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  1. so, I either don't understand the wording of the rule or the reason for the change of the "coin flip" stuff. I recall that the "coin flip" winner simply would choose a matchup, and then the "loser" would choose to either: 1) take P1 and whatever team the winner doesn't take 2) choose a team from the matchup and take P2. this process is very simple, straight forward, and fair, in my opinion. am I reading this correctly that now the coin flip winner gets to call the matchup and also takes P1? what? this is actually the opposite of the way the coin flip was previously done for the past 10 years, is it not? did Madison do the coin flip this new way last year? how did it go over? you shouldn't get to call the matchup and get P1 because this seems unfair in favor of the coin flip winner, in my opinion. 1) a coin flip should't mean this much and 2) give the coin flip winner so much advantage right of the bat. forget "tap meters", there needs to be some data taken on the correlation between coin flip winner and game winner. I would bet that the correlation would be high, in this new format.
  2. am I reading this right? I am not sure about the flow chart of what happens at "c" as I listed below: guy who "wins" coin-flip - a. says "I will call matchup", then "loser" either picks a team from winners matchup or loser takes P1 (same as old system) b. says "I want you to call the matchup", then "loser" picks a matchup, and winner can pick a team and take P2, or just say he wants P1. (same as old system, sort of, except the winner "defers", but the P1 tradeoff still (rightly) exists, unlike qb_browns new system) c. says "I want P1", then what?
  3. hello, inspector columbo here. I recommend both full rom and ips, to cover yours and ours asses. by the way, I cannot wait to see what you've done!
  4. cool. bounce it around with the tecmo elite and think about it for the future. I will keep thinking about it, too. I am very thankful that Lincoln 2k17 is keeping the coin flip the way it has always been. Because I won't feel like the coin flip means very much and I need to win it every time.
  5. insert "dave sweeping logic and reason under rug" emoticon. pfssh. weak, dude.
  6. I'm sorry if I have been short, repetitive, and perhaps obtuse with my stance on this issue this whole time. I really do appreciate qb_browns sharing some insight into the alleged thought processes and decision making explanations. and I do appreciate you "reading" my "opinions". but heck, when you "solve" a problem but add a new, worse problem, what did you actually gain? Out of curiosity, did anyone ever mention the stupid easy and exact "solution" for the problems you've layed out, that I have proposed? My solution fixes all those same things you say you fix, but there is no uneven advantage given to anyone! And, beside the obvious fact that you'd already "decided", tell me what is wrong with my proposed solution? no offense, dave, but you are acting like somebody's lazy dad that just doesn't want to get logical when their kid has a valid point. How does this way of mine not solve exactly what your boy qb_browns has layed out? how is yours better, more fair? I don't see it. PS- and if you think it has something to do with "happy", you are mistaken. "unhappy" is a pussy TSB player whining because he has to pick a matchup and he doesn't want to. my problem has to do with instant, unadulterated advantage given to coin toss winner, under your new system. illogical.
  7. TLDR - go to BOLD. leave your ego on the floor, use your brain and heart. I read all of it and don't buy it. Well written, sure. Understandable, yes. Correct, in my opinion and worth such a drastic change to give coin flip winner advantage - Fuck No. I am one of the people who qb_browns refers to as "way smarter" than him, but I never got a chance to use my smarts and share my ideas with you guys. Here is his/your chance. I always thought the original (way it was for about 10 years, I suppose) coin-flip style was "genius". But like some of the pussies you mention that whined, at times I thought that it was "bad" to win the toss...but that depended on who I was playing, usually....so I can see how you would want to tweak it. But, you clearly haven't read my arguments. Especially my last one, because it solves all your "problems" that you list, and creates no new ones, like you have by changing the rule. The only thing that was "wrong" with the old coin-flip system is that people didn't want to "win" the coin-flip because they were too big of pussies to call a matchup and they want P1. So, why not swap what the winner and loser does and still use the genius tradeoff of that coin-flip system? *Proposed Coin-Flip Solution (exact same as the old-style coin flip, except the role of winner and loser swaps): Loser of coin flip chooses matchup Winner of coin flip chooses P1 or picks a team and P2. Simple as fuck. Fair as hell. Solves all problems without creating new ones or giving unfair advantages to coin-flip. What is wrong with this proposed solution? Please respond with what is wrong with my idea or how yours is better. I am only trying to help! Please, do not think that I am just being a dick and trying to argue. I am not trying to kill time here, I am trying to convince you that this way is better and more fair. I am trying to keep true TSB alive. I think your new coin flip hurts. I am not trying to hurt. Just because I am not a high roller $ or want to spend time away from my family and/or sports teams I coach, travelling all over playing TSB, or because I don't live in Wisconsin, does not mean my heart does not bleed 8 bits! Nor do my circumstances invalidate my opinion or thoughts. So, FFS, hear me out.
  8. here is something that will blow your mind, like a freaking boombox....what if you keep the old coin flip strategic genius but instead make one simple and important change, that will solve every problem that you, the bitches, and me have brought up: the coin flip LOSER must choose a matchup, and then let the WINNER select P1 or his choice of teams from the matchup called and P2? this is the exact same as the old coin flip system - it is still as fair as before, except the responsibilities (semantics) of the winner/loser have swapped, and those bitches who complained that they didn't want to win the coin toss will be satisfied to their exact specifications! ....and so would I.
  9. I. look, since I have started playing in TSB tournaments back at the time I first met you in Lincoln, was that 2006, something like that, about 10 years....anyways, for the last 10 years the coin-flip rule (as I have always known it at Madison "He Went to Jerry" (elite 8 def by champ Mort), and including recent 2014 & 2015 in Lincoln tournaments) was: 1. winner of toss must pick a matchup (two teams) 2. loser must - take his pick of those teams and use P2 - or, take P1 and let the other guy take his pick of the two teams from the matchup he chose II. this "new" style coin flip: 1. winner of toss (a) automatically gets P1 AND he gets to pick a matchup (two teams) loser picks a team and gets P2 (b) or, winner "defers? (lol)" matchup, will take P2, but then chooses a team from the matchup that coin flip loser must now call. Loser will get P1, in this case, after he calls a matchup. or another way to say the new system might be: the coin flip winner has the choice to (a) call a matchup and take P1 (and loser gets choice of team), or (b) take P2 and pick what team he wants from the matchup that the loser calls. I do see how the winner of the toss in this new system gets two instant advantages, in scenario II. 1. (a): gets P1 and also calls matchup. All the loser gets is choice of a team. I can see a semi-fair tradeoff in the old coin flip way - you can take your choice between the teams or take P1. simple. I have never minded winning or losing the coin toss in the old coin flip way. But now, I can see that the new way would make winning the coin toss to be a great thing! and I would love to win the toss every single time, so that I can get P1 and also call two teams that I am comfortable rolling with. that would be seen as a huge advantage to me! But, I don't like the lack of fairness of it and the very small say that the coin flip "loser" has in the deal. Because, the coin flip should be fair and present a fair strategic foundation to a TSB game, not just give P1 advantage, which in effect is what has happened with the change.
  10. I wasn't sitting anywhere, but you must have a huge penis! And way to avoid the valid points and questions I have raised, mr big dick. I don't need to hear random losers bitching because they think that a coin toss should automatically give them a great advantage to know that is what the deal is. I hear people bitch all the time about stuff they shouldn't. Maybe some day you'll understand that this new coin flip way is not fair to the coin flip loser. Unless you wanna just come out and admit that it gives coin flip winner advantage?
  11. true. that would suck but I wouldn't even call that a tournament, maybe an exercise in futility. I think that the things to ask yourself and others are: #1 is calling a matchup of two teams an advantage? (yes, see my post above) #2 is choosing controller (P1) an advantage? (yes) #3 is taking your choice between two teams an advantage? (yes) #4 is coin flip winner (a) calling a matchup of two teams and (b) getting his choice of team (c) with P2 - as close to equal/fair of an advantage as letting the loser pick P1? (yes, close enough and fair and worked up 'till now, except for alleged recent "complaints" received by qb_browns) #5 here is what seems to be the big question/ideological issue - should the coin toss show more favor to the winner of it by automatically giving winner advantage, by giving him 2/3 of these advantages right off the bat, without any input or strategy on the losers part? (no, it should only be a fair starting point for a game) #6 what if you lost every coin toss in a tournament under this new coin flip style - how would you feel - cheated? why - is it because you never got to use P1 or even call a matchup all day? would you feel like the day was decided by a coin? (yes, cheated by a freaking coin flip!)
  12. I don't know about rolling for tiers, but I think picking teams should be considered an advantage. for the obvious and simple facts that - some people are more comfortable with poor teams (tiers) than others, and some are more comfortable with elite teams (tiers) than others - and in general, some people are just not comfortable with certain teams, so they will never even pick them for a matchup. so, if you get to pick the two teams that will be playing, and since they are comfortable to you (or uncomfortable to your opponent), then that is an advantage. you are not stuck using a team you don't know, like, or whatever. you may be playing with P2, but that is the risk you take, at least you get to be a team you like or know. is picking the matchup more of an advantage (or equal to) than picking controller in any given matchup? I don't know, but it seems pretty close to equal and fair, in my experience and opinion. is winning the coin flip bad because you get to pick the matchup? is winning the coin flip bad because the loser gets to pick P1 and the winner is left choosing between a team he picked? maybe, it could be seen that way, but how much "badder" is it to lose the coin flip now under they new rule! you are instantly screwed by not getting a chance at P1 and not getting to choose the teams that will be used! If you automatically get P1 (advantage #1) and you get to choose the teams (that you are comfortable with, or your opponent is uncomfortable with = advantage #2), that is just pure obvious advantage and coin flip winner bias right there...and I don't think winning a coin flip should automatically give you an advantage. the old way, if the coin flip winner (matchup caller) called a matchup that the other guy was uncomfortable with, at least the coin flip loser could take P1 to hopefully compensate for having to play with teams they aren't good at using. and this is fair, isn't it? it is some offset, some equalization, right? perhaps the "old way" isn't perfect and leaves room for much bitching and whining, but this "new way" is beyond unreasonable, because the coin flip obviously becomes too important , the way I see it. because, I think that a coin flip should just be a "starting point" for a civil TSB game, and should be as fair as possible and not inherently give any advantage/bias to the coin flip winner.
  13. ATL def SEA N.E. def HOU K.C. def PIT DAL def GB I hate to go against SEA, because I love Wilson and the crippled LoB, but I just don't see SEA offense keeping up. that being said, I am not yet a believer in Natty Ice. nothing to say about N.E. def HOU. I have to take K.C. here at home, even though I could totally see PIT kicking their ass. both of these teams are inconsistent, in my view, so we'll see who shows up. No Jordy? I guess I'll take the rookies and the no-name DAL defense. wow.
  14. thanks, pure win % is good enough for me and all I personally care about. and without standard deviations given, point averages are meaningless to me. standard deviation: if you have a forest of 100 trees, and 99 of the trees are 1 foot tall, but 1 of the trees is 100 feet tall. without standard deviation, how would one know that the "average" height of a tree in said forest of around 2 feet, is a quite meaningless number?
  15. I really hope that I am wrong, bruddog. because it would be wrong to give the coin flip winner any advantage. the coin toss should just provide a fair starting point. and to automatically give the coin flip winner P1 is to give them an instant advantage. for comfort, for onsides, for fumble %, etc. those are all advantages. at least in the old system, the coin flip loser had some control of their destiny, being able to choose a team or P1. not now. coin flip winner now gets a clear advantage, by automatically getting P1, before anyone even thinks or makes any decisions. and obviously I don't agree that a coin flip should determine who gets this advantage. ps- I am talking about win %, not points - points don't mean much to me, as they are very dependent on the teams being played with in TSB.
  16. ok. if you guys don't keep tournament stats on coin flip win % vs game winner correlation, it would be irresponsible and a waste of significant (in my opinion) Tecmo win prediction data. I say start keeping who wins coin toss along with the win at this Lincoln tournament. and then take this data at every tournament for the rest of the year. publish results. and I will go ahead and predict that the coin flip winner has significantly higher win % than loser, under your new bitch-appeaser system. I still don't understand why winning a coin toss should be considered to give you some kind of advantage. the coin flip is just a "starting point", it is supposed to be a "fair start", not an advantage, right? because, the game should be decided on the field, not in a coin toss, right? the new rule gives the coin flip winner too much advantage, where there shouldn't even be consideration for an advantage in the first place. we might as well be sitting around flipping coins to see who wins and just playing TSB for fun on the side. am I crazy? I am not trying to be a dick.
  17. dang, same day as Lincoln tournament?
  18. how does the FG/XP kicker for SEA still have a job? I suppose I don't watch enough NFL kicking to really judge, but from what I have seen, he sucks hard. I can't figure out if he is kicking for SEA or the bookies.
  19. yes, it is.
  20. This is a virgin 28-team NES TSB ROM with one big change - all DEFENSIVE PLAYS have been changed to the respective "BLITZ" for every play. So, when you play it, no matter what, the defense comes at you like they picked your play. In addition, the OFFENSIVE PLAYS were changed to use the actual play that it would run when the defense picks the offenses play, like Pass 1 Pro T Screen for instance. I went in and copied/pasted the "blitz" play for every play, so that every pick is a successful play-pick. At the bottom of this post is a screenshot of the defensive bytes that were changed to the common blitz byte for every play variation. In this picture, you can see that the RUNS use a Blitz Byte of 5B, 53, 57, 5F, 8F, or 99. Pass play Blitz Bytes are 5F, BB, DA, and 22...that's right, there are ONLY 4 variations to a Pass-Play blitz! Also, in this picture, The top-left starts with the 8 variations of Run Slot 1, Play 1. It continues (left to right, top to bottom), 8 plays for each slot, 8 variations of each play, down to the very last Pass Slot 4, Play 8. Now, changing the defense is NOT ENOUGH - because the offense has 8 possible variations for any given play - so I had to go in and change all of the offensive plays to run the variation that it uses when the defense picks the offenses respective play (sorry, no picture for this). This ROM is made for the sole purpose of practicing responses to getting your play called! (Note - this is mostly useful for practicing getting your Pass Play called. Work on those timed taps! Tecmo Super Bowl AllBlitzes.nes Have fun.
  21. I recently replaced the 72 pin connector in my old one (from probably 1988), a fairly simple and straightforward process. I also replaced the pads in the old controllers, very easy to do, too. Otherwise, I would just use a computer/emulator or something if I couldn't use the vintage NES. These knockoff "consoles" seem too wonky to me.
  22. I thought you'd never ask Gots... HOU SEA PIT GB
  23. also, and this is KEY - if you are using the 4-3 expanded rom, you need to make your changes in other places than the usual ones (listed above)....I do not know these locations, but bruddog does. but like tecmonster says, once you find the place you need to be, just find (search and find) the beginning string of each ROLB and LOLB sequence and change the appropriate byte. I would do all ROLB sequences first, then go back and do LOLB. this may sound hard, but it will probably take you like 10 minutes at most. I have done this sort of grinding thing countless times, and to be a TSB hacker you need to have the nuts to tackle something like this. you have the nuts. you can do it.