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  1. I wanted to like Dying Light, I enjoyed it at first... but it lost me since it was more of a running/jumping "parkour" game than a survival horror game in my opinion. I'd still give it a 3 out of 5. Has anyone played "The Surge" which is supposed to be a futuristic Dark Souls clone? I'm thinking of picking it up soon (on sale). Also I managed to get Horizon Zero Dawn for cheap recently but haven't yet had time to play it... Supposedly it is awesome.
  2. Yeah, time to fire the GM (Dave Caldwell)... 2 first round busts (Fowler, Bortles) is not going to cut it despite a good pick of Ramsey last year. Also this year we reached for a DL in round 3 (Smoot) when we really needed more OL and Pat Elflein was available...
  3. QB Battle in Jacksonville between Blake Bortles, Chad Henne and 2nd year late rd pick Brandon Allen. My Jaguars cannot make a decent draft pick to save their life. Seems over the past 10 years the early round picks are either busts or injury prone. I really hope Fournette can stay healthy...
  4. @bruddog
  5. I just came across this on an old hard drive today... from 2006!
  6. Appears there are people way past the deadlines. Let me know if you need a replacement owner...
  7. My random thought of the day...
  8. Yeah, that was a hell of a starting lineup they had: Michael Williams (PG), Reggie Miller (SG), Chuck Person (SF), Detlef Schrempf (PF), Rik Smits (C) All double figures scorers with Miller and Person dropping 3's at will-- kind of like the Warriors but with less star power and more balance.
  9. Yeah, that's funny you mentioned that about Chuck Person. I agree, he was an absolute beast in NBA Jam!!! My favorite player to control.
  10. This is a great read for anyone who ever played the arcade or console versions. Really interesting insight to NBA Jam. I was a teenager when it came out in the early 90's and spent many a quarter at the local arcade... This and Street Fighter 2 along with Mortal Kombat 2 were probably the most popular arcade games of the era! https://www.si.com/longform/2017/nba-jam-oral-history/index.html
  11. Yeah, saw that this past week. I'm not pleased with the $80 retail price point, or the fact that if it's like the NES mini there will be a major shortage in product (making it way more expensive than that even).
  12. Emmitt Smith was the most well rounded RB in history in my opinion. He could block, catch, and boy could he run. Power, speed, vision and durability... he had it all, thus deservedly in the top RBs of all time and a well earned most yardage ever. He did play on some great teams (and some bad ones) and he had a good line, but that can be said for nearly all the top RBs. I actually think of Emmitt as underrated-- because many people have the opinion that he wasn't great simply b/c he was not flashy!
  13. Anyone played the game Stardew Valley? I got it on sale for 10 bucks, great game. If you like Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon it's kind of a cross between the two... Very addicting!
  14. I was just thinking of how great it would have been if the guy who caught that ball was Richard Sherman...
  15. Billy Mitchell and his entire entourage came across as real pricks in that documentary!