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  1. Interesting, I read today that this has only happened twice in the past 72 years in MLB... Video below where Barry Bonds was intentionally walked in the 9th inning of a game back in 1998, allowing a run to score on purpose just to face the next batter! http://m.mlb.com/video/topic/67794252/v134341083/arisf-dbacks-walk-bonds-with-the-bases-loaded
  2. Discord: rmm1976 Nickname (if applicable): Rob Email: rmm1976@yahoo.com Availability: evenings EST Can you host?: yes List 4 Team Preferences: Any What's your location/timezone?: EST Why do you want to join HSTL?: got the itch again
  3. Wow, interesting. I remember seeing that SMB3 flawless speed run years ago and thinking it couldn't have been a human. I never knew about "Tool Assisted" until watching this but that makes sense. Crazy that someone would take the time to input every button press to complete the game like that.
  4. Here's what "expansions" for video games looked like back then LOL... I think this game had one for NL Stadiums, one for AL Stadiums, and maybe a "Roster upgrade" expansion.
  5. Cool, I'm not sure I ever played it once they had the nfl license. Here's how I recall the game:
  6. Agreed, FPS football pro was awesome. Definitely much more of a SIM game than TSB. I played it along with Tony La Russa's Ultimate Baseball back in the day on the computer. They were great SIM alternatives to the more arcade-ish titles on the NES like Tecmo Super Bowl and Baseball Stars. If I recall correctly the one big thing missing was the NFLPA license for FPS.
  7. 8 time pro-bowler, 3 time 1st team all-pro, 2012 hall of famer. Great article here about the person. http://mmqb.si.com/mmqb/2017/05/24/cortez-kennedy-seattle-seahawks-dies-nfl-hall-fame
  8. This is crazy, I just happened to look up ZSNES and found something noted on wikipedia... I never would imagine this happening but am now curious if other emulators would ever have a similar vulnerability. Be careful where you download your ROMS I guess? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZSNES "In 2015 an exploit that allowed a specially crafted SNES ROM to gain control of the host system, and thus be able to execute malicious code, was discovered in version 1.51; a fixed build was released shortly afterwards."
  9. Ah, the good old Nesticle bloody hand with pointing finger... I was one of the ones who resisted Nestopia. I was so used to Nesticle and ZSNES back in the day! I wonder how many guys on the boards here played back in the dialup days with Nesticle and high vframe settings-- I'd bet less than 10%?
  10. Hmm OK so maybe this shows how non-observant I am... But after all these years I just put "Nos" and "New Orleans Saints" together. I always just thought "Hock and Nos" or Nos being "nitrous oxide" LOL Man I'm an old idiot!
  11. Nice season @GameHigh good to see you making the playoffs bro. Always enjoyed our matchups and figured you'd be a playoff team at some point.
  12. My team's new RB!!
  13. I was just thinking that Watson has a chance to be great, based on his clutch performances against the best competition and consistent winning in college. And then I remembered that Vince Young was the same way LOL
  14. I own the main board... Agreed, Talisman is a great game and not too complex. I got Arkham Horror with ALL expansions on ebay for 100 bucks. It's incredible but also quite complicated.
  15. Just curious who else is a fan of Tabletop Board Games!! I got into the hobby last year (after watching The Dice Tower and Wil Wheaton's "Tabletop" series on Youtube) and now have a nice collection of games. Top 5 favorites that I own are: Eldritch Horror Arkham Horror Marvel Legendary (technically a card game) Ticket to Ride Elder Sign