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  1. something came up and I'm out now. Drink an extra Mac & Jack's for gripsmoke
  2. Can't wait to go again to give TBK advice that he ignores, loses and misses out on the bracket, and then says afterwards that he should have listened to me. SHUT UP AND JAM.
  3. holy shit we have a ton of people coming down. this is gonna rule. Don't forget that PDX is my fucking turf homies, check your expectations at the Columbia River.
  4. First Half: Battle of the bays was a very weird one. Not a lot of offense in this one.I attempted a long FG in the 2nd quarter but missed wide left, and ziur was able to get very close to the end zone but not enough to punch it in. He kicks a FG and goes up 3-0 at half. Ottis Anderson also gets injured in the half which limits ziur's options quite a bit. Second Half: I'm a little fuzzy on the exact order here. I get the ball and eventually get sick of Schroeder missing wide open WRs so I bench him for Hoss. Hoss gets a few first downs and Barry is able to make a juke for a TD. Ziur gets close to the end zone but throws a pick on the 2 yard line to Tim Harris. I don't remember how I lost possession here, but ziur gets one more chance to score a TD. but fumbles it away on the 10 yard line with about 30 seconds to go. I call down sweep 3 times to kill time, eventually running out of bounds for a safety rather than risk a fumble. Kickoff return gets to about the 40. Raiders open the season finally, 1-1.
  5. Yeah it's going to be super interesting to see how many OLs go in the first round. Especially on teams where the DL is good too (Raiders, Minny, Miami, KC, Chicago, SF, etc). It's also a way to build your offense early. Whoever is taking Mayhew is gonna get the WAS OL with it, which means they might choose to wait a little longer on QB/RB since they'll have some good protection already locked in. I wonder who will go full bob and go 4 defensive picks to start the draft.
  6. I haven't made any progress in finding a spot, work sucks. Work might not suck next week.
  7. Yeah that YPC is insane. Imagine if he had Bo and cared about nothing but obliterating the record.
  8. dammit! 142 yards short of johnny_mx's record. Stupid injuries.
  9. Raiders end the season on a high note with a victorious double-header to go 12-4 and clinch the #4 spot. Also noteworthy, Oakland's last possession was a 60 yard scamper by Bo Jackson that put him over 3,000 yards rushing put the Raiders as the highest scoring team, by a point, over hoff's Bills. gamehigh was in both games but in both there was one drive somewhere where he was unable to get a touchdown (1 punt in the first game, KR fumble lost in the 2nd game) ggs gh Look out AFC, the Hoss/Schroeder hydra is coming.
  10. Oakland
  11. I work literally upstairs from ground kontrol. If you need any face to face or recon done, let me know. Worth noting, ground kontrol is currently going under massive expansion, might be done in time for January
  12. I was Atlanta in that Jets/Falcons matchup. Leahy for the win.
  13. Tides turned in the second half when Eddie Anderson blocked a 4th down pass attempt to give Oakland the chance to go up two touchdowns. Barry Sanders goes down in the 3rd quarter already down 14-0. Raiders played steady defense to keep a two possession lead until the last minute of the game, but Minny's onside kick is not recovered.