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  1. While I have not attended a Burning Mort I did go to the Tecmo Ryder Cup in ND and I have to say that the ND crew are the biggest bad-asses in all the tecmo-verse. I regret not attending this year.
  2. Bo plays as Bo in commercials -- Bud Light & Kia

    A buddy of mine found this little gem. Not sure if it's been posted before. http://usat.ly/2c3TQfv
  3. Way to grab the tecmo torch Murray but it should be called Tecmo XIII: Balls of Murray
  4. Tecmo XII Preview (Stiller Region)

    I'm in Orenga's region now!!!!
  5. Lincoln, NE - 01/30/2016 - Tecmo Lincoln VI

    Damn you, I was hoping to avenge my loss. My buddy is a high school teacher and has gotten 5 of his students into playing tecmo. I know for sure that one of them is playing tomorrow. So we might have 2 teeny-boppers representing.
  6. Madison, WI - 03/07/15 - Tecmo XI: Apocalipps Now

    I think they should change it up do music parody titles. Instead of playing a movie just play the artist's library.Like "The Wind Cries Barry" or "Lawrence, Guns, and Money." I'd be down to listening to Warren Zevon while I playing Tecmo.
  7. Lincoln, NE - 1/10/2015 - Tecmo Lincoln V

    Not only will the champion be leaving with the phone numbers of every girl in the bar but he will also be walking away with this trophy.
  8. Madison, WI - 03/07/15 - Tecmo XI: Apocalipps Now

    Speaking of revenge I wouldn't be surprised if the rikster was strategically placed so that we could do battle for a third time. Both of the previous matches came out in my favor and both games were Bills/Giants matchups.
  9. Madison, WI - 03/07/15 - Tecmo XI: Apocalipps Now

    I've always wondered where you got your avatar from, Orenga. It looks like Howard Stern and Fiona Apple are starting to get frisky.
  10. Madison, WI - 03/07/15 - Tecmo XI: Apocalipps Now

    LOVE the name, such a great movie. I assume this is the adaptation of the novel "Hart of Darkness"
  11. Fargo, ND - 11/15/14 - Tecmo Ryder Cup

    You be correct
  12. Waterloo, IA - 12/13/14 - Tomczak Bowl VII

    Rams and Falcons in the same tier. I'm pretty sure if you called that match up against Orenga his head would explode.