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  1. Pro Football Focus

    Individual stats are just one aspect. I didn't see anyone saying they would use individual stats exclusively. Whatever method I used, I always factored in win-loss records, total offense, and total defense. Individual stats are most useful to determine who the best players are within a given team, but sometimes not so useful for global ratings throughout the league. For example, if the league leader in passing (whatever your metric in measuring passing is) is on a SB team they might get 75pc, but if the league leader in passing is on a 7-9 team they might only get 63pc.
  2. Pro Football Focus

    You don't get all the stats they have when you pay? That kind of sucks if true. Didn't know Collinsworth was an investor. Oh well. I miss when it was free lol.
  3. Pro Football Focus

    It's kind of gratifying that some of us who frequent this forum were using Pro Football Focus in its first few years before anyone had ever heard of it to rate roms, and now announcers on nationally televised games quote their stats. When the site was totally free it was fun participating in the forum there and actually getting to have conversations with the creators. Anyone here have a paid subscription there?
  4. 4 Weeks to go, Who you got?

    Wow, nice comeback Jets. I'm 10-4 so far this week. Let's go Giants.
  5. Favorite Comedy Sets and Sketches

  6. MUSIC - Share Your Favorites! - Friday Jams

  7. 4 Weeks to go, Who you got?

    I haven't turned on the TV or looked up these scores yet, so I'll make my picks and then go see how I'm doing: Sunday, 12/11 1:00 PM e.t., PIT at BUF PIT 1:00 PM e.t., DEN at TEN DEN 1:00 PM e.t., WAS at PHI PHI 1:00 PM e.t., ARZ at MIA MIA 1:00 PM e.t., MIN at JAX MIN 1:00 PM e.t., HOU at IND HOU 1:00 PM e.t., S.D at CAR CAR 1:00 PM e.t., CIN at CLE CIN 1:00 PM e.t., CHI at DET DET ----------------------------------- 4:05 PM e.t., NYJ at S.F NYJ ----------------------------------- 4:25 PM e.t., N.O at T.B TB 4:25 PM e.t., ATL at L.A ATL 4:25 PM e.t., SEA at G.B SEA ----------------------------------- 8:30 PM e.t., DAL at NYG NYG Monday, 12/12 8:30 PM e.t., BAL at N.E NE
  8. Let's play: Which Team Would You Pick?

    So you're saying if the defender is just 25-44hp higher there is a 43% chance of a popcorn and run in? That's actually more significant than I thought. I thought drones still needed at least 50hp difference to popcorn, like RBs. Good to know.
  9. Let's play: Which Team Would You Pick?

    Okay, this I understand. Since the defender popcorning the offensive player and running in immediately is really the only thing that matters with the line, what are the percentages of a popcorn and run in based on the following? players are even or offensive player has higher HP defensive player is 6-25hp higher (or 6-19, or whatever the actual threshold is for a change) defensive player is 25-50hp higher (or whatever the middle range is) defensive player is at least 50hp higher
  10. Let's play: Which Team Would You Pick?

    Please explain further. There are at least four potential outcomes of line play, whatever the percentages and HP are, and you only list three in the above table. I'm not sure what you mean by each of these things, either. To be as clear as possible, you can have: 1. They grapple forever and no one gets thrown or falls down (Is this what you mean by "normal grapple"? 2. They grapple for a certain amount of time, then someone gets thrown and the other falls down. 3. They grapple for a certain amount of time, then someone gets thrown or falls down and the other player is still standing. If it's the defensive player, they rush in. 4. Popcorn
  11. Let's play: Which Team Would You Pick?

    Yes I know, drone vs drone. But even drone vs drone you can get a popcorn if there is a 50hp difference. The defensive player will just touch the offensive player and they go flying with the defensive player not slowing down.This happens to the TB center when he is in Bad (25hp) and a 69hp NT goes into Good to have 75hp. Other times when the defensive player throws the offensive player and comes in they have to grapple first.
  12. 4 Weeks to go, Who you got?

    Tonight, Raiders all the way, baby.
  13. Let's play: Which Team Would You Pick?

    Yeah and they have to grapple first, right? It's not an Okoye-style popcorn. It has to be 50hp difference for that.
  14. Let's play: Which Team Would You Pick?

    As a team the Steelers have one of the best defenses in the league, maybe THE best. But the front seven do not actually have very high HP. Greg Lloyd has the highest with 63, and at ROLB it doesn't matter that much, followed by NT Gerald Williams with 56. With everyone on both teams in average, none of the TB OL will actually get popcorned so the line battle might be less of a factor than you might think. I chose the Steelers on the straw poll but I'm having second thoughts. Lloyd and Woodson are good for spying on Vinny, so they still might be the better choice. That offense is tough to use, though.