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  1. @QB Browns I still have my awesome 3 foot tall bo jackson trophy for my L.A tourney win over @disastamasta142
  2. Abundance isn't a problem in my part of the country... . But honestly I'm kinda torn on whether its good or bad. Smaller tourneys are easier logistically to run and may actually offer more quality games overall depending on who shows up. More tourneys also means that people would at least be able to find one that fits their schedule. Two tourney's that are geographically close on the same weekend or back to back weekends that end up splitting players...well that's probably not ideal. The larger the tourney the more attention its gonna get and the more "prestige" its going have attached if you win it. It also may have a potentially deeper field. But you also have to deal with a lot of "filler" games if you are a good player. That's not really a good thing for the good player or the bad player.
  3. You were looking in RAM you need to look in the ROM for those hex values.
  4. Color pallete for BG tiles for this scene is at 0x1A180 thru 0x1A18F. Pretty sure according to my notes nothing else shares this pallete 0x1A181 thru 0x1A183 is the crowd colors 0x1A185 thru 0x1A187 is the behind the endzone colors 0x1A18D thru 0x1A18F is in front of the goalpost colors 0x1A187 default is 19 (the grass) 0x1A187 default is 15 (the red endzone color)
  5. This is plays on an actual NES I believe. It makes clever use of the DPCM channel.
  6. Tijuana sunrise is the JAM!
  7. @buck winner
  8. negative but I'll give a hint you are on the right area of the field (secondary)
  9. It looks like open-emu doesn't enable you to access a core's settings. It appears to be part of their design philosophy at least currently.
  10. You got one out of 2. Barry.
  11. Name the two 22 and under Tecmo players to start all 16 games in the 1990-91 season and make the probowl.
  12. Not sure about the last NFC/AFC teams in. NFC NYG (fell off a cliff not long after) CHI (see above) SF (duh) PHI (next season was the randall injury but the ultimate D performance) WAS (next season one of the most dominant ever) MIN? ( I know they were good at some point but this might bee too soon, other choices would be ATL(deion,Rison NO(dome patrol) ) AFC BUF (duh) HOU (duh) KC (duh) MIA (duh) CIN? (they were still pretty good but perhaps pit beat them out) LAR? ( I know Denver was in the mix often)
  13. THe defensive pursuit based on quickness has broken code...
  14. Defensive pursuit based on quickness has bad code... FYI