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  1. Forum Software upgrade

    Whatever is decided is fine with me, but Tapatalk gets things done faster and gives alerts.  It's also nice to lump all my notifications from all forums into one place. Edit: Does Tapatalk cause issues?
  2. Difficulty

    He's on the Cardinals on 3, he's on the Jets on 1
  3. Forum Software upgrade

    I'm not getting tapatalk working, otherwise looks great
  4. TecmoLegacy

  5. ZSNES

    Version 1.36


    Commonly Used Online SNES Emulator For SNES Play
  6. Nfl Streams

    Awesome, this sure beats mortgaging the house to get Sunday Ticket
  7. Give me horizontal bars filling with red any day of the week
  8. Tecmo Legacy League

    Just starting week 5, been pretty fun, click on my sig to see everything that has been going on. The real question is will Tampa Bay go 0-16?
  9. Kirby vs Contra - Keithisgood

    That was pretty cool
  10. PowerPak.........mini review..........WOW.

    Got both the NES and SNES one, and I have to say they are awesome, still haven't saved anything on the NES one, but the SNES one I think is even better
  11. Every game every week season mode

    Nintendo Thumb?
  12. http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/8287610/packaged-plays-rethinking-concept-modern-play-calling Its only a matter of time before Madden implements play picking
  13. Tecmobowl.org 2012 on ebay

    Glad I have my powerpak...
  14. Awesome, the graphics really look great, you guys are geniuses
  15. An Awesome Ebay Find

    Was on Twitter the other day and noticed a guy I was following was selling a Tecmo Super Bowl in the box with everything in it. The box is in great but used condition and it is cool to see a Tecmo Super Bowl reference guide, as well as a Ninja Gaiden advertisement in it.