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  1. HSTL S41 Draft

    NYG last pick, my man RB Steve Broussard
  2. HSTL S41 Draft

    GIA will take IND Backups
  3. HSTL S41 Draft

    WR Ernie "Muthaphucka" Jones for NYG
  4. HSTL S41 Draft

    On behalf of Barletti take 2: DL/K/P KC
  5. HSTL S41 Draft

    Art Monk fo bo
  6. HSTL S41 Draft

    Mike Johnson and cunts CLE LB for NYG
  7. HSTL S41 Draft

    Gimme that Raider speed...NYG selects Willie Gault!
  8. HSTL S41 Draft

    Giants take Rod Woodson and the PIT DBs
  9. I'm not entirely certain my connection would make the grade, though I'd be willing to find out. Webcam - sound required, or just visual? 9-11est would be good for me too.
  10. Drake and Dirt are on the mic, we 2 hype!

    Yes, once...with Jay Schroeder as my QB. Bringing back the Sig Warz is a definite. We need volunteers for that @OL' Dirty Tecmo
  11. Props to you good sir for the "European" reference.

  12. Duke vs Tadaos

    I agree with Joey, I can't even believe it's considered.
  13. Week 7: DAL @ NYG

    The action packed game of the season perhaps, where neither D could make much of a stop. Both teams scored on every possession. The game featured 181 yards on the ground from Marcus and 225 from Neal. Joe was 8/9 for 188 with 2 TDs to Flipper. Haddix returned a KR for a TD (popcornarific) and 155 yards before going down on an injury, while Don Warren tallied 119 KR yards of his own. In all, there were nearly 1000 yards between scrimmage and return. Giants ran out of time in the first half and play it conservative with a FG to go up 17-14 at the half. The tables flipped in the 2nd half with the Cowboys winning it 17-14, a last second FG tying it all up at 31 to send it to OT. Coin is flipped...and it goes Giants! At this point Jesus declares GG, since whoever got the kick seemed poised to win...and I say well it's Tecmo you never know. Trying to pin me deep Jesus goes for the max...and...accidental onsides..whoops. Next play Marcus takes it 45 yards in for the game winner. Doh! GG, very fun, guns blazing match. Giants clear .500 for the first time in the season, now 4-0 when not losing a fumble (0-3 when losing one.) Box: http://hstl.tecmobowl.org/box-score.html?gID=14596 Juicy!
  14. Week 3: MIN @ GIA Great D battle considering the QBs, Montana and Everett AND the fact that both Flipper and Jerry were in excellent in the 2nd half. Giants hold on by the tip of their fingers 17-14 after having to hold their breath on a last second Jerry huck (which was just a bit too late and hits the back of the EZ. 88 MS moves pretty fast you might say.) The lack of CCs was surprising to both coaches. Joe 25%, Jim 31%. Gross. Week 4: GIA @ DAL Vinny throws 2 picks but the Cowboys make it tighter than it should have been. Marcus and Joe put together a nice offensive game. Giants win an important division game 28-21. Both wins shared something in common, no lost fumbles, in contrast to the 2 losses. Marcus has been ordered to lay off the wings during the game.