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  1. dude, I totally forgot about that movie, I've never seen it but I think I can enjoy this movie at this point in my life. maybe not. ...Give Ice-T a white girlfriend and you have got yourself a mid-1990's "Get Out" movie.
  2. I kept waiting and waiting for some kinda Illuminati Sexualized-Trance Symbol GaGa Bait action to bust out...but it was just the same old Bombjack.
  3. I watched a little bit, 2 or 3 couples crap, up until I bailed. I think I bailed after redbeard and his girlfriend spotted the Black Escalade sitting in the street outside the house they were in. yeah, have fun "hiding" with camera crews all up in you. no way to keep a low profile, especially if you wanted to go tribal and camp in the woods or something like that. heck, even walking down the street with cameras and interns bringing coffee to the producer that's rolling along with you. edit- so, to play your game: step 1: murder camera crew and producer (maybe kidnap a producer's intern to use as a human shield, switcharoo bait, or sacrificial decoy) step 2: try to change your physical appearance as much as possible step 3: go deep tribal, john rambo style.
  4. cool, but 1/4 of the video is the halftime show?
  5. I'm with you, Blot. I think G.B.'s luck runs out today. I'll bone with PIT, too. ATL. PIT Looking forward to these games.
  6. critique: I know bruddog is the man, but to be fair and honest it seems like keithisgood gives bruddog a lot of credit for shit jstout had already discovered and documented. but I have yet to see keith credit jstout. somebody needs to say it, sorry.
  7. best RB in TSB vs the colts?
  8. the trophy luke and his dad made back in 2015 is sweet. I've showed that to a few people/family and everybody says it's cool. somehow they weighted it (sand?), so part of the effect is to pick it up and behold it.
  9. am I reading this right? I am not sure about the flow chart of what happens at "c" as I listed below: guy who "wins" coin-flip - a. says "I will call matchup", then "loser" either picks a team from winners matchup or loser takes P1 (same as old system) b. says "I want you to call the matchup", then "loser" picks a matchup, and winner can pick a team and take P2, or just say he wants P1. (same as old system, sort of, except the winner "defers", but the P1 tradeoff still (rightly) exists, unlike qb_browns new system) c. says "I want P1", then what?
  10. hello, inspector columbo here. I recommend both full rom and ips, to cover yours and ours asses. by the way, I cannot wait to see what you've done!
  11. cool. bounce it around with the tecmo elite and think about it for the future. I will keep thinking about it, too. I am very thankful that Lincoln 2k17 is keeping the coin flip the way it has always been. Because I won't feel like the coin flip means very much and I need to win it every time.
  12. insert "dave sweeping logic and reason under rug" emoticon. pfssh. weak, dude.