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  1. check out this thread, it will help in how to use a hex editor, which will handy to apply the code: This code isn't something to just copy and paste. Some edits will require you to edit the game with a hex editor so you can set your custom values as per your desired result. Just out of curiosity...would it be possible to "stretch" the field so the distance between each yard is larger? And if it is possible, would changes to stat tracking be required to calculate the stats correctly?
  2. @bruddog shared some more SET command knowledge! The code he posted works to eliminate the first down measurement animations. This would be used along with games that have the amount of yards needed for a first down edited as per this thread started by @konForce back in the day. Here's the link to the post: I have updated the first post to include the command. Props to @TheRaja for posting about an issue with a league game.
  3. Some more SET command goodness dropped by @bruddog this weekend, here's what he's shared: I have updated the first post to add these new commands to the list. Props to bruddog and @fgqb#19nyj!
  4. I updated the first post to reflect the correct SET command to use for this code: #Changing the differential for popcorning/ dl busting through # #Visit link to see author's notes on variables to edit to modify code below SET(0x28360, 0xA53D293F1871AE38F13E300BC90E9007C93490064C0F844C84842036B1EAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEA) as per @bruddog's post found here. Thanks for the clarification bruddog!
  5. so you take this part of the original code as posted here: SET(0x28360,0xB1AE38F13E91AE and then add this edit as per this post: A53D293F1871AE38F13E300BC90E9007C93490064C0F844C84842036B1EAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEA) now one can fiddle with items in red above as so: just trying to have a concise post that summarizes this code and makes is accessible for readers.
  6. so the updated nes command would be: #Changing the differential for popcorning/ dl busting through # #Visit link to see author's notes on variables to edit to modify code below SET(0x28360,0xB1AE38F13E91AEA53D293F1871AE38F13E300BC90E9007C93490064C0F844C84842036B1EAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEA) @bruddog is this correct?
  7. my older brother was a Redskins fan and the first player I remember rooting for was John Riggins.
  8. Here's one posted by @jstout that @TheRaja cleaned up and posted as a set command: I'll keep scouring the site for more!
  9. @qbvikings came out with an ambitious project where he edited games for the 1978 to 1993 NFL seasons. Check it out:
  10. A couple new SET commands were posted recently by @bruddog and I got a chance to get on so let me post 'em up and add them to the collection: First post updated. Anyone got any good ones to add to the list? Revisions to any currently posted? Hit this thread back!
  11. @chris99, the CFL season is right around the corner. Will you be releasing a new version for the upcoming season at all? This has got to be one of the funnest TSB hacks out there.
  12. CFL tried to expand to the US in the mid-90's. Baltimore Stallions actually won the Grey Cup in '95:
  13. Major code dump tonight with 14 SET commands being posted: #Offensive Jump/Dive for passes based on REC rating # SET(0x299d7,0x4CD0E5) SET(0x299f2,0x4CD0E6EA) SET(0x3e5e0,0xA008B1AE208DDDA08720AADDA8A53DD9EAE590034CF8994CFC9A0F2131404F6171808FA1B1C0CFE1F1FF) SET(0x3e6e0,0xA008B1AE208DDDA08720AADDA8A53DD9EEE690034CF899A5AE853E4CE6990F2131404F6171808FA1B1C0CFE1F1FF) #Overthrow Bug Fix # SET(0x29DBC, 0x4CFOBF) SET(0x2C000, 0x20319E203D9E4CAF9D) #Player-controlled QB rollouts for playaction passes # #Note-Visit link for information on blitz byte edits which will be required SET(0x8db8,0xe4d800c0d808b8d818b0) SET(0x8502,0xe4d8e0c0d8d8c0) SET(0x881d,0xe4d8f8b8d800b0d810a8) SET(0x8b83,0xe4d8f8c8d8f4bcd8e8b4d8d8b0) #Blitz Byte adjustment for 28-team rom w/original playbooks # SET(0x1dd14,0xda) SET(0x1dd24,0xda) SET(0x1dd2c,0xda) SET(0x1dd34,0xda) #Players lose speed when cutting at 45 degrees hack # SET(0x2B9AA,0x4CABB9) #Sort receiving stats by yards instead of catches # SET(0x304F1,0x09) #Defensive Jump/Dive for passes based on INT rating # SET(0x29be5,0x4C70E5) SET(0x29bf6,0x4CA0E5EA) SET(0x3e580,0xA008B1AE208DDDA08620AADDA8A53DD98AE590034CF99B4C439C0F2131404F6171808FA1B1C0CFE1F1FF) SET(0x3e5b0,0xA008B1AE208DDDA08620AADDA8A53DD9BEE590034CF99BA5AE853E4CEA9B0F2131404F6171808FA1B1C0CFE1F1FF) #Defensive Pursuit Based on Quickness # SET(0x28ddd,0x2030E3EAEA) SET(0x28de5,0x2064E3EAEA) SET(0x28ea3,0x2030E3EAEA) SET(0x28eab,0x2064E3EAEA) SET(0x3e340,0xA008B1AEAA8A45703008A91E186920CBDA608A208DDDA08720AADDB954E3186920CBDA602422201E1C191613100D0A0705030201) SET(0x3e374,0xA008B1AEAA8A45703008A905186920CBDA608A208DDDA08720AADDB988E3186920CBDA6008080707060605050404030302020101) #Single Defender JJ Ints based on Quickness and Int # SET(0x29c99,0x4C90E4EA4CC0E4EA) SET(0x3e4a0,0xA008B1AE208DDDA08720AADDA8D9A8E4B0034C8D9C4C9D9C08090A0B0C0D0E0F1011121314151617) SET(0x3e4d0,0xA008B1AE208DDDA08620AADDA8D9D8E4B0034C8D9C4C9D9C01010102020203030406080A0C0E1011) #AKB is now Kicking Power & KA is now Kick Accuracy (AKB Hardcoded to 50 Rating) # SET(0x1eea5,0x20B1208B024B49434B204143435552414359208B424B49434B494E4720504F574552) SET(0x294a3,0x62) SET(0x29351,0x87) SET(0x2948a,0xA53DC926EA) #Fix Playoff Bracket (32-team game) # SET(0x23247,0x86) SET(0x2324C,0x8E) SET(0x23251,0x7E) SET(0x23256,0x76) SET(0x232A1,0x7F) SET(0x3F770,0x77) SET(0x23288,0x8A) SET(0x2328D,0x92) SET(0x23292,0x82) SET(0x23297,0x7A) SET(0x3F77D,0x83) SET(0x3F785,0x7B) SET(0x1e6d9,0x315354) SET(0x1e6e0,0x345448) SET(0x1e6e4,0x324E44) SET(0x1e6e8,0x315354) SET(0x1e6f0,0x335244) SET(0x1e6fb,0x324E44) #Change offensive SIM to 'out of 32' sum # SET(0x18117,0x00081018202830384048505860687078) #Change the differential for popcorning/DL busting through # SET(0x28360, 0xB1AE91AEA53D291F1871AEF13E9008C91DB007C904B0064C84844C0F842036B1EAEAEAEAEAEA) #Player-2 Condition Fix # SET(0x30E55,0x20809F) SET(0x31F90,0xA66EE46DF00218603860) #Dive Animation Timing Based on Quickness # SET(0x2aaa8,0x2050E4) SET(0x3e460,0xA008B1AEAA8A45703006A907186920CBDA608A208DDDA08720AADDB974E4186920CBDA600B0B0A0A080807070505040402020101) and I found a link to verify the COM Dive Tackling like SNES TSB I modification:
  14. Just for the sake of clarity, the first command for the TE fix is also for the 32-team rom only, correct?