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  1. Thanks Deberg... If you are into TSB3, join the facebook group. If you're more active there. It's a pretty active TSB3 community now.
  2. Starting lineup resets

    The computer controlled teams will make adjustments to their teams during games all the time... and almost always, rosters will reset to base formation during season mode after an injured player returns. (though not always) There is no fix to this. If your goal is to make created players and level them up, the best way to do this is to just sim an entire season, then update the player, then sim another one. If a player doesn't get any point upgrades during an entire season, it means the player is stat locked and you need to delete him and make a new one. This happens pretty regularly. If this doesn't cover everything you wanted to know, let me know or message me. Also, if you join the TSB3 facebook group, I can cover your questions there as well as I'm on facebook far more frequently.
  3. The NFTGL's 19th season kicks off in 2 days, Friday March 2nd at 10am and will run about 60 hours non-stop until we crown our next Man Bowl Champion and do our post-season trades and free agency. Tune in and talk shit, or just hang out and watch. http://www.twitch.tv/nftgl
  4. Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    Looking forward to the event.
  5. SNES punt glitch

    I have not... But the game generally reacts very poorly to fumbles. That appears to be where most bad glitches occur.
  6. NFTGL season 17 Playoff Game videos

    Season 17 Man Bowl
  7. NFTGL season 17 Playoff Game videos

    NFTGL 17 Divisional Playoffs
  8. NFTGL season 17 Playoff Game videos

    Season 17 - Divisional Playoffs
  9. NFTGL season 17 Playoff Game videos

    NFTGL 17 - Wildcard Playoffs
  10. Season 17 - Wildcard playoffs
  11. TSB3 Training Manual

    Hey Rook are you and your family the group that plays in coach mode? I think a number of your theories are legit. One thing I've found to be true is that stats seem to have different functions sometimes based on computer control vs man control. I came upon this based largely on the TLL guys, like Deadfaulkner, who did all their testing by running computer sims and finding completely different responses for certain stats that I did through testing in man control. As to the code research... there just isn't as much interest in this game, compared to the NES version and the code hasn't been studied as much. While people have studied it for modding purposes, that's about all we've got. In a way though, this maintains a level of mystery to the game and how it works that I'm ok with.
  12. NHL games on genesis, SF2 on genesis. TSB3 on SNES.. taking all comers
  13. TSB III Create-a-player fee agency exploit

    At some point, as the NFTGL continues along and we continue tracking all of our successful trades I'll post a list of the SNES auto trades we've discovered. They're not absurd like the crappy back up for Steve Young kind of stuff as we have player values and trading rules, but we've discovered a number of trades that work almost 100% of the time. There are other factors in trading though. The # of teams involved in trading, and the attempts put through. If multiple teams target the same player, etc... So many factors to go along with the RNG of it. That being said... it's also possible that it's just straight up RNG, but I've done hundreds of off seasons (maybe thousands) of trade testing with various teams and I believe the factors listed above are a big deal.
  14. TSB3 Facebook Group

    For those that use FB more than TB.org, there is a small community of fans there that post things in the group. Images from games, stats, things like that. Here's the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/296118817189658/
  15. Who's doing what for TSB3 in 2017?

    The NFTGL is still knocking out 2 seasons every year. I spend most of my TSB3 time with that. Doing video review and uploading, some editing. We do a lot of stat recording as well and I have a bunch of spreadsheets I maintain for that purpose. I moved on from playing online in the TLL about 6 months ago for personal reasons. I was never a huge fan of online play in general as the delay really makes the game feel very different. I'd love to see a tournament happen again for this game, or some other kind of gathering that supported this game. Really curious what others are doing, how they're playing, etc. I know there were some people that were doing coaching leagues in the past and I'd love to hear more about that.