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  1. Can you at least re-write it or scan the original sheet so there isn't a weird curve to it?
  2. I'll have some ready with the other shirts I'm bringing.
  3. I was on the fence on taking KC instead of MIA. Looking back, I wish I took them instead. My top four was HOU, PHI, CHI, RAI in that order. Could maybe swap CHI in at 2.
  4. After I win at Bloomington, I'll play the winner online to figure out the true 1/27/18 champion.
  5. I have a vive, should I bring it out to some Tecmo events?
  6. I'm taking sign ups for anyone that wants to be on the winning 2v2 team.
  7. Jock jams, $2 IPAs, bad jokes. Great pregame so far for this tournament.
  8. I'm about an hour out myself. Where the party at?
  9. He got lucky that I had to bow out. I'm the greatest player from the greatest state. And I guess I'll have to show up to prove it.
  10. I also would like to point out that I was much more sober than I usually am at tournaments, I knew I had to leave early and drive quite a bit. Get me at an eliminated-at-Madison level of drunk and I don't think it would have been so clean.
  11. The last Madison tourney post had over 25k views. There are a lot of people who are going to be seeing someone piss on my grave.