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  1. Emmitt Smith was the most well rounded RB in history in my opinion. He could block, catch, and boy could he run. Power, speed, vision and durability... he had it all, thus deservedly in the top RBs of all time and a well earned most yardage ever. He did play on some great teams (and some bad ones) and he had a good line, but that can be said for nearly all the top RBs. I actually think of Emmitt as underrated-- because many people have the opinion that he wasn't great simply b/c he was not flashy!
  2. Anyone played the game Stardew Valley? I got it on sale for 10 bucks, great game. If you like Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon it's kind of a cross between the two... Very addicting!
  3. I was just thinking of how great it would have been if the guy who caught that ball was Richard Sherman...
  4. Billy Mitchell and his entire entourage came across as real pricks in that documentary!
  5. I'd rate Doom and Mad Max just like you did. Doom was fun at first but I just didn't have the desire to stay with it, once the fast pace coolness wore off (and lack of multiplayer). Mad Max was great but I put it down and moved on to other titles as well. I've been playing a ton of Modern Warfare Remastered (comes with Call of Duty Infinite Warfare "Legacy Edition")-- multiplayer is a blast. Not only nostalgic but they've made some improvements such as a plethora of obtainable weapon camo's. I'd give that one 4 out of 5 based on the multiplayer alone. Infinite Warfare however is not good. Maybe 2 out of 5 for that title. I also bought the game "Battleborn" for Xbox One since I found it on sale for around $6! Haven't tried it just yet... I'm pretty sure I'm getting Horizon: Zero Dawn for Father's Day and really looking forward to that one... It's on sale this week for $39.99.
  6. Yeah, LeBron seemed like he stopped playing defense. It was a sloppy game last night. Irving's layup magic fizzled out and the Cavs bench was just terrible. It's hard to believe Deron Williams was a perennial 20 pt / 10 assist guy some years back. Talk about washed up... And having albatross Richard Jefferson in the starting lineup... At any rate, Cavs need to rebuild most of the team around James and Irving to have a chance next year. GS will just keep on crushing teams for a few years.
  7. Raiders are another sick reminder of my team's bad drafting. We could have had Derek Carr and selected Bortles instead.
  8. I swear it seems like the Saints have been this way for the past 10+ years Even when they went 13-3 and won the SB the defense still gave up a lot of points / had a lot of shootouts
  9. Hock's team is far and away the best IMO, of course it helped that QB Eagles fell into his lap. I'm not crazy about TecmoBo's team simply because I suck with Peete (and based on history of the league most people do). It takes a highly skilled owner to be successful with Peete, due to the limitations of his passing.
  10. If they ever do release another TSB, they need to be sure to include an editor to fully customize teams and rosters... since they won't have an NFL license. That was what cost them with the Tecmo Bowl Throwback release in 2010. Also need full featured multiplayer. You'd think this would be a simple thing in this day and age, heck they could use tools the community has already created. EDIT: Also they should base the gameplay off the NES version.... not SNES like they did previously.
  11. Saw this on Youtube... guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face who watches!
  12. Crazy game last night. As I figured the refs turned up the foul calls (and appeared to miss several calls against CLE and called everything against GS)... Irving went nuts on the offensive end, but KD and Curry were still too much in the end. LeBron looked gassed down the stretch. Series is officially over now.
  13. Great write-up, very good read! I must say you were a little generous to the guy who drafted Rice and paired him with Tupa/George, that's an automatic F!!
  14. Just wondering if they sell them anywhere anymore, to get the retro feel with the old consoles... I looked online and found nothing. Was hoping a big box store like Best Buy or Walmart might still sell something. I know I can find something cheap off craigslist, but wanted to buy NEW if possible.