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  1. Wanted to give a few shout-outs (mostly seconding @bruddog): Obviously to @davefmurray, @Knobbe, and the whole crew, including the SOs, that helped with the setup and teardown. No joke there, even with the comped retrons. Loved the "is it cheaper to keep it or toss it?" quandaries at the end. @red98sethuthut, @mort1237 , @joeygats, @bruddog, @discdolo,and @RetroNathan for letting me in on their gaming on Thursday night, and likewise on Friday afternoon for an hour or two with @Coconuts, Moskwa, and others. Some of you may have noticed I was party pooping due to needing to work remotely and helping with setup, so Thursday night was really the time to get games in. I really appreciated the chance to play with you and test/verify some of the newer wrinkles I've written about. As always, those FAQs are in public domain, go add stuff to them. Wanted also to tip my hat to the guy that eliminated me (don't know if he has a forum handle, I'll avoid using real names) in the main tournament. When the bracket comes out, you would see that he lost the first game 24-7 and won the second in OT (13-10). What actually happened in the first game was he drove me the length of the field twice in the first half with smashmouth football. I never stopped that rushing attack that game, I just got some points on the board and made a couple key plays. But what really impressed me was that in the second game, he abandoned that strategy completely and went to a combination of throwing the ball deep to Al Toon, and then blitzing/free up boys with Dennis Byrd. I'm assuming he watched PrimeTime use that approach successfully against me in my first loss (thanks, Aikman) and saw my execution wasn't good at all (which all of you on Thursday night saw, like @mort1237 in two different games, how I could force you to give me a bunch of wide-open receivers and then totally botch the easy play). Even though I completely locked down his running game in the second half, had him outtapped, calling pass plays all the time, with the better team, and I even won the overtime toss, by going to the high-volatility approach, he hung in there and gave himself a chance to win with Rosenbach missed passes and some truly dreadful plays on my part. That was an incredibly ballsy move - maybe not the most correct approach strategically, but as a competitor I have to acknowledge that kind of bold play. @bruddog how did you mod all the carts so @red98sethuthut fumbled 4 times a game? Also, (I know this is a broken record) since I didn't give you guys enough chances to earn bounties, I'm giving another $500 to Action Against Hunger to make up for the missed opportunities. I'll drop it in the mail tomorrow.
  2. This is legend building stuff right here. Sounds to me like we need a Moskwa facts page. His reputation grows each time I see or hear about him. Speaking of which, I saw the people's champion, Marino, made it, saw him playing on Friday night. What happened with him??
  3. My take on the venues: Hampton Inn - way too classy and hard to get to rooms for this type of event. Swipe the badges to get up the elevator??? Is this the White House? Hedge fund HQ? 100 story skyscraper? The rooms seemed OK, but what seemed most damning to me was seeing two CRTs on tables while the room's TV was mounted up high. Maybe you guys that were staying there have a better perspective, but this just seemed like a fail to me. Super 8 East - there was some seriously shady **** going on here. I roll into the parking lot and I see a man with dreads and a solo cup swaying back and forth. (Later I found out it was actually a woman with a family.) Then you have "contractor" vans patrolling the property, with guys randomly milling around and moving things with no particular purpose. Meanwhile, wild turkeys are rolling up to the facility and stalking the parking lot. That said, the red98sethuthut/mort/gats/brude crew got the LCD TVs working, so seemed OK. What you would expect in terms of space, we are all familiar. But don't leave your hotel swipe cards lying around, they will get lost in the shuffle. Clarion: Sadly I didn't do my job here to test the TVs due to being too busy, but the space was way superior to either of the other two venues. Access available all throughout the night via elevator or backdoor via staircase during the day. Plus, TWO TVs in the room I had. Maybe I got comped or upgraded due to a simultaneous event and didn't notice? Would appreciate any feedback on that.
  4. It tells you how far away my brain is from sports culture that I had to read this three times to get it. You guys are going to win a lot of money for charity from me in 2 days.
  5. I recognize this is a Preseason game, but I am still amazed at the picks/proud/not surprised at who Matty used to get it done in the championship: Matty wins the Cincinnati Championships with Chuck Long for THREE quarters and rode the back of Curt Warner, yes Curt Warner. MVP for MV was Bobby Humphries with two interceptions.
  6. I'm in at Clarion, starting on Thursday afternoon.
  7. So the Hampton Inn has "a mix" of TVs. As noted, ask for unlock when you check in. The Clarion has these (the manual is massive, page 12 shows the inputs, also Game setting for the video processing):
  8. Yes - for us, and many others, the Super 8 South was the venue of choice last year.
  9. So I just called all 3 recommended lodging options. Here's what I was able quickly to get: - Hampton Inn should be OK; for all of you that have reserved there, it looks like they will have to unlock the TVs via the master controller, so ask for that when you check in. No idea of the model, beyond them being LGs. - Clarion inputs are already unlocked. The lady at the desk didn't know the model number offhand, I may have some time to call this week when the general manager is around to get the model number (i.e. to figure out if game mode or not). - Super 8 East is in the middle of a TV "upgrade" to flat panels. About half the building is done so far. I tried to get a sense of whether we could get the inputs unlocked, and the answer did not leave me with a warm fuzzy. However, one question we could ask - could we have them store the CRTs for us to pick up for the tournament? Sounds like I'm changing my leaning to the Clarion, although I assume I'll be transiting amongst all the buildings. I just booked flight and car for Thursday, so hopefully I shouldn't be crapping out early b/c of other fatigue on Friday night. Maybe I should go get an xRGB mini...
  10. So what is the deal with the TVs at Hampton and Clarion? Do they know to unlock the inputs and put the things in game mode? I'm thinking a Super 8 East for myself, just not to have to deal with that business. (Plus we gotta save a spot at the Hampton for Marino, wouldn't want him to get sober on a ride to and from the motel)
  11. Hopefully that link actually worked. I know I screwed up some of the voice narration, the editing is horrific/nonexistent, and so on. But, it did take me a relatively small amount of time to set these up, so that's a benefit only for me. There are a few of these that have strategies that not everybody knows, but I wouldn't call them advanced videos.
  12. This update should be the last for a little while. I cleaned up a lot of formatting and did some deduplication IIRC, so this is more suitable for printing or alternative publishing. tecmofaq620.txt tecmofaq621.txt tecmofaq622.txt
  13. The crew earned their share of bounties in this event - about $50-60 in base worth, many hard-earned in the 4th quarter with me in position to win. Everyone I asked doubled for charity. I've topped it off and made it $500 to Action Against Hunger USA. (Don't confuse this with generosity.) As usual this was an excellent event, and I appreciated seeing the skill of play and chatting people up.
  14. What URL will your stream (assuming the stream works) be on?
  15. One other thing I noticed while testing is the bumping seems different based on the participants. In the case of a MAN vs. MAN grapple, it seems like the 75% probability of bump-off, regardless of any other factors, is consistent with what I see. In the case of a MAN vs. COM grapple (at least in the case of the ballcarrier), it seems like A button taps do factor in.