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  1. Very close...
  2. Hey - congrats! Welcome to the 3-kid club. No more man-to-man... gotta go zone.
  3. I just happened to look at my profile today and noticed I joined this super-amazing site 10 years ago yesterday. Good times...
  4. Correct! Nope
  5. /\ Hint: BUF, SEA, TB, MIN, NO
  6. I recall the interview. Forget who posted it, but it was a great read. Next Question: In the original TSB (stock playbooks), which two plays appear the most? (One RUN, one PASS... the RUN is used in 11 team's playbooks, the PASS is used in 10 team's playbooks)
  7. Hint:
  8. Bax's neighbor to the right He blocks for BHump
  9. Correct AFC
  10. A flawed hint and everyone is up in arms, but no question asked in over 2 days and everyone is all chill. Let's keep it going. Next question is a 2-part question, giving OL some love, and revolves around unique attributes. 1) We all know KC's John Alt is the strongest OL in the game... who is the weakest OL (HP)? 2) Which OL has the RS/RP reversed (69/31)? Hint: Tom Brady has better "hidden stats" than Johnny Johnson.
  11. Hog? Looks more like a GOAT drenched in gatorade...
  12. I can't make any promises.
  13. Interesting. I thought the thorn in the Pats side (all -time) was the Broncos. Even with Brady. I'll have to check later on when I have a chance...