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  1. HSTL Waiting List

    Discord: fightdogs321 Nickname (if applicable): fightdogs Email: Availability: Nights and days off Can you host?: Yes List 4 Team Preferences: TB, WAS, SD, JAX What's your location/timezone?: WI CST Why do you want to join HSTL?: To get better, playing top notch players and have fun.
  2. NGTL S3 Draft

    rb brown/wr harris
  3. NGTL S3 Draft

    Leroy Thompson/Ernie mills
  4. NGTL S3 Draft

    jon vaughn/mcmurty
  5. NGTL S3 Draft

    Buffalo OL
  6. NGTL S3 Draft

    QB George/TE Cash
  7. NGTL S3 Draft

  8. NGTL S3 Draft

    QB klinger/TE Thompson
  9. NGTL S3 Draft

    Smith/Bennett/Jones please
  10. Thunderdome IX: Sign Up Thread

    discord: fightdogs321 Can I host?: yes
  11. GG Carnage, I got the nsv (hope it works). For being out of tecmo for almost 10 years I ain't even mad at the results. tsbthunderdome.nsv
  12. AIM/Discord Handle: gotsb32 Can you Host? yes Preferred method of contact for games. AIM, PM, email (gotsb32@aol.com) What's your location/timezone? WI/CST
  13. Calling out a few

    Dude, I'll play you. I ain't afraid to play you, even though you almost certainly will not kick my ass (though you will probably win). ^^Borrowed from LordSummer
  14. Well, what's holding the nestopia switch back (according to ed...) is the saves I provided are encrypted/protected in some way, therefore sois is unable to get the stat section of those saves at this point. WOnder if all the others are encrypted in such a way? Regardless, this is going to take longer than I thought at least but i'm sure somebody will find a way.
  15. Yeah man thanks so much for playin with me. Rodney did suck bad that game(course minne will pick ya dry) but yeah very, very little lag thorugh and through. Pros: -Good server = good gameplay (10000x better than what's it nut??) - Not nesticle, doesn't take up entire screen - Did I mention you don't need to host, cause the servers do it for YOU?? - No screen refresh BS Cons: - Can't create movie file while netplay is active (I think) - It's not nesticle - Quite a bit of steps needed to play (right emu, set proper connection speed, pick server) but about as worse an nesticle. Overall, make the switch & try the damn thing!!