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  1. Depends on what type of rom you are going for...more realism or more arcade style. In the end its up to you. Me I'd probably drop Lynch and Peterson down due to their age. Carr will probably be fine. Rookies do whatever you want. Certain positions have less of a learning curve than others (RB's usually do well right away, other skill positions typically take at least a few seasons). It's a lot of guess work considering how many players totally bust or get hurt. Which is why I never liked making pre-season roms because the rosters are constantly changing and there is much more guess work. Like If i went and played a 2008 pre-season rype rom its gonna be weird to see Brady on it when he ended up being injured the whole season among other things that will look weird.
  2. EDIT: Someone made a good point on another NFL board that the sack numbers look a lot better if you include rushes in the dropback calculation. Because most of those runs aren't designed runs so its better to look at sacks per dropback where a drop back is A pass atttempt A sack (the QB dropped back) A run (A high % of QB runs were probably pass attempts that turned into scrambles. And unless its an obvious run it will be counted as a sack if tackled behind the line) I tried looking at mobile qbs vs statues using the following formula SACKS / (ATT+RUNS+SACKS) which is kind of like saying (sack per dropback) It definitely made things much closer. This was definitely a quick comparison but I got something like 6.5% for mobile QB's vs 5.5% for statues @buck Even in tecmo the faster QB's tend to take more sacks (at least quickly looking at sack rankings in HSTL) as you think you can buy time with their speed which is probably some of the reason the fast guys take more sacks on average. Sacks are pretty infrequent and meaningless in tecmo due to 1. QB's not fumbling at a rate consistent with their normal rate on a sack. 2. QB's injuries rate being pretty low. 3. Any QB with reasonably high PC/ low PS can safely chuck deep down the field and its typically better than taking a sack since the average yards on an int return are tiny. To answer your question more directly. I tried the lower RS/RP method in one of my roms YEARS ago. I didn't really like how it worked but you can give it a try. Other ways I tried to add more sacks in general 1. Have OL's not hold up as long 2. Have drone DL be able to tackle a MAN guy pretty often 3. Have better pursuit of QB (via new defenses, better ratings) 4. Make INT's more likely and more returnable
  3. Ya sometimes its a chicken and egg thing. Does the qb runs more out of necessity because no one is open or the line blows. Or are they scrambling because they arent seeing the open wrs. Rypien was behind one of the all time great lines in this example and randles was historically bad.
  4. @buck Yes and no. As you know AV = approximate value that's a heavy emphasis on approximate value. The system was somewhat gamed until it produced results that passed the eye/sniff test if you read the methodolgy behind it. It definitely doesn't hurt as a rough starting point but its using somewhat limited information to form its rating. Defensive positions and offensive lineman suffer massively if you don't make the pro-bowl or all-pro. Offensive lineman basically have no other stats than starts and awards. Then they split all of the offensive pie evenly even if you have 3 good but not all pro OL and 2 awful ones. Also I've notices that certain positions AV has suffered due to more data being tracked and thus more of the wealth being spread around. DB's in particular have seen their AV drop both relatively from the 90's to now and also because more DB's are seeing the field so its splitting more of the defensive pie amongst more players. It works better but still not great as a career measure vs a yearly measure. The guy who came up with it basically qualifies as it like this "If one player is 16 and on player is 14 we can't be very confident that the 16 AV player had a better season than the 14 AV player. But i am pretty confident that the collection of ALL players with 16AV played better than the collection of ALL players with 14AV " The top 1000 article is like 6 guys watching a shit ton of film on all the guys they review. "Each player was scouted by a team of experienced evaluators (Dan Bazal, Cian Fahey, Duke Manyweather, Marshal Miller, Luke Easterling and Matt Miller) with these key criteria in mind. The following grades are the result of months of film study from our team. Is 6 guys reveiwing film the end all be all...nope. But its probably just as useful as AV or can help fill in more subtle things that AV misses.
  5. Ya the defense was always worse than the points allowed suggested. They had a few decent seasons although the SB season you are right it wasn't that good. It was mostly all the turnovers they generated including the now incarcerated sharpers 9 interceptions for 376 yards.
  6. @buck No, if the offense recovers their own fumble... then each offensive player is set to block a one specific defender(example RB1 set to block the FS) and the offensive player speed is reset to their default max speed. On a side note. Tecmo uses two different addresses for the defensive intereception return and fumble return command pointers. But they both point to the exact same individual commands. Many reasons that this could have occurred. L_4_B618: Defensive Interception return .WORD L_6_BF5D, L_6_BF65, L_6_BF6D, L_6_BF75, L_6_BF7D, L_6_BF85, L_6_BF8D, L_6_BF95, L_6_BF9D, L_6_BFA5, L_6_BFAD, L_6_BFB5 L_4_B6C0: Defensive Fumble return .WORD L_6_BF5D, L_6_BF65, L_6_BF6D, L_6_BF75, L_6_BF7D, L_6_BF85, L_6_BF8D, L_6_BF95, L_6_BF9D, L_6_BFA5, L_6_BFAD, L_6_BFB5
  7. Ya offense wasn't really the problem for the Saints....the problem was the defense was basically as bad as the offense was good.
  8. The real thing that makes INT returns hard is that you are going against a defense(the opposing teams offense) that averages about 38RS and all have 69RP (barring conditions) this makes them very fast at changing directions. If I were doing one now I'd probably set the offenses RP down to about 31-38 and boost the defensive returners RP up to 69. That would make it more like the relative values have reversed. It's really hard to find the speed sweet spot. You don't want every possible return to go for a TD...kind of like when the defense recovers a fumble on a picked play call...pretty much an automatic TD. I always tended to err towards faster int returns as that balances out the 100 yd bombs that can be thrown with relative ease.
  9. Its a mixed bag... some people have gotten pretty close to a title with him. I remember I got close in S17 but canes beat me in a back and forth game where my one lost fumble by my RB to his zero was the difference. Grabbing defense and a regular 44 pc qb is sometimes more worthwhile than what you pay for that 31MS at QB. But it seems he has been falling farther as of late allowing people to add a solid defensive piece in the 2nd round. Your team needed a field stretcher at WR to make it work. You had a slow as dirt richard johnson and a dcent speed but low rec beebe.
  10. Ya his draft started out good and then went down hill very quickly after the first few rounds....
  11. Ya thats a great reference. Ive used it before.
  12. One person converts madden ratings to tecmo ratings via an excel spreadsheet. You probably still have some bias with the madden raters but that's the nature of rating players in a game like football that can't be broken down as easily as baseball because of all the interacting players and schemes. One other issue is that madden doesn't scale linearly really due to the nature of the engine so the formulas need to be pretty complex to be good. Many people have used various formulas using nfl statistics as a basis for their ratings. This makes it somewhat objective. Then they may apply subjective tweaks based on their knowledge of the teams players. There are a few websites that attempt to quantify the value of a player or rate them in various aspects. But in general scouting/rating data is hard to find. Defenders can be the hardest to rate since sometimes good defenders don't always generate a ton of stats that are recorded (tackles/sacks/ints) SOME RATING TOPIC THREADS Everyone here goes about making their rom slightly differently. There isn't really a wrong or right way as long as you like the final results.
  13. There are some articles scattered around the site for determining player ratings. If you can't find them, or are still stuck maybe come up with some more specific questions or what specifically you are having trouble with rating.
  14. If the worst players/records didn't always have the first few picks then you'd see a way different distribution of players. The best players are almost always drafting from the bottom...and from there one of the best strategy is typically to wait on QB.