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  1. HSTL S43 Draft

  2. HSTL S43 Draft

    Give me The Hoss
  3. HSTL S43 Draft

    WR1 / LB1 Barnett / Small
  4. HSTL S43 Draft

    Everyone ahead of me has DL... Saints DL K P
  5. HSTL S43 Draft

    RB1 /DB1: Blair Thomas / James Hasty
  6. That's great news brother. Hope you find a way to make it out!
  7. HSTL S43 Draft

    Since they've all smoked them already, let's go LVP Troy Aikman
  8. HSTL S43 Draft

    RB3/DB3 K Bryant / T Bowles
  9. HSTL S43 Draft

    Who dat, who dat, Who dey think gon' beat that Bengals OL?
  10. HSTL S43 Draft

  11. Hank, throw that on the Facebook Kumite page. I bet you'll find some interested parties. Maybe some of those Bloomington guys, whose tourney is in a few weeks.
  12. 1 Stall 2 Rico 3 no 4 no 5 38 6 Stall 7 under 8 42 9 Stall 10 3
  13. HSTL S43 Draft

    WR4/LB4 Duncan / Childress
  14. HSTL S43 Draft

    RB2/DB2 Bernstine/Byrd
  15. Registration is LIVE for Detroit Tecmo Kumite VI! Our 5th tournament in 2017 was our biggest and best yet, crowning Matt O'Toole his 1st Kumite title, including a great new venue, providing plenty of room for growth into the future. Kumite VI is just 2 months away, and registration is now LIVE!, so sign up today, to take advantage of the Pre-Pay PayPal discounted rate! To REGISTER: Please email the TECMODETROIT@GMAIL.COM, and be sure to include: GAMER TAG/NICKNAME, HOMETOWN, EMAIL, and any EQUIPMENT you can lend to the tournament cause, including NES, TSB carts, small TVs, etc. Entry Fee: $30 via PayPal, to TECMODETROIT@GMAIL.COM. Pre-Pay Deadline will be Wednesday 2/21, so take advantage of the discounted rate. Beyond 2/21, and/or day-of entry will be $35. Doors are at 10:00AM, with kickoff at 11:00AM sharp - Saturday 3/3/2018. Stay tuned - More to come! Hope to see you all on 3/3 for Tecmo Kumite VI!