his ass. The Yankees didn't just collapse in 2004. The Red Sox kicked their teeth in and reversed the curse. Hell, even the Byzantine Empire didn't just fall. The Ottoman army defeated it. The Patriots willed their greatness on the Falcons. The entire team went into Beast Mode like nothing anyone had ever seen before. Literally, the entire team (aside from two players who I won't double out). It was the greatest thing the NFL has ever seen.
  9. Talk about dropped interception luck, though... Wow.....
  10. Not the best quality, but a good time anyways - despite standing in sleet for 3 hours.
  11. 6 years later and my thread finally comes to fruition! Well, 4 years later, then again 6 years later. WOOOOO!! And this \/ \/ \/ Crazy @Stadawim