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  1. Well there are run plays and pass plays that develop similarly. If you lurch to stop what you thought was a run play but turned out to be a pass and you sack the quarterback then you have broken the rules. I guess in that case the DL is responsible for not touching the QB. In that specific case you couldn't immediately lurch run plays that also had matching play action pass plays.
  2. I agree with Bruddog regarding the grey area on play action. It was always my understanding, and I've noticed it was posted in the forum for multiple tournaments in the past, that you couldn't lurch with a DL period (including run plays) unless it was a shotgun play or you went outside the tackles or you popcorned/bumped/grappled/engaged someone first. It was simple and clear cut.
  3. True. It would suffice to leave it at RB.
  4. I included WR and TE to cover any reverses. Not good plays. But if anyone tried them and complained we would have it in black & white in the rulebook.
  5. Might it be helpful to insert the red portion above? There'd be no grey area then.
  6. So basically lurching is when a DL goes unabated to the QB only?
  7. The one game playoff sounds cool. Might it be weird to play a guy again that you either already won or loss against? Perhaps a head to head tie breaker would be better?
  8. Milwaukee, WI - 04/23/16 - Tecmo Milwaukee

    So, tell me if I understand this correctly. Before each game there is a drawing to determine the tier of teams to select from. Then there is a coin flip in which Madison rules would ensue. Coin flip winner picks match-up (within tier) and then loser picks team or preferred controller. Right?
  9. Hey Flo, is there gonna be hand towels with Tecmo Super Bowl embroidered on them that I can buy at TecmoXII ? Need to wipe sweat off in style.
  10. Is group play going to be a round robin? Or will it be double elimination like the Madison tournament?
  11. I'm thinking EPIC play-in tournament on Friday for Saturday's remaining tournament spots. Famous Tecmo folk be warned!
  12. Ideas for Tecmo Bracket Madness tweaks: 1. Increase buy-in to $15 or $20 with 3 place prizes 2. Might be more fun to turn in an actual filled out bracket like they do in NCAA pools 3. March Madness standard point system ex: 1 point round 64, 2 round 32, 4, 8, 16, 32 4. Advertise bracket pool on Tecmo Madison homepage so gripsmoke & whoever don't miss out
  13. Will there be another "March Madness" style bracket pool for the later rounds like the past couple tournaments? To clarify: Can participants buy-in & pick the winners of the final rounds for cash prizes?
  14. I know its late but I thought people might like to try it. Made this one for myself and had it put on a cart. Finished the game about 3 weeks ago so the rosters are pretty spot on. Ratings were based off of the original TSB. I am very pleased with the way the sim stats, ratings, records, gameplay, uniforms turned out. I changed uniforms and helmet graphics to my preferences. Redid the Patriots, Jets, Broncos, and Lions logos. Rom is juiced. Enjoy!
  15. TSBglory91's 2011-2012 32 team rom

    Game uniforms were changed/improved. Some long names shortened to fit cutscenes. Playbook/formation fixed for Cardinals. Tim Tebow's rush stats improved, is the starter for Broncos, with the Tebow offense playbook. Fitzpatrick's pass attributes fixed but his run stats RS 75, RP 31, MS, 31, HP 38 can't be changed for some reason. Would appreciate help with that! Otherwise rom is flawless. TSB 2k11 - December Update.zip
  16. 1991 roster hex Qestion

    Just wondering if its possible to change the line saying "1991 ROSTER" after the super bowl champions screen. I know that you're supposed to go into a hex editor and change all the years but I can't seem to correct that. Any help?
  17. 1991 roster hex Qestion

    Thank you sir!
  18. I know that x23BC6 to x23C51 is the mini-helmet designs but I can't find the designs for the NFC West. Can anybody tell me the locations of those? thanks
  19. 32-team rom mini helmet help!

    Nice! thanks. The pallette locations then? Also here are some problems now that I don't know how to fix: 1. I want the dolphins facemask not to be gray but match whats on the back of the helmet (i think its cyan) 2. the bucs have a gray helmet color and i want to change it to gold like the saints and 49ers 3. change the seahawks helmet color to dark blue like the broncos this is just for the mini helmets, not the large helmets If anyone could tell me how to change any of these specifically that'd be awesome The rom in question is attached. 2009knobbe tsb.rar
  20. Wow. love the references haha
  21. Tecmo Players near Milwaukee?

    Is anybody down for playing some Tecmo Super Bowl 1 on 1? Or are there any little tournaments that anybody knows about in the Milwaukee area? I live on the upper east side and need to play better competition other than my friends.
  22. Tecmo Players near Milwaukee?

    Sounds good holzy11 I'll do that. And TecmoTurd, were you the one that I beat or are you the one that destroyed my ass 2 years ago?
  23. Tecmo Players near Milwaukee?

    i'm going to the tournament and need to play better people to prepare for it. i'll add myself to the map. if anybody is interested let me know
  24. How do I remove the options that holds the quarter length adjuster from the 32 team rom. I just find it pointless and annoying.