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  1. Yes I know.
  2. This is untested but I'm pretty sure this should do the trick.... @TheRaja @Tundrayeti311 SET (0x17AD6, 0xEAEAEA) SET (0x17CB0, 0xEAEAEA) SET (0x17DCD, 0xEAEAEA) @SBlueman you can add this to the list if its verified to work.
  4. @crick78 can you make a post with the rom you are editing
  5. Try this @fgqb#19nyj TSB_no_reg_season_overtime.nes
  6. Unverified this will force all skp games to end in a tie if the score is tied at the end of regulation @fgqb#19nyj SET (0x17F34, 0xEAEA)
  7. Yes, there is a separate check for if the ref-chains animation should be done. I will post when i get chance
  8. Bump since I think people forgot about this little trick.
  9. No overtime in season mode and I think preseason I didn't fix skp mode but its not to hard to fix
  10. Try this. I think I had an error. SET(0x2214A, 0xD0 08 A5 2D 29 03 C9 03 F0 05 A9 4E 4C FA 9D A9 1B 20 FA 9D A9 00 A0 FC E6 76 20 DB AD A5 2D 29 03 C9 03 F0 10 20 36 A2 A9 4F 4C FA 9D 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00)
  11. What you posted is correct. SET(0x2214A, 0xD0 08 A5 2D 29 03 C9 01 F0 00 A9 4E 4C FA 9D A9 1B 20 FA 9D A9 00 A0 FC E6 76 20 DB AD A5 2D 29 03 C9 03 F0 10 20 36 A2 A9 4F 4C FA 9D EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA) The above SET commands look right
  12. I used to love Scotland Yard WAYYYY back in the day.
  13. jstout or anyone know if the value is hardcoded somewhere.
  14. The set code should be SET(0x28360, 0xA53D293F1871AE38F13E300BC90E9007C93490064C0F844C84842036B1EAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEA)
  15. The set command looks right but the old code looks like it might have a bug
  16. ...continued... I also finally got to meet LONG time vet @bighock4you18 who goes back to the OTFL and early early HSTL days. ACtually met him on Friday and was a cool dude. He was bummed that his life long friend @Nos couldn't make the trip. GAME DAY Forgot to mention this but the signage(banners) done by Casey looked super awesome and helped contribute to the professional look of this years tourney. I rode with @ImFlo and his awesome modified primtime red suit jacket and pants in an Uber. WAs about an hour until things finally got underway. Spent time chatting up various folks but a lot of time with the big seeds in my region @daboy8821, @Coconuts, @averagetsbplayer, @OL' Dirty Tecmo. I let the other two players in my group play their game first as I wasn't sure where my opponent was. It was pretty clear I wasn't going to have any trouble with either of them. Both super nice guys though and did my best to welcome them. First game the guy calls KC-GIA. Uses the same okoye one back play for run 1,2 so i know this should be a pretty easy game unless he bombs it all game long. The rest of the playbook was respectable. Not much to say here. Deberg got picked off 3 times. Final was 34-0 with DT blocking an XP. It easily could have been maybe 55-0 if not for a lost fumble by megget, and a super super weird int by Simms on a throw to an open wr in the endzone. Whatever. Dude was super cool. As I did in all the games I apologized for trying to run up the score as it was part of the seeding and he said no worries man. Next game I win the toss and though about deferring and probably should have and called KC-CHI. He took CHI and had a horrendous playbook. He had one neal play which was the awful pro t run 2 you can dive tackle with even the shittiest bottom lb. Muster was put in iform for the other 3 running plays. Somehow I allow a score on his first drive as bailey catches a fluke bomb and i made a poor poor dive that lets muster rumble free. Ultimately too much okoye and open passes from deberg and it was a 35?-7 final. Final game was against the same guy as in the KC-GIA game. He wins the toss and defers. I go to my PIT-GB match I had been playing a lot before the tourney and it worked as I hoped. He chose PIT as he "didn't know anything about GB." Bubby threw 5 picks which is pretty much all there is to know in this game. Just grinded out yards and PIT didn't cross midfield I don't think. Final was 31?-0 I think. Again went for a final jj as time expired and apoligized. Watched the end of diaz and daboy's final games. Diazes game was a bit tight early before diaz took over. Heard of Primetime setting a new record with a 74?-0 beatdown of someone. @QB Browns probably remembers the exact score. @disastamasta142 also had 8 ints vs his opponent in a SD-MIN game. Upstairs was pretty hot and stuffy and was glad to get out to the patio to get some air. Still upstairs was a better location than some had so definitely no complaints. Then the WAITING game began...if I had a minor nitpick about an otherwise stellar job by all the organizers the tourney it would be this...I think it was 4-5 hrs before my next game. Made the rounds chatting up various folks (VikingMoe, tecmobo,odell, otoole, mort, louis, ryan, duece,etc). Finally got a chance to BRIEFLY talk to @vogtcd11 and tecmopsycho. Spent a good part of two hours hanging with daboy, old dirty tecmo, discdolo shooting the shit and us wondering every so often when things would start up again. As Dave mentioned there were group play issues, and it appeared they had to hand enter all the scores again. Finally brackets are announced and I earn a #1 seed but draw @noonan who i know will be a TOUGH out based on the handful of games I'd played online vs him. Daboys, orenga, and diaz all end up in my side of the bracket and coco ends up by himself in the other half...this is where I say I knew it when the group play would cause some slightly strange bracket play seeding. We are right near the stage and away from all the fracas but we get the orenga posse next to us. Noonan sarcastically tells them to "shut the fuck up" ha ha. He wins the toss and consults his notes for a bit before settling on a good garbage match GB-CLE. I take CLE fearing QB browns CC potential. But really there is little either team can do on defense. He wins the kickoff toss. Forces a 4th and 2 on my first drive. Luckily my play isn't called...I have a open wr but take the sure first down. Back and forth and I manage to avoid the end of half jj/cc and go into the half up 14-7. The HUGE break of the game comes after a conversion to Ed west i belive who catches and fumbles and I recover. Have a lucky called play catch on 3rd down and end up scoring on the Browns sneak for the two score lead. QB browns to slaughter and friends bail me out of some key they tend to do in this match...and i hold on for the 28-14 win. Definitely got nearly all the breaks in this one. GG Noonan Coco is knocked out in a TB/Saints(coco) match opening up the bottom half of that bracket. There were some other insane round of 64 matches Mort v Vikingmoe, Tecmopsycho vs matt miller. Former champion tecmopsycho is knocked out by matt miller in I'm sure what was a tight game. I get Orenga and the posse for my next game. I win the coin toss...orenga lost all 9 tosses that day. I think long and hard about deferring and taking the better of what would likely be some type of passing match or calling one myself. Ultimately I decide to call the match and choose SD-DEN. He predictably takes SD who is the slightly better team in that match with the defense being able to jump pick kubiak or smelway. My every now and then first drive troubles rear their ugly heads and I'm forced to punt and a 4th and pretty long. Both Smelway and Tolliver had some passes lucky to not be intercepted as well as some very untimely drops. On his first drive he is mixing and matching well and gets inside my 30. SD TE drops what would have been a TD after easily avoiding drones. Thank you tolliver. That drop saves me 4 pts and I hold for the FG. My next drive goes much better and get inside the 5 only to have hump-me fumble with about 1:30-1:00 left in the half it bounces around but it's lost to SD. Sigh. At least I manage to avoid the end of half Vlasic pickle in the ass JJ and its 3-0 at half. Orenga has a big pass or run at some point and then grinds his way for a 10-0 lead early in the third. Yikes. Not looking good. Luckily humphrey is in good and lean on him as a decoy most of the drive going to heavy pass 4 redgun calls. Eventually he is caught in no mans land on a pass and I get a catch and run for a 30 yd TD. 10-7 phew. Still time is getting low and I know I need to at least hold to a FG or things will be dire. I think I got another untimely drop or maybe a few picked plays and force a punt. Luckily it sails into the endzone and I get to start from my 20. Humphrey still in good. WR's in bad i think. Lean on shotgun and pass 2 passes for the most part. However he forces a 4th and long that I am forced to go for. I pick pass 2 hoping he went for the run 3 humphrey call. Nope pass 2 is called....I see my Madison run coming to an end. However I get the pass of with smelway at teh right time and 69 rec jackson catches the pass 2 tope diver in double coverage. I get demonstrably excited about this obviously. Finally getting nice blocking on a run 2 or 3 that spring humphrey for the TD 1-2 plays latee. Thought about going out of bounds or getting tackled to burn more clock but decided to go in for the score rather than risking a fumble or having to settle for a FG. I'm now up 14-10 with about 1:30 to go. Sadly I have a BAAAAD kickoff that maybe lands on the 5. This lets him get a good return plenty of space from the endzone to have time for a couple JJ shots. He checks his players and Miller is in excellent.... 56ms 81 rec...yikes. First throw ls on the money for a JJ in the endzone but I think Miller doesn't jump or something like that. Time for one more play. He leaves Butts in at RB...not sure why. This eliminates the shotgun play from my choices. I decide to pick the redgun pass 4 thinking maybe he'll go back to it again and giving me a chance to blitz the R& S formation if not. Welp its the R&S formation. I deliberate about taking atwater at FS but he felt like he was in bad earlier so I opt not for that. Not wanting to take away a possible drone covering Miller. I opt for fletcher for the potential pass rush and or double coverage. I start to rush in and see no drones covering WR2 and am forced to rush back as I don't think I could catch up to miller in time after forcing a throw. Definitely nervous now as I've executed many of my own game winning jj's and know tony has great timing on these. He gets plenty of time and the throw has the distance. My hopes get up as it looks to be right on target...they are quickly dashed as the ball sticks into Miller with Fletcher right on him for the game winning td with no time left. Orenga posse goes nuts. I hang my head and turn away before turning back to Tony and congratulating him. Odds of the CC about 41% due to miller in excellent and me using fletcher. Chance of getting no drones about 18% which would have made the CC chances about 8%. Such is the way of Tecmo.
  17. One of the punt return hacks changes the punt returners speed to the actual player too soon and sometimes the player is not fast enough to get back to the ball.
  18. Great job by someone who had to learn about the game in a short time span... Add in being sick and that is a true pro's pro. Great emotion on the big plays.
  19. Still have some time to kill in the Madison airport so will do a little recap of this years trip... Early morning flight out of San Diego on Thursday with a long layover in Denver. But had a nice flight of beers at the new belgium location in the airport...thanks @Knobbe for the suggestion. @mort1237 was nice enough to pick me up from the airport and then drove me to Linconhawks place. He was a very gracious host and nice guy. We stopped by the high noon on our way back to the super 8 but no one was there so we continued on. We had a nice setup going in Mort/lous/gats room at the super 8 with 3 TV's. One super small one, one medium sized one, and I busted out the retroUSB AVS HDMI unit to play on the flat screen T.V. No one complained about any lag on the flatscreen, and that was super fun to play on. We ordered some pizza from Toppers which was super tasty and we concluded that the large? was not quite enough pizza. @Nameless Loser , @discdolo,and @RetroNathan joined us to get a nice group going for some practice games. Very cool to finally meet discdolo and Nate. Both very good guys. I don't think I played gats that night...maybe once. Got to play everyone else. Did pretty well but not great. Went 0-3 vs mort. Played until about 2 or so and then called it a night. Let Nate crash in my room for the night. He was re-payed the favor by shuttling me the next day and grabbing my lunch the next day much thanks. I eneded up sleeping in till about 10:00. Got a ride from nate over to high noon to help the TecmoMadison crew @tecmoaz, @davefmurray, @Knobbe , @QB Browns and friends move some T.V's and with some set-up stuff on Friday. Definitely a lot of work and little sleep for these guys throughout the weekend. All the hard work was much appreciated. Nate and Knobbe and I grabbed my lunch next door at some point. The breakfast stout was super tasty. Forgot to put that into my untapped. Helped get some the stations tested and checked out and @segathonsov rolled in around that point and got to chat with him. Headed over to the Hampton to drop off my stuff and check-in real quick before heading back to the high noon. They had a cool little welcome tecmo madison sign in the lobbby. The friday night retro scene was crazy. It was definitely tight quarters with the layout and a very good turnout. Ran into a lot of people obviously so pretty hard to name them all. I got a lot of the usual thanks "for all the hacks, etc". Always appreciate the kind words. Didn't get to watch much of the NHL games but did get to watch a few the NBA jam games. The final few games came down to the wire and it was definitely interesting to watch the 2 vs 2 strategy being displayed. I only ever really played 1 on 1 nba jam so it was cool to watch. Got 6-7 tecmo games in that night without a loss. Retro got shut down about 10:30 or so and I think I must have lost my prescription sunglasses at some point at retro night...I asked the next day but they didn't have them. I was due for a new pair anyways. Went back to the hampton for some fun times in @JimSocks13, @Woodshed room. (Tagging stopped working) Lou, odell, dt, mort, tecmobo, nate and a few others im forgetting were there too. Pee wee herman was on the big flat screen tv. There were two tube tvs going. Mort's nintendo took a beating from a guest that tripped over the cord but it kept on ticking. I busted out the AVS on the flat screen for 3 games vs ( jimsocks, lou and odell). I think it took a last second jj to beat odell and I went 3-0 and decided to retired for the night. DT was busting out random NFL trivia questions as the games were going on. Good times! I again got as much sleep as possible before the main event and sat down with Odell, DT, Levi, and someone I'm forgetting for breakfast. Lots of god stuff at the hampton so I had fuel for the grind ahead. The patio area outside the high noon saloon was a good place to congregate as it was very tight quarters inside the high noon for group play. I was fortunate to be upstairs which had a tiny bit more room although the orenga posse was right next to me and it was definitely hotter up the To be continued...
  20. Super 8 Thurs Hampton Fri. Clarion Sat.
  21. @tylpl Sometimes it switched your controller to pad 2 after connecting in netplay. After connecting in netplay go the top menu in nestopia Machine-> Input->Port 1 and make sure the round selection is on pad 1. If its not then click on pad 1 and that should solve your problem.
  22. Gotcha.
  23. The punt returner ball control is hard coded (the same for everyone) so it doesn't matter who is back there as far as that goes.