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  1. Vote of Pitt / Swamp's penalty

    I don't like the precedence it sets if there is no penalty. We need to deter this type of behavior.
  2. Arn Retro Trade

    Should it be allowed?
  3. Duke vs Tadaos

    Who should be in playoffs?
  4. Playoff Race

    That's a sweet pic tim. Is that the game Metcalf returned 2 punt returns for tds? The crowd on the second one is insane.
  5. 1983 is here!

  6. Holy Hell Robert Brazile? 23 sacks in 6 games?!?!?!

    This. I literally just looked up a video on youtube and was hosting in 5 minutes. It's a bit frustrating though as I was forced to get a new modem from my cable company and my connection wasn't as good. I asked my 1st 5 opponents if they could host and all 5 told me they weren't able to so I had to host on a poor connection. I'm surprised how few people take the time to set up hosting and just rely on others to do it.
  7. 1981 All-Pro Team

    1981 All-Pro Team QB: Dan Fouts QB: Joe Montana RB: Walter Payton RB: Ottis Anderson RB: Tony Dorsett RB: Mark van Eeghen WR: Drew Pearson WR: Drew Hill WR: Freddie Solomon WR: Lam Jones TE: Ozzie Newsome TE: Hoby Brenner OL: Dean Miraldi OL: Kent Hill OL: Joe Jacoby OL: Max Montoya OL: Jackie Slater DL: Dan Hampton DL: George Martin DL: Rulon Jones LB: Robert Brazille LB: Dave Lewis LB: Otis Wilson LB: Cliff Odom DB: Eric Wright DB: Cedric Brown DB: Ronnie Lott DB: Mike Haynes K: Mike Lansford P: John James
  8. Gats Top 5 From Each Side & Predicitons

    yeah, just wish I could play the actual "game" better...
  9. TOP 5 Big Winners of 1982 Draft

    I turned my 1982 picks in a poor draft class and a couple scrubs into: -John Corker LB 56/63 (23) -Mel Owens LB 44/56 (24) -Joe Jacoby OL 44/69 (23) -Curt Marsh OL 31/56 (23) -Keith Bishop OL 19/50 (25) -Bruce Clark DL 38/56 (24) -Bobby Butler DB 50/56 (23) Ready for the 83' class so I can get some rooks to roll. Nice write up btw Kamp.
  10. 1981 ROY's

    Please Vote for 1980 Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year
  11. 1981 MVP's

    Please Vote for 1981 Offensive and Defensive Mvp's
  12. 1981 Pro Bowl Rosters

    AFC QB1 - Joe Montana (PIT) QB2 - Neil Lomax (CLE) RB1 - Walter Payton (HOU.) RB2 - Tony Dorsett (DAL.) RB3 - Mark Van Eeghen (PIT) RB4 - Joe Delaney (KC) WR1 - Drew Hill (CLE.) WR2 - Kevin House (WAS) WR3 - Steve Watson (DET.) WR4 - Freddie Solomon (PIT.) TE1 - John Spagnola (BUF) TE2 - Gary Lewis (NYG) OL1 TBD OL2 TBD OL3 TBD OL4 TBD OL5 TBD DL1 - Rulon Jones (ATL) DL2 - Donnell Thompson (BUF) DL3 - Joe Greene (KC) LB1 - Robert Brazile (PIT.) LB2 - Cliff Odom (DAL) LB3 - Jim Collins (ATL) LB4 - Dave Lewis (BUF.) DB1 - Cedric Brown (NYG) DB2 - Roland James (KC) DB3 - Bill Simpson (SEA) DB4 - Hanford Dixon (SEA) K - Mike Lansford (ATL.) P - Max Runager (NYG) NFC QB1 - Dan Fouts (N.O.) QB2 - Steve De Berg (NE) RB1 - Ottis Anderson (PHI) RB2 - Mike Pruitt (N.O.) RB3 - Wilbert Montgomery (G.B.) RB4 - Chuck Muncie (S.F.) WR1 - Drew Pearson (OAK.) WR2 - Steve Largent (MIN.) WR3 - Lam Jones (CIN.) WR4 - Carlos Carson (MIA) TE1 - Ozzie Newsome (BAL) TE2 - Hoby Brenner (NE) OL1 TBD OL2 TBD OL3 TBD OL4 TBD OL5 TBD DL1 - Randy White (MIN.) DL2 - Dan Hampton (CHI) DL3 - Howie Long (N.E.) LB1 - Larry Gordon (S.D.) LB2 - Harry Carson (S.F.) LB3 - Stan Blinka (N.E.) LB4 - Clay Mathews (CHI) DB1 - Mike Haynes (S.F.) DB2 - Lester Hayes (MIA) DB3 - Ronnie Lott (CHI) DB4 - Eric Wright (CIN) K - Tim Mazzetti (CIN) P - John James (S.D.)
  13. Pick 1.7

    Would like to move this pick for some help on my ol or db, or just drop down in the draft a bit. On my way to work now so shoot me some offers and i'll check em out later.
  14. RB William Andrews available

    26 yrs old 44rs/50ms/63hp/56bc/56rec
  15. #1 Pick

    Shoot me offers if interested. Wouldn't mind moving down a few spots.