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  1. TecmoBowlTools - Stat Extractor

    I bumped a thread with a standalone windows stat extractor for you @macknbyner
  2. Stat Extractor

    Bump for @macknbyner This standalone will extract stats for you.
  3. Predictions - Post em up!

    One more that adjusted for schedule and did an adjustment based on average team score differential. We'll see which one is more accurate. The raw schedule adjusted wins or the ones with the team adjustments.
  4. THe win%'s and lines account for home field advantage although if I had to guess the only real home field edge is the fact that some people are more comfortable playing as player 1. The win%'s and lines don't account for team strength estimates but is there for informational purposes HW% = home teams 3 yr average win% AW% = away teams 3 yr average win% TSCH = team score for home team (scored based on players drafted) TSCH = team score for away team (scored based on players drafted) DIH = home team - away team score differential. PW% = home team predicted win % line = estimated home team line (TB vs DET -11 = TB favored by 11). highlighted line = average home team spread for the week highlighted percent on far right = expected prediction win rate of all favored teams
  5. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Ya, I mean it seems like he was an ass before football but all the additional hits could have made it much worse. There have been other young players with pretty bad CTE like former Bengals WR Chris Henry. So I guess I think the CTE news is already bad and this really doesn't take it up another level.
  6. WEEK 3 Predictions

    Didn't get to watch my boys score their first TD's on the season but at least they covered....barely. 1-0 in spread pool so far. 3-0 on Thursday night games.
  7. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Definitely would help explain his crazy behavior. As far as the worst news ever for the nfl... I don't think that true.
  8. Madden is the greatest football franchise ever.

    Cleary he was juiced on a fumble recovery like in Tecmo.
  9. (NES) Goji's Tecmo Super Bowl NFL 2018 (11.8)

    That's kind of the problem with the COM in Tecmo Super Bowl @coolguy22 and @heyuimintojsus. It's hard to make it not too easy but not too cheap given the limited processing power of the system. Even modern football games don't really come that close to approximating another human player.
  10. New Base NES ROM (32-Team Original TSB Gameplay)

    Sorry I had the second set location wrong. I edited it above. Try again.
  11. New Base NES ROM (32-Team Original TSB Gameplay)

    Ok this should fix things. @SBlueman @davefmurray @jstout @SBlueman set(0x227D1, 0xA44420A0F629FCF0524A4AAABC41BCBD42BC8543A6B8B955BC18653E8542B955BC2980F00209FF653FD01DB952BC1865409D0002B953BC9D0102B954BC9D0202A5429D03024C0EA8A9F09D0002E8E8E8E8C8C8C8C8C44390BD86B860) set(0x23BC6, 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ere is the source file which can be built by asm6. min-helms.asm
  12. New Base NES ROM (32-Team Original TSB Gameplay)

    Hmm when i was messing with the Det one I thought it still ended up changing another but I must have been wrong that works to make Det grey. I think Cle was the main problem as to give them a brown facemask you had to create a special byte for them to overlay a brown mask tile because there was no brown as part of the current bg pal being used only orange. Or you'd have to make the helmet and facemask the same color.
  13. For sure all of the knowledge and stuff you and others found intially as well as examples were of great value.
  14. https://www.pcmag.com/news/356268/nintendo-ships-every-switch-with-a-hidden-nes-emulator