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  1. The MIA running game ends up decent since you can run right at the LB's. You aren't going to break off monster runs but you can move the chains with the sweeps targeting the LB's. Miami's defensive flexibility is a bit better being able to use Williams and Oliver. Marino's passing speed and multiple WR options is pretty big in this. It's more about burn routes or hitting open guys then just chucking into coverage. Tappers can call this and know they are pretty good either way since being able to outtap with okoye help as he can pop all the lb drones. In elite player matches this has been very close match with KC winning 48% of the matches but mia having the slight edge on pt differential by a pt. MIA has been the team selected the majority of the time(~70%) in matches where this info is available. The most highly talked out one of course was @sonofpatbeach recent win over @joeygats in this match at tundra with the miracle end of game catch from around the 10 yd line.
  2. Come back from INJURY chances

    Change 0x22463 to 00 and they will return from injury the next game.
  3. Better INT return hack

    The ball control should still be 44BC for the returner unless some other hack has messed that up.
  4. Not quickly or easily. The game uses the sprite overflow to hide the big player sprites to keep the player rising up out of the ground transition looking smooth. You'd probably have to redesign the cutscenes
  5. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    THat was a great super bowl. PAnthers skill players were legit and had ja good pass rush. Delhomme played above his general skill level for that super bowl.
  6. That's a fun idea. My friends and I used to do a variation of this back in the day. We'd auto-skip the season to about week 8 and then blindly draft teams and make a bracket. (Usually the top 14 teams or bottom 14 teams). With conditions a lot more teams have a chance of being viable. You can pick Philly and if QB Eagles is hurt that's a big blow.
  7. TTLM1 Playoffs

    You linked to the TTL challonge bracket...
  8. Lag wasn't the reason for the lurch ban. The lag worked both ways. It just leads to even more same looking playbooks which tecmo already suffers from.
  9. Extracting Stats

  10. (NES) Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LII (2.4)

    He's been updating the rom every week unless I'm not understanding you right.
  11. It doesn't nullify the risk much vs run heavy team with bad qbs. If I have called pass can I can feel pretty safe that I can get back in position with a dl or that it will be a risky throw into coverage often. Of you put in the run sweep down i can also lurch that with the dl. Even more so as i get closer to the goalline where the deep wr pattern is mostly useless. It also makes for bad grey areas if I lurch on a play action when i thought it was a run. Doesn't seem like there is a great reason to allow dl run lurching.
  12. Team matchup sheet for new players

    I guess I’m confused because my matrix already showed the pt value for every team vs every possible opponent.
  13. That was my understanding as well. I didn't know you could DL dive pro run 2 up the middle. If you can, that makes the play pretty much un-useable in many matchups.