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  1. Madden is the greatest football franchise ever.

    Cleary he was juiced on a fumble recovery like in Tecmo.
  2. (NES) Goji's Tecmo Super Bowl NFL 2018 (11.8)

    That's kind of the problem with the COM in Tecmo Super Bowl @coolguy22 and @heyuimintojsus. It's hard to make it not too easy but not too cheap given the limited processing power of the system. Even modern football games don't really come that close to approximating another human player.
  3. New Base NES ROM (32-Team Original TSB Gameplay)

    Sorry I had the second set location wrong. I edited it above. Try again.
  4. New Base NES ROM (32-Team Original TSB Gameplay)

    Ok this should fix things. @SBlueman @davefmurray @jstout @SBlueman set(0x227D1, 0xA44420A0F629FCF0524A4AAABC41BCBD42BC8543A6B8B955BC18653E8542B955BC2980F00209FF653FD01DB952BC1865409D0002B953BC9D0102B954BC9D0202A5429D03024C0EA8A9F09D0002E8E8E8E8C8C8C8C8C44390BD86B860) set(0x23BC6, 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ere is the source file which can be built by asm6. min-helms.asm
  5. New Base NES ROM (32-Team Original TSB Gameplay)

    Hmm when i was messing with the Det one I thought it still ended up changing another but I must have been wrong that works to make Det grey. I think Cle was the main problem as to give them a brown facemask you had to create a special byte for them to overlay a brown mask tile because there was no brown as part of the current bg pal being used only orange. Or you'd have to make the helmet and facemask the same color.
  6. For sure all of the knowledge and stuff you and others found intially as well as examples were of great value.
  7. Just a picture example of how far I've come with reverse engineering the tecmo into readable source. Basically going from meaningless variables/labels into something readable.
  8. https://www.pcmag.com/news/356268/nintendo-ships-every-switch-with-a-hidden-nes-emulator
  9. New Base NES ROM (32-Team Original TSB Gameplay)

    There is way fix but it takes a bit of programming to add pointers to special sprite facemask tiles that only those CLE and DET use. Each team would need its own entry The but this requires expanding the current special sprites table and then updating the reference to that table.
  10. WEEK 2 Predictions

    My picks are late but I don't think you'll mind since I did so shitty. I did well on my 538.com predictions since you only have to estimate the chances of a team winning. You get penalized for being overconfident if the team loses. (example if you give OAK 100% chance of beating jets you'l lose more pts if they lose than if you only give them an 80% chance) This was one of those weeks where if you just picked on general intuition of the teams not even looking at the spread you would have done well. I'm 5-10 on the week dropped to 13-17 on the season. Tied for 51st place.
  11. New Base NES ROM (32-Team Original TSB Gameplay)

    This picture shows the screen with only the BG tiles drawn, only the sprite tiles drawn, and the BG color set for each area of the screen
  12. New Base NES ROM (32-Team Original TSB Gameplay)

    The mini helmet screen is a bit of a puzzle due to the graphical limitations on the nes. In general on the nes on any one screen you can have: 1. 12 background tile colors, 12 sprite color tiles, 1 screen bg color. 2. You can only use 3 of the 12 colors in a 4 tile x 4 tile area for BG tiles ( one special mapper lets you set the 3 color set for each tile). 3. Sprites can access any of the 12 colors but only 3 of the 12 per tile. So for the mini-helmet screen you really need to plan things out in total and not just edit one by one because there are facemasks drawn using each one of the 3 color sets.
  13. This is untested but I'm pretty sure this should do the trick.... @TheRaja @Tundrayeti311 SET (0x17AD6, 0xEAEAEA) SET (0x17CB0, 0xEAEAEA) SET (0x17DCD, 0xEAEAEA) @SBlueman you can add this to the list if its verified to work.
  14. Turn off injuries in SKP mode

    It's not just on and off. This was just an easy way to turn them off. The values you listed aren't the actual injury chance values. There are 3 different injury checks the game does in sim mode 1. Check injury on SIM KR. Chance = 0.28% per tackle on return 2. Check injury on SIM PR. Chance = 0.28% per tackle on return 3. Check injury on SIM tackle Chance= 0.13% per tackle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $3B= Rand_Num_1 $3C= Rand_Num_2 $03C1= PLAYER_INJ_STATUS ; 0= false, 1 = true The code is as follows for kick and punt returns: ; IS PLAYER INJURED? = (1-0.93) * (1-0.96) = ~0.028 = 0.28% LDA Rand_Num_1 ; load random 1 CMP #$11 ; is random >= 17 Chance = [1 - (17/256)] =93% BCS @Loop1 ; NO->CHECK FOR PR FUMBLE LDA Rand_Num_2 ; load random 2 CMP #$0A ; is random >= 10 Chance = [1 - (10/256)] =96% BCS @Loop1 ; NO->CHECK FOR PR FUMBLE INC PLAYER_INJ_STATUS ; SET PLAYER INJURED = TRUE THe code is the same for normal SIM plays but the CMP $0A is CMP 0.05 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So search in the code for SIM PR/KR INJURY CHECK: A5 3B C9 11 B0 09 A5 3C C9 0A B0 03 SIM NORMAL INJURY CHECK A5 3B C9 11 B0 09 A5 3C C9 05 B0 03 Do the math as indicated above to figure out what to change those values to what you want.
  15. Team matchup sheet for new players

    Thanks to whoever added the faq to the google sheets but you had a bit of a spelling error
  16. This a matchup spreadsheet that attempts to provide a rating and matchup analysis for any two teams chose EXCEL SHEET: team_tiers_OG_3.xlsx Google Sheets: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1w0sntWyYUWOZ0xVncnGATONP57lnqFUZuIhDgYoh2Z8/edit#gid=626874606 OFFENSE QB RUN = Rating given based on QB's max speed. Fast QB's are tough to stop without a LB to help spy. They can often grind out first downs as you are forced to choose between going after the QB or leaving a man open. RUN = Rating given based on RB's max speed. Special exception given to Okoye's 94HP which makes him as dangerous as 63MS player vs weak HP secondaries. PASS = Rating given to teams passing game QB + WRS *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** DEFENSE F5Pop = Bonus pts given if the DL HP vs Ol HP differential is enough for the DL to break through the OL instantly making running and passing tougher. Double points if it comes from the interior. LB = Grade given to entire unit based on all ratings but HP DB = Grade given to entire unit based on all ratings but HP *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** SPECIAL JJ Mismatch = If one team has a player whose int rating is at least 3 skill notches (example 69 int vs 50 pc) they will have a 50% chance of jumping to intercept the pass if they are in the right place. If its 4 notches or greater they will have a 100% chance of jumping to intercept the pass if they are in the right place. 1 bonus pt given for a 3 notch difference. 2 Bonus pts given for a 4 or more notch difference. 94 HP Blocker = Putting a 94 HP blocker at TE vs a 44HP or less bottom LB (50 HP differential) can help greatly as on one of the best runs in the game(Run 3 R&S sweep down) the LB will get popped giving you an extra blocker in the way allowing you to get some extra yards. 1 pt given for this mismatch. *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** OTHER LB4 = Having a good player at this position helps defeat a number of runs fairly easily by diving right after the snap at the RB or by grappling the blocker immediately and then outtapping the RB. 1 pt given for a good player here. RCB/FS = These are good positions to have for stopping run plays and not being in the way of power running plays to the bottom. 1 pt given for a good player here. The can also provide coverage vs the best WR's as the best WR is often put at the top of the screen. DL use = This has a number of conditional checks but if a team has no LBs and/or they are playing a bad QB selecting a DL can be useful to help maximize your coverage. Especially if you know a pass is coming (aka shotgun). Especially useful vs the redgun and weak QB's if you have no LB's to use. DB vs run = in somewhat opposite fashion a penalty is given if your best DB is at bottom CB or SS or if your only good player is at CB as a good run game can really neutralize the effectiveness of using that player by running all of their runs to the bottom. Penalty ranges from -1 to -2 depending on the strength of the run game of the team faced. Special exception in CIN vs DET matchup with Fulcher being able to popcorn everyone on DET. KR = 1 pt given to the return game of PIT and 2 to NO since they can put a 94HP returner there. *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** OFF= Off total score DEF= DEF total score OTH = other total score SP= special total score. *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** SPECIAL INFORMATION Coverage catch tables of best qb and best wr vs (19int lb,best db and worst Db have been provided so you can see how much of a mismatch you are at there). These percentages only apply when the WR doesn't jump or dive and there is only one defender covering. *****A defender may appear to be in coverage but if the game doesn't determine him to be in on the play when the pass is 1/4 of the way he will have no effect on the outcome of the pass***** OL vs front 5 HP matchup ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
  17. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Based on the highlights my baby prep class was probably more entertaining sans that long QB run.
  18. Team matchup sheet for new players

    I edited my first post to explain most of the sheet. Its used in a threshold check to see if one team can jump intercept another and vice verse. +1 for a 3 notch difference *2 for a 4 or more notch difference So like was vs min both teams get a +2 (44 pc vs 69 int) and thus they cancel out and the bonus is not applied to either team.
  19. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    @Knobbe Sf looks like a turd sandwhich for another year. I wouldn't pick them to beat hardly anyone this year. There is almost no unit you can consider to be a strength.
  20. WEEK 2 Predictions

    HOU vs spread , CIN straight up
  21. Team matchup sheet for new players

    Some stuff looked wrong again. Google sheet updated 1. Downgrade QB run values by 1 2. Increased value of JJ pick mismatch by 1 3. Doubled DL popcorn value if on interior (RE,NT,LE) 4. Added special condtional for best/only DB at bottom CB/DB4 (this applied to DET, MIN, CIN,WAS,NE...SD has seale and SF has LOTT...torn on WAS as Green only has 44int. 5. Added extra special conditional for CIN vs DET to remove the penalty since fulcher can pop everyone. team_tiers_OG_3.xlsx
  22. These are only meant to be used in hardware or emulators that can take advantage of the no sprite flickering. This rom completely removes sprite flickering with the following patch SET(0x2d04C, 0xA901209ACC4C3C90) TSB_no_sprite_flicker.nes You would need to use this in nestopia with the Machine->Options No Sprite Limit checked This next file would take advantage of the upcoming AVS's 15 sprites per scanline feature This patch changes the check from 8 sprites per scanline to 15. You could also use this in nestopia as with the above using the no sprite limit option to see how much of an improvement it makes (A LOT). SET(0x2D14E,0x10) SET(0x2D174,0x10) SET(0x2D19A,0x10) SET(0x2D1C0,0x10) TSB_sprite_limit_15.nes
  23. Team matchup sheet for new players

    Add CC INT %'s for top QB PC vs best, worst, and 19 int LB option. Rearranged a few things and removed OL run popcorn from the calculation.
  24. The sprite flicker hack has nothing to do with the slowdown. It's likely the moving grapple hack adding slowdown. I bet the slowdown would be even worse without the no sprite-flicker hack. There is slowdown in the original game on the NES on punts when there are a lot of moving bodies at once.
  25. Hmm I don't think I noticed that but I didn't check closely on FCEUX. Does it do it both in old and new PPU mode? Old ppu mode usually runs faster because its slightle less accurate. The sprite flicker hack should help reduce game slowdown as the amount of time the CPU is spending on the game logic in any given frame has been reduced since it no longer has to check for which sprites to "flash" on and off.