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  1. I've been sober before and it didn't help. I've played good tecmo drunk. Embrace the chaos that is tecmo. Play it however you are, and thank the tecmo gods for the outcome.
  2. Sorry it took a few days for me to post here. Internet has been down at the house and I hate typing on my phone, but it's all I have right now so I apologize in advance for any typos. It was a great tournament and awesome format. Big thanks to Tom for putting it all together. It was pretty sweet having two live streams going. Sometime this weekend I'll probably get around to rewatching some games and checking out the games I didn't get a chance to see. Also big thanks to Phil for having a sweet bar. It was great meeting another dude that just loves tecmo. Also for taking care of the round of shots I tried to buy with some of my cash winnings; that was just a cherry on top of the great food, beer, and hospitality. My only regret was driving into the city instead of taking the train. It was kind of weird not getting drunk and losing my voice at a tournament. It might have played a factor in my undefeated afternoon. I just feel like everything went perfectly for me that day. I was able to get a copy of tecmo in the NES cartridge draft (I had to remind the guys that passed on it that it is foolish to anger the tecmo gods and not select it). And being able to be the bears in the Chicago finals was pretty sweet. I also totally forgot about the paid entry into the Midwest tournament. All I was thinking about was the championship belt. Someone tag Chris vogt so I can see if he has room on his couch. Also great to see all the tecmo guys. I'd tag all you guys if I knew how to on my phone. Every tournament should have no game play rules, unless you are trying something different to mix it up. Sorry for disappointing everyone, better luck next year.
  3. Can you at least re-write it or scan the original sheet so there isn't a weird curve to it?
  4. I'll have some ready with the other shirts I'm bringing.
  5. I was on the fence on taking KC instead of MIA. Looking back, I wish I took them instead. My top four was HOU, PHI, CHI, RAI in that order. Could maybe swap CHI in at 2.
  6. After I win at Bloomington, I'll play the winner online to figure out the true 1/27/18 champion.
  7. I have a vive, should I bring it out to some Tecmo events?
  8. I'm taking sign ups for anyone that wants to be on the winning 2v2 team.
  9. Jock jams, $2 IPAs, bad jokes. Great pregame so far for this tournament.
  10. I'm about an hour out myself. Where the party at?
  11. He got lucky that I had to bow out. I'm the greatest player from the greatest state. And I guess I'll have to show up to prove it.
  12. I also would like to point out that I was much more sober than I usually am at tournaments, I knew I had to leave early and drive quite a bit. Get me at an eliminated-at-Madison level of drunk and I don't think it would have been so clean.