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  1. You guys rock! I was so looking forward to this!
  2. I was waiting eagerly for this release.. I know how my night will be spent after work tmrw!!!!!
  3. Hey guys, its been a long time since I've been around. I just decided to get back to my tecmo roots. The state of todays games still suck. (Is anyone really surprised...) I just want to say thanks to drummer for putting out a good rom. Its exactly what I was looking for. A good playable version, I didn't have to make on my own. And drummer, don't worry about gripes on the rom, you can't please everyone. The way I look at it, if you have a problem, just put in a personal edit. That always solves it for me. Great work again everyone.
  4. How's everyone been? I fell off the face of the earth for awhile. I just got burned out editing and really didn't have time. I'm getting ready to start some new edits and finally get my site updated again. Look to see a new Tecmo Bowl series out first. I like putting out the original, because you just don't see many. I'll keep everyone updated as things progress.
  5. If the league dosen't generate any more interest, I'm gonna have to open it up to random yahoo users to fill in the left over spots. I don't really want to do this, there is room for 4 more people. The draft is next weekend, so hurry up.
  6. I can move it to a later time the 4th but that would be a Saturday night. It's your call.
  7. We have half of what we need. There were 2 leagues last year, we can't fill just 1 this year? As I said before it's open to anyone. Let me know it's down to 2 weeks till draft day.
  8. where did you get the template for the cover? I heard there is one on, but i can't find it.
  9. I was just waiting to give the people on the list the first shot. Whoever wants in, send me a pm.
  10. I'm sorry guys, I'm a retard. I don't know why I put the 9th, I meant the 5th. I wouldn't do it on the a weekday.
  11. I figured I would grab the old bull by the horns. I've created a league home for league 1 from last year. It's on Yahoo, and the draft is September 9th at 3:30 pm eastern. I figured that would be a good date, just before the season starts. If anyone has a problem with the time let me know pronto so I can get a better one. PM me for the password and ID# Besides myself here was the list from last year Rod Woodson Ignarant Bad Moon Rison J-Diddy Slig Yo136 Scott Eric USFL I have it set for 12 teams so some people will be added.
  12. You removed the faces? I'll have to check it out. Finding a decent looking face is a pain in the ass sometimes.
  13. I rented it expecting just what I got. The storyline was horrible, but the dance scenes rocked. As to the south park episode, I've heard it was good. I guess I'll have to watch out for the re-run.
  14. I'm still around, just sometimes get busy in between visits.
  15. Shipp has a better upside, niether played great. Shipp is younger and fresh. Emmitt was great but, should hang up the cleats.