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    I can't remember. My first day back in years. But I do remember playing in some title games
  1. Yup- Giants
  2. Bighock yup
  3. DEN LB 2/3 Brooks Munford
  4. WR Hassan Jones/ Chris TD Carter
  5. RB Kelvin Bryant/Gerald Big RiGGS
  6. Wr2 Mark Jackson/ Nattiel
  7. Bruce Smith and Bills Dline
  8. Dallas OL/ Jay Novacek/ crew
  9. The Majik MAN! QB DONNie Majikowski
  10. LB Bennett and Talley
  11. DB s for first time ever for me in rd 1 Carrier/Woolford
  12. Any new owners yet?
  13. Sad day
  14. Qb Chuck Long /Johnson