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  1. After the success of the hardcore tourney this event will be at dmen tap as well. Based on a suggestion by Tom I've edited the prize structure. Official sign ups will start in two weeks. I need at least 12 sign ups to hold the event. Also there will be a satellite event for a free entry. Date to be determined in august.
  2. I subscribe to the the Son Goku mentality of no cheap victories. So I'm going to toss out you guys a proverbial sensu bean and give some observations I've made in my hardcore prep. 1. Certain plays are highly susceptible to the nose dive bomb. Pro-form and I form up the middle plays. 2. A 6 ms qb is a dead duck. A 13 ms qb is 50/50 on escaping a lurch. 25 ms and above should be close to unlurchable. 3. The best DL for lurching are GB, Pitt, TB. The worst two are KC and chi. 4. Lurching take a bit of skill. It's not automatic. My best advice is to tap b right at the snap if you have a top level NT. 5. The run and shoot runs really help to offset the lurch game. To be honest there are few lurches in most of our practice. It just leaves you too wide open. Plus it's better saved as a surprise to lurch. 6. Field position and defense will mean more. Starting a drive on the 5 yard line in has a much higher chance of a safety. 7. Wr at RB will be big in this format. Jerry Rice, Rison and Hill can salt away wins in the 4th quarter as RB. Also I'm pretty sure there are unlimited subs. So that means if your in the red zone you might rotate a Jerry Rice to RB. 8. The best games are going to be in tier 2 and tier 3. I think tier 2 offers the most even matchups. Avoid tier 5. Everyone should play at least one tier one hou vs sf for the fun it offers. 9. The food at dmen tap is amazing. Phil runs a great food truck and has an exciting menu. The wings are amazing with a unique hot sauce. I also highly recommend the cheese curds and the donner bowl. 10. For those who don't get the DBZ reference some find me the clip of Goku giving Cell a sensu bean before fighting his son in a death match.
  3. mort1237

    New Orleans, LA - 9/8/2018 - Tecmo NOLA

    I'm thinking about driving down for this one. By the time September gets here i'm going to need a vacation. Little tecmo on top will make it perfect.
  4. As per Tom's announcement the day before the hardcore tourney will be the players championship satellite. I'm offering a free entry into the players championship for the winner of this tourney. I need at least 10 people by 7pm at dmen tap. Tourney will be group format using player championship format. Tourney will be just group play of at least 10 players. I can do as many as 24 depending on equipment and time. This will be a nice trial run for the players championship specific matchup picking rules and the change in the use only once rule. Standard Madison rules for gameplay. Only those that sign up and play in hardcore tourney are eligible to play in the satellite and to receive the prize.
  5. Nice. Working on securing a venue. As long as I have 12 signed up it will happen. But I feel we can get 24. If you're interested at all please make a quick post.
  6. Saturday September 22, 2018 Start time 10 am Entry fee 150 (100% of prize money goes to prize pool. 1st place 1700. Plus pimp outfit as an official Tecmo Super Player Champion. 2nd place 800 3rd place 500 Pool play winners 300 each. https://paypal.me/mort1237/150 Max participants 36. Goal 24. All prizes based on 24. Format Group Play. With 24 we will form two groups of 12. The 12 best players in attendance will form group 1. The next 12 will form group 2. Each attendee will be asked to rank the players coming 1-23. this will determine group placement. You will play each person in your group once. The winners of each group will get there entry fee back. With 36 we will form 3 groups. 4 to 6 hours. 24 to 36 single elimination tournament. All rounds a best of 3 series. Byes will be based upon performance in group play. 4 to 6 hours. Standard Madison rules except one tweak to the one matchup once rule. A player can only play in a matchup once during the tournament. It doesn't matter if he calls it or his opponent. Now I am looking for the best 24 to 36 players I can find. Right now I am trying to gauge interest. If demand is high I will have to put together a selection committee to narrow the field. Otherwise I will start officially signing people up once the date is set. If interested in playing please Email me at fbuennagel@gmail.com Interested list. Flo Gats Louis Buennagel Mort Rsg Tom Joseph Moore DPS Sonofpatbeach Tecmobo (chi) Hank the tank Nos Retro Nate
  7. You called it bro. Super 8 by the airport (Hayes Rd). Couldn't find a better hotel for the price. Louis, gats, Hank and I will be there wed around 3 till sun morning.
  8. mort1237

    The Road To Tecmo Madison 2017-18

    Awesome bro. Now I just need a couple of Ohio tournaments to report to jack up my score. 😀
  9. mort1237

    The Road To Tecmo Madison 2017-18

    I always figured you digged deep. That's pretty impressive to get an example of what you do. I just had gotten the wrong ideal earlier in this conversation.
  10. mort1237

    The Road To Tecmo Madison 2017-18

    Thanks for the clarification. I think the road to Madison is a fine ideal. I just think it will need a year or two to really catch on.
  11. mort1237

    The Road To Tecmo Madison 2017-18

    The problem with this is not everyone goes to 7 or 12 events like I do. Most people play in 1 to 3 events. So you might be ignoring a great performance for a lot of good players because you don't feel that event counts for anything. So that one or two random events might be all the information you have on a player who played well. For example shallebey's performance at the equalizer comes to mind. I think you should keep this road to Tecmo Madison separate from how you decide seeding for Madison. Or just be willing to look at other events since the last tecmo Madison for players that don't play in your official road to Madison events. As you said it's a huge event and you want to do it right. I mean it would be nice if everyone played at least once or twice in the upcoming events. Then what your saying would make a lot of sense. But considering how little a lot of good players can make events I think you should dig a little deeper.
  12. mort1237

    The Road To Tecmo Madison 2017-18

    Now I got no objection to the submitting results part. It's too much speculation and work for you to seed Madison on just partial results. As for the other requirements I can come up with several various good reasons on why you should lower or remove the requirement. All those reason come back to having different formats are a lot of fun. For example I'm hoping this year Det goes back to random triple elimination. Also a few events with 20 or 16 or even 12 can be challenging and rewarding for those playing in it. Also a few places have trouble raising 24 people yet still have good tourney's. Basic rules are used pretty uniformly used. But these days to make it more I interesting I would have fun playing with some different rules in a small event. But that's because I go to so many events and it would spice things up.
  13. I like the three man groups and consolation events. I think that eliminates the problem of doing so much to come to Madison to be destroyed 2 to 3 times then go home. Plus there might be less complaints of we are seeding top down as 1 seeds then the bottom/newbies as 3. Will be some interesting 2 seeds but overall I see it producing a very challenging 1st round of games for everyone.