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  1. NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

    I thought Denver would beat KC and Tenn. I think they knocked themselves out of the playoffs. The Steelers will win their division and Miami will be the other wildcard. I'm keeping these NFC picks, and I think TB will get in whether or not they win the division.
  2. NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

    I strongly dislike the Ravens, but I hate the Pats with a fucking passion.
  3. NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

    http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-network-total-access/0ap3000000755868/Jeff-Fisher-has-been-fired-by-the-Rams interesting perspective
  4. Pro Football Focus

    Individual stats are just one aspect. I didn't see anyone saying they would use individual stats exclusively. Whatever method I used, I always factored in win-loss records, total offense, and total defense. Individual stats are most useful to determine who the best players are within a given team, but sometimes not so useful for global ratings throughout the league. For example, if the league leader in passing (whatever your metric in measuring passing is) is on a SB team they might get 75pc, but if the league leader in passing is on a 7-9 team they might only get 63pc.
  5. NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

    Everyone's going to say Dallas isn't as good as everyone thinks. I say the Giants are better than everyone thinks.
  6. NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

    MVP of Giants game: Dwayne Harris
  7. Pro Football Focus

    You don't get all the stats they have when you pay? That kind of sucks if true. Didn't know Collinsworth was an investor. Oh well. I miss when it was free lol.
  8. Pro Football Focus

    It's kind of gratifying that some of us who frequent this forum were using Pro Football Focus in its first few years before anyone had ever heard of it to rate roms, and now announcers on nationally televised games quote their stats. When the site was totally free it was fun participating in the forum there and actually getting to have conversations with the creators. Anyone here have a paid subscription there?
  9. 4 Weeks to go, Who you got?

    Wow, nice comeback Jets. I'm 10-4 so far this week. Let's go Giants.
  10. NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

    I haven't really been paying attention to the Jets for a lot of weeks. What the hell happened to their defense? I thought just the offense has been struggling, but this whole team is bad.
  11. Favorite Comedy Sets and Sketches

  12. MUSIC - Share Your Favorites! - Friday Jams

  13. NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

  14. 4 Weeks to go, Who you got?

    I haven't turned on the TV or looked up these scores yet, so I'll make my picks and then go see how I'm doing: Sunday, 12/11 1:00 PM e.t., PIT at BUF PIT 1:00 PM e.t., DEN at TEN DEN 1:00 PM e.t., WAS at PHI PHI 1:00 PM e.t., ARZ at MIA MIA 1:00 PM e.t., MIN at JAX MIN 1:00 PM e.t., HOU at IND HOU 1:00 PM e.t., S.D at CAR CAR 1:00 PM e.t., CIN at CLE CIN 1:00 PM e.t., CHI at DET DET ----------------------------------- 4:05 PM e.t., NYJ at S.F NYJ ----------------------------------- 4:25 PM e.t., N.O at T.B TB 4:25 PM e.t., ATL at L.A ATL 4:25 PM e.t., SEA at G.B SEA ----------------------------------- 8:30 PM e.t., DAL at NYG NYG Monday, 12/12 8:30 PM e.t., BAL at N.E NE
  15. NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

    The Raiders defense still kicked some major ass. Their offense was missing their starting LG and Derek Carr could't take a snap from under center because of his pinky. Other than that they're the same team that's been winning all season, and if they can get healthy for the playoffs they'll still be great. No offense, but this regular season vs playoffs stuff is a bunch of crap. Teams change over the course of a season for reasons like what I just wrote, it has nothing to do with regular season vs playoffs. Some coaches like the hoodie like to play games because they think they're great and they fuck themselves sometimes, but most coaches don't do shit like that. The Giants are the Giants. Eli is not the same QB that won two Super Bowls, he's declining, and that makes him inconsistent. The defense has finally come together, they just need Eli to stop fucking up. I know those two teams, I don't follow anyone else.