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  1. my 2 cents: this seems to be a rewrite/watered-down (but still politically-fueled) version of the old washington post article, with the word tecmo thrown in there? https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/and-then-there-was-the-time-donald-trump-bought-a-football-team-/2015/10/19/35ae71ca-6dd6-11e5-aa5b-f78a98956699_story.html anyways, I guess I can see the humorous logic in saying that one particular team-owner (trump) "drove the usfl into the ground", but it's a bit of a too-simple stretch - when there were so many other factors involved. unless there is more evidence, I don't follow the washington post article's (your) conclusion. the usfl took on the nfl and lost. ps- stick to tecmo writing, not politics. :end buck's 2 cents
  2. god dang, listening to this T. Monk Quartet + Coltrane disk my friend gave me a decade or so ago...random thoughts like rain.
  3. you posted this same thread like 3 years ago.... this one I did a while back is pretty good. it has 1980 HOUSTON OILERS. check it out. the .NES download is in the post.
  4. so I just now realized that Johnny Johnson is/was an actual human being. this whole time I thought we were talking about a video game character called Johnny Johnson, who had a reverse play to the slowest WR on the Tecmo Super Bowl Nintendo game. anyways, I am cool with Johnny as a super awesome magical NES character, but I am NOT cool with Johnny as an actual human-being NFL running back. NES Johnny >>> Real Johnny. Real Johnny sux.
  5. dude, randall cunningham had career sack % over 10! CAREER sack % for some random QBs: steve mcnair 5.3% joe montana 5.5% mcnabb 7.1% rich gannon 6.7% mike vick 8.9% kordell stewart 6.7% theisman 8.6% steve young 7.9% randall cunningham 10.1% brady 4.8% brees 3.9% rivers 5.8% esiason 5.8% marino 3.1% kurt warner 6% jim kelly 6.3% aikman 5.2% steve deberg 5.6% .... point is, look at the "6 MS" QBs - they seem to have lower sack % than the 25+ MS QBs. also, side note, it seems the deeper I go into the 1980s, the higher the sack % in general. I would say the baseline is around 5%. just from the gut. sidenote # 2: how to compensate for this in TSB ratings - give low sack % QBs a higher RS?
  6. been noticing (historically) that NFL QBs that I would consider as "running" QBs (meaning that they are elusive and can typically run for positive yardage) usually get sacked the most. for example, in 1990, the top 5 worst sack % QBs are: MAJK Man 10.8 Jefferson George (IND) 10.0 Skid-Marc Wilson (PATS) 9.9 QB EAGLES 9.5 Vinny Testesverdes 9.4 ..... then, with the best sack % is: The Mark Rypien Experience at 1.9
  7. david harris is old and probably past his prime. kinda like picking up an aged Adalius Thomas. he's not exactly "trash", but nothing to write home about.
  8. r.i.p.
  9. my favorite site (for historical stuff) is: http://www.pro-football-reference.com, and I like their "AV" value for each player. @bruddog, what do you think about the AV rating? surely it's a bit more scientific than some random bleacherreport writers opinion?
  10. cool football site. clever analysis. good and simple football reading. http://www.footballperspective.com/the-graham-browns-brady-patriots-and-best-adjusted-career-winning-percentages/ http://www.footballperspective.com/historical-archive/
  11. McMahon may look like a joke on TSB, but he is key to one of the best TSB challenges ever.
  12. bruddog, so what about when the offense recovers a fumble? does this same "return int" chunk of code get loaded for them (offense)?
  13. this hack, well a derivative of it that I use, is the one I find best for TSB turnover returns. but, I simply boost RP by *5 notches. No other boosts. anyways, my question is: what about when the "offense" recovers fumbles or blocked kicks, etc? does the offense use this code, too? I hope not. *why 5 notches? well, the "average" RP of every player on defense (1991 TSB) is calculated at 38 RP, thus to bring them up to 69 RP (a level playing field with the "offense"), requires 5 notches, by my math.