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  1. Hollywood TSB Rom

    I was thinking about a fun version of a rom that had all the great high school/college/etc (non-NFL) football teams from TV/Movies over the years. Could really only come up with 12 or so, and then I thought maybe including their rivals might take up some more spots...probalby don't have much time to do it right now, but I think it might be a fun project in the future... Remember the Titans Friday Night Lights Wildcats Best of Times Necessary Roughness The Replacements Just to name a few...
  2. Since I've gotten a lot of steam on this project lately, I've decided to make an official thread. In the past, we communicated via email, PM, and forum posts, and a bunch of information between hurricane and myself either got lost, or never discussed. The MT boys are busy with their TSB3 ROM, so rather than risk losing it again, I broke down the talking point. Here they are: Things the editor can do Team info (city, arena, mascot, ranking team attributes) Player info Import player data from CSV Home/Away uniforms (web-based) Court colors (web-based) Editor to-do list Note which palettes the historic teams share Ability to swap palettes (for moving teams around) Ability to copy/move team Need discussion These are things I haven't touched because I don't understand the notes hurricane gave me playbooks Tournament setup (does this mean setting up the seeding?) Starting lineup pointers (along with just needing some discussion on how they work, hurricane also noted there was a bug that needed fixing. See note in bugs section below). Things not known, but would be nice Setting the schedule for playing a season Finding Sim Values Finding Palette Pointers For all team colors (no more Sharing) Check if there are built in playstyles Work on updating uniform styles (sprite artwork) Fan palettes? My notes have a hex location of EAC5E...are these mapped out? Bugs The starters will be the first 5 players on the rosters.....Guard,Guard,Forward,Forward,Center. On the pointers in the team info this is reversed because the names scroll top to bottom (Center,F,F,G,G) Does that make sense. The next 7 players are the bench players, i think in order of 6th man thru the 12th Dud . Pallettes are correct, I might see what all the bytes do between palettes to see what effects it has on game. Will give you feed back on that. The new sheet i sent also has my logo finds so far I'll break down the bytes for that this week. I am still trying to figure it out myself. For future info, we might want to add a default playbook. That i should have tomorrow night...just putting the pointers together now. Also maybe play styles for each team as well, again just some slider stuff maybe, will let you know what i find on team AI....i think there is something in those 12 unknown bytes on team AI i haven't found. Took a break to watch NC game. Previous thread on this: http://tecmobowl.org...ge__hl__remixes Editor Notes I suck at anything dealing with UI on a windows app. I'm debating on porting the whole editor to be a web-based thing. If enough people eventually care about that, I'll upload it somewhere and make it so people can edit their ROMs as desired. For this first one though, I won't have time to do that, so it'll have to just be a community project. Control setup http://www.allgame.com/game.php?id=7529&tab=controls CoachK (master).zip
  3. After playing Baron's Tecmo NCAA Basketball ROM, I realized how much fun that game could be. But, the two editors available leave something to be desired, not to mention being difficult to get working if you're missing some system files. Plus, Rushy's editor borks up the sim data. Thus, in an effort to make the game easier to edit, I decided to start looking for hex locations. I'll drop everything I find here, updated in this thread and when I'm finished I'll code a TSB Tool type editor for the game. If anyone wants to contribute, post below and I'll update the thread. Tonight, I mapped the first set of data... Main Court Color/Primary Court Logo Color 27 bytes, 1 per team, uses NES hex color palette Court Colors (1 byte each, follows in a row) Team01 x1DC0C Team02 x1DC0D etc Away Uniforms (Home is always white) 27 bytes, 1 per team, uses NES hex color palette Team01 x1DC29 Team02 x1DC2A etc Things left to map: Other logo colors Uniform colors (I think I know where these are as well) Sim data Player data (names, attributes) Team data (team name and city)
  4. Techno Bowl - The Board Game

    Yes I spelled it right. If you're into board games like I am and you're on this forum, you might want to check this out! https://bombshell-games.pledgemanager.com/projects/techno-bowl-arcade-football-unplugged-0/participate/?ref=twitter
  5. Techno Bowl - The Board Game

    I've been talking to him. He certainly is a cool dude. I backed it immediately.
  6. Editing Tecmo NBA attributes

    It most certainly will. I'm composing this from the porcelain throne and its glorious.
  7. Editing Tecmo NBA attributes

    Oh god I'm old.
  8. Editing Tecmo NBA attributes

    If you can resummarize everything, that'd be spiffy...
  9. Tecmo NBA Basketball Mapping Project

    Honestly, a lot of them. I tried mapping it myself, but I couldn't make sense of some of it. I tried doing compares before and after using the old editors and everything gets messed up after the editor applies them. Also, I think the Sim data gets all messed up and the something like the bottom playlers on the roster get stupid high scores. Honestly, I'd like to start from square one and get the whole thing mapped out and make a nice editor for it...
  10. Tecmo NBA Basketball Mapping Project

    Agreed, though I tried and couldn't find enough of the locations. I'll write the editor, but I need some help finding the locations for everything.
  11. Well, what do you know? I read before clicking and I saw people were asking for invites...seems as though the channel is open now...my bad...
  12. Can I get an invite? I might have to be doing something like this for RBI Baseball...
  13. CoachK - The official project thread

    Agreed! Logos are really the toughest part. The rest I think I have mapped out.
  14. CoachK - The official project thread

    No worries homey. If you're around let's team up again. How cool would a tborg march madness tourney be?
  15. CoachK - The official project thread

    Word to the mother. As Dave Alluded to I need to stop talking and start doing. Or was it stop being polite, and start getting real? I always get that mixed up with MTVs "The Real World."
  16. Coach K Editor V.09

    Requirements: A PC with .NET Framework 3.5 or greater ** YOU MUST USE THE VERSION OF THE ROM THAT HURRICANE55 POSTED. THIS IS THE ONLY ROM THE EDITOR CAN READ ** Alright, the first edition of the editor is here. It's not a 1.0 release because there are a few things it doesn't do. My goal for this initial release was to create the architecture for it, and learn some WPF. After a few weeks of doing just that, here is the result...currently, it does the following: Allows editing of Team Information (Name, Mascot, Conference, Arena, Indicator Color, Rank, Wins, Losses, Scoring rank, Rebounding rank, Ball Control rank, Defense Rank rank, and Home/Away uniforms. Things left to do: Add a "create base ROM" feature that basically spits out a new ROM as is so you dn't need to go hunting around for the hurricane55 version everytime you want to edit Give proper acknoledgement to Hurricane and the NHL94 guys... Playbooks Player Information (abilities, heads, numbers, etc) Edit court/fans/stand colors Ability to edit the "previous year" e.g., 09-10 (I don't know where this exists yet) Edit offense/defensive playbooks The color chooser doesn't remember your color which is lame. I used an open source library for that...I plan to look at the code and add that functionality if I can. Edit remaining text throughout the game Clean up the UI I did a lot of testing, so this should be functioning properly, but I'd backup your ROM just in case. Please report all bugs to me. Remember, this is an early release and will go through more changes as coding continues. From the "left to do" list, I plan on hitting up player attributes, playbooks, and court colors next. I'm going to take a few days off and rest my weary head...probably fire some questions off to Hur to get prepared for when I do come back to this...
  17. CoachK - The official project thread

    Lol. I know. I know. I have the code still active on my laptop. I won't post anymore about it so I don't get anyone's hopes up
  18. CoachK - The official project thread

    I wouldn't say VERY dead. I have plans. I just need time. I have a start on the editor, I just need my other projects to die down. I ain't promising but I certainly want to finish this project and do an online tourney next March!
  19. Tecmo NBA Basketball Mapping Project

    I also thought about making something closer to what TSB tool supreme does. I got caught up on a couple of things in your post and meant to follow up with you at some point but other things kept me busy
  20. Tecmo NBA Basketball Mapping Project

    Honestly two things. One, I don't like the import feature. It's got a weird file format. And more important, the emuware editor messes with the same data and moves everything over in different locations. If I could fix that I could deal with the weird import format but that thing kind of bothers me. Also I wanted to try and find the color palettes for the logos to be able to easily swap in logos and what not
  21. Hey folks, it's your old friend TecmoTurd. Long time no talk! About a year or so ago, actually. Coincidentally, it's been that long since the RBI 2015 ROM release. If you look at the title, you'll notice I said "ROMs," plural. That's right, you have more options! RBI 2016 - by TecmoTurd of RBIBaseball.us This is the yearly release you've come to know and love in varying forms of evolution since 2008. I've spent countless hours (through the help of MANY people) trying to keep the RBI community alive, and I think the process of making this ROM has evolved to a point where I can say this is the best ROM I've put out. This is the ROM you'll find on the little gray carts you may have seen around town. If you know where to find the Tecmo ones, you'll know where to find the RBI ones. Style - This ROM is rated very much with original ratings in mind. The game should play like the old classic, but with with rosters from opening day for all 30 teams available. Great pitchers will fool you all day long and go deep into the 7th, mediocre pitchers will fool you sometimes and get taken deep others, and terrible pitchers will have a difficult time getting batters out. Download it here RBI 2016 - by Baron Von Lector of Baron's ROMS I've been talking with Baron for a few years now discussing the editing of various games and this year after discussing our ROMs, realized we both planned to release an opening day RBI ROM for 2016. Instead of two separate posts, we decided to release them together. Baron has a knack for high quality efforts, and the sheer number of great ROMs the guy puts out is astounding. Have you seen his Tecmo NCAA Basketball ROM? It's brilliant! Style - Baron and I have discussed how our ROMs differ. Generally, our power ratings fall close to each other, while our pitching/speed/contact ratings differ in approach. Another noticeable difference is that my ROM displays player's names as an almost vowel-less word, (Maldanado becomes Mldndo) whereas Baron's displays names with the first 6 characters regardless of name (Maldanado becomes Maldan) as well as well-known players might display their nickname or first name instead. Download it here As a subtlety, the full dirth paths have been added to the game as they have every year in place of the old school pond style dirt areas around the base. We think it adds a nice modern feel to the game. Both ROMs are definitely worth a try if you're into the best 8-bit baseball game ever made. The best part is you get to choose for yourself which one suits you best! Enjoy, and go baseball! P.S. We get that some people think Baseball Stars or Bases Loaded 2 are better games. Believe me, we hear it all the time. We love those games too! We just prefer fat, pixelated white dudes and the simplicity and fun of RBI!
  22. Editing Tecmo NBA attributes

    Wow, this is an old topic! I was looking at mapping all the attributes for this game to make a better editor and got the uniform and court palettes completed. http://tecmobowl.org/forum/topic/68361-tecmo-nba-basketball-mapping-project/?_fromLogin=1 I'll be using Rod's info for the rest. Thanks Rod, as always... If anyone has any information on how the sim data works, please let me know...
  23. Tecmo NBA Basketball Mapping Project

    Well shit... http://tecmobowl.org/forum/topic/1581-editing-tecmo-nba-attributes/ Seems like I need to start writing an editor!
  24. Slingshot Effect??

    I wish jstout was still around. He was looking into this for me.
  25. It's been a while. Anyone care to play a pickup game online? Unfortunately single player is too easy in TB. Wish there was a way to make it harder. tjansx on aolim.