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  1. Overthrow Bug Fix Question

    Seeing.... Nothing visually. It fixes a bug where the defenders int ratings aren't used on overthrows where the wr isnt near the ball.
  2. Blocking during QB Scrambles

    It would be possible to do.
  3. How do you change the CPU difficulty?

    There is no special playoff setting.
  4. It would be more extensive than just changing one byte. You'd have to create a new scene or have it do multiple scenes.
  5. Overthrow Bug Fix Question

    Yes you will have to change the 4CF0BF to 4C60B0 if you move it to 2BF70.
  6. How do you change the CPU difficulty?

    No the first setting is for 0-0 or preseason. The last setting is for 16-0 Looks like what you did will work.
  7. Another useful link: https://stream.twitch.tv/encoding/ One quick rule is to set your CBR to about 75% or less of your max upload speed.
  8. Divisional Round PredictFest

    Just give brady his 6th now. Its over.
  9. Divisional Round PredictFest

    I had ATL and NE. Goint with PIT and NO today.
  10. Well it only took nearly 10 years from these posts but it was completed
  11. Team matchup sheet for new players

    Thats a pretty good one. Except for sea needs to be floating like the rams.
  12. 2005 Rosters Rom

    Try tecmosb.com There is a large TSB roms collection. You might find it there.
  13. Don't think xplosv has visited the boards in quite some time.
  14. Wild-Card Predictem

    2-2 bah. Still cant believe KC Lost.