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  1. 1st of all, I don't understand why you posted in this thread, as it regards TSB, and it has to do with special teams. but, did you poke around in the sections before or after the offense code? sometimes the best thing to do is just open up fceux, save a state, log some bytes, and start corrupting shit.
  2. Maravich not on any lists? just a thought.
  3. malcolm butler? lol. I hate to say it, but there must be some racial/class-war type of angle to this film. I'm getting too cynical in my old age. but it's too easy to see it coming. nothing against him, I think he's a solid DB, and that game-winning play in the SEA SB was 100% bad ass. but, why not do 1999 rams kurt warner? pretty much the same thing, except x1000.
  4. get that newish tecmo game for the gameboy and make it happen, cap'n.
  5. I think that Fournette might be cooked (in the head), but even assuming he still has good football left.....Cook all day, in my book. Cook just seems like a better pro (and college, btw) runner to me, and more valuable to an NFL team in general.
  6. just imagine....Blot standing on the sideline of the Super Bowl football field, his heart racing, looking up at the crowd, hearing the cheers, the jeers, the utter chaos, lada gaga's breasts on his mind, Blot is lost in the moment, loving it, loving life....then.....FUCKIN-ZAP! OWCH! Brady shoots a perfect spiral from 50 yards diagonal, a football tightly wrapped with Arthur Blank's well-aged "hymen", straight into Blot's face...Right on Target, Tom...a few of Blot's pearly-whites eject from his mouth, the "hymen" partially tears from the football, and pieces of this "hymen" conveniently fill the bloody gaps.
  7. I am about to pull out the Tailback-King/Johnny Johnson card for Brady: If you're too stupid to understand Brady's greatness, it's your problem, not mine. side note: I actually did have a dream this morning where I was telling somebody about a dream I had just had (within the dream), except I was lying to them a little about the dream (I was purposefully leaving out some key details of the dream).
  8. I'm not arguing that ATL went wacko. I was watching the playclock and the plays they ran. fuck ATL. But how does a "turd sandwich" throw for 466 yards at 69% in the super bowl, with a completely non-existent running game? I get it, you hate Brady and the Pats. it's cool, every body does. Pats fans are used to the haters hating.
  9. I believe that no other QB in the league right now would have made those accurate and well-timed passes like Brady did. what I am saying is: take any QB in the NFL right now, and put them in Brady's position in the 2nd half of the SB. who in the living fuck would make those throws that consistently, under that pressure, with those WRs? rivers? rodgers? brees? natty ice? some "running QB" lol, no way. those guys couldn't have made those throws even if there were no defense on the field. nobody makes those throws. only Brady. other QBs would have mentally choked or just made bad throws. Brady was as close to PERFECT as you can get.
  10. yeah, that 75% run was for a specific old-school (1934 CHI) rom I was messing with.
  11. if Vic Beasley could catch, he wouldn't be a defensive lineman. So, either way you look at it, he did and should have dropped it.
  12. myself having a little bit of respect for the 49ers and their historical significance to the NFL, I just hope that the 49ers can get back to playing football instead of being a traveling political clown show.
  13. bodom - It was a rough, moist 3 hours waiting for the ATL buses to bring the beloved Falcons boys home from the big game. But the huge crowd, seen below, had a great time cheering their NFL 2nd-place march of shame.
  14. would be good to get these HUTs in SET formation
  15. I'll quote a friend of mine, "How about those Falcons last night? I'd call that the biggest bed-shitting in the history of sports."