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  1. Group D Timbone wins toss He calls KC v MIA I take MIA Force a punt on the first drive but Marino gives it right back on an everyone covered bomb that gets picked on my first offensive play. Deberg promptly hits paige for an 80 yd jj td on 3rd down. 7-0 Timbone. Put together a nice drive to tie it up at 7-7. Another punt and drive and its 14-7. I rush the passer to try and prevent a bomb but he gets into FG range and makes it 14-10. All Mia in the second half as Deberg goes cold with some drops and 2 picks. MIA avoids disaster on a sack fumble as the OL recovers right away. Marino and a good 94HP paige and a good duper make mincemeat of the KC D in the second half. Duper takes a knee on the 1 on the final play out of sportsmanship Final 35-10
  2. Bingo. As for the jj int factor. Boomer's passing speed doesn't really lend itself to JJ shots unless the WR is wide open and you know haddix is clearly cheating. I guess it has a tiny impact for an end of game bomb. Tap battles can help to make or break who wins this matchup. Freeing up drones is usually an all or nothing proposition. If you fail its probably a TD. The odds of having at least 1 failure in 5 tries is 99%.
  3. These versions aren't super popular so they go more in line with what the particular creator felt. But the lions definitely should have made the cut. Who were the 4 teams left out?
  4. Against an elite level player I'd more often prefer to call the matchup. Against a clearly inferior player I'd more often prefer to choose the team.
  5. R&S Sweep one can also be man defeated by an ILB going through the line and catching the RB from behind but you have to be able to tap and if its not the run 1 then you will have a hard time stopping the run 3. I-form down can be defeated for hardly any yards by top corner and running down while avoiding defenders. Same with top LB's. You also can use bottom lb to grapple with the blocker immediately. All of these require out-tapping or some massive drone help/awesome diving.Using the bottom lb also leaves you open to the burn route to the top WR on the pass 2 play of the same formation.
  6. Sorry was gone and didn't make picks. Would have definitely gone NE(duh), ATL (due to no earl thomas and at home) This is what I was leaning GB(thought rookies might struggle in first playoff game), KC(this was really a coin-flip to me at least without much injury report checking)
  7. point differential(home team pts- away team pts) correlates VERY highly with win %. But I'll pull the WIN% that for you to because its basically the same ALL PLAYERS Sample Size = # games = 378 Home PPG average 16.2 Away PPG average 15.8 Average differential = 0.4 pts home team win 53% ELITE MATCHUPS ONLY (BOTH PLAYERS rated >7) Sample Size = # games = 46 Home PPG average 17.28 Away PPG average 17.15 Average differential = 0.13 pts home team win 53.3%, 24/45, +1.5 win over expected
  8. @buck Well you might be wrong. Detroit kumite did and I compiled the data for P1 vs P2, the person calling the matchup(P1) had a tiny tiny edge. It averaged out to just less than 1pt a game. For one specific tourney....i think kumite 3... it was actually negative. Even just limiting the data to just the best players didnt really change things. P1 has some tiny (maybe a few) % edge advantages in recovering a fumble. And a big edge in onsides kicks. And for some people they are just less comfortable playing as the p2 side due years of playing com as p1 But in most matchups one team is usually marginally better than another even if its slight so its usually a wash.
  9. @OL' Dirty Tecmo @manyo360 One thing you have to be careful with in scouting the actions the com is to make sure you do it in preseason mode. Probably obvious but worth noting. coverage "juice" starts kicking in around week 2 or 3 for some defender actions. Typically the 3rd and 4th run plays give you the best "run play defense call" pass defense vs runs 1 and 2. Hence if you want to sit on run calling run 3 a better bet than any other run as you might still get some pass coverage. Also there is usually at least 2LB's who do nothing in coverage and just pass rush. You just have to know which ones they are. This is also why using a DL can be VERY useful b/c you will maximize the potential coverage for the play. Obviously this is more risky the better the QB is if your low int DL is left having to cover a streak route. @red98sethuthut no i haven't done every play as its VERY tedious. There are 3 different sets of coverages depending what play you pick..typically For pass typicall but not always SET 1= WEAK = ( run1,run2), SET 2 = MEDIUM =( run3, run4) SET 3= STRONG = any pass Then each of those coverage sets has variations. Here is one that i think is accurate for when you call a PASS vs R&S pass 1. This assumes you have picked a pass defense We all know the RB is the most likely to be open in R&S pass 1 and the simulated numbers bear this out. To maximize coverage in this play you want to be the ROLB, LILB, LOLB.. not the best players for stopping run 3. Even picking a LB ~40% of the time you will have nearly two gives you have to choose from. the percentages in this pic are approximate as I'm not doing enough sims in the excel sheet to get the numbers to converge on their true value. pass1 coverage.bmp Here is the excel sheet (pressing enter on any cell will update the %'s as its just doing a sim) pass1.xls
  10. Would not call RAI-SF,HOU,NYG,BUF fairly big disadvantage in these matches Closest matches RAI-CHI - Both teams are gonna have a tough time passing in this match but RAI wr's all have speed and schroedy can get it to wide open guys quickly. And bo > neal. RAI-PHI - depends on how well the DL is controlling Randall. First stop probably wins this. RAI-MIA - Marino can wreck the weak Rai secondary and you have two safety options for defending BO Would def take RAI if called RAI-KC KC defense makes this tough as you can run at Snow and Thomas. RAI-CIN Put a high HP player at bottom WR and you can run at Fulcher all day with down runs
  11. The trap is on you...I feel like the Raiders are one of those teams that are kind of in their own tier. Chicago is probably one of the closest matches though.
  12. @Goldglv TSBSupreme(32 and 28) and tsbmanager(for 28 team roms) will edit the player names and ratings among other things. Unless you feel like writing your own editor.
  13. the pointers to the names start at the names and numbers start at 0x6DA the attributes + faces start at 0x03010. Each nibble of the byte is one attribute. The data is in the same order as the names. 0=6 skill ... F=100 skill Example QB Bills A3 11 52 8C CC A= Rushing power = 69 3= running speed = 25 1 = maximum speed =13 1 = hitting power = 13 52 = player face 8 = passing speed = 56 C = pass control = 81 C= accuracy of passing = 81 C = avoid pass block = 81
  14. He had the 6th best FG% this year but was among the worst in XP% which is weird.