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  1. Looking for SNES TSB data

    Otherwise would this help?
  2. Looking for SNES TSB data

    It is in Evernote now, I have access to it if you want it in another format, and if he gives his blessing
  3. 1981 Slim Bears

    updated for new opponents
  4. Lincoln, NE - 01/30/2016 - Tecmo Lincoln VI

    I'll do a little recap.   The even was a blast.  I hadn't been to a tournament since Tecmo Lincoln 1, where I was beaten in the first round by Buck.  But I think that it was double elimination at that time, so I am not 100% sure but I remember losing quickly after group play.   On to Tecmo Lincoln VI, I arrived a little early to bring some Nintendo's for Knobbe than played some practice games against a guy who ended up making it to the final 8, followed by a guy who had never played Tecmo before.  The latter guy had a collection of over 700 SNES cartridges, which he showed me a picture of and I was shocked at such a beautiful sight.   On to the tournament.  I played in a group with Craig (the 2nd place finisher) and it was a sign of things to come, I destroyed him 35-3, he had about as bad of luck as possible, he was the Bears I was the Chiefs. He lost 3 fumbles in that game with Anderson, and Okoye was rolling.  The next two group play games I won as GB against Saints 14-0, than beat the Giants as the Bills 21-7.  With those point differentials I went in as the 5th seed out of 42 guys.   In between play I played a pickup game versus a guy and lost in OT, only to find out that I was playing him in the actual tournament in the 2nd round.  Struggled versus him and won 7-3 as the Bucs versus the Bolts.  Than moved on after that in the round of 16 against the Bills as the Oilers 14-10, the game could have gone either way.  Following that game I got a good break in that Luke lost to Nick (I guess Luke won or did really good the year prior) in one of the wildest finishes I had seen in a while.  I think there was 3 straight interceptions in the last two minutes and Nick went from down 7 to winning by three. After Nick's emotional high, I beat him 24-7 as the Chiefs versus the Bengals to advance to the final four.   In the final four I was owned by eventual champion Cory (Noonan) 24-0 Jets vs NO and Justin Peters 17-3 Chiefs against Dolphins.  So got my money back for the 4th place payout and had a good time.  A couple of other notables, the card collection of Noonan's was fun to see.  Entry fee into the tournament meant we all got packs of football cards. My batch of cards had 6 coaches in it, including both Colts and Patriots coaches.  There was a guy at the event that had a "Crabcakes and Football that's what Maryland does" trucker hat, which is now on my list of purchases.   Knobbe did a great job running the show, the bar was a great setting, can't wait to go again!
  5. Lincoln, NE - 01/30/2016 - Tecmo Lincoln VI

    Was a great tournament great turnout and congrats to noonan !
  6. Lincoln, NE - 01/30/2016 - Tecmo Lincoln VI

    We are in round of 16, I'm still in it so no broadcast yet   final four so no broadcast period
  7. Lincoln, NE - 01/30/2016 - Tecmo Lincoln VI

    Later on I'll broadcast this from my laptop when I get eliminated, I'll keep you posted on where
  8. Discord - A New Era of Tecmo Communication

    Love Discord, however, this is really getting confusing with all the modes of communication.  I think it's time to cut off AIM.  I got hit up to schedule a league game on AIM.  I responded and set up a day, he then hit me up on Discord to tell me to hit him up via PM on the forum, then when I did PM him he sent me a message on AIM.
  9. Dolo

    Anyone know when he's coming back from vacation?  
  10. NCAA 2015-16 Season Discussion

    What's really sad is the real reason that the games were on NYE this year.  Because the Rose Bowl thinks it has to have New Years Day all to itself (even though there are other bowls on that day).
  11. (Other) NFL Blitz 20-16

    Awesome, and welcome back, long time no see!
  12. 1981 Slim Bears

    Current Games: Eamons34 TSBGOD   My Normal Availability:   Monday Through Friday -- 8:00 PM CST and after IF scheduled Saturday -- After 3PM CST IF scheduled Sunday -- 2:30PM CST to 4:00PM CST IF scheduled and after 8:00 PM CST IF SCHEDULED I can schedule in some other emergency times if that doesn't work for people, but THEY HAVE TO BE SCHEDULED   AIM:  I'm on AIM (slimstud7) with my phone all the time, however, I own a business and am constantly on the go.  If you message me at noon I might be working on something and won't respond for hours at times   Discord: slim_jimmy7 -- I will be available for scheduling purposes on Discord, but not always signed in.  Send me a direct message for scheduling purposes, taking into consideration my availability above.  Also keep in mind that I have very little experience with this tool, so timely responses might not work the best until I figure it out.   You can also post a time here to schedule with me and I'll reply and confirm.  99% of the time if you message me at 3:30PM (or AM) and say "WTF?" I'm not even going to respond.  All of us are getting older, lets schedule like men and I will be there. I'm not waiting 24/7 by my computer ready at the drop of a hat.   Thanks in advance.
  13. 1981 is HERE! Owner instructions

    Saddle up partner
  14. That is awesome, love this version!
  15. League Notes - Including requirements

    maybe some direction on how to get notifications?