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  1. Tecmo Super Bowl Random Player Generator?

    No, not for any versions of Tecmo. There is a great editor tool that you should check out though:
  2. If you want to get into sim code editing, here is a great read on the site to check out: http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/10512-applying-sim-data/ In the thread a discussion about the sum of 32 for the 4th number in the sim code will dictate reception totals. Another thing to check out is the spreadsheet posted by @jstout here: http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/10512-applying-sim-data/?tab=comments#comment-90250 Eventually you'll find that with the right playbooks, lineups and code you can get the teams to perform close to how you want them to. It's going to take lots of messing around and running many simmed seasons. I suggest using an emulator to test your game that can speed up the gameplay like FCEUX.
  3. TSB 17 NES Cartridge Help Problem - Doesnt work

    I would get a hold of whomever you purchased the game from. It would be next to impossible to diagnose the issues here.
  4. Sounds like plan sir! We did cobble the edit together among a bunch of us so the coding might not be optimal. I'm sure the higher ups will do right for the community on getting an official base rom up.
  5. Try this one out: TBorg-Base-ROM-0817.nes I used the TSB Play Maker editor to copy the original playbook over to the rom uploaded to the site. As far as what hacks are added....the only ones that should be added to this rom are the ones listed in the first post: Hopefully that did the trick, enjoy!
  6. (NES) SBlueman's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    Just an update, I have been working on the final version of my 2017 edit since my last post. I am down to having to do roster and player attribute updates as well as doing a final edit on the sim codes. I am still planning on a final release around the Super Bowl. Until then any feedback on the previous versions is greatly appreciated!
  7. SET custom injury rates for each player

    @bruddog, any chance of you sharing your updated code for this hack?
  8. That might be caused by the Passing Game Probability Hack. I noticed more errant throws by the QB's after adding the hack to the game I worked on.
  9. So I am trying to figure out how to make the COM defense a bit better vs the pass for Man vs COM and COM vs COM games. Say for example this play: R AND S FLARE C This is the default defensive reactions: Since this orders the defensive reactions from Run 1 to Pass 4, the code reads: Run Slot 1: B8 Run Slot 2: B8 Run Slot 3: B9 Run Slot 4: B9 Pass Slot 1: BB (blitz byte) Pass Slot 2: BA Pass Slot 3: BA Pass Slot 4: BA As we know, picking run vs this play leaves people open downfield. So if we wanted better coverage on run calls vs this play, would you want to change all the run defenses to BA? I am assuming B8 is the worst coverage and B9 is minimal coverage.
  10. Passing Game Ratings

    Will this affect COM vs COM as well?
  11. Best we can do would be to edit the defensive reactions for better coverage with the Play Maker editor and adjusting the pass rush with this great hack: Anyone have any other suggestions for better COM coverage?
  12. Right on, thanks. Been scouring the site but was coming up with nothing.
  13. Is there any way to apply the mojo coverage to COM vs COM or COA vs COA games?
  14. Goal Post Color

    I tried using this set command to change the field goals to yellow and it didn't work: SET(0x2C428 ,0x28) Any suggestions on what to do? And will this change work with the cut scenes too?