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  1. @toolie I seem to recall you used some pretty bad playbooks in HSRL and won games with them... that was impressive hah
  2. I think you guys are both right about Barry Jr... Came from a luxurious background and just isn't that talented. Reminds me of Fred Taylor's son, Kelvin... who was so-so in college, drafted late and hasn't amounted to anything in the pros. Doesn't run the ball anything like his dad did.
  3. Unfortunately (or sometimes fortunately) in most cases the child is not like the parent. He's a different build-- taller, more slender-- and doesn't have Barry Sr's shiftiness or much else. He played behind McCaffrey at Stanford, and after transferring to OSU he only had like 28 carries for 96 yards. He'll be nothing more than a UDFA flier and unlikely he'll even make a team.
  4. My favorite NFL player as a kid: I was so bummed that he sucked on original TSB NES. Was pleased that he was rated better by the time SNES came out.
  5. Anyone else pick this game up for PS4? If you like Bloodborne or the Souls games, you'll love it. Early favorite for game of the year for me...
  6. Eifer!! Great to see you man... Long time no see! Hope you are doing well. -Rob
  7. That is a great point. I am guessing we will not, the way the game is played now. Or it will be a while... A generational big man like Wilt or Shaq would have to come along again.
  8. I'm not sure he belongs over any of the others, but he's right there on par with Shaq and Hakeem. It's really subjective to make a top 5 list. Nearly impossible, there have been so many great ones. I like looking on Pro Basketball Reference at the similarity breakdowns. A top 8 or 10 would be a lot easier to come up with
  9. Watch out for Toolie with that team. He'll make Aikman look pretty good this season...