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  1. aka, "Choker's Day". where people get super drunk to reminisce and mourn all the poor chokers and choking teams of modern times. sorry to add this one, but 2007 New England Pats are among the honored on this therapeutic holiday.
  2. fyi, your challenged is invalidated by changing PHX default plays.
  3. dang, glenn davis was good. strong, blazing speed, and could throw a heck of a fade. I didn't even know who this guy was. thanks for the vid. from wikipedia: "With Davis and Blanchard, Army went 27-0-1 in 1944, 1945, and 1946. Davis was nicknamed "Mr. Outside", while Blanchard was "Mr. Inside"." wow. must have been all those guys going into the army for WW2. gave Army a nice pool of talent.
  4. this matchup was already looked at a page or two ago (in a string of DET matchups), but again DET for me.
  5. you're gonna need more help than a diagram.
  6. so, P2 actually recovered some of them? but wait.... since you ran it in season mode, COM JUICE should distort the data. so, maybe run these tests in preseason, or SET the juice to all 0's to make sure it doesn't change the "normal" outcome. of course, I could be wrong and COM v COM doesn't use juice at all, but I am thinking it does.
  7. I will try to watch it. Thanks for the tip. Though I am not a huge fan, Stone is (was) quality. A. It better not be one of those shows that tries to argue some garbage that Abe Lincoln was gay or whatever. B. And if it is a communist/socialist propaganda film, beware - I have read the Communist Manifesto, so I can discern.
  8. yes, bruddog, QBs with a passer rating "not equal to zero" are listed, regardless of attempts (although in my quick test I had two attempts). I noticed that a QB with a rating of "0" is not even listed. They are listed on the "Attempts" page, but not the passer rating page. so, add that to the "requirements". lol it's all good. thanks again, man.
  9. I was looking for this game upload and was surprised it isn't in this thread, but here is the linkage...
  10. I've played this matchup in tournaments twice and got ATL both times and won the game both times, so I will take ATL.
  11. probably should just make a new rom or pick a particular season to make a rom from. there were US CFL teams? I didn't even know that.
  12. any way to tweak this, bruddog, to like 1 pass attempt per game? I have a use for such a tweak.
  13. genius. thanks.
  14. I heard that Mr. Trump's SWITCH was tapped.
  15. bruddog, I wonder if you could use the existing programming framework of the Pro Bowl screens (especially the screen where you can choose players from each team for each position), but modify them for any team, to accomplish a trade sort of system? not that I am personally interested in this sort of trade thing, just brainstorming.
  16. I just think that map markers and quest guides make a game too easy and predictable, takes away the thrill of finding shit out on your own. but regarding length of games - the hours people are expected to log in (to a spoon-fed gaming experience) are ridiculous. I don't have time to sit in front of a TV for hours at a time. but if I was going to sit in front of a TV for hours day after day I would not want to know every quest that I am or am not doing, where everything is located, and all that kind of shit that a real man should be able to figure out in a real video game.
  17. re zelda: quest log? marks on map? what is this, a game for 6 year olds?
  18. I've got VHS tapes, dude. my dad taped most of my stuff, and I have some very low quality copies of some of my team season highlight VHS tapes. in a box in the basement.
  19. there is the "all blitz" rom I made - this is worth practicing vs COM, especially pass plays. and that is the reason I made the rom - practice. note to self: I should have made this on a rom with in-game playbook change, I will later.
  20. in my experience and opinion - that "tier graphic" two posts above, while "colorful", does not show good matchups and is misleading. my advice to noobs is to not trust that tier graphic.
  21. how about two separate NBA "eras" - maybe before/after 3-point era (or like, pre and post 1980)? that would give a roughly +/-40 years (1946 to present). makes sense to me.
  22. all tsb rom