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  1. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    You don't think Revis can help?
  2. Random Thoughts

    democrats bailed out the banks, majority of obamas cabinet was picked by Citibank before he was even elected. Hillary is in with the banks, too. Yeah we're fucked either way. it's all the same. I think that's why there is such an uproar over trump, he is kind of an outsider.
  3. WEEK 11 Pickem

    Yeah I had all the safe picks, them I decided to gamble to try to make a move. It didn't work. The main game that I regret is RAMS, I bought the hype only to find that RAMS aren't for reals. I was was confident that ATL would win last night.
  4. WEEK 11 Pickem

    Roeth was in excellent, throwing the ball. I saw some of the best throws I've seen all season last night.
  5. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Cool, I hope I get to watch them someday. All they show on tv where I live is afc west and cowboys games. Sux.
  6. Great On-Field personalities

    Travis Kelce.
  7. Firefox Quantum

  8. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    “Approximately 90 men are currently employed as quarterbacks in the NFL, as either starters or reserves, and Colin Kaepernick is better—indisputably, undeniably, flat-out better—than at least 70 of them.” https://www.gq.com/story/colin-kaepernick-will-not-be-silenced watch out - major 1/2 white man afro alert.
  9. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Eagles got a hard-hitting D, dude. And a running game. And a decent QB. And a coach with balls. I think they're a NFC favorite right now. I don't know about the RAMS because I really haven't been able to see much of them, they are a mystery to me. patriots are pretty amazing, all those white boys tearing shut up with the GOATs. Pretty funny to see them schooling teams, like they did last night. It will be a sad day when the GOATs walk away from the NFL.
  10. WEEK 10, Pickem!

    TB was due for a win, JETS were due for a loss. I was tied up this afternoon and didn't get to switch the ATL pick - I had a feeling , and then I heard about Elliot missing, it was a sure thang DAL would lose. i do regret giving WAS a chance. That was dumb. is there gonna be a qb controversy in MIN? Will MIN have the balls to keep Keenum in? Just asking.
  11. Classic Tailback Highlights

    My favorite is still billy ray sims. Ever come across walter Payton college runs?
  12. Classic Tailback Highlights

    Man, Barry had that spin move! Awesome. So rare. Crazy that Thurman and Barry were there at the same time. I wore a lot of OSU gear as a kid back then.
  13. Random Thoughts

    yes, I can see that. there was also the Vietnam war that snuck in there that kind of divided the country! That should factor into your theory, somehow. my dad (born 1955) is what I would call a workaholic. but he grew up not wealthy, in Oklahoma, and was raised by a Native American family (adopted). The small town he grew up in was approx. 1/3 european, 1/3 native, and 1/3 african. not a lot of money in the community. a lot of hunting, fishing, and tearing shit up old school. they would have their trucks parked at school with rifles, shotguns, etc in the cabs, unlocked! never a single incident. he remembers when he was in 3rd grade, they would learn/memorize portions of Pslams, from the bible, and he recalls the day his teacher said to the class, "Well, the Government says that I can no longer teach you kids things from the Bible". he came from essentially poverty, went to college, while working and married, got a bachelors degree, then a Masters degree in Medical Physics, and raising me (after my mom left us for the weeds and the wine). to my dad, if you aren't constantly working as much/hard as you can, he thinks you're a pussy. this is the main thing he is judgmental about. Because I, on the other hand, follow the proverb - "one hand of rest is better than two fists full of labor and striving after the wind." ...how's that for white nuclear family?
  14. Accurate port of arcade Donkey Kong to NES

    Donkey Kong Jesus Billy Mitchell said this is just another false idol. But I'm cool with it. 😂
  15. Random Thoughts

    If he released his tax returns, he risks being "success shamed" by all you commies.
  16. WEEK 10, Pickem!

    As confident as picking heads in a coin flip. And I pick heads with confidence.
  17. Random Thoughts

    I have been saying this to my dad (born in 55) for at least a decade. I have seen all kinds of crazy judgemental shit that baby boomers have pulled on kids when the boomers did even worse things when they were kids. I call the boomers the "hypocrite" generation. Also, the greed generation, basically most of the bad shit we've had to deal with was set up by them. i am a dick to my dad, but he can take it. but we have to be careful, too. The kind of world we leave the next generation. So far, I think we're leaving them confusion, hate, hypocrisy, identity politics > real politics, and victim mentality (a short list, as far as negative things go). among other things, I teach my kids to respect all others, that nothing is owed to them by society or any one else (likewise they do not owe anyone anything- beyond taxes), that life is tough and does not always appear equal for everyone, dreams come true from actual physical and mental effort, that they are the most important person in the world - but they are also not better than anyone else, that god loves them as he loves others, do not lie/deceive, and to keep their eyes and ears and heart open. On top of the 10 commandments.
  18. Random Thoughts

    They caught some black dude painting swastikas at a college like a month ago. I assume it was a setup. To cause racial strife. also some black dude at k state manhattan wrote all kinds of racial slurs all over his own car. all these hoaxes meant to divide us. To fuel the msm anti white anti American anti Christian rhetoric, possibly. to eventually demoralize and destroy our country from within, to set up a more socialist/communist government. NWO shit. it is not hidden that soros is behind a lot of far left organizations in this country...wonder why? These marxists waited too long to start shit like this. There's cameras everywhere now. Hoaxes getting busted all the time. but I really do think the most imminent enemy of the USA is the mainstream media, primarily the obvious anti conservative left wing media. Have to throw late night talk show into the same category, now. Colbert might as well be CNN, kimmel nmight as well be maddow. Lame as hell. In a sense, the msm is radicalizing people. Against our legally elected administration, at the very least. Dont get me wrong I believe in a free press....but press just means propaganda/opinion, nowadays, it sure seems. Can't people just report the damn facts? Do we really need all the extra propaganda and hate along with the news?
  19. Random Thoughts

    https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2017/11/07/national-day-victims-communism this is kinda cool. I think it deserves a golf game.
  20. Random Thoughts

    https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/harvey-weinsteins-army-of-spies ho lee shit. dude had it coming.
  21. WEEK 9 Picks!

    I just picked GB last Tuesday, and left it there. I hadn't done any reconnaissance on DET or GB. Looked like a coin flip to me. I didn't even watch the game at all last night. I guess DET won?
  22. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Looks like if you are a war vet who turns down a trip to a aints game, due to anthem protests, you are "sad and devicive". https://amp.businessinsider.com/saints-navy-veteran-john-wells-award-kneeling-nfl-players-2017-11 But that's Typical backwards bullsit, these days. and it shows that a man gives honor to an award, the award does not honor the man.
  23. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    fuckin aj green with the rear naked choke