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  1. @tylpl Sometimes it switched your controller to pad 2 after connecting in netplay. After connecting in netplay go the top menu in nestopia Machine-> Input->Port 1 and make sure the round selection is on pad 1. If its not then click on pad 1 and that should solve your problem.
  2. Gotcha.
  3. The punt returner ball control is hard coded (the same for everyone) so it doesn't matter who is back there as far as that goes.
  4. Edited because you left dennis smith in.
  5. See my answer about midway down page 3 of this thread... http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/69002-nes-tecmobowlorg-presents-tecmo-super-bowl-2017/?page=3
  6. Disturbing is my middle name... @segathonsov I will try and run something sometime this week with what I would think be the worst teams at recovering...ind,cle and probably the best nyg,pit
  7. Good idea. Like i said its rough guideline. The juice would probably be minor the first few weeks. Which is all i ran it for. I fixed the issue of the P2 ball position right after the kicker kicks it to match p1 and that drastically changed p2 odds on no bar....improved recovery to about 3% vs 0.5%. So its a big part of the problem but not all. I think the small edge p1 may have in recovering a ball is the other main culprit.
  8. I know a some people aren't ondiscord or don't follow my twitter account. Over the weekend I hacked the original rom to have the COM kick onsides kicks to each other over and over anad recorded the results in sram, While these results may be slightly different to man mode because of the man kicker i think it would be pretty close. I hacked the game so the COM would always kick at the same bar length. Here are the results. These aren't meant to be absolute numbers but rather a baseline. Obviously conditions/teams involved will make a difference. I ran this test in season mode and it got thru about 3.5 weeks worth of season games for about 5000 total kicks per run.
  9. @buck I think this should work SET (0x31cf7, 0xEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEA) This basically gets rid of this part of the function (8 * games played ) -1 and makes = games played Let me know if that works.
  10. To qualify for the tecmo passer rating you have to have a minimum of 7 attempts per game.
  11. This hack will play a pre-season game as if it was a season game thus saving the stats to the season stats after the game is over SET(0x21288, 0x4C9492) SET(0x212C6 0xEAEAEA) This was primarily done for the PNW flash cart league
  12. Luckytool beat matt diaz in the finals. (Det.over Min) in a pretty lopsided win. It was a pre-determined match.