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  1. I just noticed I'm on the halftime skipping shame list. Nice.
  2. Thunderdome X: Bounty Details!

    $5 bounty if you can figure out which hack the set commands in the bounty video belong too in 24hrs. Send me your guess via PM here or on discord.. If there are multiple correct submissions, one winner will be picked at random. YOU ONLY GET 1 GUESS at this massive wealth changing prize.
  3. Bruddog Pst Can host Best time: Evenings when the baby is asleep.
  4. The game only has so much memory to store season results so there is a max amount for each stat @gojiphen malor
  5. Issue with latest two ROMs

    You will need a different emulator. Nestopia in the downloads section would be the recommened one
  6. Won't it either be 2 or 4 games per person if its a group of 3.
  7. Gotcha. Gats and regulator best of 7? 😜
  8. Is the second round single elim again until final 8?
  9. Team Tiers for Default Settings Tournament

    OH original playbooks only....ya that changes the tiers a ton...teams like PHX and MIN suck under that format. HOU would probably be an easy #1.
  10. team count hex location in rom

    It doesnt really work either of those ways. There are a lot of things that get fixed to make the 32 team hack
  11. team count hex location in rom

    It doesnt really work either of those ways. There are a lot of things that get fixed to make the 32 team hack
  12. @noonan Is the wireless connection dedicated only to the stream? B/C if not once there are a bunch of people using the wireless(with their phones) I can't imagine that would be enough.
  13. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Saints kept me and 2 others alive in my survivor pool. Down to the final 4.
  14. @SBlueman I just forgot that game is only set up to have one team with boosted values. It could be done but its more complex since the normal rom doesn't really have enough memory to add a second team without moving stuff around. So I'm probably gonna pass on this.
  15. Fix for return speed glitch?

    Yes there are fixes for these. Try looking in the hacking forum. @UserZ http://tecmobowl.org/forum/95-hacking-documentation/
  16. Yes. I'll try and look it up at some pt.
  17. Random Thoughts

    Most of the time I don't like to discuss beyond just understanding what someone's viewpoint is on a topic because very rarely do people change their minds after a certain point in life. So I don't find it to be a productive use of my time most of the time. And time is more and more precious the older one gets. I listened to my parents (liberal) and my aunt and uncle have "discussions" about politics and its the same arguments over and over with nothing really getting anywhere.
  18. Tundrayeti I think this info is all posted in the rom hacking section
  19. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    That's because it's giving a probability at any given pt in time. I like looking at it to see the ebb a flow of the game beyond just looking at the final score. And to put our best data driven guess at quantifying to how unlikely a comeback was. Does ESPN let you toggle on and off the pre-game estimate. I dont remember.
  20. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    The win PROBABILITY tool is actually the most data driven accurate metric there is. It uses down, distance, time remaining, score differential, time outs left. But they aren't the only site doing it. It is verified to make sure it is not under or overconfident. Example: Do ~75% of teams win when it says they should accounting for sample size error.
  21. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Looks like we've come full circle..... In 1990 you had 8 players finish with > 1000 yards rushing In 1995 you had 16 players finish with > 1000 yards rushing In 2000 you had 23 players finish with > 1000 yards rushing In 2005 you had 16 players finish with > 1000 yards rushing In 2010 you had 17 players finish with > 1000 yards rushing In 2017 you have 12 players on pace for 1000 yards rushing
  22. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    What a catch....
  23. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Is brady next...
  24. WEEK 6 Predictions

    Well I switched off my Denver survivor pick at the last minute to Washington...which is looking great. But Washington nearly gave the game away with huge turnovers and poor end of game mangement. Only a 49er offensive pass interference penalty really saved the day asthe 49ers were in range for a long Fg to win it. Looking like survivor pool will be down to 6 after this week unless Denver makes a big comeback.