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  1. Just documenting my best ever NE COA season. To reiterate the rules: - No playbook changes - original Pats playbook only. - No roster moves of any kind (unless someone gets injured). - If someone gets injured, you must sub in the next in line as Tecmo would. - No checking player conditions. Ever. 15-1 + Super Bowl. My 1 loss was to the Vikings. (I actually had a 16-0 season a few weeks ago, but lost in the AFC Championship to Buffalo)
  2. I know. I think most people outside of Pittsburgh wanted Nashville to win. Now we'll have to hear how Pittsburgh is a great sports city, even though their baseball team sucks and most of their Lombardi's are covered in rust and spider webs It is what it is, though. The Pens are champs and they are an exciting team to watch. Can't hate too much.
  3. The game restricts goalies from moving outside of the crease. This is probably a good thing. When you don't have the puck, you control all your players at the same time (i.e. when you push up, all 4 of your skaters and your goalie move up). If you are chasing the puck left or right and your goalie had no restrictions, he could end up at center ice or behind the net. Love this game, btw.
  4. This may save you some time. Once you enter all the players, ratings, etc - just paste into TSBTool Supreme. Instead of going one by one... TSBTool Import Spreadsheet.xlsx
  5. Fantastic!
  7. IT IS... and it's in TECMO FORMAT
  8. Hey, to each their own, I guess. I prefer fast, physical, non-stop action... players who sacrifice their body for a common goal. The more bruises, broken bones and missing teeth the more glory. Now don't get me wrong, I like watching soccer from time to time. When the World Cup rolls around I am glued to the tv (pending international game times) - and I've watched an EPL game or two over the past year. But if you enjoy watching soccer more than hockey, then we are just on different pages.
  9. I'd tell you to give it a shot. Not because I think hockey needs more fans. I don't care about that... and would prefer less casual fans, anyways (in all sports). But because most people who watch it for the first time end up really liking it. But to each their own. Unless you insult it, then I will engage in a lifelong debate about it. Agree. Plus, I was re-reading this entire thread recently and noticed you made one of the first anti-hockey comments on page 1 (hence my @knobbe tag)... so... you started it!
  10. Understandable. Casual sports fans who watch ESPN reality TV usually don't.
  11. Isn't it, though?
  13. ESPN can eat my dick. They dropped hockey back in 2005, which is when I dropped them. Their NHL coverage is a joke and their staff continuously reaches out to NHL media and fans on twitter for permission to use their material on their site - to which hockey media and fans always tell them to "take a hike". I'd say most NHL fans share my sentiments above. Popularity has never meant anything to me. If I wanted to like the most popular things in America I'd drink Budweiser and listen pop music.