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  1. Amazing work on this version everyone. Tons of fun and with the 20 yard end zones the game really feels like a true CFL game. The glitches are minor and I am in no way complaining. This is the CFL tecmo-ized right.
  2. Play testing and I am loving this new version so far. There do seem to be a couple bugs I noticed: 1. Teams seem to punt on 3rd down when inside the opponent's 5 yard line. 2. You can catch touchdowns after you are way past the back of the end zone.
  3. It's amazing how much can be edited in the game now. The issues that the game used to have seem to be a thing of the past. I'll definitely keep popping in to check for updates. yes he was! will the end zone fix also fix this glitch?: I know I remember getting caught off guard with getting safeties that way. So are those issues a thing of the past as well?
  4. Sounds good! What other hacks will you be incorporating into the game?
  5. I just found this in another thread and it looks like this year's edit might be the best one yet! The end zone glitch might be annoying but the game is so much fun that I learned to overlook it. I am looking forward to checking out your edit!
  6. I got that. I used this rom to test out some coding. I figured he could pull the schedule information and anything else he finds useful from the edit I worked on. I used player ratings from the original game and ranked players off of numerous preseason too lists, stats and scouting reports. just trying to do my part to help. btw, the game has a bug where offenses punt the ball of you stop them inside the 5. Is there a way to fix this? Must have something to do with the edited length of the field.
  7. When you say home/way hack are you referring to this:
  8. Attached you'll find an edit of last years game that I was working on. I edited the players names,stats and faces. I also edited the playbooks, uniforms, sim code and schedule. The rosters were updated about midseason. Note however that the rom I was working has numerous hacks applied to it and some bugs exist. You'll still be able to pull the info you want withTSBTool. I hope it helps. TECMO GREY CUP 2015 - Copy.nes
  9. Nice work on the game. What hacks have you added to this game?
  10. Thank you so much for the layup on that one. The issue was driving me nuts. Your code worked like a gem. I wonder why Tecmo coded that 3rd uniform in there?
  11. ah bummer. Love that hack combined with the schedule not rearranging hack.
  12. Running into an issue when I am editing a 28 team rom. I set the Chiefs uniforms in TSB Tool as this: but when you play the game, the Chiefs aren't using the colors I set. I am working on an update to a previous edit of the game I worked on a while back and know the solution for this was out there but I can't seem to find it. I did find this: 3-Color Jersey Team # (Default is Kansas City): x2C250 (Changing Team # to x1E or higher will disable) Use Jersey 2 vs Team #s: x2C296, x2C29A, x2C29E, x2C2A2 Use Jersey 3 vs Team #s: x2C2A8, x2C2AC, x2C2B0 3-Color Game Field Team Colors: x2C410 to x2C418 Team with 3 jerseys - x2C250 - 0a Jersey design x2c410 - 25 0f 30 25 0f 16 15 0f 30 Jersey 2 vs. teams: x2C296 - 03 x2C29A - 0e x2C29E - 16 x2C2A2 - 17 Jersey 3 vs. teams: x2C2A8 - 00 x2C2AC - 05 x2C2B0 - 06 So how do I interpret what to change and is there a way to simply switch off the 3rd uniform option so the team in the Chiefs slot has their uniform changes work like everyone else's once edited in TSB Tool? I have been scouring the site for days but apparently a thread with a solution that used to be on Tecmobuilders is AWOL.
  13. So can anyone confirm that the IPS Patch that jstout posted works with the original rom?
  14. Ok cool. However, I do see that implementing that code completely freezes the clock. Is there a way to edit it so the clock starts once the kick return man handles the kickoff?
  15. I found some codes on this site and from what I interpreted it would mean this SET command would do the trick, am I missing anything? #No Clock on Kickoffs SET(0x240B8, 0x00) SET(0x24840, 0x00)