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    Atlanta, GA - 6/8/2018 - Tecmo Atlanta

    Right off the bat your playbook has a problem because of the race defect you know exactly when run 2 is coming. Should have put wolfley in. 1. Your first pick you threw way too soon with so many guys open and the qb slightly underthrew it to the rb amd got picked. There was no need to rush it there with everyone open 2. Second pick you threw to the rb and deion was way too close for you to do that and he got back and picked it. 3. Went for it on 4th and 15. Not too likely of a conversion from their where a fg might have helped. 4. What happened on the final play of half. Looked like a botched arrow trick as you threw short. 5. I only counted one fumble which definitely came at a bad time. 6. The scott case int was unlikely but it also came with only 30 sec left in the game so your chances of winning would be small needing an onsides if your wr had caught that. Homer had some int worthy throws but most were throws to rison which is less likely then throwing to rbs and low rec wrs bs deion. I only counted one fumble. The last two ints were desperation and you really cant expect a lot out of phx passing game. You had some bad luck but also some int luck that could have been avoided.
  2. Found it via an old post from @Knobbe and uploaded it to the downloads section. You can get it here.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Color scan of manual for the SNES version of Tecmo Super Bowl III
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This is a scanned manual for the SNES version of Tecmo Super Bowl II
  5. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Scanned manual of Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES
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    I don't think there will be a very noticeable difference between the best and worst qb with only a 3 notch rating spread. Unless clutch throw and touch throw have some massive effect on outcome in only a 3 notch range. Also any fast QB's like VICK will dominate with that kind of ratings spread.
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    What are the four numbers? Passing Accuracy does nothing unless you are using a hack. There isn't going to be a much of difference between any of those qbs with such a tight rating spread. PS,PC,PA,APB
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    Brutopia/Nestopia (PC)

    Version Unlimited-Sprites-3


    This is our own hacked version of Nestopia that is used by most everyone who plays online Tecmo Anti-Cheat Version also called Brudtopia If you have an error about missing/needing "d3dx9_42.dll", you need to install Direct X and can find it here
  9. This a matchup spreadsheet that attempts to provide a rating and matchup analysis for any two teams chose EXCEL SHEET: team_tiers_OG_3.xlsx Google Sheets: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1w0sntWyYUWOZ0xVncnGATONP57lnqFUZuIhDgYoh2Z8/edit#gid=626874606 OFFENSE QB RUN = Rating given based on QB's max speed. Fast QB's are tough to stop without a LB to help spy. They can often grind out first downs as you are forced to choose between going after the QB or leaving a man open. RUN = Rating given based on RB's max speed. Special exception given to Okoye's 94HP which makes him as dangerous as 63MS player vs weak HP secondaries. PASS = Rating given to teams passing game QB + WRS *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** DEFENSE F5Pop = Bonus pts given if the DL HP vs Ol HP differential is enough for the DL to break through the OL instantly making running and passing tougher. Double points if it comes from the interior. LB = Grade given to entire unit based on all ratings but HP DB = Grade given to entire unit based on all ratings but HP *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** SPECIAL JJ Mismatch = If one team has a player whose int rating is at least 3 skill notches (example 69 int vs 50 pc) they will have a 50% chance of jumping to intercept the pass if they are in the right place. If its 4 notches or greater they will have a 100% chance of jumping to intercept the pass if they are in the right place. 1 bonus pt given for a 3 notch difference. 2 Bonus pts given for a 4 or more notch difference. 94 HP Blocker = Putting a 94 HP blocker at TE vs a 44HP or less bottom LB (50 HP differential) can help greatly as on one of the best runs in the game(Run 3 R&S sweep down) the LB will get popped giving you an extra blocker in the way allowing you to get some extra yards. 1 pt given for this mismatch. *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** OTHER LB4 = Having a good player at this position helps defeat a number of runs fairly easily by diving right after the snap at the RB or by grappling the blocker immediately and then outtapping the RB. 1 pt given for a good player here. RCB/FS = These are good positions to have for stopping run plays and not being in the way of power running plays to the bottom. 1 pt given for a good player here. The can also provide coverage vs the best WR's as the best WR is often put at the top of the screen. DL use = This has a number of conditional checks but if a team has no LBs and/or they are playing a bad QB selecting a DL can be useful to help maximize your coverage. Especially if you know a pass is coming (aka shotgun). Especially useful vs the redgun and weak QB's if you have no LB's to use. DB vs run = in somewhat opposite fashion a penalty is given if your best DB is at bottom CB or SS or if your only good player is at CB as a good run game can really neutralize the effectiveness of using that player by running all of their runs to the bottom. Penalty ranges from -1 to -2 depending on the strength of the run game of the team faced. Special exception in CIN vs DET matchup with Fulcher being able to popcorn everyone on DET. KR = 1 pt given to the return game of PIT and 2 to NO since they can put a 94HP returner there. *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** OFF= Off total score DEF= DEF total score OTH = other total score SP= special total score. *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** SPECIAL INFORMATION Coverage catch tables of best qb and best wr vs (19int lb,best db and worst Db have been provided so you can see how much of a mismatch you are at there). These percentages only apply when the WR doesn't jump or dive and there is only one defender covering. *****A defender may appear to be in coverage but if the game doesn't determine him to be in on the play when the pass is 1/4 of the way he will have no effect on the outcome of the pass***** OL vs front 5 HP matchup ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
  10. bruddog

    Sim Attributes? Can someone explain?!

    Skp vs skp is in season mode when you autoskip to a week. And all you see is the scoreboard and the qtr and final scores.
  11. bruddog

    Sim Attributes? Can someone explain?!

    They only matter in SKP vs SKP mode.
  12. bruddog

    Applying SIM data

    The most interesting thing to me about the sim code to me is that its actually simulating a game play by play and had a hook for simulating 2 pt conversions. Mayabe the team defensive ratings ended up being a fudge factor for the simulation to get certain teams making the playoffs more often. Since defenders can never get injured defensive teams would have an edge in that regard.
  13. My favorite baseball games were RBI & Bases Loaded 2. BL2 had the concept of conditions which was cool. The fielding perspective was rough at times and certain side arm pitchers were near unhittable with certain types of breaking pitches.
  14. bruddog

    Applying SIM data

    No it uses the player sim ratings for offense.
  15. bruddog

    Applying SIM data

    @malferds found out awhile back that the ratings aren't team offense and team defense. Its team rush defense and team pass defense.
  16. The MIA running game ends up decent since you can run right at the LB's. You aren't going to break off monster runs but you can move the chains with the sweeps targeting the LB's. Miami's defensive flexibility is a bit better being able to use Williams and Oliver. Marino's passing speed and multiple WR options is pretty big in this. It's more about burn routes or hitting open guys then just chucking into coverage. Tappers can call this and know they are pretty good either way since being able to outtap with okoye help as he can pop all the lb drones. In elite player matches this has been very close match with KC winning 48% of the matches but mia having the slight edge on pt differential by a pt. MIA has been the team selected the majority of the time(~70%) in matches where this info is available. The most highly talked out one of course was @sonofpatbeach recent win over @joeygats in this match at tundra with the miracle end of game catch from around the 10 yd line.
  17. These are only meant to be used in hardware or emulators that can take advantage of the no sprite flickering. This rom completely removes sprite flickering with the following patch SET(0x2d04C, 0xA901209ACC4C3C90) TSB_no_sprite_flicker.nes You would need to use this in nestopia with the Machine->Options No Sprite Limit checked This next file would take advantage of the upcoming AVS's 15 sprites per scanline feature This patch changes the check from 8 sprites per scanline to 15. You could also use this in nestopia as with the above using the no sprite limit option to see how much of an improvement it makes (A LOT). SET(0x2D14E,0x10) SET(0x2D174,0x10) SET(0x2D19A,0x10) SET(0x2D1C0,0x10) TSB_sprite_limit_15.nes
  18. Every player starts off as questionable. I verified in the source code the probabilities QUESTIONABLE = 25% CHANCE OF RETURN, ELSE MOVE TO DOUBTFUL = code= 0x03 DOUBTFUL = 50% CHANCE OF RETURN, ELSE MOVE TO PROBABLE =code= 0x02 PROBABLE = 100% CHANCE OF RETURN FROM INJURY =code= 0x01 Which if I did my math right makes for Chance it takes exactly x weeks to return : 0 weeks = 25% 1 week = 37.5% 2 weeks = 25% 3 weeks = 12.5%
  19. bruddog

    Come back from INJURY chances

    Change 0x22463 to 00 and they will return from injury the next game.
  20. THe returner needs lots of speed to deal with a whole team of 69rp defenders. This hack allows for big play int returns often. @BFC5 F7 20 - Boost HP 50 (Helps to break free from int grapples) E1 00 -Set MS to players value E0 0C- Set RS to 75 E3 04 - Boost MS 4 notches E4 -player take conrol DF -computer take control FE - loopback FF
  21. bruddog

    Better INT return hack

    The ball control should still be 44BC for the returner unless some other hack has messed that up.
  22. I know a some people aren't ondiscord or don't follow my twitter account. Over the weekend I hacked the original rom to have the COM kick onsides kicks to each other over and over anad recorded the results in sram, While these results may be slightly different to man mode because of the man kicker i think it would be pretty close. I hacked the game so the COM would always kick at the same bar length. Here are the results. These aren't meant to be absolute numbers but rather a baseline. Obviously conditions/teams involved will make a difference. I ran this test in season mode and it got thru about 3.5 weeks worth of season games for about 5000 total kicks per run.