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  1. TSB 2 to me was fun because it's level of difficulty was higher than 3.
  2. I/we enjoyed it thoroughly. The tag team was interesting, it involves a lot of momentum swings if the matchups or strengths are uneven. It's also hard to get into a rythym, but it's fun. My brothers back started locking up towards the end, so my tag team partner was physically falling apart! Would definitely make this a yearly trip if you keep it rolling. I also did great in group play only to lose out right away, I blame it on the fireball shot I took.
  3. The whole time I was thinking how pissed I would be if one domino close the end didn't work...
  4. I have for sure me and another guy @noonan. One more guy who has a wedding at 4:00 I am still trying to coax into coming, maybe I'll pick up a straggler or two on the way. I also have two NES's and carts coming too.
  5. Coconuts can't make it?
  6. No I mean, he wasn't set as the returner? So if you didn't move to the right hand screen the game was still waiting for him to be replaced?
  7. He wasn't the returner was he?
  8. I think I just linked to the same page, but I am not sure, and don't have time to double check but my search turned this up
  9. In man v man games what governs drones?
  10. I agree however, at what point do you not call this a remake? Do you call it a cash-grab by using the same franchise? It's not a remake, it's got ghosts, none of the characters are the same, maybe slight emulation of the original characters. Granted I haven't watched it, gathering my observations from the trailer, so correct me if I am wrong. I am not saying women can't do a good job at acting or they are worse then men, but I can see a valid point here.
  11. I only had a few picks, but I thought I did pretty well. Earnest Jackson was a nice roll, one of those once every 10 season roll for me anyway. AC will be good, and got a 50HP OL. Now how good can the Mustache do?
  12. Mostly because there is unreleased code out there that was top notch... Makes me sad
  13. Was just coming on to say the same thing... Enjoyed the double dribble game better though
  14. Winner gets the butter cow?