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  1. At some point, as the NFTGL continues along and we continue tracking all of our successful trades I'll post a list of the SNES auto trades we've discovered. They're not absurd like the crappy back up for Steve Young kind of stuff as we have player values and trading rules, but we've discovered a number of trades that work almost 100% of the time. There are other factors in trading though. The # of teams involved in trading, and the attempts put through. If multiple teams target the same player, etc... So many factors to go along with the RNG of it. That being said... it's also possible that it's just straight up RNG, but I've done hundreds of off seasons (maybe thousands) of trade testing with various teams and I believe the factors listed above are a big deal.
  2. For those that use FB more than TB.org, there is a small community of fans there that post things in the group. Images from games, stats, things like that. Here's the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/296118817189658/
  3. The NFTGL is still knocking out 2 seasons every year. I spend most of my TSB3 time with that. Doing video review and uploading, some editing. We do a lot of stat recording as well and I have a bunch of spreadsheets I maintain for that purpose. I moved on from playing online in the TLL about 6 months ago for personal reasons. I was never a huge fan of online play in general as the delay really makes the game feel very different. I'd love to see a tournament happen again for this game, or some other kind of gathering that supported this game. Really curious what others are doing, how they're playing, etc. I know there were some people that were doing coaching leagues in the past and I'd love to hear more about that.
  4. Are you playing solo? With your buddies? I know the TSB3 community is much smaller than the TSB community, so I wanted to start a threat where we can all talk about what we're doing with the game presently.
  5. With this kind of advance notice, I think I can make it happen. I'm putting it in my calendar.
  6. A tourney so close to home sounds fun, but the format sounds awful. Playing niners games all day sounds like a skilless mess. I have no issues with deviating from madison rules or house rules or whatever, but playing gamrs with just the best 3 teams all day doesnt sound like a good time.
  7. Just a reminder to bump this... We'll be streaming starting at 12pm this Friday. About 55 hours of non-stop Tecmo Super Bowl III action. 1 full season of play. 10 coaches.
  8. What is TSB 42? I'm clearly not in the know here.
  9. Hey now Molto.... How can TSB4 be better than the best Tecmo football game ever made, Tecmo Super Bowl III?
  10. The No Frills Tough Guy League will be live streaming our 17th season starting Friday March 3rd at Noon and continuing non-stop until Sunday March 5th. Stream will be live on our twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/nftgl We play through 1 full TSB3 season on the Super Nintendo with each team in the NFC Central and West under Man Control. Updates and videos are posted on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/nftgl/ Like and follow us on those pages for weekly video updates and our live streams. Also, check out our website, which is a pretty solid TSB3 resource page if you look under the Teams/Coaches tabs. You can review all of the base rosters for each team, as well as their playbooks. Link is in my signature.
  11. NFTGL season 16 was held back in August and videos have been getting posted to the No Frills Tough Guy League facebook page and youtube. If anyone prefers to see games linked here, let me know. Things have been quiet on the TSB3 section of the boards for a while now. Are people still playing? What do you have going on in your TSB3 right now?
  12. I would say that all defensive formations can be good, it just depends on the team that you are using, and how the drones support you when you're playing each formation. It also matters which plays you are calling on which formations and how the drones react to plays, and how they cover on passes. I do agree with some of what Slim said above, but I think all 4 formations are usable and it varies from team to team. Also, audibles can be great in many ways on defense. They allow you to play players on defense out of position. Which allows you to use formations differently from team to team. It really all comes down to personnel. Having the best players on the field can be a big deal sometimes... while other times, other teams, they just play differently.
  13. I hear that... Life gets crazy busy sometimes. I've had the same issues of late. Glad to hear the itch is still there.
  14. Hey drunken... how are things going? been a long while since we heard from ya