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  1. HSTL S43 Draft

    WR4 Query and Friend
  2. HSTL S43 Draft

    SEA DL
  3. HSTL S43 Draft

    RB Rathman and DB Shitty
  4. HSTL S43 Draft

    Vance Johnson / mecklenburg
  5. HSTL S43 Draft

    QB Deberg
  6. Group I: Nos vs. RetroNathan I won the toss and selected PHX - DAL. Nathan took Dallas. PHX wins 17-0 forcing several turnovers from Aikman and playing stout run defense. Link to the stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/205124056 gg RetroNathan
  7. HSTL S42 Draft

    Gats and Z both have DB3... Nola selects: DB3 / RB3 ATL Case and shit.
  8. Discord: Nos Time Zone: CST I can host and live stream. Best times: evenings 5:30 - 9:00 one not: I am out of the country with no possibility for games beginning 12/23/17 and won’t return until 01/09/18.
  9. HSTL S42 Draft

    Spielman LB3 and friend.
  10. HSTL S42 Draft

    Dennis Byrd / Rob Moore LB 2 / WR 2
  11. HSTL S42 Draft

    SD QBs Tolliver and Pickle
  12. HSTL S42 Draft

    Byner and Green , RB1 / DB1
  13. New Orleans Saints HSTL S41 Recaps

    I won a lot, and I lost a little.