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  1. I like the three man groups and consolation events. I think that eliminates the problem of doing so much to come to Madison to be destroyed 2 to 3 times then go home. Plus there might be less complaints of we are seeding top down as 1 seeds then the bottom/newbies as 3. Will be some interesting 2 seeds but overall I see it producing a very challenging 1st round of games for everyone.
  2. The Road To Tecmo Madison

    Already got too many requirements IMO. Plus it's a lot of work running an event. Having someone else taking care of video will make it run better. On a related note for streaming you might want to see if anyone can bring a mobile hotspot. If I still had one I would bring it to let you stream off it.
  3. Just found a way to make it so Thanksgiving holiday is no longer conflicting with this tourney. 99 percent certain now I can make it and so can Louis.
  4. Tournament Abundance

    That's why I said a minimum. I know that some dates are set for a reason. And some dates work better than other dates. For example in Buffalo we had a great date at the last week of April or first of May. Now tecmo Madison is to close and it's not easy finding a new date. It makes you appreciate it when you have a date that works year in and year out for the usual participants at your event.
  5. Tournament Abundance

    It would be nice to have no tournament overlapping in 2019. That's the year I plan to play in every tecmo tourney. Or a bare minimum.
  6. You gotta try the sex panther suit head. Just be careful not to let it drive you wild. If I kept it on any longer I would be in jail.
  7. Against any rookie or new player I will be playing at a disadvantage. Unless you pick a tier 1 team. But if they pick a tier 2 I will use the bottom half of tier 3 or tier 4. If they pick a tier 3 I will use a tier 4 or 5. Finally if they pick a tier 4 I will use a tier 5 team. In fact I will even post what teams I will use. KC wash, den Chi Tb Rai Pitt Phi wash, tb Mia den, wash, tb Cin wash, tb minn jets Det pitt, phx Rams atl Sd, phx, no Wash phx Tb jets Den atl Dal no Pitt cle Phx gb Jets ne Atl sea No ind Ne ind Gb, ind Sea, ind Cle, ind Ind SF
  8. I will be bringing my amazing Technicolor dream pants to the twin cities.
  9. I was thinking something similar with Mario. See who can get the furthest with one life. You could even do it as a team relay. You couldn't use any warp zones. If it was Mario 3 the stages would need to be played in numerical order. it would entice non sporting fans to play.
  10. Avon Lake, OH - 08/05/17 - Tecmo Cleveland

    How much did it cost to rent the legion hall?
  11. Avon Lake, OH - 08/05/17 - Tecmo Cleveland

    By grand prize you mean 1st place. Or the total prize pool?
  12. I'm driving up to burning mort and leaving Chicago around 10 am to noon. Depends on when Lou's train arrives.