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  1. Random Thoughts

    re: odt post above in 1960, 22% of black children were raised in single-parent families. Today, that number is 75%. also, Booker T. Washington in 1911: "There is another class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs - partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs." I think you are right odt, the family is the biggest factor. http://dailysignal.com/2017/09/20/black-family-struggling-not-slavery/ mgk, where did you get this just wondering if that was a belief/opinion of yours or a statistic?
  2. Random Thoughts

    no. I don't disagree. but there are certain trigger words that a person should not (they don't have to by law, but they might get fired or lose support of people) use if they are fairly certain that the words will seriously offend most people. I suppose people say offensive things out of ignorance, though. I know I do, occasionally. but a person should be looking for ways to live peacefully and educate themselves and not be ignorant. which is why I have previously suggested and called jemele hill ignorant and/or hater. because in my opinion, she is either ignorant of what she is actually saying - or if she is fully aware of what she has said, then I would have to conclude she is just trying to piss random, innocent people off (hate). and I would conclude that a company she works for would be concerned about either of these possibilities, because it is in their best interest. for her sake, I hope she is just ignorant of what she is saying. kind of like me calling her a sclunt. that was just pure bullshit.
  3. Random Thoughts

    yes, we can't selectively enforce the law. that is one of the problem I see. for example: if a protester destroys property, they break the law, they pay the price (whatever that is). if people go out in the middle of a highway and impede traffic, that is illegal, arrest them and charge them. can it not be that simple? also, if someone has a permit to peacefully assemble, then the police should protect them (within reason) from others who are trying to deny them their right to peacefully assemble. the 1st amendment doesn't mean that a person can do whatever the hell they want just because they are wearing a mask or because they claim they are protesting something. it is the right to "peacefully assemble". but, law and order doesn't mean that a cop should have the right to kill people or kill someone just because they suspect they are armed. this shit is getting out of hand.
  4. Random Thoughts

    no doubt that a tweeter is "representing themselves", but they have represented themselves with extreme ignorance and/or hate and have shown something about their character and education and motives. I would think that a company would be concerned about their employee demonstrating extreme hate and ignorance. so, if you go too far, then you are really saying something about the company you work for. especially when there is a backlash by customers.
  5. Random Thoughts

    "rocket man"....genius.... also, I would like to suggest the concept that calling a white person a "white supremacist" or "racist", who is not a white supremacist or racist, is similar to calling a black person the N-word. like totally uncool and ignorant and off-limits and go to hell similar. don't do it. don't go there. you will regret it, after you pull your head out of your ass someday. imagine if ESPN employees tweeted about black people calling them the N-word and nobody got in trouble for it. then look at the current reality of ESPN employees tweeting about calling white person/people (or people who support our president) being racist and white supremacists, about person/people who are not white supremacist nor racists, and nobody gets in trouble. feck espn. very bad company. I am totally done with the channel. I've seen enough sports in my life, I won't miss it.
  6. hey, thanks for tweaking these colors, what hacks are applied to this rom? I would like this version without any extra stuff/hacks that goes beyond the original intent/post of this thread applied....for example, I am not interested in the "no flicker" hack. edit----whoops looks like you have st louis rams!
  7. Random Thoughts

    affirmative action is not just skin color, it includes women. I wasn't ever angry, fyi. making a joke. expressing my concerns when questioned. never angry, though. still not. yes, I see your problem. I admit I was too harsh, calling her a sclunt. thanks for calling me out on that.
  8. thanks for the base rom 2017 update, whoever did the graphics and stuff!!! I didn't even realize it'd been updated for 2017.
  9. Random Thoughts

    again, knobbe, did you check out the speech to see if trump had a good point, or...? anyways - I really do not understand all this race card shit. I do not know of anybody who supports trump because they think he is against non-whites. and I will personally go on record to say that IF I actually was concerned that trump IS "against non-white's", I would NOT support him. but I don't think that he is against them. and I am not, either. maybe it just so happens that a high percentage of *illegal* aliens are not "white"? but that is just coincidence. to assume it's not a coincidence means that you are actually the one pulling the race card. because law is law. order is order. just because trump, or the people who voted for him, is trying to enforce laws (immigration or regular criminal laws) that already exist, does not mean that they are going after non-whites. they are just interested in maintaining a decent society where lawlessness/anarchy does not exist. law and justice should be colorblind. just letting people break our society's laws because they are of a certain "color" or culture, would be racist actually, and retards the advancement our society. all you race card assholes are taking us back to the stoneage, thanks.
  10. Random Thoughts

    I guess you would know a thing or two about talking/writing about your own personal sexual exploits.
  11. Random Thoughts

    well I don't care if she is fired or not, and ESPN has already shown their hand, so they can fukk off... but what I do care about, and I would think any "white" person (even jewish people, ironically enough) would, is how some assholes can just sit and throw around the evidence-free damning accusations of someone being a "white supremacist" without said asshole being called out for at least acting like a fucking lunatic. if that sort of slander becomes "normalized" and fools just say "oh well, it's just her "beliefs" or her "opinion"", what will be next? not good things, I think. when Hill tweeted that bullshit, the devil cracked a smile.
  12. Turn off injuries in SKP mode

    6502 opcodes.txt "EA" is "no operation". it is an opcode for the NES processor chip. it's like a "blank" byte of code that does nothing. hackers use it to blank out sections of code/computations sometimes. EE, C1, 03 are actual 6502 opcodes doing something to memory or some logic stuff.
  13. Random Thoughts

    do you have anything relevant to say about the relevant article clay travis wrote - or are you just gonna call him names? seemed to me like he actually did some reporting and wrote a decent article. or did you not read it?
  14. Random Thoughts

    it's political. and it fits the left-wing media's narrative. take a survey of people you know to have sound minds and ask them about Kaep...they are probably gonna say what everybody I know says - "he sucks, who cares". same they said about Tebow. I do not know of anybody who thinks Kaep should have a starting job, and it has nothing to do with his stupid antics. just skillz. I think he'd be a good backup qb, .....but.....on the subject of antics - he did it to himself. #1 he sucks, #2 he is too much of an unnecessary distraction to have holding a clipboard on the sideline.
  15. Random Thoughts

    a giraffe walks into a bar and says, "the highballs are on me". (no, the giraffe is not a rich white man, and yes, the giraffe not only identifies as male, but science even says he is.)
  16. Random Thoughts

    I would lean towards "insane" "illogical" "hate-filled" "slanderous" maybe "libel", instead of simply "unprofessional". if you can get that point, then you have made some real mental progress.
  17. Random Thoughts

    the joke, to me, is the "affirmative action" "sports job" part. when a (qualified?) professional behaves in such a slanderous, ignorant way I question (joke) about those qualifications and wonder how she holds up in such a profession, without the help of a systemic racist/sexist ideology called "affirmative action". on top of that, she talks about sports for a living. shit is funny to me. sorry. but the real joke is on me, I guess.
  18. Random Thoughts

    I do not want to spend another second of my life talking about this ignorant, foolish, racist, so-called sports journalist. sorry I even mentioned it. but anyways, it's like the black supremacist who calls ben shapiro "a white supremacist who masks his rhetoric by claiming to be jewish"....laugh out fucking loud. is this shit a joke? what an idiot. why even argue with somebody who is this delusional? read a few tweets down and you'll see this guy's "logic". it's circular among other things. about 10 tweets down this fool posts a video by shapiro and apparently didn't watch it, just calls it "racist". fuk me. so, do you guys like this guy too? he is cool like Hill, right? he has his "beliefs" right? sure.
  19. Random Thoughts

    I don't know what to say. there are tons of morons tweeting moronic crap all the time, including un-provable damning accusations (sorry...."beliefs") like Hill's. 99% of it - I never will ever see. I just happened to see this Hill bullshit. anyways, I just think that a person accusing another person of being a "supremacist" is a serious accusation and one should not use those words lightly. as a public figure, and a so-called journalist, one should not be so quick to prove oneself an ignorant hate-filled racist fool, like Hill has done. if it had been another person, then maybe I would say the same thing, maybe I wouldn't. don't presume the worst of me, please. if you don't get my initial joke, that rode along with my response, I can't help you.
  20. Team matchup sheet for new players

    I like it, dude. It seems like the team rankings that conclude in "TOTAL" are consistent with how I "perceive" the rankings to be (gut feelings, experience, etc). But, where do some of the cells like "44 PC or lower" come into play? is this just a logical 1, like a switch, used for something else?
  21. Random Thoughts

    don't play dumb, you know Hoge would be immediately fired, statues of george washington would be defaced/removed, and people would be calling him a lunatic. my point 1) do you not realize that a grown woman is calling our president a fucking white supremacist? that is fucking outrageous. it is not a "belief" - it is a serious accusation, and where is her evidence, and what exactly is a white supremacist? (side note: is a white supremacist merely a white person that does not spout the left-wing/globalist/communist/anti-christian banter? that appears to be the modern definition, from what I can see. ) my point 2) and if she is such a qualified a educated journalist (as you say), why won't she actually write something to persuade instead of making blanket damning accusations? could it be because she is not a qualified journalist, she is a sports tv host hack, that has clearly shown her ignorance and foolishness and lack of professional ethics? a person (hill) should be prepared to defend a serious accusation that she makes. what a waste of time. 15 minutes of left-wing fame. no respect from me.
  22. Random Thoughts

    look, just because a person "believes" that a businessman who became president who has a jewish son in law is a "white supremacist" doesn't mean shit. why don't you spend a little more time fact checking that bullshitting sports tv personality's "beliefs" (as you say) while she disses and pisses on your country. fuck her, saying that our president is a "white supremacist" is fucking moronic. anyways, I was trying to make a joke, but perhaps I stand corrected due to the qualifications of hers that you listed. Let's test if you're a hypocrite: replace white with black and trump with obama and tell me if the person who tweeted the ignorant bullshiit would be fired?
  23. Team matchup sheet for new players

    is something like this in the sheets? for example, for a given team take the qb PC and the best wr REC and show the int and completion stuff, that knobbe asks about, for the given defense. syntax error>? anyways, something that will show the "safe" (or "unsafe") combinations
  24. Random Thoughts

    here are 3 "documentaries" worth listening to.
  25. Random Thoughts

    Hey jamele hill, how about you stick to your affirmative action sports job and stay out of politics, you ignorant sclunt.