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  1. Group D Ryan Won Toss Ryan calls Den/SD I take SD Mix and match well on my opening drive and its 7-0. Den also does a good job keeping SD off balance with a nice mixture of plays. KEy play early was junior seau with a big drone sack on 2nd down to make it 3rd and 7. SD gets a called play on 4th and 4 to take over on downs.Another solid drive with a dique by Butts to gain an extra 30 or so. Tolliver narrowly punches it in on a QB scramble in the redzone to make it 14-0. SD has the mojo going and forces a 4th and 5. Seale tries to stay between elway and the first down and the open streaking wr. Elways goes to pass and...DISCONNECT. Accidental mishap due to ryan's dog bumping into the power cord. Luckily my movie file worked and seale did not jump and elway completes the pass. WE recreate the situation with ryan having the ball 45 yds from endzone first down with 3:15 left or so. Elway makes a dope pass in the redzone to the moving RB and my guy is caught in no mans land and dives giving up the easy score. SD drive stalls at 4th and 4 and i begrudgingly punt as its too short a field but wondering if I'll have any time left for a response drive if he scores. Punt goes far back but its looking like a bad choice as den again finds its stride and is moving down the field and converts a big 3rd or 4th down to keep clock moving. I force another 4th down and Elway has nowhere to go as everyone is covered. Elways gets caught in no mans land deciding between pas and run as I goo deep initially and I am able to get him for the easy sack and TOD. Vlasic comes in after getting one first down to help waste some time. Twice he was wr's open that would seal the game but they are overthrown. Kidd punts with 3 seconds left to ice it. GG Ryan Final SD 14 Den 7
  2. It was the second fumble that bounced forever... the first was right near the oob line. Rockman converted a huge 4th and 2 up 17-14 rather than settling for the FG. GG man.
  3. WHATS IN THE HACK 1. KICKOFFS in the endzone can be TOUCHBACKED by PRESSING B 2. PUNTS are now RETURNABLE if they go into the ENDZONE . PRESSING B will give you a TOUCHBACK like a kickoff. 3. PUNTS going OUT OF THE ENDZONE are still AUTO-TOUCH BACKED. 4. TIMEOUTS can be taken by PRESSING AND HOLDING START after being tackled. OR by JUST PRESSING START at the play select screen THE NORMAL TIMEOUT MENU COMMAND WILL DO NOTHING. BUT IT WILL STILL DISPLAY THE CORRECT TIMEOUTS. 5. Punts can be FAIR CAUGHT by pressing the SELECT button ONCE YOU CATCH THE BALL 6. You can INSTANTLY DOWN the ball as if you were kneeling or going to the ground by PRESSING SELECT. ISSUES: 1. YOU CAN DOWN AND TOUCH BACK WHILE A GRAPPLE IS OCCURING. Don't be a douche is all I have to say here. TEST THE ROM PLEASE! Someone might want to double check the locations below as well as check for my eyes are bleeding from looking at hex for far too long. TSB 2007-32_special teams hacks_ver D.nes LOCATIONS AND NOTES X24031 4C 20 A9 EA EA EA EA play over time out insertion P1 X247B9 4C 2A A9 EA EA EA EA play over time out insertion P2 x2440b 20 DF AD punt back of endzone p2 (jump to my check to prevent auto touchback at front of endzone) (punt return p2 endzone check code) 0x26def A5 93 C9 DE A5 94 E9 09 90 04 20 70 90 60 4C A0 AF x24b93 20 6D AC punt back of endzone p1 (jjump to my check to prevent auto touchback at front of endzone) (punt return p1 endzone check code) x26C7D A5 93 C9 20 A5 94 E9 06 B0 04 20 57 90 60 4C 97 9F x25108 4C 9B AF kickoff/punt hack p1 (b button touchback) x25117 4C A0 AF kickoff/punt hack p2 (b button touchback) //kickoff/punt hack b button check (check for icons so touchback can't happen during regular play) x26fAB A2004CA2AFA201A588C918B00AA589C918900CA536B002A5352940C940F0034CC9AFE001F0042057906020709060A017E001F00DB184C928900BC9C9B0074CE3AFB186B0F14C1691E001F0034C0F914C1291 X25112 0F (branch to correct jump for auto kneel) x2511f 4CF0AD4CF5ADFF (jump to new check that includes select) (auto down the ball/ punt fair catch hack code that uses select) X26E00 A5354CF7ADA5362920C920F007A57130034C3291A571C907B006A572C92D0F14C2691EAEAEAEA x268FD 20 C0 89 p1 joypad check main (jump to check for start as time out here) x26AA3 20 C0 89 p1 joypad check main (jump to check for start as time out here) x26BA0 20 C7 89 p2 joypad check main (jump to check for start as time out here) x26D52 20 C7 89 p2 joypad check main (jump to check for start as time out here) x2691b C68CA90085694C3889EAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEA x26ac1 C68CA90085694CD68AEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEA x26bbe C68DA90085694CDB8BEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEA x26d70 C68DA90085694C858DEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEA jumps to start button check depending where coming from x269D0 20308B20308E60 (From P1 Play Select) x269D7 20308B204E8E60 (From P2 Play Select) x26930 2030ABA078A2084C2C80 (From On Field P1) x2693A 2030ABA088A2074CB487 (From On Field P2) x269cB 4C 79 89 EA EA x26b30 4c E8 8A 4C E8 8A EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA x26c7A 4C 1C 8C x26c8C 9B AF EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA x26DEC 4c 97 8D (start button time out check) x26B40 A5352910C910D004A200F00DA5362910C910D004A201D00160 (hacked time out decrement. Loads 00 into clock. P1 or P2 is Indexed with X) X26B59 A5 69 10 0A B5 8C F0 06 D6 8C A9 00 85 69 60
  4. This series was done in the U.K. in 2015 Didn't see it but for like 99% of "reality" TV the hype is typically better than the typically somewhat scripted reality that gets presented. I mean the camerman following the hunted constestants could easily be sending the trackers clues...who knows. Stuff like that, that we have no idea of what's other loopholes or restrictions there are. It's not really the best of the best team of trackers or evaders I'm pretty sure.
  5. I think its more they don't come up with schemes to utilize the talents players like Hogan have. I think its more they have no clue how to utilize/coach up players that have underwhelming raw athletic skills but may be great at clearly defined roles or in great schemes. Best play might be a teaser: ATL +9 and under 65. OR NE +3 and under 65
  6. 1. Download fceux 2. Open rom. 3. From fceux menus. Debug->Hex Editor 4. From Hex Editor Menu View-> select rom file 5. Scroll down to 0x01DF10. Type in the values you want. Each set of 5 values(byte) corresponds to # wins- # of losses. " Computer Juice: x1DF10 to x1DF65 Hex Boost Order: Defensive Speed, Offensive Speed, Interception, Pass Control, Reception Each level is decided by the team's Win/Loss Record with each win raising the level of juice. A team with 0 wins and 0 losses is the first set of numbers (also the preseason juice). A team with 1 win and 0 losses plays against the same juice as a team with 6 wins and 5 losses (the second set of numbers). Any team with 16 or more wins will play vs the final set of computer juice. "
  7. I used a fceux's hex editor.
  8. Well no surprises today... games going as expected. Pit D getting shredded like they do seemingly every time they play N.E
  9. I edited the two different com "juice" locations to always be on the hardest setting. If you look in the main hacking documentation thread I believe there are links at the bottom of the pinned post about it.
  10. " the Japanese version features a roster of various creatures and critters that were replaced with more human characters for some reason. ",23430.html
  11. This was probably more an oversight than an intentional omission In this specific article, keith was going to write about the juice anyways and just asked me for clarification. But you definitely bring up a good point as jstout did discover these locations way back. However there really aren't many of the articles where that is 100% But definitely happy to give jstout credit...he was the first along with cxrom to come up with major stuff.
  12. This sets the game to max hardness... as originally can go harder with more hacking. It will play like you have gone 16-0. 1original_hard_mode.nes
  13. I forgot one thing on this post The DEF MS collumn is actually boosts DEF RS, RP, MS The DEF MS collumn is actually boosts OFF RS, RP, MS @keithisgood
  14. If the first part was serious...tecmo can register 32 taps
  15. Guess I'll go with the home faves NE/ATL. Early lines suggest about a 66% chance for each team. NE (aka BB and TB) will probably outhink Pit and they are at home. Pit's stars would have to really shine for Pit to win I think and brady would have to have at least 1 bad int. GB injuries really starting to mount in the secondary which will be rough. But Julio may only play limited snaps again. Also GB run D has been pretty good all season. Hard to count out rodgers but Matty Ice + shanahan has been deadly as well. Should be a fun one.
  16. That's pretty hilarious... @Neerrm said this has been known for awhile and found this link dating back to 2008. Makes me wonder if the virtual console isn't a slightly re-coded version of an existing emulator.
  17. @manyo360 Feel free to edit it as needed...there are always a few position groupings that could be adjusted up or down depending on if you get to move players from their OG rom spots...personal preference etc. Okoye aka KC RB's hard to place as it depends on the overall HP that ends up getting used. tecmo_salary_cap.xlsx
  18. @Eagles9 On a regular cartridge your progress is automatically saved after you exit out of the blue screen stats page or any time a game completes in SKP mode. Holding reset while you power off the Nintendo will make it unlikely that the Save RAM on the cartridge gets erased.
  19. Group D Timbone wins toss He calls KC v MIA I take MIA Force a punt on the first drive but Marino gives it right back on an everyone covered bomb that gets picked on my first offensive play. Deberg promptly hits paige for an 80 yd jj td on 3rd down. 7-0 Timbone. Put together a nice drive to tie it up at 7-7. Another punt and drive and its 14-7. I rush the passer to try and prevent a bomb but he gets into FG range and makes it 14-10. All Mia in the second half as Deberg goes cold with some drops and 2 picks. MIA avoids disaster on a sack fumble as the OL recovers right away. Marino and a good 94HP paige and a good duper make mincemeat of the KC D in the second half. Duper takes a knee on the 1 on the final play out of sportsmanship Final 35-10
  20. Bingo. As for the jj int factor. Boomer's passing speed doesn't really lend itself to JJ shots unless the WR is wide open and you know haddix is clearly cheating. I guess it has a tiny impact for an end of game bomb. Tap battles can help to make or break who wins this matchup. Freeing up drones is usually an all or nothing proposition. If you fail its probably a TD. The odds of having at least 1 failure in 5 tries is 99%.
  21. These versions aren't super popular so they go more in line with what the particular creator felt. But the lions definitely should have made the cut. Who were the 4 teams left out?
  22. Against an elite level player I'd more often prefer to call the matchup. Against a clearly inferior player I'd more often prefer to choose the team.
  23. R&S Sweep one can also be man defeated by an ILB going through the line and catching the RB from behind but you have to be able to tap and if its not the run 1 then you will have a hard time stopping the run 3. I-form down can be defeated for hardly any yards by top corner and running down while avoiding defenders. Same with top LB's. You also can use bottom lb to grapple with the blocker immediately. All of these require out-tapping or some massive drone help/awesome diving.Using the bottom lb also leaves you open to the burn route to the top WR on the pass 2 play of the same formation.
  24. Sorry was gone and didn't make picks. Would have definitely gone NE(duh), ATL (due to no earl thomas and at home) This is what I was leaning GB(thought rookies might struggle in first playoff game), KC(this was really a coin-flip to me at least without much injury report checking)
  25. This is a JAVE little tecmo themed program I whipped up that is my attempt to recreate guitar heros lag tool to give you an idea of how much total lag is coming from your controller+OS + monitor/HDTV This works like my condition checker in that you should be able to double click it assuming you have the java runtime installed an associated with jar files. STEPS. 1. Double click to open 2. You should get a crude 800 x 600 field 3. Press S to start 4. You'll likely want to press the down arrow once to slow down the animation by half 5. Press "A" on your keyboard as the tecmo guy crosses the red midfield stripe. Wait until the red strips turns to yellow. If you press early your press won't count. It keeps a running total of the average delay 6. Press C to clear the results and start fresh. P will pause the program. Not sure how accurate this is but some quick tests make me think its reasonable. This is a ROUGH guideline 0-50= likely won't notice difference between this and console 50-75= noticeable but possibly acceptable 75-100= ikely not acceptable for a tourney setting 100-125= You will notice this shiz 150+= like playing on nesticle on vframe 11