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  1. Help! I want to play tecmo online on a Mac!

    Insanely complicated, but I wonder how viable mamehub would be for online tecmo
  2. D and E are dumb, D should just say you can't gain two QB's period (back and B, or dump it to your running back 300 times)... E gives you no hope of gaining a guy, part of the fun of WTF for some is the ability to gain that 38ms back into a hall of famer. However, it is disgusting when the superstar gets gains, but it is what it is.
  3. 1981 ROY's

    Lott was avoided like the plague most of the season, but I will take that curse
  4. Batman vs. Superman - Sad Affleck

    Haven't seen it yet, but it seems like they are trying to repeat Christopher Nolan's TDK style and failing miserably.
  5. both QB's retired for me, fun... Not like I had much to begin with anyway
  6. Regulator against slim is done, but regs top upload screen has too many games on it so he can't upload it (it's cut off)
  7. We were scheduled for last night, but my sump pump broke, so it was either Tecmo or basement flooding. Nos graciously told me he could play before he leaves town at 5pm CST today...
  8. HSTL S36 Draft Format Vote

    Lol, in an extreme moment of clarity I only read the word PUBLIC, sorry!
  9. Regulator's availability

    I'll look for you
  10. 1981 Slim Bears

  11. Question from a well read knob

    A good guy to ask would be @Eric, not many people do man v man with created players
  12. Random Thoughts

    Yeah, but if you listen to any other candidate I'd bet you'd findthe same result. As a conservative Christian yes, but I don't think it's an endorsement of his morals. It's more of a damning of the current system. People are sick of the same old crap, and he's that new chick that's hot because she's new. I am in no way endorsing Trump, but seriously if any other candidate was as closely scrutinized we would all try and move to Canada. They are all crooks
  13. Why I'm quitting online Tecmo

    I don't mind texting for games, but I don't want it to become a thing. Frankly, part of the burnout of Tecmo is not getting away. Sometimes you want to get away from Tecmo, and if you are texting you really can't, same with the people who say use Facebook. You have to nurture your bloodlust for Tecmo, you can't ride it hard and put it away wet all the time. The reason I would quit Tecmo echoes Kamp's reasons. It is getting to be more and more of a grind to find time, let alone cater to someone elses time frame.
  14. Sega League

    Let me know! Send me a PM