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  1. North Dakota - Burning Mort II

    Why wasn't I given a link to the Flo-grave-pee-a-thon webcam?
  2. I'm in the lone star state. The trip was excellent. I got a free butt swipe from the TSA at O'Hare. Free man-hand on ass is always appreciated. I'm visiting some friends that moved to the area, so I might not be available for any or all pregame festivities. Don't worry though, I will for sure saunter in to the tournament venue with the proper tournament hangover. Dave, what is the bar situation going to be like at this thing? Am I going to have to find a liquor store?
  3. North Dakota - Burning Mort II

    This won't be the last time someone pisses on my grave.
  4. Avon Lake, OH - 08/05/17 - Tecmo Cleveland

    Dave ain't lying about those shirt costs. I've been making and selling shirts at Tecmo Madison for probably the last 6 or 7 years. Hit me up next time you want shirts made.
  5. North Dakota - Burning Mort II

    JK. Flo is still dead. Look forward to zombie Flo to come back for BMIII.
  6. I might have to drop the 2 grand for the cameraman and security.
  7. Add another tecmo heavyweight to the list. Flight and hotel booked.
  8. Tecmobowl.org TecmoMadison Roll Call

    It didn't take long for me to regret teaming up with you.
  9. There are a few things I think you can work on vs the computer: Running the same pass play over and over to get comfortable cycling through receivers and timing routes. Dodging drones on long runs. Making sure that if you win a grapple or the MAN defender gets blocked or bounced that you will take every run for as far as it can go. Changing the computer's plays to reflect a tournament player's playbook and trying to defend different plays from different positions. Knowing who isn't blocked on run plays and what positions drop in coverage. You can also practice tapping. Maybe try tweaking your technique while in game vs computer. I think something that people sometimes forget about being a good tapper is having a good jump when the tap battle starts. You want your first press to be as close to the beginning of the tap-off and switching your grip from running a ballcarrier/defender to how you tap fastest might make you skip a beat. Practicing on a ROM or with Track and Field or some other game is also a good way to track how fast you are tapping. Oh, and kicking field goals. Play on a ROM and do a save state before you attempt, so you can quickly reload your save state and attempt a kick over and over. Outside of that, I don't think there is much you can work on without having a person there.
  10. Only part of me died that day.
  11. I wouldn't shut up about that until well after the tournament ends.
  12. North Dakota - Burning Mort II

    I'm the most well rested and the least hungover for a day of tecmo in my life. I'm going to probably play like shit.
  13. North Dakota - Burning Mort II

    I'm in 100%. Ready to get tribal.