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  1. Bump for new players.
  2. This is hilarious....
  3. "you can put your whole army against my team and I guarantee you it'll be your very last time breathin' your simple words just don't move me you're minor, we're major you all up in the game and don't deserve to be a player don't make me have to call your name out your crew is featherweight"
  4. BB is doing a narration for a WWII documentary...
  5. @red98sethuthut The left guard will sometimes not pull if you call run vs the R&S run 3. It's about a 60% random chance they won't pull. Here are the numbers from the what team would you pick thread that I posted... For >=25 HP < 50 HP difference DEF vs OFF (drone V drone) 33%-> normal grapple 24%-> OL thrown but defender is flat on ground. 43%-> bust in without falling down For a >=50HP difference DEF vs OFF (drone V drone) 20%-> normal grapple 16%-> OL thrown but defender is flat on ground. 64%-> bust in without falling down
  6. Not very likely.
  7. Rom rater agrees with different ordering of offenses... Honorable mention D SF rockman (HOLT,kevin Green romo, Lott) NE lucky (singletary,conlan, carrier) Rai zuir (3 x44 63HPDL, percy stinson + lewis) war phx (wilks, haley wamyer +56,50,44int)
  8. He did not look good thry 3 quarters. Turd sandwhich a little bit of exxageration. He threw a pick 6. Had another pass before half that Bennet luckily broke up. But if you are telling me 17-29 for 182yards and a pick six with two sacks before NE started coming back late in the third is good then I want what some of you are smoking. He did not look good most of the game until the defense could no longer get pressure.
  9. Heh. I'd take getting to the SB and losing over this mess we have now. However the 49er's need a lot more talent so not sure how much impact he can have at least for the next few years.
  10. No other qb? Not many qbs but I definitely think at least rodgers could have made those throws. Brady did make a bad throw...that should have ended the game...but got a miracle catch out of it. That's probably picked off at least half the time. But i guess that's karma for the tyree catch. Pats could about as easliy have been 0-7 as they could have been 7-0. And a couple other ones even on the final drive. Brady looked like a turd sandwhich for about 3 qtrs until the pass rush got gassed and ATL looked like the crappy ATL D that has existed for most of the year. Brady started heating up after the D had been on the field forever and the WR's finally started getting separation. Brady made good throws, a couple bad ones, and a couple where the players were quite open. In OT his passes were pretty money getting a nice clean pocket to throw from. Also a few easy RB screens that accounted for 30 yards. Still all of it was only possible b/c ATL was as dumb as rocks...snapping the ball with 15 seconds left on the play clock multiple times and some really awful playcall choices and execution. 3rd and 1...up 16 with 8 min to play. Clock is our friend. LEts call a long developing sack play with our RT hurt...sack fumble...Lmao. In FG range we could QB sneak 3 times and have a 40yd fg nearly automatic in today's nfl and burn a lot of clock or make Ne take their TO's...nah lets move back to the 50. Just painful to watch.
  11. Yes, I will post at some point
  12. Yes, I will likely re-post it at some point.
  13. That looks right