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  1. Save the date.... TECMO KUMITE VII Saturday, March 9, 2019 | Detroit, MI Details starting to take shape Winter 2019. Stay tuned! In the meantime, give us a follow on social media: facebook.com/groups/tecmokumitedetroit
  2. HSTL S44 Draft

    Gamehigh has RB3/LB..... HOU RB3/LB Jones/Grimsley
  3. HSTL S44 Draft

    Bears select: RB4 LB Thompson Bell PHX
  4. HSTL S44 Draft

    WR DB Howard Walton
  5. HSTL S44 Draft

    Saints DL
  6. HSTL S44 Draft

    Lofton Odomes
  7. HSTL S44 Draft

    Hoff has RB2... Vikings select: Rathma and DeLong
  8. #KumiteVI took place on Saturday, March 3, 2018 at Detroit Beer Co. in Downtown Detroit. 37 participants took to the 8-bit gridiron for 6 rounds of swiss play, which seeded 20 participants to select the team of their destiny. Matthew O'Toole earned his 2nd consecutive Kumite Cup Title by defeating Francis Buennagel HOU over KC. Toolie defeated Mort for the first time in five attempts in a Tecmo major finale. Congrats to both competitors on great days! Rounding out our top four, finishing in the money were David Thompson, of Seattle, WA; and Louis Buennagel of Buffalo, NY. Brad Smigielski, Livonia, MI defeated Scott Duhl of Commerce, MI for the consolation tournament title. Congratulations to the winners, and to everyone else for their contributions in making Kumite VI an amazing day. Thank you so very much! We are always looking to improve upon each tournament for the following year, and years to come! If you have any feedback of any kind, please take a moment to drop me an email or a DM, on ways that we could improve your personal experience at Tecmo Kumite Detroit. There are certainly a number of things on that list for next year, including handling of guest tabs throughout the day - to both guest, and host, as we got stuck with a handful of them at days' end. Lastly, Matt O'Toole seemingly misplaced his winter jacket. It's a big black jacket, that had a pair of gloves, and a Kettering University hat in it. If anyone accidentally took them home with them, please drop me a line so we can get it back to him! Again, thank you so very much from the bottom of your heart for all of your contributions in making Tecmo Kumite Detroit the best event that it possibly can be. You guys are the bomb! 'Til next time Kumiteers!
  9. HSTL S44 Draft

    Bears OL
  10. HSTL S44 Draft

  11. HSTL S44 Draft

    Vikings select: NYG WR2/ DB2: Baker / Collins
  12. HSTL S44 Draft

    Vikings select: Roy Green and Lonnie Young
  13. HSTL S44 Draft

  14. HSTL S44 Round 0

    I will take best pick avail, looks like #5
  15. Stay tuned in regards to a Friday meet up. While we'd love to have everyone Friday night at the venue, as it makes so much sense to utilize that time to get set up for the next day, we just can't guarantee it ahead of time. They may have something booked in the same room for Friday Night. You'll be receiving an email update by midweek and we'll be sure to address this and everything Kumite! See you next weekend! #LongLiveTecmo