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  1. NFL Pick'um on NFLpicker.com

    Ah, you remembered me . Gnar, that's kinda how I decided to put this site together years ago. We would keep track of picks on the Sunday paper and try to keep up with it that way through the season. No way could we finish the season, so when I started getting into programming I built nflpicker. Enjoy!
  2. Touchdown Sequences: Animated GIFs

    Thanks for the offer LWN, but I don't have any videos at the moment. I used to play tecmo on a Windows machine a few years ago but I've since moved over to linux full time and haven't done any digging as to whether there's a decent NES emulator for ubuntu. Was hoping someone had these vids laying around.
  3. Does anyone by chance have animated GIFs of some of the sequences in TSB? Specifically rushing TD, receiving TD and even FG Made/Miss? If anyone can point me in the right direction for that please do.
  4. How many Fantasy Football leagues are you in?

    For those of you that play in at least 2 leagues, are those leagues both on the same site, or do you have some on yahoo, some on espn, and some on another website? If so, which sites do you use?
  5. This is related to my other post. I just wanted to know, on average, how many Fantasy Football leagues do you typically join each season?
  6. Fantasy Football Aggregator

    Well if you happen across something like this let me know. I haven't had much luck finding anything like this yet.
  7. Fantasy Football Aggregator

    Gents. I was wondering if you guys have ever used a Fantasy Football Aggregator service. What I mean is a service where you create an account, and from that website you can check the status of all of your Fantasy Teams in one location, regardless of what website hosts them. For example, if you had 3 teams, one in a Yahoo League, another with ESPN, and then yet another with CBS Sportsline. After logging into the Aggregator website, you would give them your respective logins for all 3 websites where the Aggregator pulls your rosters for both you and your opponents. Then you can keep an eye on all of your scores from one location on gameday, rather than having to log into all 3 sites separately. If you've had any experience with this, please let me know. I'm doing some research to see whether or not it would be a profitable venture to create a website like this for the coming football season.
  8. I have a draft coming up at 8pm tonight. Could I get someone to draft my friends team? No obligation to play, just need a drafter. hit me up on aim at snatches1 if you have time.
  9. Drew Carey to host The Price is Right

    2 words: CLEVELAND ROCKS!!
  10. Pirate Master

    One contestant that you might be interested in: http://www.cbs.com/primetime/pirate_mas ... tian.shtml
  11. Tom Brady!

    I bet if Brady Quinn had decided to wear number 7 instead of 10 in the NFL you'd miraculously become a Browns fan.
  12. Tom Brady!

    Elway7, pick one team and cheer for them. Novel ideas: Loyalty and Dedication. 2 Words that best describe you: Band and Wagon. Maybe if you man up and pick a team then someone will take your opinions on football seriously. Or maybe you should pick a third team just in case both Pittsburgh and Denver tank it this year. I guess that's what this Tom Brady thread is about. Can't wait for your "Go Pats" addition to your sig.
  13. Tecmo Bowl Available on Wii

    Nothing on the Front Page. No posts about it in the top 10 topics. Apparently the results from the NYC tourney still continue to remain decidedly in effect, furthermore, more important than Tecmo Bowl on the Wii.
  14. Tecmo Bowl Available on Wii

    http://www.nintendo.com/gamemini?gameid ... x1zZej5J09 I can't beleive I haven't already seen a post about this. My friend said he already got it but I haven't seen any images yet. He said that the rosters did not have any names but the teams were there. I'm guessing that's because they weren't NFL licensed for that stuff. If anyone else has better access to a Wii I'd love to see some images!