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  1. I've thrown it around and there seems to be some reception... I'm thinking this... After a certain week, let's say week six, your week one game stats no longer count, same for week two after week 7 is released and so on... Obviously vacations and life in general would be considered, with kamp having final say. Can this be programed? What do you think?
  2. Between the two sites? I looked at tecmoworld and it doesn't look very active these days.
  3. I joined in 2006 and could find a game on tpc any day, any time. Things are obviously thinner now, although still enjoyable. When was the peak in your opinion?
  4. Denver I'm coming home!
  5. I'll be back next Saturday... not sure if I'll be available for games though
  6. It's my old team... would be interested in them, but otherwise, I'll stick to TMNT SNES
  7. Looking for a replacement for the Colts?
  8. Cool, I'm in South Georgia and would be interested for sure
  9. Any chance that you have some ideas on dates?
  10. So reading through some of the boards, it looks like little has changed and things might be even worse as far as people getting games in... is this the case? Can someone give me a synopsis of how you feel things are going before I jump back in? I really don't care to deal with the frustration if it isn't getting better, but actually getting worse. Thanks guys.
  11. What do I need to do to get my team together?
  12. Dave, do you ship to APO addresses?
  13. Just came to post this. Who made that?