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  1. Sim test USA

    what were the other results?
  2. (NES) SBlueman's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    Update time, here's what's new: What's New in Version 1.08 Adjusted the COM juice on the full edit (v1.08) Note: I also added a "vanilla" version of the edit with only the following SET commands added: More NFL like QB rating value Player 2 Conditions Fix Prevent schedule from being random Road team plays as player 2 vs COM Randomize sound loop used for each play QB backpedal animation hack Change Touchback To 25-Yard Line No IPS patches have been applied. Players can customize the game to their liking by adding SET commands from the hack list file to the rom with TSBTool.
  3. (NES) SBlueman's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    I am not sure if I can add both Los Angeles to the Rams and Chargers, I'll see what I can do. I am not a fan of all the spacing between the "L.A." and the team nicknames. The vanilla rom I will post will let you open the rom with TSB Tool and pick and choose which hacks to add. It'll be as simple as copying and pasting. I like having the stats after each quarter myself. It's one of the 'must have' hacks I add to all the edits I work on. The vanilla rom will give people the flexibility to add or remove at their discretion. Hopefully it will also help encourage others to get into editing.
  4. (NES) SBlueman's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    Eventually I will post a 'vanilla' rom with minimal hacks installed so people can pick and choose what hacks to add themselves. I'll probably have that up this weekend so keep an eye out for that. Thanks to @davefmurrayfixing whatever I blew up, the download page is back and the game has been updated: What's New in Version 1.07 Updated Bowns, Eagles and Lions mini-helmet facemasks (Thanks to @jstout, @gojiphen malor and @bruddog for all their help with the updates in the 32-team base rom thread)
  5. New Base NES ROM (32-Team Original TSB Gameplay)

    Wow, I missed a lot today! First off, here you go, an update with just the graphical updates thanks to @jstout, @gojiphen malor and @bruddog! base-2017-update.nes Not quite. The Browns facemask was part white still. The Lions fix works though! I added this to the update I posted above. I tired applying this patch to the game and the screen went black when I entered the team data main screen. Did anyone else have this happen as well?
  6. Does Madden Have a Monopoly on NFL License?

    I highly doubt it. They came out with Tecmo Bowl Throwback in 2010 and I bet that's all we are going to get.
  7. New Base NES ROM (32-Team Original TSB Gameplay)

    Nice! Here's an updated rom, we have been able to update (4) helmets total - Rams, Browns, Lions and Eagles. Thanks for your help and set codes @gojiphen malor!: base-2017-update.nes
  8. (NES) SBlueman's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    And updated! What's New in Version 1.06 Updated Eagles big helmets (hat tip to @gojiphen malor for his help with the graphic updates!)
  9. (NES) SBlueman's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    Well @oilertitanfan, it looks like the best we can hope for is the large helmets for the Browns and Lions to be edited at best as per this thread. I updated the download file, props to @gojiphen malor for all his help!: What's New in Version 1.05 Updated Browns big helmets Updated Lions big helmets
  10. New Base NES ROM (32-Team Original TSB Gameplay)

    Kinda figured, was grasping for any hope. Oh well, it's not the end of the world, the big helmets are rcorrect for the Lions, Browns and Rams now. I can't imagine the nightmare it would be if the NFL ever switched to 'alternate' helmets:
  11. Member Map

    Still the same issue, I tried to check this out and the page I see matches the description @BO FB Offtackle Left posted.
  12. New Base NES ROM (32-Team Original TSB Gameplay)

    Whoa...just a bit over my head. It sounds like the effort required to make this happen is daunting, not to mention if it can even be done. I thought it was something like being able to point the facemask the Raiders are using on the Lions and the Browns just editing the color. Boy was I wrong. So would this be an effort in futility to even attempt?
  13. New Base NES ROM (32-Team Original TSB Gameplay)

    Yeah, that's where I am stuck too. You change one mask and others change too. Anyone out there know if the change is possible?
  14. New Base NES ROM (32-Team Original TSB Gameplay)

    I think the Lions might be easier to change than the Browns since there are other teams who use grey. How to do it though is a mystery to me.....
  15. New Base NES ROM (32-Team Original TSB Gameplay)

    Whoa, @gojiphen malor is on a friggin' roll! I went with SET(0x23E23,0x10) to match the helmet's grey, here's another update: base2017update - Copy.nes All that is left to do now is edit the small facemasks for the Browns and Lions and I think we'll be all done with a proper 2017 update!