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  1. Anyone else pick this game up for PS4? If you like Bloodborne or the Souls games, you'll love it. Early favorite for game of the year for me...
  2. Eifer!! Great to see you man... Long time no see! Hope you are doing well. -Rob
  3. That is a great point. I am guessing we will not, the way the game is played now. Or it will be a while... A generational big man like Wilt or Shaq would have to come along again.
  4. I'm not sure he belongs over any of the others, but he's right there on par with Shaq and Hakeem. It's really subjective to make a top 5 list. Nearly impossible, there have been so many great ones. I like looking on Pro Basketball Reference at the similarity breakdowns. A top 8 or 10 would be a lot easier to come up with
  5. Watch out for Toolie with that team. He'll make Aikman look pretty good this season...
  6. So now if I can just find one... I am not paying the outrageous prices on ebay.
  7. Hiding and hoping the domestic violence evidence don't turn up!!
  8. @bruddog is on the money. I have a family member that works in "reality" TV production who happened to work on this show. There is some scripting to all of these shows.
  9. @hoffnasty9 and league-- I am going to resign / take at least one season off... As some of you may know I had a hard time getting my games in for s38, in part due to my own lack of availability. I have a new job and lots of family stuff going on as well and need to step away for a while. That being said I'll still follow the boards/discord on occasion and will be back on the waiting list in the future. But being that we have some great veteran owners ready to step back in and it's prior to the draft, it is the best time to make this decision. Thanks. PS-- I don't want to see the league impacted by empty teams; so IF all the spots can't be filled by the draft, then I will stay and make a best effort. -Rob
  10. I preordered the Switch but decided to cancel my preorder after I found out they only have FOUR launch titles. Zelda being the only worthwhile one, and it's also coming out for WII U that I already have...