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  1. Disappointed there were no game 7's in round one, but 18 of the 42 games went to OT, which broke an NHL record. Intense games all around. I went 5-3 picking series winners - and despite picking them to win, am very relieved the Canadiens and Blackhawks were eliminated. Round 2 predictions: CAPS over Pens in 7 (pulling for Washington) RANGERS over Sens in 5 (pulling for New York - salty about Ottawa taking out Boston) PREDS over Blues in 7 (no rooting interest, but I hope whoever wins, wins the West) DUCKS over Oilers in 7 (pulling for Anaheim) I would be absolutely shocked if the Senators took down the Rangers, but the other 3 series could go either way.
  3. My rooting interest changes as the playoffs go on, but right now, yes, I am hoping the Caps win it all. If the Caps fall to the Leafs then I'm jumping on the winner of Nashville/St. Louis. The Pens are without Letang. Rest or not, if the Caps can't beat them this year, they never will.
  4. I had the Caps over Ducks in my bracket finals. Original predictions: CAPS over Leafs in 5 PENS over Jackets in 7 HABS over Rangers in 6 SENS over Bs in 6 HAWKS over Preds in 6 DUCKS over Flames in 6 OILERS over Sharks in 6 WILD over Blues in 7 Who I'd like to see win: Tier 1: Bs Tier 2: Caps, Preds Tier 3: Blues, Wild Indifferent: Ducks, Leafs, Blue Jackets, Sens, Sharks, Flames Do not want to win: Hawks - I'm still not over 2013 and I'm jealous of their success Rangers - I like this team, it's just a NY thing Pens - I like Crosby more than most Boston fans, just don't want to see a back to back Oilers - Chiarelli will try to take credit, but their success is due to high 1st round draft picks for sucking over the past 10 years Habs - because f*ck Montreal
  5. No problem. I enjoy creating NHL playoff brackets. I should say upfront that I did not create the 8-bit Stanley Cup. I found that online somewhere and thought it looked cool and fit with the 8-bit theme. What better way to combine my favorite sport with my favorite video game (if only NHL94 had season mode... and people could figure out how to make the COM tougher, among other hacks). I'll be updating that bracket above for each round of the playoffs. BTW, If you're into cool sports graphics, check out this guys page.
  6. For those following along, I've made a Tecmo style playoff bracket (using my mini logo graphic above).
  7. I was finally able to see these guys live in Boston this past Monday (and actually meet them in person). Sure, they aren't for everyone - but despite the "parody" label, they are amazing musicians. The perfect combination of music and comedy. Under the make-up, wigs and spandex (which makes it all completely amazing), they are 4 of the coolest and down to earth dudes I've met. ...Oh - and for some reason I thought it was cool to wear my "Pats 5X Champs" shirt to the concert. Way to plan the wardrobe in advance, Bodom. They are actually pretty big football fans (they played Romo's wedding and have appeared on SNF and the Eisen show). They jokingly taunted me a bit, saying "Go Bills" and "Tannehill is gonna light you up next year". Amazing all around.
  8. Can't we make Jan 18th Pats 2007 choke day (1/18... or international format 18-1)? Clever, I know. ....and keep 3-28 for Atlanta. Sure, it's easier to joke about what should have been #4, when you eventually get #4 and #5 in spectacular fashion.
  9. I went to school and played sports with his nephew.
  10. Blowing a 3-1 lead is child's play!
  11. This is a pretty good watch for anyone who even remotely likes Brady.
  12. I mean... I can do this all year. I was MIA for a bit so I need to make up for lost time. Pats haters can keep feeling however they want and I will continue laughing about it. Here's how to accept a loss like a man and not make up fake scenarios to make yourself feel better.
  13. No thanks. But how about this. You Pats haters can keep telling yourselves whatever makes you feel better. Spygate, deflategate, Brady sucks, Atlanta should have intercepted 32% of Tom's passes, Pats could be 0-7, yada yada. And us Pats fans can enjoy what was the most epic season and Super Bowl comeback in history, where Brady gets ultimate redemption for being wrongly suspended, while becoming the 1st QB to win 5 Super Bowls. Personally, for a dynasty that has spanned 17 years and counting, I think the rest of the league should be happy the Pats only have 5.