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  1. Eww. I could never be the Dallas Cowboys.
  2. Group J Championship: Nos vs. Neerm I win toss and call DEN-SD. Neerm selects SD. Pretty even matchup in the first half with Denver up 10-7, when a picked play gets picked off by Kragen and taken to the house. 17-7 Denver at the half. Denver scored first in half 2 and that pretty much sealed it. Couple of picks for the Chargers in this one were costly, none more than the return for a TD. Broncos win 24-10. gg Neerm. glrw.
  3. Group J: I win the toss and select a DAL - PHX matchup. Deuce takes PHX. All Dallas in this one. 4 interceptions thrown by Rosenbach and several fumbles contributed to a one sided matchup. i win 56-0. gg deuce.
  4. 90% certain I'll be able to make it this year for my first Madison. Cant wait.
  5. Title of the post says it all. I will be out of town beginning the morning of 11/02, and will not return until 11/12 evening. Please hit me up for games before I leave or after I return. Thanks.
  6. Title of the post says it all. I will be out of town beginning the morning of 11/2 and won't be back until 11/12 evening. Hit me up for games after I return. Thanks.
  7. I'm two wins away from 9-7 in the NFC, and no mention. Am I eliminated already on some obscure tiebreaker?
  8. I'm for Regulator staying if he can start becoming more active as he is good competition, but his personal life may not allow that at this time. Not sure. With that said, I would try to get BigHock in this league as an owner at some point.
  9. Great job on these predictions Coco. You were too kind for the Saints. When I reviewed my final team on the website to set my alignments, I started to wonder what I was thinking. Hopefully it all works. A B- season would be an accomplishment for this group of misfits.
  10. Everyone in front has DB2 / DB3. Saints select: Dimry / Case ATL DBs
  11. KC OL for the Aints
  12. WR Robert Clark and shitbox friend.