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  1. I recognize this is a Preseason game, but I am still amazed at the picks/proud/not surprised at who Matty used to get it done in the championship: Matty wins the Cincinnati Championships with Chuck Long for THREE quarters and rode the back of Curt Warner, yes Curt Warner. MVP for MV was Bobby Humphries with two interceptions.
  2. I'm in at Clarion, starting on Thursday afternoon.
  3. So the Hampton Inn has "a mix" of TVs. As noted, ask for unlock when you check in. The Clarion has these (the manual is massive, page 12 shows the inputs, also Game setting for the video processing): http://www.lg.com/us/business/commercial-display/displays-tvs/hospitality/lg-32LD333H
  4. Yes - for us, and many others, the Super 8 South was the venue of choice last year.
  5. So I just called all 3 recommended lodging options. Here's what I was able quickly to get: - Hampton Inn should be OK; for all of you that have reserved there, it looks like they will have to unlock the TVs via the master controller, so ask for that when you check in. No idea of the model, beyond them being LGs. - Clarion inputs are already unlocked. The lady at the desk didn't know the model number offhand, I may have some time to call this week when the general manager is around to get the model number (i.e. to figure out if game mode or not). - Super 8 East is in the middle of a TV "upgrade" to flat panels. About half the building is done so far. I tried to get a sense of whether we could get the inputs unlocked, and the answer did not leave me with a warm fuzzy. However, one question we could ask - could we have them store the CRTs for us to pick up for the tournament? Sounds like I'm changing my leaning to the Clarion, although I assume I'll be transiting amongst all the buildings. I just booked flight and car for Thursday, so hopefully I shouldn't be crapping out early b/c of other fatigue on Friday night. Maybe I should go get an xRGB mini...
  6. So what is the deal with the TVs at Hampton and Clarion? Do they know to unlock the inputs and put the things in game mode? I'm thinking a Super 8 East for myself, just not to have to deal with that business. (Plus we gotta save a spot at the Hampton for Marino, wouldn't want him to get sober on a ride to and from the motel)
  7. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_4fNJh1cysixVA2iY9cztkmk8rYFf1Zs Hopefully that link actually worked. I know I screwed up some of the voice narration, the editing is horrific/nonexistent, and so on. But, it did take me a relatively small amount of time to set these up, so that's a benefit only for me. There are a few of these that have strategies that not everybody knows, but I wouldn't call them advanced videos.
  8. This update should be the last for a little while. I cleaned up a lot of formatting and did some deduplication IIRC, so this is more suitable for printing or alternative publishing. tecmofaq620.txt tecmofaq621.txt tecmofaq622.txt
  9. The crew earned their share of bounties in this event - about $50-60 in base worth, many hard-earned in the 4th quarter with me in position to win. Everyone I asked doubled for charity. I've topped it off and made it $500 to Action Against Hunger USA. (Don't confuse this with generosity.) As usual this was an excellent event, and I appreciated seeing the skill of play and chatting people up.
  10. What URL will your stream (assuming the stream works) be on?
  11. One other thing I noticed while testing is the bumping seems different based on the participants. In the case of a MAN vs. MAN grapple, it seems like the 75% probability of bump-off, regardless of any other factors, is consistent with what I see. In the case of a MAN vs. COM grapple (at least in the case of the ballcarrier), it seems like A button taps do factor in.
  12. Spent some more time on forums...looks like we need another cut at this. Definitely what I have in the dissertation is not right, and I'm not sure the EdibleAntiPerspirant is up-to-date either. Since I promised a community participation...I'm intending this post to be the "graphical pointer" for the text-only FAQs. I'm starting with one of Bruddog's older posts and trying to update it, linking to other posts, avoiding getting too deep in the weeds (we can reserve this for the hacking forum or any collection/link page). Please post below any errors I made in trying to update this and I will fix the main post. I put a couple questions below (in --->) Running Speed- How fast the player initially starts at. To give a frame of reference, a 56RS player starting speed would the same as a 6MS player's top speed. Rushing Power- How fast the player accelerates. This isn't very important for offensive players until you drop the value below 25 or so. The difference between a 69 and 81RP offensive player is worthless. However on defense this is probably the most important "SPEED attribute" because defensive players have meaningful acceleration to their top speed. Maximum Speed- The top speed of the player. Defensive players have a higher top speed than offensive players. Example a defensive player with a MS of 6 has the same top speed of an offensive player with 106MS. Obviously 106MS is impossible on the original ROM since no players are rated even close to 100. Having defensive players faster than offensive players is what allows them to catch up to offensive players fairly easily when the offense gets past them. Hitting Power- There are two different roles this variable plays: - It takes a 50HP differential for a man to popcorn drones. That is, if you are David Fulcher (75 HP in AVERAGE) and you want to blow up WR #2, WR #2 has to have 25 HP or less. - For COM vs COM line play it takes a 25HP difference for the lineman to bust in often. e.g. 75HP Bruce Smith would bust in against a 50HP OL. A 69HP DL would bust in on a 44HP OL. The probabilities are on a sliding scale based on the relative HPs. In MAN vs. MAN or MAN vs. COM grapples, it is not actually used. In MAN vs. COM grapples, you have to press the button 3 times within a second or so to defeat the CPU. In MAN vs. MAN grapples, the player with the most taps in the second wins; if there's a tie, the defensive player wins. ---> In regards to bumping defensive players into offensive players to free up your boys, it is not clear what the role of HP is. People reading the code indicate that the probability of the bump succeeding is about 75% regardless of HP. However, in testing it seems that - the probability may be off e.g. the RNG may be skewed to favor higher probability - slower and weaker players seem to have less success with this tactic - animations would seem to line up with HP being factored in e.g. popcorn vs. fall-down, although this might only be applied after the resolution of the bump. RB/WR/TE Ball Control The default value of 50 gives you about a 4.8% chance of fumbling any time you get tackled. Each notch of ball control increases or decreases your chances by about 0.5%. Pass Control Receptions Interceptions These all work together pretty much equally. However even good QBs overthrow the ball a lot on deep balls, and these stats don't really matter for wide open open passes. Pass Control on non hacked roms determines if the ball is on target and also works with the other 3 in determining if the ball is complete, intercepted, or defensed. bruddog also came up with a chart that details how often a QB will overthrow the ball. It ranges something like 40% of the time for an 81PC QB to about 80% of the time for 19PC QB. Remember lots of overthrows are caught though, and tend to be harder to defend. Per bruddog, here is a case where the ball goes directly to a single covered WR: 50PC 50 REC 50 INT Deflection 69% Catch 12% INT 19% Each notch of PC or REC will reduces the deflection by about 2%, increase the catch by about 4% and reduce the int% by about 2%. INT works the same way in reverse. It takes a 3 notch difference to have a 50% chance of JJ inting a QB. It takes a 4 notch difference to consistently be able to JJ int a QB. Double coverage reduces the chance of catch dramatically. However it doesn't necessarily increase the chance of interception. In double coverage the game checks starting from the RE down to the SS; if the pass is incomplete or intercepted, then the second player is never checked. So having your best INT DB at CB 1 is favorable since if there are two or more DB's it will check him first for an INT. ---> Is this really accurate? I see it being explained both ways. Here is an excellent text chart: http://www.gamefaqs.com/nes/587686-tecmo-super-bowl/faqs/44195 Here is bruddog's beautiful colored chart (original ROM on left): More explanation of how this works: QB Passing Speed- How fast the QB's pass gets to its receiver. Also, the arc of the ball is determined by the pass speed. Lower PS QBs tend to be better for JJ passing. Accuracy of Passing- Does nothing in non hacked roms. Avoid Pass Block- bruddog is not sure if every time a player rushes in the game it checks for a block. However, based on a code read, if there is a check, a 06 APB QB would have a 31% chance of getting their pass blocked and a 100 APB QB would have a 9% chance of getting their pass blocked. K/P Kicking Ability- Controls how fast the arrow moves and how far the kicker can kick on a field goal. The best kickers can kick beyond the 50 yard line, but note that the length of the kick is also partially determined by a random variable. Avoid Kick Block --> Isn't there a bug where this is always 20% if the animation occurs? Based on bruddog's code read, it seems like this has a range of 20% for a 06 kicker and 8.5% for a 100AKB kicker. Defense Quickness Does nothing on non-hacked rom.
  13. Thanks for the intel, BMR. The crew in total comes from the DMV in various parts, as you noted. I'll have to consult with the others who might be coming, to see what the requirements/no-gos are for staying late. This gives me better parameters.
  14. As for the pizzas, after looking at davefmurray's poutine, I really am not in a mental state to answer this question.
  15. What is the winning play for competitors traveling from the south? Train? Hitchhiking? I know driving into NYC is a hurrible idea, but there is also the question of whether you have gear to bring (we might have amounts greater than zero and less than TecmoPsycho). Is there a place you can dump a van other than off a pier into the Hudson River? Slightly related question: what is the outlook for night-before gaming?