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  1. My 2 cents. 1. For the top top seeds(1-32), even though they have to win out, it likely got a little easier since in theory there likely won't be anyone close in talent( 1 seeds in the first two games have like a 99% win pct). In the 8 man format a 2,3 seed had a small chance of the pool play upset. 2. It got a little harder for the bottom 2 seeds(50-64 range) as they are likely playing someone similar in skill level and now have no margin for error. 3. The odds are roughly the same for anyone else winning it all...
  2. Okay I added more to this program which lets you set various hacks via a menu. Right now I have 19 coded in. I'm still missing some easy ones as well as some complex ones that I will add and update soon. I'm going to attach the source for this in case anyone wants to modify or add specific hacks. 5/13 *** DO NOT USE: INT RETURN HACK, YARDS FOR FIRST DOWN **** *** NOT WORKING CORRECTLY: KICKOFF POSITION ONLY SETTABLE FROM 0-34 YARDLINE MAIN PROGRAM: JAVA SOURCE FILES: -= You must have Java installed to launch the application! - Download here: =- The source files are organized as follows - The main program. The menus and are set up in this file All of the dialogs for the hacks are in this file. Some simply turn the hack on and let the user know what they just did - contains the methods to select the rom, write the hacks, the logic for which hacks to write, as well the actual bytes to be written for each hack ******************************************************************************************************************* Current hacks added TIME/DOWN/YARDAGE 1. Set Quarter Length 2. Set Quarter Coutndown Rate 3. Set Number of Downs for First 4. Set Yardage for First KICKING/PUNTING 5. KR returns at actual speed 6. Change kickoff position 7. Add touchbacks to kickoffs 8. Change max FG length 9. Change FG arrow Speed 10. Change FG arrow distance 11. Change Punt Length INJURIES 12. Turn on Preseason Injuries 13. Change Injury Rate ANIMATION SPEED 14. Change Loft of Snap 15. Change Speed of Snap 16. Change Loft of Pitch 17. Change Speed of Pitch MISC 18. Faster Interception Returns 19. Overtime must have a winner
  3. Bump for new players.
  4. This is hilarious....
  5. "you can put your whole army against my team and I guarantee you it'll be your very last time breathin' your simple words just don't move me you're minor, we're major you all up in the game and don't deserve to be a player don't make me have to call your name out your crew is featherweight"
  6. BB is doing a narration for a WWII documentary...
  7. @red98sethuthut The left guard will sometimes not pull if you call run vs the R&S run 3. It's about a 60% random chance they won't pull. Here are the numbers from the what team would you pick thread that I posted... For >=25 HP < 50 HP difference DEF vs OFF (drone V drone) 33%-> normal grapple 24%-> OL thrown but defender is flat on ground. 43%-> bust in without falling down For a >=50HP difference DEF vs OFF (drone V drone) 20%-> normal grapple 16%-> OL thrown but defender is flat on ground. 64%-> bust in without falling down
  8. Not very likely.
  9. Rom rater agrees with different ordering of offenses... Honorable mention D SF rockman (HOLT,kevin Green romo, Lott) NE lucky (singletary,conlan, carrier) Rai zuir (3 x44 63HPDL, percy stinson + lewis) war phx (wilks, haley wamyer +56,50,44int)
  10. He did not look good thry 3 quarters. Turd sandwhich a little bit of exxageration. He threw a pick 6. Had another pass before half that Bennet luckily broke up. But if you are telling me 17-29 for 182yards and a pick six with two sacks before NE started coming back late in the third is good then I want what some of you are smoking. He did not look good most of the game until the defense could no longer get pressure.
  11. Heh. I'd take getting to the SB and losing over this mess we have now. However the 49er's need a lot more talent so not sure how much impact he can have at least for the next few years.
  12. No other qb? Not many qbs but I definitely think at least rodgers could have made those throws. Brady did make a bad throw...that should have ended the game...but got a miracle catch out of it. That's probably picked off at least half the time. But i guess that's karma for the tyree catch. Pats could about as easliy have been 0-7 as they could have been 7-0. And a couple other ones even on the final drive. Brady looked like a turd sandwhich for about 3 qtrs until the pass rush got gassed and ATL looked like the crappy ATL D that has existed for most of the year. Brady started heating up after the D had been on the field forever and the WR's finally started getting separation. Brady made good throws, a couple bad ones, and a couple where the players were quite open. In OT his passes were pretty money getting a nice clean pocket to throw from. Also a few easy RB screens that accounted for 30 yards. Still all of it was only possible b/c ATL was as dumb as rocks...snapping the ball with 15 seconds left on the play clock multiple times and some really awful playcall choices and execution. 3rd and 1...up 16 with 8 min to play. Clock is our friend. LEts call a long developing sack play with our RT hurt...sack fumble...Lmao. In FG range we could QB sneak 3 times and have a 40yd fg nearly automatic in today's nfl and burn a lot of clock or make Ne take their TO's...nah lets move back to the 50. Just painful to watch.
  13. tpc_original_punt_b2.nes This hack improves on the kickoff touchback hack and lets you return endzone punts You now use the b button to call for a touchback. It has the following issues still 1. You can run out and back in and get a touchback. 2. You can call for a touchback while being grappled. These disable the service routine for the auto punt touchback Set 0x2440B (0x 20 DF 9F) -Disable normal punt check for P2 Check for back of endzone otherwise do my b button check Set 0x24B93 (0x 20 FD 9F) - Disable normal punt checkfor P1. Check for back of endzone otherwise do my b button check Set 0x25108 (0x4C979F) Jump to my b button touchback check before out of bounds compare. Pplayer 1 Set 0x25117 (0x4C9C9F) Jump to my b button touchback check before out of bounds compare. Player 2 This is the b button check plus the back of endzone check for p2 Set0x25FA7(A2004C9E9FA201A588C918B00AA589C918900CA536B002A5352940C940F0034CC59FE001F0042057906020709060A017E001F00DB184C928900BC9C9B0074C0F91B186B0F14C1691A593C9DEA594E90990B320709060A593C920A594E906B004205790604C979F) This code has some parts that aren't needed since I changed stuff while debugging. I loosely tested it and it appeared to be working Basically it checks the icon values and looks for the KR or PR value and sets the possession appropriately. It then looks for the b button press and if it finds it it jumps into the appropriate service routine.
  14. Yes, I will post at some point
  15. Every player starts off as questionable. I verified in the source code the probabilities QUESTIONABLE = 25% CHANCE OF RETURN, ELSE MOVE TO DOUBTFUL = code= 0x03 DOUBTFUL = 50% CHANCE OF RETURN, ELSE MOVE TO PROBABLE =code= 0x02 PROBABLE = 100% CHANCE OF RETURN FROM INJURY =code= 0x01 Which if I did my math right makes for Chance it takes exactly x weeks to return : 0 weeks = 25% 1 week = 37.5% 2 weeks = 25% 3 weeks = 12.5%
  16. Yes, I will likely re-post it at some point.
  17. THis is what happens after the COM has done there predefined moves and they are the ball carrier. From the source code this is the ENTIRE Com movement Logic (This example is from the COM is P1 perspectuve) Is com near out of bounds? (YES, set direction to left or right depending on P1 or P2) This is the first logic check so com will ALWAYS run straight once they are near (1/2 yd) of being out of bounds Is there a defender the COM can collide with IN FRONT of the runner? (NO-> move towards middle of field) If all the defenders are behind the com runner he will move towards the middle of the field at a very mild direction. YES->ADJUST DIRECTION BASED ON THE LOCATION OF THE 4 HIGHEST PRIORITY PLAYERS IT CAN COLLIDE WITH The collision check is biased in the RE to SS order. And it only puts the first 4 it finds as players to check. So the com's decisions MIGHT not always be optimal. It counts how many of the a possible 4 are above or below. Positive number = more above. Zero= even. Negative number equals more below. The com direction either gets adjusted up or down 11 degrees per frame depending on the check above. If there are an equal number of players above and below it will mildly move towards the middle at a constant 169 degrees or 191 degress where 180 degrees = right. The com can never go straight up its max upwards direction is 112 degrees where 90= up The com can never go straight down its max upwards direction is 248 degrees where 270= down
  18. That looks right
  19. This hack deals with the passing game. I always felt the difference between the great and bad QB's was too extreme. You can achieve this somewhat by limiting the maximum and minimums but it gives you less player variation that way. You lose some of the granularity and range. Here is an example. Say you have Bubby 25 PC throwing to a 50 rec WR. He will only get a standing still coverage catch 2% of the time against defenders ranged from 25 to 81 int. I fact only vs defenders 38 int or lower will he be able to get catches. Now take Montana to Rice they will get a standing still coverage catch 46% of the time vs defeners ranged 25 to 81 int. Are they really 20 times better at getting coverage catches? Anyways referring to these colored plots may make things more understandable. There are two plots. The left is original rom percentages and the right one is my updated percentages. Going down the left of each graph is 12, 19 25, etc. That is the combined pass control plus reception value. Going across the top is the int value. The numbers on the bottom and far right of each graph are the averages in the ranges of interest. The red boxed areas are things that are in the realm of possibility with original rom rated players. The black boxed area are the most common interactions. Long story short basally bad qb wr's arent so bad and great qb+wrs arent as great. I didn't even get into how INT% is affected but its just as bad. The Bubby to 50rec combo wold get picked off 30% of the time over the 25-81 int range and montana to rice would get picked off 0%. LOL Here are the plots. Sorry the numbers are hard to read. I can attach the spreadsheet if anyone is interested. Uploaded with Finally here is the hack PC @2BF14 change to 3C3D3E3F404142434445464748494A4B REC @2BF24 change to 3C3D3E3F404142434445464748494A4B INT @2BF34 change to 1C1E20222426282A2C2E30323436383A catch threshold values @29D90 change to 51 @29DA3 change to 51 @29DB6 change to 51 Standing still catch values @29D7A change to 46 JJ int threshold @29C9E change to 11 JJ whiff threshold @29C9A change to 15
  20. Honestly that post was kind of a work in I wouldn't trust that command.
  21. Ya you can always test these things in the fceux emulator which let you test the edit in real time. But yes that looks right. Download fceux Open the rom. From the menus debug->hex editor Onece the editor is open. Fromt he editor window....View->rom file. Scroll to the location and type in 05.
  22. The 4 offensive styles which are run if situational logic doesn't override them are 0 = random 1 = 60% run, 40% pass 2 = 40% run, 60% pass 3= 30% run, 70% pass The value at 0x18AB1 sets how often the team runs for offensive playstyle 1= run heavy. The defalut value of 0x99 sets the default to 60% run/ 40% pass. Changing it to 0xC0 would make it 75% run. That's super heavy run. However that value is also used if the com is leading in the 4th with less than 2 minutes left. The value at 0x18AE7 is only used for the team style. Again changing to 0xC0 would make it 75% pass.
  23. Shanahan >>>>> singletary. I knew what plays were coming when singletary coached. That said the exodus/lack of talent means we are definitely years away.