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  1. so the "march for science"....have some random thoughts....1st my quick background - I have BS and MS in electrical engineering. I have had more math and applied physics classes than anyone I know. I make a living being a scientist, working with radiography stuff. I will say that I know only the basics of biology, basically cells and chemistry, and some radiation stuff. but I have not memorized tons of shit (nomenclature) regarding biology. anyways, here goes: biology (science) says life begins at conception. biology (science) says what gender a person is. these two things are facts, scientifically verifiable and undisputed. however, current culture says we are supposed to IGNORE SCIENCE on these points, right? for these two things, regarding life and gender, our personal BELIEFS trump science. however, things that science is unable to prove or verify, things like the beginnings of the universe and/or life (evolution) - and possibly its end ("climate change") are supposed to not be questioned and taken as some kind of fact. how can a country like ours be so hypocritical regarding science? we are supposed to ignore scientific facts on one hand, and on the other hand, we are supposed to take some leap of faith regarding scientific theories and hypothesis. I hope this does not get too political, but I am talking about science, culture, and hypocrisy.
  2. lady, step inside my Hyundai I bought this record when it came out, it's top notch then and now. but for some reason I never could get into his stuff after this album. shit got too serious, for beck and me.
  3. not that ADP doesn't have great anything left in the tank, but is ~5 mil worth it for a gamble of maybe 4 games before he leg break?
  4. you are not a baby, PockyCandy, you are indeed a man. keep up the hard work; and keep running, with patience, the race that is set before you.
  5. the manning's come from a different generation/breed of men than barry's mid-90's Millennial babies.
  6. barry's son also probably lived a life of luxury and undeserved respect, unlike barry, who had to earn and work for everything he got.
  7. this rom is cool and all, but how do you mess up ratings so bad for a rom? dick bass 44/69/63 with 94 HP? wtf is this? meanwhile, gayle sayers is 44/69/63. len dawson 81 PS , 75 PC?? I could go on. I just can't stand this kind of junk. nice rom, though. heck I might redo this one with realistic ratings.
  8. ok, so you are not using Carther's - you are starting a brand new one? Now, to be complete, post the code (starting addresses and code) for each of those hacks that you used, here. Because, there are different ways to do some of those hacks and there are some variations - maybe you've discovered a lethal mixture.
  9. the thing is - are you totally sure that you applied the (said) hacks to a virgin ROM and getting your bugs? because there is a good chance that if you are using somebody else's rom (like carther's, for instance) it is already hacked up beyond belief. and it is up to you to conclude if there are any conflicts of interests with the hackage. in this case, you would not be pointing out a "mis-verification" (as requested), you would just be pointing out some random problem that you are having. so, I guess I am assuming that you are doing the latter. excuse me if I am wrong and you have verified a problem for a posted hack on a virgin rom.
  10. dude CoachMac, proper forum etiquette is to either start another thread or go to the relevant hack threads and ask about your bugs. this here thread is for global listing of hacks....just trying to keep it clean.
  11. see thread/announcement: http://tecmobowl.org/announcement/6-tecmo-madison-xiii-live-saturday-april-8th/